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  1. 1. Personnel Service and Performance Management Plan 2006-2010 Corporate Director: Director of Support Services: Andrew Smith Author: Paul Godfree 1 Committee Version 24-04-05
  2. 2. Page Contents 1. Background Information 3 2. Achievements of the past year, 2005-06 6 3. Meeting the Corporate Objectives 8 4. Risk Management 9 5. Learning and Development 11 6. 2006/07 Service Initiatives 12 7. Customer Focus 13 8. Diversity Issues 14 9. Resources 16 (a) Budget (b) Staff Resources (c) Capital Programme (d) Partnerships (e) ICT (f) Asset Management (g) Gershon Efficiencies 10. Performance Management 19 2 Committee Version 24-04-05
  3. 3. 1. Background Information Personnel provides professional advice to the Council on the following range of activities: - • Personnel management • Recruitment and Selection • Health & safety at work • Occupational Health • Training and Development • Investors in People • Fire Safety and Security • Equal Opportunities in Employment • Industrial Relations • Pay and Conditions of Services • Staff Welfare Personnel is responsible for the Central administration and management of personnel records, HR policy and procedures including compliance with statutory requirements placed on the Council as an employer. The Head of Personnel represents the Council on the Essex HR Partnership. The work of the partnership has been commended at both national and regional level and authorities in other parts of the UK are studying the activities of the Essex group to learn from good practice. (a) Service Delivery Personnel is based on the first floor of the main Council offices at Benfleet. It can be accessed by telephone, E Mail, fax or by personal visit to the offices. (b) Customers Support is primarily provided to other Council departments but also has a public interface in respect of the recruitment processes and procedures and enquiries regarding employment opportunities. The internal customer base may be affected by the transfer of the highways DSO to Essex C.C., the proposed outsourcing of the Leisure Centres, the impending market testing exercise in respect of Street Scene Services and the Housing transfer project. 3 Committee Version 24-04-05
  4. 4. These changes may have an impact on the future structure and staff undertaking the service.. This position will be kept under review as matters progress. Personnel has contact with external providers of Council services (e.g. Steria, training providers, etc.) It has contractual arrangements for the provision of an Occupational Health Service with the Southend Health Care Trust. These arrangements are kept under regular review. These services to Council Departments assist the development and support of the Council’s initiatives on diversity. Section 8 of this Plan sets out the Unit’s proposed contribution to the Council’s diversity initiative. In line with statutory requirements, statistics on minority groups accessing the services are recorded and reported. (c) Policy Context There is a wealth of legislation, codes of practice, guidance notes and codes of professional conduct that regulate the operation of the Council’s HR activities. It would not be possible to describe them all here. Examples are: - • Data Protection Act 1998 • Disability Discrimination Acts 1995 and 2005 • Equal Pay Act 1970 • Employment Act 2002 • Employment Equality (Religion and Belief) Regulations 2003 • Employment Relations Act 1999 • Employment Relations Act2004 • Employment Rights Act 1996 • Employment Rights (Dispute Resolution) Act 1998 • Employment Tribunals Act 1996 • Freedom of Information Act 2000 • Health & Safety at Work, etc. Act 1974 • Human Rights Act 1998 • Local Government Pensions Scheme Regulations 1997 and as amended • Race Relations Amendment Act 2000 • Sex Discrimination Act 1975 • Sex Discrimination Act 1986 4 Committee Version 24-04-05
  5. 5. • Trade Unions and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992 • Trade Union Reform and Employment Rights At 1993 Standards of professional conduct are regulated by bodies such as CIPD and SOCPO. Quasi-statutory codes of practice and similar model procedures are produced by organisations such as ACAS, Employer’s Organisation for Local Government, etc. There are no specific Government or statutory plans under which HR services are provided to the Council although ODPM required all Authorities to have a Workforce Plan by 1st April, 2005. The following is a list of HR Policies and Procedures • Code of Conduct for Employees • Corporate Equal Opportunities Policy • Disciplinary and Appeals Procedure • Domestic Violence in the Workplace Procedure • E-mail and Internet Policy • Equal Opportunities (in employment) Policy • Fire Procedures • Grievance and Appeals procedure • Health & Safety at Work Policy Statement • Harassment Policy • Lone Working Policy • No Smoking Policy • Policy Statement on Fraud and Corruption • Redundancy Procedure • Retirement Age Policy • Sickness, Absence and Industrial Injury Policy and Procedure • Stress Management Policy • Training and Development Policy • Whistle Blowing Policy 5 Committee Version 24-04-05
