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Impact 360' Workforce Management Package from Witness Systems ...

Impact 360' Workforce Management Package from Witness Systems ...






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    Impact 360' Workforce Management Package from Witness Systems ... Impact 360' Workforce Management Package from Witness Systems ... Document Transcript

    • IP Telephony Contact Centers Mobility Impact 360™ Workforce Management Services Package from Witness Systems – OVERVIEW Powered by Avaya Reinventing Workforce Management to Meet and Exceed Your Requirements In today’s contact centers, customer call volumes are moving targets. When you factor in multiple sites, expanded media options, agent proficiencies and preferences, and customer expectations, the task of forecasting and scheduling becomes difficult to manage without the right tools and sophisticated analysis. A strategic component of any contact center, operational workforce management functionality with insightful effectiveness tools allow you to make better decisions performance management capabilities. faster so you can optimize your business processes and returns. Through Avaya comprehensive solutions — Comprised of a proven, easy­to­use set of software including contact center analytics and reporting, call and services working in conjunction with Avaya CMS recording and quality monitoring, and workforce manage­ and Interaction Center, the Workforce Management ment — both real­time and historical customer and Package simplifies the complex task of forecasting and operational data can be collected, organized, and analyzed. scheduling, enabling contact centers to capitalize on the unique skills and proficiencies of every agent. As a As part of the Avaya Customer Interaction Suite, and a key result, you can reduce costs by staffing appropriately to solution within the Operational Effectiveness portfolio, meet your workload, drive business growth, and improve the Workforce Management Package combines proven employee effectiveness and turnover.
    • avaya.com 2 It includes a tightly integrated set of business functions For example, you can: across workforce, adherence, and performance • Schedule single, multiple or virtual contact centers management that help customers make better across time zones decisions faster by streamlining processes and Now You Can: providing information that is difficult to access through • Accommodate a dedicated, blended or task­switching independent applications. The Workforce Management work environment • Increase operational efficiencies with Package business integrations enable users to: • Schedule meetings or training without impacting more accurate • Drill to adherence management from a scorecard service levels forecasts by • Automate compliance with government and union • Click to a scorecard from a schedule factoring in regulations through a comprehensive set of work rules historical patterns • Combine workforce management statistics with other metrics within a scorecard • Create schedules based on skill priorities that align and a variety of with your call routing strategy forecasting methods • Evaluate different “what if” scenarios, such as full­ Mastering Forecasting and Scheduling • Reduce costs time versus part­time, to ensure that you have the through the for Optimal Service Performance right resources to meet expected demand creation of The Workforce Management Package is comprised of optimal schedules functionality designed to optimize agent performance, Optional capabilities include: by reflecting reduce risk and automate manual processes whether you • Shift Bidding goes beyond the regular shift preference each agent’s are a small to medium­sized business, or a large global functionality provided by the Forecasting and unique skills and organization. Scheduling function, empowering your agents to bid proficiencies directly on the specific shifts they desire via online Forecasting and Scheduling – Accurate forecasting is “auctions.” A set of rules can be setup to process • Improve customer the critical first step in managing your workforce. the bids. Assignment of shifts is based on seniority, satisfaction with The Workforce Management Package integrates with performance or rank, and discretionary points awarded more predictable your ACD and uploads historical data directly from its by managers to reward agents for hard work and service levels by database. Call volumes vary depending on marketing superior performance. monitoring agent campaigns, seasons, holidays and other events, and the adherence to Workforce Management Package allows you to select, • Time Off Management turns a complex, time consuming schedules combine and alter historical data to predict future and burdensome process of managing time­off call volume and plan accordingly. You also can set up requests into a clean, clear and easy to administer • Increase productivity on­line system. It enables agents to view vacation profiles to model call volume behavior for different by scheduling and availability, submit, manage and track requests for events and circumstances. managing single, vacation or time off and to receive time conflict and multiple and virtual Unique to our solution is a patented skills­based engine request status information. contact center sites that incorporates the unique skills and proficiency • Multi-media Agent allows you to forecast and schedule across time zones levels of each agent. It produces optimal schedules agents across multiple channels including email, chat down to the quarter hour by balancing the defined shift • Increase employee and fax, in addition to forecasting and scheduling rules, work patterns, breaks, off­phone times, agent satisfaction with agents that handle inbound and outbound phone preferences, agent skills and targeted service level goals. shift swapping contacts. As a result, operational effectiveness By matching the right agents with the right customers, and preferences, increases through more accurate forecasting and productivity increases, and so do agent and customer optional shift increased agent productivity for multi­contact agents. satisfaction. In addition, costs go down when your bidding and time­ Contact Center Planning, Adherence and Management – To staffing levels precisely match your contact volumes. off requests help continuously fine­tune your operations, The Workforce Management Package monitors adherence to schedules so you can make necessary adjustments. The intra­day “pulse” feature provides you with a real­time
