Information Builders Performance Management Framework


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Information Builders Performance Management Framework

  1. 1. Our unique performance management solution ties Information Builders Performance metrics to business goals, Management Framework automatically generates metrics from any system in the enterprise, and delivers real-time results to anyone who needs it. I Rapidly aligns business processes with high-level goals by mapping goals to metrics, streamlining metrics development, and acquiring the data needed to measure target vs. actual performance I Manages out-of-tolerance metrics through real-time alerts to users, delivery of links to additional reports for analysis, and initiation of automatic responses The Executive Booklet delivers a boardroom-level summary of Objectives, including description I Aids in discovery of data and scoring and comments. relationships with highly interactive graphical tools for data exploration Measuring, Reporting, Aligning – In Real Time I Contains an extensive and expandable library of summary and Information Builders’ Performance Management Framework (PMF) enables you detailed interactive reports and graphs to rapidly implement performance management applications – regardless of I Eases data collection with industry- the methodology or metrics you choose – using all of your data, from anywhere leading adapters that simplify data in your business environment. retrieval from over 280 systems, which can be loaded into a data mart or And unlike most performance management solutions, your metrics can be delivered through direct reporting collected and distributed in real time. Business analysts and executives still get the long-term view from the built-in data repository, but now the data in it is I Supports a single version of the truth fresh enough for use by contact-center employees, line workers, and more – so with a data mart for metrics and the tools they can work today knowing how their efforts will be graded tomorrow. The to load it – in real time, if desired result is an unprecedented level of continuity between senior executives, middle management, and individual workers. I Easily customized and personalized using its foundation of superior WebFOCUS This data is turned into real information through a library of interactive and business intelligence technology analytical reports and graphs that are delivered by PMF. All of the dashboard I Certified by Balanced Scorecard content – the dials, graphs, charts, and financial reports – are native WebFOCUS Collaborative and compatible with other components, so they are customizable and extendable using the standard performance management methodologies end-user tools delivered with WebFOCUS.
  2. 2. What’s more, they can be delivered in any format to any device, which means it doesn’t require a lot of additional training or infrastructure investments. Executives get dashboards with reports, charts, and aggregated views, while line workers get easy-to-use Web pages, PDF documents, or Excel spreadsheets. In short, Information Builders’ Performance Management Framework ensures that every level of the organization gets the information it needs, in the time and formats it needs, to align itself with corporate goals. How We Do It Information Builders’ Performance Management Framework provides a complete suite of components that work together to create a performance management solution that fits your needs. Metrics data mart and rules engine. Performance management connects measurable objectives to strategic goals. Our flexible performance management solution includes: I A metric wizard that lets administrators easily create new measures and connect these measures to their data sources I A rules engine that lets developers define high and low markers of performance for each metric I A simplified boolean interface so end users, not developers, define and manage the rules I An easy-to-use set of Web-based forms for entering strategy, objectives, measures, and perspectives I Prepackaged rules associated with specific metric views, including a textual scorecard view, graphical gauge-based scorecard view, and multidimensional metrics view With the Measures Wizard, you can create real metrics in seconds.
  3. 3. Our solution automatically supports the four different perspectives associated with the Balanced Scorecard methodology (financial, customer, process, and innovation and learning), as well as any number of special perspectives that might be unique to your organization. It can also handle any metrics in any quantity – with up to six levels of dimensionality, to allow metric tracking and analysis without requiring any formal methodology. Strategy mapping. Although Information Builders supports multiple performance management methodologies, we took extra care with our strategy mapping tool as part of our effort to gain Balanced Scorecard Collaborative certification. Our interactive strategy map makes it easy to map strategies and initiatives to metrics, and to map causal relationships among these metrics. By following the cause- and-effect relationship connectors, you can determine predictive and root-cause indicators of success. Changes in the strategy map reflect immediately in the underlying metrics and balanced scorecards, allowing you to quickly and accurately show how your organization’s strategic direction is affected by different aspects of your corporate environment. And because it’s browser based, distributed teams can share and influence the strategy maps throughout large organizations. Visual and time-series analytics. Our solutions provide complementary views of the information you need to keep your finger on your organization’s pulse. A broad assortment of charts, graphs, and gauges show users whether performance levels have achieved their targets. Differences in color, shape, and other characteristics instantly project the level of variance from user-defined thresholds and related metrics.