  6. 6. 2 Achievements of the past year, 2005-06 The schedule out the 2005/06 Action Plan for the Personnel Services and shows, in columns 5 and 6 how the service performed against its’ targets. Council Lead Key Task Target Target Outcome Date Actual Outcome Priority Officer Date for Measurement Actually Measurement Completion Completed Improving Paul Production of a 1st April 2005 Workforce Plan 1/4/2005 Approved Workforce the Council Godfree Workforce Plan by 1 Completed and Plan provided to the April, 2005 as required submitted to CMT for East of England by ODPM approval Regional Assembly. Improving Paul Subsequently , the September Submitted to CMT for 27/6/2005 Submitted to Recovery the Council Godfree Workforce Plan was 2005 approval Committee for approval. revised to support the HR Policy Improving Produce HR Policy and September Submitted to CMT for 27/6/2005 Submitted to Recovery the Council Paul Strategy – one of the 2005 approval Committee for approval. Godfree Council’s four key strategies. (Key Strategies Project Group) HR Policy at Annexe A Improving Develop and deliver Decmber H&S plan has been Ongoing to Quarterly reports to CMT the Council Paul Health and Safety at 2005 developed and actions December on progress Godfree Work Action plan for within the plan are being 2006 2005 to December delivered according to 2006. the timescales Improving Develop and deliver December Delivery of Member Project Training programmes the Council Paul the ‘Improving 2005 Training Programme completed being delivered. Godfree Member/Officer Delivery of Officer October, Development’ Phase I, Training Programme 2005 recovery plan project. although post assessment 6 Committee Version 24-04-05
  7. 7. Council Lead Key Task Target Target Outcome Date Actual Outcome Priority Officer Date for Measurement Actually Measurement Completion Completed of training programmed for April, 2006 Improving Paul Appointment of 30th June Appointment made 310/2005 Appointee commenced the Council Godfree Training officer 2005 3/10/2005 Improving Irene Undertake additional April 2005 Training delivered and April 2005 Wider range of pre the Council Clark/Janin training on a wider knowledge put to use. employment tests e Hodge range of pre available to employment management. assessment tests (TSTs) Irene Redesigned 30th June Improved image of 30/6/05 Revised packs in use Improving Clark/Janin employment 2005 Council and being issued the Council e Hodge ‘Application Pack’ and ‘Recruitment Pack’ to improve image of the Council to job applicants. Paul Developed, 31/12/2005 Survey completed, 31/12/2005 Survey and provision of Improving Godfree administered and results provided to results completed by due the Council organised 2005 Staff management for action date. Departments to Survey. Collated and plans to be developed complete action plans by reported results to 31/12/2005 CMT, OMG, Managers and Staff Improving Irene Clark Provide quarterly Quarterly Completion of quarterly Quarterly Survey forms completed the Council statistics of employees ONS staffing enquiry and returned on time to the Office of surveys National Statistics 7 Committee Version 24-04-05
  8. 8. 3 Meeting Corporate Objectives Improving the Council is one of the Council’s priorities and the service supports this by the overarching objective of effective and efficient central administration and management of personnel records, HR policy and procedures including compliance with statutory requirements placed on the Council as an employer. The schedule below sets out the two key areas of activity that The PSU will be undertaking in order to deliver that overarching objective. The Action Plan covering the detailed activities for 2006/07 is shown at Section 6. Links to Objectives Target for 2006/07 Target for 2009/10 Corporate Lead Officer objectives To ensure Implement the HR Strategy Clear linkage between the HR Improving the Paul Godfree professionally sound and the Councils Workforce Strategy and the Council’s Council and robust HR Plan. priorities. policies, strategy, Monitor performance and procedures are against key PIs embedded into the Council’s operations Improve the Review the impact on Customer satisfaction with Improving the Paul Godfree contribution good service provision of HR responsiveness of Council Council personnel policies and procedures. services improved. management procedures can make to improved service delivery 8 Committee Version 24-04-05
  9. 9. 4 Risk Management The Council has completed a Departmental Risk Management Exercise led by Zurich Municipal, the Council’s Insurers. This exercise culminated in May 2005 in the production of Business Risk Management Report for Departmental Risks. This report establishes a set of prioritised risks. Following this process, an exercise was conducted in June 2005 to create a strategic risk register. The results of this exercise were set out in a Business Risk Management Report for Strategic Risks. The next stage in the process is the production of a Risk Management Action Plan. This plan will frame the risk management actions that are required and map out the target for each risk i.e. to reduce the likelihood, impact or both. This exercise will be undertaken during 2006/2007. The following schedule sets out the risks together with