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  1. 1. Performance Budgeting Schedule Management Plan Version 1.0 October 9, 2009 Prepared for: Commonwealth of Virginia VA-090724-PPC Prepared by:
  2. 2. Schedule Management Plan Version 1.0 Performance Budgeting October 9, 2009 Record of Changes/Version History Date of Person Entering Change/Version Number Impacted Section/Description of Change Change Change 0.3 – Draft 09/28/2009 Draft Submission Scott Leake 0.7 - Final 10/06/2009 Final Submission Faye Anson 1.0 – Final 10/09/2009 Accepted Final Lee Hodges Schedule Management Plan The Performance Budgeting (PB) Project Schedule Management Plan establishes the format and criteria for developing and controlling the schedule for the project. Development of the project schedule includes analyzing the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) to define required activities, activity sequences, durations, resource requirements, and schedule constraints. Schedule control will be accomplished through the establishment of baselines and measurement of variances against the baseline. A. General Information Performance Project Performance Budgeting Project Working Title: Budgeting Title: Proponent Department of Secretary: Ric Brown, Secretary of Finance Proponent Agency: Planning & Budget Prepared by: Scott Leake Date: 10/06/2009 B. Schedule Development and Management The schedule itself will be developed in an iterative fashion as the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), scope, activity definitions, and resource plans are further elaborated. The Project Performance Corporation (PPC) Team will use Microsoft Project as the tool for managing the project schedule. The schedule will be maintained in the PB Project Repository and will be posted on PB Project Repository so that it can be viewed real time. Microsoft Project also allows different views of the schedule, by providing a WBS Chart and Critical Path. As part of its proposal for the initial RFP for this project, a detailed WBS with Schedule was created by the PPC Team and included with the RFP response. This WBS serves as the draft schedule and includes tasks to finalize the WBS and schedule. The Project Management Team (see PB Project Charter for definition) will review the existing WBS, with updates being made as necessary, as part of the Project Management Plan. The process for finalizing the schedule will include an elaboration and validation phase to take the high-level schedule and WBS and break them down explicitly to the work package level. FOR PROJECT PERFORMANCE CORPORATION AND VITA USE ONLY 2
  3. 3. Schedule Management Plan Version 1.0 Performance Budgeting October 9, 2009 Deliverable and Milestone dates in the WBS are part of the contract for this project and any changes to those may require applying the process outlined in the PB Project Scope and Change Management Plan. Once the schedule is approved and baselined (see Section ), the PPC Project Manager will manage the project schedule on a daily basis. Review and dissemination of project status is discussed below in section E - Schedule Progress Tracking. C. Schedule Control Items For an understanding of the items that the Schedule Management process will control, refer to the Project Management Plan for a high-level list of project milestones and associated completion dates or to the WBS for the detailed tasks/work packages. D. Schedule Control Process The WBS for the PB Project will be baselined after the initial planning effort is completed, COVA accepts the resulting plans, and the Functional (requirements) Baseline is established. Once COVA approves the schedule it will be checked into the PB Project Repository as the initial/baselined schedule and will become a controlled item. The process for handling controlled items is addressed in the PB Project Configuration Management Plan. Subsequent changes to the WBS would occur either as a result of a formal Change Request (CR) that alters some aspect of the work to be done or as part of the normal dynamics of a system development effort. • If a WBS change is the result of an approved Change Request, the PPC Project Manager will first confirm the required WBS changes with the PPC Project Team and then discuss the proposed WBS changes with the COVA Project Manager for concurrence. • A WBS change also may occur as part of the normal project dynamics. The PPC Project Management Team is continuously on the alert for things that might affect the PPC Team’s ability to perform their tasks as planned. In addition, as part of the internal weekly status meetings the PPC Project Management Team will review the WBS with the PPC Team. Normal changes that might arise from management oversight and/or project team review of the WBS would include the need to decompose/track lower-level activities, revise dependencies, or adjust activity dates. The PPC Project Manager would then present the proposed changes to the COVA Project Manager for concurrence. In either case, PPC would change the PB Project WBS only after the PPC Project Manager discusses the changes with the COVA Project Manager and receives approval for the change. For audit trail purposes, PPC would summarize changes made to the WBS in the Comments field when checking the updated WBS back into the PB Project Repository. As part of the process for evaluating changes, the PPC Project Management Team will discuss whether they see a need to re-baseline the Project schedule with the COVA Project Manager. Events that typically cause a re-baselining of the schedule include change in scope, change in budget, falling behind schedule by 10 percent or more, or rearrangement of activities to mitigate or work around the fact that decisions were not made, required information is unavailable or FOR PROJECT PERFORMANCE CORPORATION AND VITA USE ONLY 3
  4. 4. Schedule Management Plan Version 1.0 Performance Budgeting October 9, 2009 milestones were not met. E. Schedule Progress Tracking A quality Performance Budgeting System can be delivered on schedule only if: • The tasks required to achieve a successful delivery are identified • Staff are aware of the tasks to which they are assigned and the deadlines for those tasks • Management tracks and monitors task progress on a regular, even daily, basis. PPC Management will take a proactive approach to tracking and monitoring the Project schedule. Throughout the project, task progress will be reviewed at three levels: • During weekly status meetings, the PPC Project Management Team will discuss the status of tasks, milestones, and deliverables internally with the PPC Team, and team members will provide updates on the completion status of their assigned tasks. The completion status of tasks will be tracked in increments of 25 percent, 50 percent and 100 percent. • On a bi-weekly basis, progress will be shared with the PB Project Management Team at formal meetings. • On a monthly basis, the PB Project Manager will provide status updates to the Project Steering Committee and ProSight. The Project also will communicate status and disseminate information to a wide audience of additional stakeholders. Refer to the PB Project Communication Management Plan for information on how the information needs of the various stakeholders will be satisfied. An informal update of schedule status can also be obtained at any time upon request. If a task is in danger of or is actually running behind, or is experiencing delays getting required information, the PPC Project Team will determine options for getting the task back on track and whether there is a potential impact to the overall project or to the project schedule. If there is an impact, the team will evaluate how best to resolve the impact, e.g., running other tasks in parallel, or shifting resource focus. If the impact cannot be resolved within the PPC Project Team, the PPC Project Manager will elevate the problem to the PB Project Management Team, and others if needed, to determine an appropriate course of action. Associated risks and issues will be logged in accordance with the PB Project Risk and Issue Management Plan and given the appropriate visibility to ensure successful project completion. F. Schedule Management Responsibilities Stakeholders Schedule Management Responsibilities PPC Project Manager Oversight of schedule; daily review and updating of the schedule progress; reporting of progress both formally and informally (may delegate as needed) PPC Deputy Project Discussion of schedule progress and options for schedule adjustment Manager with the PPC Project Manager and project team FOR PROJECT PERFORMANCE CORPORATION AND VITA USE ONLY 4
  5. 5. Schedule Management Plan Version 1.0 Performance Budgeting October 9, 2009 COVA Project Oversight of schedule; approval of schedule changes as Co-Chair of Manager Project Management Team COVA Functional Approval of schedule changes as Co-Chair of Project Management Manager Team PPC Project Team Provide feedback regarding the project to PPC and COVA management. FOR PROJECT PERFORMANCE CORPORATION AND VITA USE ONLY 5