Powerful Performance
Management Software
          QPR Software adds velocity

          to the implementation and

The Balanced Scorecard is an organizational framework for implementing
                                and managing strate...
    Visum Solutions develops industry-specific applications which provide velocity
    to the roll-out of performanc...
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Powerful Performance Management Software


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Powerful Performance Management Software

  1. 1. Powerful Performance Management Software QPR Software adds velocity to the implementation and roll-out of per formance and process methodologies. www.visumsolutions.com
  2. 2. The Balanced Scorecard is an organizational framework for implementing and managing strateg y at all levels of an enterprise, by linking objectives, i n i t i a t i v e s , a n d m e a s u r e s t o a n o r g a n i z a t i o n ’ s s t r a t e gy. Th e s c o r e c a r d provides an enterprise view of an organization’s overall performance. It integrates financial measures with other key per formance indicators around customer perspectives, internal business processes, and organizational growth, learning, and innovation. Since the concept was introduced in 1992, balanced scorecards have been implemented at corporate, strategic business unit, shared service function, and individual levels at hundreds of organizations — in both the private and public sectors — worldwide. QPR ScoreCard Is your organization strategy-focused? Are corporate and values are missing. Management booklets can also be created employee measures linked to strategy? Is your strategy on-line with the ability to select recipients and schedule institutionalized within your organization? QPR ScoreCard is immediate or regular delivery. a thin-client, web-based software that helps enable, measure, automate, and institutionalize the balanced scorecard and Key Features: other performance management methodologies. QPR Easy to Use: QPR ScoreCard can have an unrestricted ScoreCard provides velocity to the implementation of amount of simultaneous users in dispersed locations. This performance measurement initiatives. means that changes in a model are viewed by other users immediately. User rights can be individually set and defined. Users can view real-time strategy maps, hierarchical and analysis scorecards, as well as individual measures. Users can Web-enabled: QPR ScoreCard is completely web-enabled also collaborate by writing comments, creating action plans, software that supports information deployment via a browser lessons, and/or attaching documents. QPR ScoreCard can also and can therefore be used as an enterprise-wide system. push information at users via e-mail alerts and management booklets. The e-mail alerts can be created on-line to notify Integrated Solution: QPR ScoreCard enables automation of users when measures change, enter certain parameters, or if the balanced scorecard through file input or SQL queries. It can also leverage data from existing data warehouse and decision support tools. Integrated Process Management: QPR ProcessGuide is a comprehensive process mapping tool that allows users to create multi-level process maps with the ability to attach documents and metrics to process steps, run dynamic simulations, and collaborate by writing comments, action plans, and lessons. By seamlessly integrating QPR ScoreCard and QPR ProcessGuide into one convenient portal, QPR has created the most powerful collaborative management application on the market today. QPR ScoreCard communicates strategic performance.
  3. 3. Knowledge Management Process Management Process Development QPR ProcessGuide Process Analysis Process Documentation Process Orientation Process management streamlines operations and makes the whole corporation more efficient, by documenting business processes to drive high q u a l i t y a n d o p e r a t i o n a l e f f i c i e n c y. C o n t i n u o u s p r o c e s s a n a l y s i s a n d improvement strengthens the competitive advantages of your organization. QPR ProcessGuide QPR ProcessGuide is an easy-to-use, multi-level, process management tool. It allows an unlimited number of users to create and maintain process models, then publish models as dynamic web pages. To make processes even more informative, users can attach information items to the process maps. This gives the user the ability not only to access the graphical process maps, but also to view and download documents, follow internet hyperlinks, and open third-party software. QPR ProcessGuide is a knowledge management system— collecting vital corporate information in one place for functional, strategic, and tactical use. QPR ProcessGuide also provides powerful analysis and simulation capabilities. Simulating processes helps streamline operations and efficiently allocate resources — saving time and money. QPR ProcessGuide is based on standard Windows technology, supports the latest integration standards, and manages processes in web standards such as XML, making it easy to integrate into your existing IT infrastructure. QPR ProcessGuide supports organizations from process development and business process re-engineering to advanced process management and knowledge management. QPR ProcessGuide manages processes via the web.
  4. 4. VISUM Visum Solutions develops industry-specific applications which provide velocity to the roll-out of performance and process methodologies. Visum Solutions is a Certified Provider of QPR Software in North America. QPR Software is a financially successful, global provider of Enterprise Performance Management, Activity Based Costing, Process Management, and Balanced Scorecard software. “You must have a sophisticated way to move the balanced scorecard from concept to reality. QPR is that way for our organization.” — David Walker, Scorecard Project Manager with the American Red Cross, Philadelphia, PA. “From the software, I wanted the ability to manage the measures, add new measures, change measures, aggregate measures, and do it very quickly and easily. I also wanted to have a way of presenting it, via the web, to all the employees of the organization. QPR ScoreCard not only met these requirements but was also a very cost effective solution to what we were looking for.” — Ben Patterson, Manager - Business Excellence, Unisys Pacific Development Laboratory. “In order to provide performance measurement, like any measurement system, the results must be accurate and repeatable. These results must be easy to understand and distribute. These reports must be understood the same way, regardless of who reads them. We have found that QPR, with its drill-down capability, is both easy to understand and easy to get additional information when required. With QPR, it has been easy to build proper reports that are on the Internet. There is no need to provide in-depth training on software for executives to get performance reports, grade performance, and to understand relationships between various internal processes.” — Chuck Salmond, Senior Consultant, Bearing Point, Federal Group. “Our company started using BSC on paper last year, then adopted QPR ScoreCard to track performance this year. The tool provides an intuitive graphical interface which can be learned by busy managers in only an hour or two. This is a tribute to the effectiveness of the tool, as well as the consultants and trainers at Visum Solutions.” — Ray Holcomb, Senior Manager, Quality, Methods and Systems, ETAS Inc. “With QPR ScoreCard, UNDP was able to communicate the strategy of our multi-cultural organization in 133 countries and to commit every staff member to reach the strategic objectives.” — Philippe Poinsot, Senior Planning Officer, UNDP Enable • Measure • Automate • Institutionalize VISUM SOLUTIONS, INC. 5001 American Boulevard West, Suite 655 Bloomington, MN 55437 tel: 952.835.4131 CERTIFIED fax: 952.835.5412 Partner sales@visumsolutions.com