  4. 4. But static “stoplighting” isn’t enough. When different metrics are associated with similar dimensions, such as location, cost center, product, or timeframe, their charts and graphs can be linked together on a single screen. Users quickly grasp relationships among a wide variety of disparate metrics as they select, zoom, pivot, and recolor charts – and see changes in one reflected in all of the others. This visual discovery technology provides an intuitive, at-a-glance understanding of how different metrics and processes affect each other. Highly visual representations accelerate the quest to discover answers. In addition, users can associate metrics with different levels of the time dimension. From that point on, whenever operational data flows into the performance management system, it automatically uses that level of the time dimension for any planning, evaluation, and analytics. Reporting and business intelligence. Our foundation for performance management is our WebFOCUS business intelligence software – one of the top industry performers for reporting, business intelligence, and information delivery. It empowers professionals to easily generate complex reports, maintain budgets, track financial performance, and comply with regulatory requirements. All the features and functionality needed to implement a comprehensive financial reporting and analysis environment is included in the product. Critical solution features include: I Drill-down to any enterprise system. As users drill down on measures to increasingly lower levels of detail, the information they receive in return can come from the metrics data mart or from any operational data in the enterprise. As a result of our data integration infrastructure, there is no limit to the external systems from which users can get their information (see next page for more information).
  5. 5. I Event management that supports real-time alerts and agents. Developers and end users can define alerts – rules about when and how they should be notified when metrics hit variance thresholds – and agents – rules about initiating automated actions based on metric variances. Alerts can deliver: I Text that explains the variance I Fully formatted reports in HTML, Excel spreadsheet, or PDF format, complete with drill-downs, hyperlinks, and graphical elements I A URL to initiate additional action, such as refreshing a report or displaying contact information for someone to notify The event manager can also accept events from third-party systems. I Support for a wide variety of output formats. Information Builders provides one of the most flexible formatting engines available. Reports can be created for presentation on the Web (HTML), analysis (Excel spreadsheets with complete PivotTable support), printing (PDF), and delivery to BlackBerries and other mobile devices (plain text). With the exception of plain text, all of these formats can show a rich variety of charts and graphs as well as tabular reports – complete with drill-downs to other reports or even links within the same document. No other reporting tool even comes close. I Personalization. In a performance management deployment, a workgroup or individual should need to monitor only the few metrics that are relevant to them. Our solution is role based: executives, managers, knowledge workers, administrators, and strategists use panels that contain only the functions they are allowed to use. Individual users can personalize their views via a portal interface so that they view metrics, documents, and other relevant information in a manner that suits their preferences. I Customizability. Developers can change every aspect of our performance management solution. All scorecards, screens and forms, stylesheets used, and even the underlying databases are built with production WebFOCUS components, so standard WebFOCUS capabilities can be used to revise or extend any part of the solution. Data integration and real-time data collection. The success of a performance management implementation depends on the information that users get from it. It must be comprehensive to give executives and managers a complete view of the organization. It must be fresh to make it relevant to staff and line workers so they can align their current tasks with corporate goals. And it must be available without delay, so users don’t wait after they click their mouse. Information Builders has focused on the integration problem more than any other business intelligence vendor: so much, in fact, that we created iWay Software, a wholly owned subsidiary that has become an industry-leading name in its own right. Our integration technology enables you to create a data integration environment that allows you to choose how your users access data. I Standard data staging into a data mart. With most performance management methodologies, you will want to load data into our metrics data mart. This ensures that your metrics match
  6. 6. the dimensions along which your business is measured (e.g., financial, customer, process, and innovation and learning for balanced scorecards). Our extract, transform, and load tool makes it easy to move data from any operational systems into the data mart on a scheduled basis. I Real-time data staging into a data mart. Sometimes any delay is too long. Often, line workers and operational staff can’t use a performance management system because the data reflects yesterday’s tasks. To make it truly helpful to the people whose performance is being measured, the metrics must reveal how well they’re doing right now. Fortunately, our integration technology can capture events as they occur, determine how they impact your business, and load them into the target data mart within seconds. I Real-time access to operational systems and other data stores. Balanced scorecards and other performance management methodologies ensure that you know how your organization is doing against specific goals, but no single data mart will ever contain all of the information you need to support those goals. Sometimes you need to explore what’s happening in other systems to know why certain metrics are as they are. WebFOCUS and iWay Software together provide a completely unique way to correlate data in the performance management data mart to information that resides in any other system – data warehouses, operational databases, ERP systems, and even Web services that reach into systems that are usually outside of your reach. And it’s completely seamless to end users: our browser- based interface lets them slip between operational views of data and the performance management perspectives without ever leaving their standard interface. Optional features. This outline has only scratched the surface of the features available from Information Builders and its subsidiary, iWay Software. The power of an integrated performance management framework with a complete business intelligence software suite, combined with a unique enterprise integration framework, provides a tremendous facility for tailoring your environment to give precisely the solution you need. Some features worth considering include: I Role-based access to reports and analysis via business intelligence dashboard I Role-based ability to view and manipulate goals I Geographic and spatial mapping capabilities via ESRI GIS Adapter Find Out More To learn more about our performance management framework, including our Balanced Scorecard Collaborative certification, contact us at (212) 736-4433, or e-mail us at
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