How to Build (and Fuel) a Content Marketing Engine


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Marketers today have access to an unprecedented array of powerful tools for digital content marketing. You’ve got your site content management system, your analytics, email and personalisation tools. But the sheer range of possibilities can be a barrier.

In this one hour webinar, Nick van Noorden, Head of Marketing at Fusionworkshop, will show you how you can start to connect your business goals by providing a rich digital user experience, powered by highly targeted content.

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  • NvN
    Thanks for joining us today. So we’re using the metaphor of a content engine. How do you build and run a well-oiled digital engine for your company, powered by focused content. Really this is all about content marketing and content strategy. Terms that are now used a lot but little understood.

    I’ll be covering…
    And Martin will talk through…

    Cover the concept of engagement and how to measure it…
    We’ll show you what’s possible, what you need to fuel the engine (without stretching the metaphor too far). We’ll look at where you might be along the journey and what can be done to fix it.

    Teams who did what in the 90s
    Websites reflected structure of organisation.

    What this is not:
    We’re not going to talk about is the latest social media channels…
    We are going to focus on how your website can act as the focal point of your content strategy. Old fashioned but accessible…

    Content Marketing – what is it? Where does it site – have we caught up? Probably not. Many organisations want to do content marketing but haven’t matured enough to know how it should not just fill up slots but drive meaning!
    How to build an engine – implementation – fuel/content – bridge gaps…
    Generating content with a purpose.
  • NvN
    Strategy – marketing – personas – content
    Personas are a useful tool to give focus…
    Multi-lingual and multi-region, multi device
    Ford 1-2-1

    But before we get onto that let’s look at the old philosophy
  • MD

    What is Content?
    Can be… text / images / video / metadata / white papers / infographics – we’ll get into specifics.

    Regardless of what type of marketing tactics you use, content marketing should be part of your process, not something separate. Quality content is part of all forms of marketing: So at its heart, content marketing is a marketing strategy — an approach that uses content to deepen our relationship with customers.

    Content strategy, on the other hand, delves deeper into the “creation, publication, and governance of useful, usable content.” It seeks to manage content as a strategic asset across the entirety of the organization. “Your content is arguably your most valuable business asset so you need to manage it accordingly.”

    We’ll come to the concept of engagement and scoring of content later…

    Considering personas to bridge the gap…
  • NvN
    This is about giving your content production and marketing a focus so it drives business value.
    Evidenced by the emergence of roles like Chief Content Officer.

    Content Marketing is not new. Inbound marketing… But what is new is how content is sourced and created to bridge a specific gap between company goals and customer needs. And in that way it is a powerful tool to engage customers. Engagement can be a bit of a nebulous term but we’ll look at how to quantify engagement later…

    We’ll talk about the process for translating corporate strategy into actionable content. The can be created and written for a specific persona with a purpose and need. And how that allows you to measure engagement in hard terms so you can measure the effectiveness of your content strategy.

    What is content? – Martin will discuss – but first a poll…
  • NvN

    Old philosophy – fill up the white space….

    We still see this.
  • MD
    Healthspan are only able to achieve the results they because they get because have lots of content addressing numerous concerns.
    More categories means more scope of nuance in your scoring
    More room for lateral thinking in the your approach to categorization - Give a plausible example.
    The long tail - A couple of highly scoring categories. Many low scoring categories.
    Emergent patterns.
  • NvN
    Are you ready?

    How do you measure engagement – the work done up front allows you to do that…

    Measure value per visit…

    We’ve seen…
    Sitecore model
  • NvN / MD
  • NvN
  • How to Build (and Fuel) a Content Marketing Engine

    1. 1. Brought to you by In association with How to Build (and Fuel) a Content Marketing Engine The webinar will begin shortly Listen via your computer speakers or on the phone UK: +44 20 7151 1848 Access Code: 384-242-525
    2. 2. Today’s Speakers How to Build (and Fuel) a Content Marketing Engine Andrew Gerrard Consultant Editor Martin Davies Consultant Developer Fusionworkshop Nick van Noorden Head of Marketing Fusionworkshop
    3. 3. Interact with us How to Build (and Fuel) a Content Marketing Engine Follow the conversation on twitter #ContentMarketingEngine
    4. 4.  1990’s – get a website  2000’s – SEO and ecommerce  2010’s – Social, Mobile & Tablet, Content Marketing… Digital evolution
    5. 5. Content Flow
    6. 6. Content marketing  The ‘engine’ - the tools and the processes  The team  The audience  Segmentation and personalisation “Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience — with the objective of driving profitable customer action”
    7. 7. “McKinsey reported that marketers are looking to implement an enterprise-scale platform that will deliver greater customer insight so they can tailor digital experiences that inspire engagement, loyalty, and advocacy.” - The Digital Marketing Platform, CMS Wire Why content marketing?
    8. 8. Quick Poll How to Build (and Fuel) a Content Marketing Engine
    9. 9.  Company view  Customer view  Pitfalls  Use of Personas Connecting Strategy and User experience
    10. 10. Content scoring in Sitecore CMS
    11. 11. Creating content for a purpose…
    12. 12. Quick Poll How to Build (and Fuel) a Content Marketing Engine
    13. 13. Digital Maturity
    14. 14. Digital Maturity  Getting buy in from the top  Discovery process helps align team  Overcoming barriers
    15. 15. Pros  Archetypes  Focus, empathy, consensus, efficiency  Optimize the outcomes of digital channels Personalisation using personas Cons  Not true personalisation  Stereotyping  Locking people into a personalisation bubble
    16. 16. Escaping the personalisation bubble
    17. 17. Case study: Nutrition Expert  80 Supplements  50 Ailments  20 Health Topics That's 150 possible categories by which to score every single piece of content!  500+ Nutrition Articles  3 New articles every week That's a lot of content!
    18. 18. Beyond personas – the long tail  Volume of ongoing content and categories  Object-based and scorable  A long tail of categorization  Low scoring information builds in importance if it is surfaced often enough.  Unexpected trends emerge from combining seemingly unrelated content
    19. 19. How do you know it’s working?
    20. 20. 1. There is a good volume of scorable content 2. Content is object-based independent of page 3. You use metrics like ‘value per visit’ to measure engagement 4. You connect strategy with content Content marketing works best when…
    21. 21. Resources
    22. 22. Your Questions How to Build (and Fuel) a Content Marketing Engine Andrew Gerrard Consultant Editor Martin Davies Consultant Developer Fusionworkshop Nick van Noorden Head of Marketing Fusionworkshop
    23. 23. 3 Great reasons to fill out the exit survey 1. You can give us your feedback 2. You can request your free copy of the whitepaper ‘How to Get (Content) Rich Quick’ 3. You can request your free copy of ‘The Virtual Presenters Handbook
    24. 24. Thank You Brought to you by In association withBrought to you by How to Build (and Fuel) a Content Marketing Engine