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Social Media Brand Plan
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Social Media Brand Plan


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This is the personal brand plan I have created for myself for Michael Cayley's C1 Social Media course.

This is the personal brand plan I have created for myself for Michael Cayley's C1 Social Media course.

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  • 1. Jackie A.O’Brien Personal Brand Plan Nov. 5, 2009
  • 2. Goals
    • To use my background in political science and social-cultural anthropology to communicate culturally relevant events in St. Johns and Toronto and the connections between the two
    • To expose local talent that comes from Newfoundland
  • 3. Objectives
    • To gain over 100 followers on twitter
    • To gain a following from people relevant to my brand
    • To communicate relevant information regularly through a personal blog
    • To follow at least five relevant blogs
    • To create relationships that will compliment my career in PR
  • 4. Situation Analysis
    • SWOT
    • Strengths: My brand is relatable to others of similar cultural and geographical background
    • Weaknesses: the outreach of my brand is limited by being inclusive to Newfoundland and Ontario
    • Opportunities: Social media outreach is Toronto is large and networking tools are readily available through the Humber PR program
    • Threats: Social media following is not as large in Newfoundland and media tools that are popular in Toronto may not be in Newfoundland
  • 5. Key Messages
    • That Newfoundland has an emerging colourful arts and entertainment community
    • That culturally relevant events, be it political, educational or artistic, are interconnected despite geographical realities by people and social media
    • That despite cultural difference, both Newfoundland and Ontario are impacted in similar ways.
  • 6. Channels of Communication
    • My Blog:
    • My Twitter account: @Jackie_Obrien
    • Facebook
    • Google reader:
    • Email
  • 7. Strategies
    • To educate my local communities about local talent, events and news
    • To gain a following in my local communities
    • To promote locally relevant talent, politics, politicians and events
  • 8. Tactics
    • Write a locally relevant blog
    • Educate myself on areas of local interest by following relevant blogs in my reader
    • Tweet about issues and events that affect the local community
    • Network within Toronto and St. John’s using email, Facebook and Twitter
  • 9. Critical Path
    • Nov. 3: Create new blog
    • Nov. 4: Submit brand plan
    • Nov. 5: research relevant blogs and add to reader
    • Nov. 20: Gain at least ten additional followers on Twitter
    • Nov. 25: Have networked with at least five relevant people
    • Nov. 30: gain at least 5 additional followers on Twitter
    • Dec. 5: Network with at least 10 relevant people
    • Dec. 10: Gain at least 10 additional followers on Twitter
    • Dec. 18: Have reached 100 plus followers on Twitter and networked with at least 20 relevant people
  • 10. Critical Path
    • Daily completions:
    • 1. Tweet at least one locally relevant item a day
    • 2. Check reader everyday for relevant information
    • 3. Network using email and facebook
    • Weekly completions:
    • 1. Complete at least two blog post dealing with local issues.