Trust structure


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Trust structure

  1. 1. STRUCTURE AND ORGANISATION OVERVIEW /home/pptfactory/temp/20100602060214/trust-structure158.doc 1
  2. 2. Introduction This document has been designed to provide a simple over view of the organisation of the services provided by the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust and the associated governance arrangements. /home/pptfactory/temp/20100602060214/trust-structure158.doc 2
  3. 3. COUNCIL OF GOVERNORS East Devon, Dorset & Somerset Staff: Medical & Dental Dr Mike Jeffreys Nursing & Midwifery Mrs Monica Overy Mrs Jean Clark Allied Health Professions Mr Tony Cox Mr Christopher D’Oyly Hotel Services & Estates Mr Jason Maddocks Mrs Linda Fryer Administration, Clerical & Managers Mrs Loveday Varian Mrs Jill Gladstone Professor Malcolm Harrington Mrs Linda Vijeh Dr Stanley White Exeter & South Devon Appointed: Peninsula College of Medicine & Dentistry Professor Mark Overton Devon Primary Care Trust Mr Derek Hathaway Mr Keith Broderick Exeter City Council Cllr Norman Shiel Miss Kate Caldwell North Devon, Torridge & Teignbridge District Councils Cllr Roy Lucas Mrs Rachel Jackson Mid Devon District Council Cllr Bob Deed Dr Imraan Jhetam Devon County Council Vacant Mr Richard May East Devon District Council Vacant Dr Brian Perriss Mr Andrew Webber Mid North West Devon & Cornwall Summary role of Governors Dr Paul Nielson Governors are either elected (public and staff governors) or appointed representing stakeholders e.g. PCT and Local Mrs Dianne Pearson Authorities. They have statutory duties which include the appointment and removal of the Chairman and Non- Mr Martin Perry Executive Directors and the setting of their remuneration, approval of the appointment of the CEO, and the Mrs Dianah Pritchett-Farrell appointment and removal of the Trust’s external auditors. The Governors views are sought on the formulation of Mrs Cynthia Thornton strategic direction and forward planning and formally receive the annual report and accounts. /home/pptfactory/temp/20100602060214/trust-structure158.doc 3
  4. 4. TRUST BOARD Chairman 6 Non-Executive Directors Chief Executive 5 Executive Directors Ms Angela Ballatti Mr Brian Aird Mrs Angela Pedder Miss Elaine Hobson – Chief Operating Officer Mr Bob Baty* Mrs Lynn Lane - Director of Human Resources Mr David Bishop** Miss Marie-Noelle Orzel - Director of Nursing and Patient Care Mr John Rackstraw Dr Vaughan Pearce/ Mr Martin Cooper - Joint Medical Director Mr Gerald Sturtridge (Vice Chairman)*** Ms Suzanne Tracey - Director of Finance & Business Development Mr David Wright . Summary role of the Board of Directors The Board of Directors is legally accountable for the management of the NHS Foundation Trust. The role of the Board of Directors is to: • Provide strategic leadership of the NHS Foundation Trust within the framework of prudent and effective controls which enable risk to be effectively assessed and managed. • Set the NHS Foundation Trust’s strategic aims and direction to ensure that the necessary financial and human resources are in place to meet the Trust’s objectives, and review management performance. • In collaboration with the Council of Governors set the Trust’s values and vision. • To ensure compliance with the Terms of Authorisation issued by Monitor. • To ensure compliance with all healthcare standards and targets and ensure that its obligations are understood and met. * Chair of Governance Committee ** Senior Independent Director (SID) *** Chair of Audit Committee /home/pptfactory/temp/20100602060214/trust-structure158.doc 4
  5. 5. EXECUTIVE DIRECTORATES CHIEF EXECUTIVE CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER FINANCE and BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Ms Elaine Hobson Director Mrs Angela Pedder Mrs Suzanne Tracey SERVICES SERVICES SERVICES Strategic Leadership & Creditor Payment Policy Development Cost Management Clinical Directorate Hotel Services Strategic Partnerships Payroll Management Residential Accommodation Corporate Affairs, PR & Communications Management Accounting Operational Performance Catering Assurance Audit Performance Management Laundry Corporate Governance and Risk Management Procurements Annual Business Planning Security Annual Plan IM&T Contracts Site Management Regulatory Compliance Telecommunications Service redesign and Car Parking Health care standards Contracts efficiency HSDU Capital Programme Emergency Preparedness General Services Strategic Planning PCT Liaison Health care standards Estates & Maintenance Health care standards Fire Safety Health care standards NURSING and PATIENT CARE JOINT MEDICAL HUMAN RESOURCES Director Director Director Miss Marie-Noelle Orzel Dr Vaughan Pearce & Mr Martin Cooper Mrs Lynn Lane SERVICES SERVICES SERVICES Professional Nursing and Midwifery Clinical Governance Human Resources Strategy & Performance Service Standards & Quality Clinical Risk Management Service Improvement R&D, Audit, Effectiveness, NICE compliance Recruitment & Selection Public involvement RDSU Employment Services Complaints Medical Education Employee Relations Patient Advice & Liaison Medical Workforce Performance Management Workforce Planning Bereavement Services Medical School Liaison Education & Training Legal Services Caldicott Guardianship Occupational Health & Safety Staff Bank Health care standards Diversity (staff) Volunteers Health care standards Diversity (patients and public) Health Information Centre Non-medical workforce re-design Health care standards /home/pptfactory/temp/20100602060214/trust-structure158.doc 5
