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  • 1. Taking Performance Measurement to the Next Level: Performance Management City of Wichita’s Experience With Performance Management
  • 2. Wichita, Kansas Largest city in Kansas (500,000+ metro area)
  • 3. Wichita, Kansas Largest city in Kansas (500,000+ metro area) Low commute time and Cost-of-Living Air-Capital-of-the-World 3
  • 4. Wichita, Kansas Commission-Manager form of government (1918) Six council members elected by district with the mayor elected at-large Recipient of All-American City Award three times – 1962, 1993, 1999. Total operating budget of $471 million 5
  • 5. Winds of Change Change in City Manager - 2004 Visioneering Wichita Desire for increased transparency, accountability Revenue challenges 6
  • 6. Transforming Wichita Excellence, Focus on Inclusiveness, Results Accountability, Learning Know your Frontline Customers Makes Decisions Make Performance Matter 7
  • 7. Transforming Wichita Focus on Results Make Performance Matter 8
  • 8. Focusing on Performance Management Public Strategies Group (PSG) Council approved Goals and Indicators Developed Balanced Scorecard Re-engineered budget process 9
  • 9. Managing for Results The City Council reaffirms the Goals. Staff reports the results achieved – based on Goal Development performance measures and targets Report Results Strategic Alignment Resource Allocation Departments develop Strategic Operating Plans – tied to Goals and including performance measures to record outcomes The City Council adopts the Budget for the outcomes desired as defined by the performance measure 10
  • 10. Focusing on Results Performance Measurement Training Strategy Team Service Plan review Performance measurement refinement 11
  • 11. Making Performance Matter Merit increases tied to performance Performance measures included in vendor contracts Budget allocation and financial decisions integrated with outcomes 12
  • 12. Performance Management Integration Fire Department response outcomes provided most efficiently Transit management contract – annual contract raises linked to performance 13
  • 13. Visit for more information 14
  • 14. First Steps Performance Management Conferences Visit other jurisdictions Viewed practices of other jurisdictions 15
  • 15. Lessons Learned Constantly remind staff, policy makers, and customers Just do it, but have a plan Have a process champion Must cultivate organization buy-in Tying resource allocation and compensation to performance management is an attention getter 16
  • 16. Looking Forward Performance management software Continued integration of performance management Refinement of outcome measurements 17
  • 17. Contact Information E-mail: 18