the proposed management action to manage the risks. These are subject to change once Risk Management Plans have been produced. Activity Risk Impact Likelihood Lead (H.M.L.) (H.M.L.) How will the risk be managed Officer Ensure Authority Non compliance M M Delivery of the HR Strategy and PG complies with may leave the Workforce Plan should ensure the employment Authority exposed Authority operates within the legislation legislation and to claims in the and regulations regulations Employment Tribunals Ensure the Authority Non compliance M M Delivery of the H&SAW Action Plan Paul complies with all may expose the should ensure the Authority operates Godfree Health & Safety at Authority to the risk within the legislation and regulations Work Legislation and of improvement regulations notices or prosecution by the Health and Safety Executive Delivery of Corporate Failure to provide Delivery of the Corporate Training Paul Training Plan adequate training to M L Programme should ensure the employees Godfree 9 Committee Version 24-04-05
  10. 10. Activity Risk Impact Likelihood Lead (H.M.L.) (H.M.L.) How will the risk be managed Officer the employees of of the Council have the competencies, the Council skills and expertise to undertake their duties to the highest standards. Failure to comply Failure to comply M M The Personnel Services Unit submitted a Paul with the 2004 will leave the growth bid to CMT on 5th October Godfree national agreement authority exposed requesting £50,000 for an additional on pay and to equal pay claims resource to undertake a JE exercise. The conditions which and work of equal risks faced by the authority for not requires local value claims complying were set out in the request. authorities to CMT rejected the bid. The Council is at undertake a pay and risk. grading review using job evaluation by 31st March, 2007. 10 Committee Version 24-04-05
  11. 11. 5 Learning and Development As part of the recently revised staff appraisal system (PPDP – Personal Performance and Development Plans), the aims and objectives of the Personnel Services as set out in this Service and Performance Monitoring Plan were identified and discussed with each member of staff. This process identified a number of individual staff training needs which form the Learning and Development Plan for the Unit. All learning and training requirements will be linked to the Competency Framework and the competencies staff of the unit require to perform their duties. The schedule below summarises the main learning and development activities in the Plan as established by the above process. Details relating to individual staff members are shown in the relevant personal appraisals and the Unit’s Training Plan and are not, therefore, identified here. Training need Action Outcomes sought/Benefit gained Lead Timescale Professional and Attendance at professional courses Better skilled staff. Paul March 2007 Technical to develop professional/technical Staff able to respond to constant changes caused by Godfree and ongoing Development functions to be used effectively internal and external factors and develop job areas. within the authority Maintaining up to date technical/professional changes in legislation to ensure accurate delivery of services. Self Awareness Training courses on conflict Reduce sickness absence by providing information Paul March 2007 and Control management on stress and advice on controls to reduce health Godfree and ongoing risks. Demonstrate awareness of own personal strengths and weaknesses and understanding the impact on others. Interpersonal Training courses to assist in the Shows consideration, concern and respect for other Paul March 2007 Skills self development of individual people's feelings and opinions; is a good listener and Godfree and ongoing staffing needs displays 'empathy'. Co-operates and works well with others in the pursuit of team goals, sharing information and supporting others. Personal Training courses to assist in the Increased staff contributions towards delivery of Paul March 2007 Effectiveness and self development of individual service areas Godfree and ongoing Self Development staffing needs 11 Committee Version 24-04-05
  12. 12. 6 2006/07 Priorities The following schedule details the Action Plan for 2006/07 that will deliver the Council’s HR Policy. It is important to note that the this action plan includes delivery of the Council’s Workforce Plan 2005 to 2009, see the HR Policy, Annexe A, and the Health & Safety at Work action plan 2005 to 2008, see Annexe B. It will also include the annual Corporate Training Plan which will be compiled and delivered in each financial year. Council Initiatives Action Outcomes/Targets Timescale Lead Priority Improving See Annexe A Actions on Workforce Plan will have March 2007 PG the Council Deliver the Council’s been delivered within the timeframe. and ongoing Workforce Plan Improving See Annexe B Implementation of procedures, rules 2005 to PG the Council Deliver the Health & and regulations to ensure compliance Dec 2006 Safety Action Plan with H&S legislation Improving To have delivered the annual training March 2007 PG the Council Develop and deliver the Collate programme within budget and ongoing annual Corporate departmental/sectional Training Programme training plans and training requests. Compile programme of training within budget for each financial year 12 Committee Version 24-04-05