  6. 6. TRUST EXECUTIVE Chief Executive Clinical Directors Mrs Angela Pedder Dr Alex Grice – Clinical Director of Critical Care Mr John Renninson – Clinical Director of Cancer Services Executive Directors Mr Tony Cox – Clinical Director of Professional Services Mr Martin Cooper – Joint Medical Director Dr John Dean – Clinical Director of Specialist Medicine Miss Elaine Hobson – Chief Operating Officer Dr mark Daly – Clinical director of Acute Medicine Mrs Lynn Lane – Director of Human Resources Mr Nigel Giles – Clinical Director of Trauma & Orthopaedics Miss Marie-Noelle Orzel – Director of Nursing and Patient Care Mr Matthew Moore – Clinic al Director of Specialist Surgery Dr Vaughan Pearce – Joint Medical Director Dr Paul Newman – Clinical Director of Diagnostics Ms Suzanne Tracey – Director of Finance and Business Development Mr Richard Pocock – Clinical Director of General Surgery Dr Vaughan Lewis – Clinical Director of Child & Women’s Health MSC Chairman in attendance Summary role of the Trust Executive The Trust Executive is responsible for the ensuring the effective operation and co-ordination of the delivery of service between the clinical and support directorates of the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust within the strategic framework and objectives set by the Board of Directors. Performance Management Directorate performance against NHS plan, health care standards and annual/business plan targets, including financial performance, mandatory training, workforce development and HR targets, are monitored on a regular basis. Clinical Directors and Directorate Managers meet the Director of Operations, Director of Nursing and Medical Director on a two weekly basis. At monthly intervals the meetings are joined by the Chief Executive and Director of Finance and Information; lead clinicians, and managers from within the directorate may be invited to attend these meetings to discuss particular items. A formal review of performance against a prescribed template is conducted on a quarterly basis, all executive directors plus the Directorate team attend. Action notes are produced and followed up at the intervening meetings. Corporate directorates and R&D directorate performance is also reviewed on a quarterly basis. In addition to monitoring performance against targets, directorates are encouraged to schedule items for discussion that would benefit from the input of the wider executive team and to focus on service development and improvement issues. Assurance reports to the Board of Directors are based on the detailed analysis of performance derived from the process and supplemented by corporate and central data collection. /home/pptfactory/temp/20100602060214/trust-structure158.doc 6
  7. 7. CLINICAL DIRECTORATES Acute and Specialist General and Orthopaedics and Child and Women’s Health and Professional and Medicine Specialist Surgery Critical Care Cancer Services Diagnostic Services Clinical Director Clinical Director (General) Clinical Director (Orthopaedic) Clinical Director (CWH) Clinical Director (Professional) (Specialist Medicine) Richard Pocock Nigel Giles Vaughan Lewis Tony Cox John Dean Clinical Director (Specialist) Clinical Director (Critical Care) Clinical Director (Cancer) Clinical Director (Diagnostic) Clinical Director (Acute Matthew Moore Dr Alex Grice John Renninson Dr Paul Newman Medicine) Divisional Manager Divisional Manager Divisional Manager Divisional Manager Mark Daly Christian Hamilton Phil Luke Pete Adey Tony Cox Divisional Manager Lead Nurse Lead Nurse Head of Midwifery Directorate Accountant Matthew Bryant Julie Bloom Mark Bellas Tracey Reeves Kirsty Simpson Lead Nurse Directorate Accountant Directorate Accountant Lead Nurse (Cancer) Ms Bernadette George Andy Clark Keith Pearn Tina Grose Directorate Accountant Directorate Accountant Steve Greenslade Nicky Reece Services (Acute) Services (General) Services (Orthopaedic) Services (CWH) Services (Professional) Drs in Training Breast Surgery Fracture Clinic Child Health Chaplains Elderly Care Colorectal Surgery Orthopaedic Outpatients Child Protection Chiropody Emergency Department General Surgery Orthopaedic Surgery Fertility Services Clinical Measurements Emergency Medicine Thoracic Surgery Rheumatology Gynaecology Exeter Mobility Centre Endocrinology Upper GI Surgery Trauma Surgery Obstetrics Medical Equipment Management Stroke and Rehabilitation Urology Oncology Medical Physics Vascular Surgery Midwifery Nutrition and Diabetes Neonatology Occupational Therapy Paediatrics Osteoporosis Service Pharmacy Physiotherapy Services (Specialist Services (Specialist) Services (Critical Care) Services (Cancer) Services (Diagnostics) Medicine) Ophthalmology Anaesthetics *Breast Care Unit Pathology Cardiology Oral Surgery Day Care Unit Haematology Blood Transfusion Dermatology Orthodontics *Hospital Sterile Delivery Unit Oncology Clinical Chemistry Gastroenterology Orthoptics ICU/HDU Trust wide co-ordination & Immunology Mardon House Otolaryngology Pain Services development of cancer services Microbiology Medical Outpatients Plastic & Reconstruction Theatres NSF & NICE implementation Molecular Genetics Neurology Surgery National Cancer Plan & Mortuary Neurophysiology Cancer waiting times Respiratory Medicine Radiology/Medical Imaging Renal Services CT Scanning Tissue Viability/Special MRI Needs Medical photography Ultrasound /home/pptfactory/temp/20100602060214/trust-structure158.doc 7
  8. 8. /home/pptfactory/temp/20100602060214/trust-structure158.doc 8