    • COMMUNICATIONS AT THE HEART OF BUSINESS 3 graphical view of forecasted, actual and predicted call volumes, handle times, service level statistics, agent adherence levels and other critical information. You can configure alerts to notify users of deviations from plan, and use trends to reforecast, reschedule and proactively take appropriate corrective action. These robust capabilities allow you to: • Leverage the most up­to­date ACD statistics to monitor and analyze key metrics for re­forecasting and re­scheduling • Track and compare actual, forecasted and required statistics by individual queue or combined queue • View deviations of key contact center metrics • Assess trends and historical data Using any Web browser, agents can securely: • Identify, understand and proactively resolve variations to plan, ensuring service goals are consistently met • Request vacation and other types of time off, even portions of a day • Adjust schedules to correct for overstaffing or understaffing situations • Set preferences for days off and start times • Swap shifts. Agents can post, negotiate and request Multi­site management allows for a single point of shift swaps via an online swap board control over the entire network, and decision making at individual sites. You can monitor information such as • View schedule and time­off information. With just key contact center metrics like contact volume, average a glance, your agents can get a summary of their speed to answer or service levels to present a complete schedules for the week and the status of their shift picture of your entire contact center operation. swap, time off and vacation requests The optional Advanced Adherence capability tracks Extending Your Business Value with schedule adherence including activities that are not phone related such as front end and back office activities. Performance Management Functionality It comprehensively collects and displays data on how The Workforce Management Package includes performance employees are spending their time throughout the day, management features designed specifically for your multi­ and where there are discrepancies between the schedule channel, multi­skilled contact center. A set of pre­defined and reality. Improving visibility into these agent activities key performance indicators (KPIs) including service levels, helps businesses streamline work processes, increase occupancy rates and time to adherence, enable your employee productivity, and control operational costs. contact center staff see how they are performing, and your managers to evaluate team and organizational performance. Web-Based Agent Self-Service – The Workforce It contains role­appropriate scorecards that display actual Management Package allows agents to easily manage employee performance metrics as well as trends. and contribute to their own schedules without impacting service levels. By bringing workforce management to the The Workforce Management Package includes tightly agent desktop, you can build agent morale and retention integrated functions between the scorecards and by giving them more flexibility and control over their workforce and adherence management. Users can: schedules, while enabling your managers to focus on • Resolve adherence issues quickly with one­touch more critical areas such as coaching and performance­ drilling from scorecards to adherence details. After related activities. studying an agent’s scorecard, a manager can drill
    • directly to the employee’s adherence screen to determine what may be causing an agent to fall outside of the desired KPI range. This level of visibility delivers insight that allows managers to diagnose the root causes of adherence issues quickly and drive changes in processes or behaviors. • Combine workforce management statistics with other metrics within a scorecard. The scorecards include statistics from the workforce and adherence management functions such as % time in adherence, actual calls offered, and call volume forecast deviation, as well as statistics from the ACD such as occupancy rate, average handle time, and % wrap­up time. Avaya Professional Services and • Increase agent productivity by allowing agents to Learning More. . . directly and quickly, from their schedule screen, Impact 360™ solutions take full advantage of Avaya’s access their personal scorecards by just clicking on recognized strength in voice heritage, application the Scorecards tab on the schedule screen without development, global services and leadership position having to re­log into their scorecard. in the industry. Avaya Global Services provides a suite This visibility into performance can motivate your of services designed to give you maximum flexibility in staff to improve, while enabling managers to focus on choosing the services needed to best support the unique identifying trends, addressing issues and capitalizing on needs of your contact center and your business. opportunities, resulting in better customer service, lower Find the solution that’s right for you. To learn more costs and, ultimately, a big boost to your bottom line. about the Avaya Customer Interaction Suite and Impact 360™ solutions, visit www.avaya.com, or contact your Avaya Client Executive or Avaya Authorized BusinessPartner today or call 866.GO.AVAYA. About Avaya Avaya enables businesses to achieve superior For businesses large and small, Avaya is a world results by designing, building and managing their leader in secure, reliable IP telephony systems, communications infrastructure and solutions. For communications applications and full life-cycle over one million businesses worldwide, including services. Driving the convergence of embedded more than 90 percent of the FORTUNE 500®, Avaya’s voice and data communications with business COMMUNICATIONS embedded solutions help businesses enhance applications, Avaya is distinguished by its AT THE HEART OF BUSINESS value, improve productivity and create competitive combination of comprehensive, world-class advantage by allowing people to be more productive products and services. Avaya helps customers avaya.com and create more intelligent processes that satisfy across the globe leverage existing and new customers. networks to achieve superior business results. © 2006 Avaya Inc. All Rights Reserved. Avaya and the Avaya Logo are trademarks of Avaya Inc. and may be registered in certain jurisdictions. Avaya and the Avaya Logo are trademarks of Avaya Inc. and may be registered in certain jurisdictions. All trademarks identified by the ®, SM or TM are registered trademarks, service marks or trademarks, respectively, of Avaya Inc., with the exception of FORTUNE 500 which is a registered trademark of Time Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Witness and Impact 360 are each trademarks (registered or otherwise) of Witness Systems, Inc. 09/06 • GCC2990­01