  13. 13. 7 Customer Focus The main customers are other departments of the Council although a public interface exists in respect of staff recruitment. Other areas of regular contact is with the Occupational Health Service and external trainers. With regard to the nature of these contracted arrangements and the Council’s other priorities, it is not considered that there is a necessity to undertake specific customer based initiatives with this group of contacts. A survey will be carried out with our internal customers to ascertain views on service provision. This will be carried out in accordance with the Council’s Consultation Strategy. The schedule below summarises the proposed customer focus activities in 2006/07. Objective Purpose of Activity Target Group Timescale Lead Consultation Improving the Collect customers’ Carry out a paper/on-line survey of Internal Council 2006/07 Paul relationship of views on the present customers’ views. It may be more departments Godfree the service service and areas cost effective to join with any with its’ where changes may Council-wide initiative. customers be desirable. Improving the To have a debate on Hold a brief customer forum with Internal Council 2006/07 Paul relationship of the services provided internal users of our services. departments Godfree the service by PSU with its’ customers 13 Committee Version 24-04-05
  14. 14. 8 Diversity Issues The Council has previously undertaken limited corporate work on diversity issues. Corporate Management Team at their meeting on 10th August 2005 agreed to employ a specialist to: - • Provide diversity Learning Programmes for Members, CMT Members and Heads of Service • Conduct a Diversity Consultation exercise with Members, staff members and external stakeholders • Develop a Diversity Impact Assessment Package, a Race Equality Scheme 2005 - 2008 and a Corporate Diversity Strategy. • Personnel Services will be the first to undergo an DIA The Head of Personnel sits on the Diversity Project Group and the PSU will play a major role working with the specialist to ensure the Council progresses through the various levels of the ‘Equality Standard for Local Government’ (BVPI 2). The Council is required to collect, collate and report a number of statistics in respect of minority groups and their representation amongst the workforce. Similar statistics for job applicants are collected. Employment policies and procedures have been reviewed to recognise the diversity amongst our workforce and initiatives such as flexi-time, job sharing, varied working hours and family friendly practices have been introduced to assist staff with their work-life balance. Objective Action Milestones Timescale Lead Ensure all staff receive Attendance at training courses Training courses established March 2007 Paul training in equality, organised as a result of the Godfree diversity and race current CMT initiative on 100% staff attendance achieved relations issues in diversity. respect of both service Level 3 delivery and employment issues 14 Committee Version 24-04-05
  15. 15. Objective Action Milestones Timescale Lead Carry out Diversity Train staff in requirements of, Training course established March 2007 Paul Impact Assessment and how to undertake, an 100% staff attendance achieved Godfree assessment. Carry out Assessment Level 3 Review employment of Carry out review of Review completed March 2007 Paul BME groups, women employment /recruitment Programme of action compiled Godfree and disabled people to practices. Programme being implemented assess further action Prepare programme of action required following results of review. Level 3 15 Committee Version 24-04-05
  16. 16. 9 Resources (a) Budget The budget for the Personnel Services Unit is set out in the Table below: - Item 2004/05 2005/06 2005/06 2006/07 2007/08 Actual Original Revised Budget Budget Budget Budget £ £ £ £ £ Employees Direct Expenses 197,373 196,000 206,000 237,300 247,300 Indirect Expenses 63,783 114,800 116,400 166,600 106,000 Premises Related Expenses 6,298 6,400 6,100 6,400 6,600 Transport Related Expenses 4,517 5,300 5,200 6,100 6,300 Supplies and Services 29,923 59,600 62,500 30,300 30,300 Third Party Payments 0 0 0 0 0 Support Services 54,245 65,600 89,300 104,000 106,600 Capital Charges 0 0 0 0 0 Total Expenditure 356,139 447,700 485,500 550,700 503,100 Income 0 0 0 0 0 Recharges to Other Services -349,841 -330,400 -479,400 -544,300 -496,500 Net Expenditure 6,298 117,300 6,100 6,400 6,600 16 Committee Version 24-04-05
  17. 17. b Staff Resources Staffing Profile Head of Personnel PERSONNEL TRAINING Snr. Personnel Princ. Personnel & Personnel Asst. Training Officer Asst. Insurance Officer 4½ full time equivalent staff c Capital Programme There are no schemes included in the Council’s Capital Programme that relate to the Personnel Services Unit. d Partnerships The key partnership arrangement is with the Essex HR Partnership. 17 Committee Version 24-04-05
  18. 18. e ICT There are no bids for new or improved ICT systems relating to PSU other than through the normal upgrade arrangements within the Steria contract. At present the Unit is actively involved in implementing the new Genus integrated payroll and personnel system in conjunction with the Financial services Unit of the Resources Department and in partnership with Essex County Council. f Asset Management PSU has no assets to manage other than office furniture and low value desk top office equipment none of which requires separate identification in this Service and Performance Monitoring Plan. g Gershon Efficiencies In accordance with the Council’s Financial Planning Strategy, the Personnel Services Unit reviewed its’ activities and methods of operation and has identified efficiencies that can contribute towards the achievement of the Gershon Savings. These are identified in the Table below. Description of Saving Value Service Action Cash Non-Cash £ £ Greater use of double sided Est. = £50 All PCs in PSU now have access to a printing to save paper duplex printer Due to above, postage of job Est 1000 packs per All packs now printed double sided to application packs has reduced year = £260 save paper and reduce weight. from 72p to 46p per pack. NB. Postage is charged to relevant departments at time of franking With the appointment of a Training Officer, we will be able Estimate: 12 training The Training Officer has identified a to deliver training that would days per year at a range of training subjects she will previously have required an cost of £700. deliver. These will be built into the external trainer Total = £8,400 annual training programmes 18 Committee Version 24-04-05
  19. 19. 10 Performance Management The following are the BVPI targets which are monitored and reported by the Head of Personnel. In addition a range of local indicators have been set for the Personnel Services Unit. Individual work plans and targets have separately been agreed with each member of staff. Since the main users of the service are internal Council departments, the performance of the Unit will be shared with its’ users through the Council’s internal performance monitoring arrangements. PSU will engage users in helping to measure performance through internally conducted surveys or questionnaires. Feedback will also be obtained in the normal course of workplace contact. Objective Target for 2006/07 Key Actions Monitoring Target Lead arrangements 2009/10 BVPI 11a For there to be 24% of women To encourage women to Quarterly 50% Paul in the top 5% of earners apply for vacancies in top reporting of Godfree employed by the Council 5% of jobs and appoint statistics where a woman is the best candidate for the job. BVPI 11b For there to be 5% of To encourage individuals Quarterly 5% Paul individuals from BME in the 5% from BME groups to apply reporting of Godfree of top earners employed by the for vacancies in top 5% of statistics Council jobs and appoint where an individual from the BME groups is the best candidate for the job. BVPI 11c For there to be 12% of To encourage individuals Quarterly 14% Paul individuals who are disabled in who are disabled to apply reporting of Godfree the 5% of top earners for vacancies in top 5% of statistics employed by the Council jobs and appoint where a disabled individual is the best candidate for the job. BVPI 12 Strive to reduce levels of Implement the Quarterly sickness absence amongst staff requirements of the revised reporting of 7 days Paul to 8 days average per employee sickness and absence statistics Godfree policy to drive down staff 19 Committee Version 24-04-05
  20. 20. Objective Target for 2006/07 Key Actions Monitoring Target Lead arrangements 2009/10 absence. BVPI 14 To have 1% of early retirements To implement procedures Quarterly amongst staff to minimise early reporting of 0% Paul retirements statistics Godfree BVPI 15 To have no ill health retirements To implement procedures Quarterly amongst staff during 2006/07 to eliminate ill health reporting of 0% Paul retirements statistics Godfree BVPI 16a To achieve a level of 7.5% To encourage individuals Quarterly disabled employees amongst who are disabled to apply reporting of 7.5% Paul the Councils staff for vacancies and appoint statistics Godfree where a disabled individual is the best candidate for the job. BVPI 17a To achieve a level of 2.0% To encourage individuals Quarterly employees from BME groups who are from the BME reporting of 2.0% Paul amongst the Councils staff groups to apply for statistics Godfree vacancies and appoint where an individual from the BME groups is the best candidate for the job. Local To produce a contract of To ensure contracts of Constant employment within five days of employment are produced monitoring and 100% Irene Clark receiving all necessary within three days quarterly information from the employing reporting of department statistics to Head of Personnel Local To achieve maximum To promote the value of Constant attendance on all in-house attending training with both monitoring and 100% Charlotte training programmes managers and employees quarterly Fletcher- to minimise the level of reporting of Kilbey ‘drop out’ from arranged statistics to Head training sessions of Personnel 20 Committee Version 24-04-05
  21. 21. 21 Committee Version 24-04-05