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LavaCon 2010 Lee Trapel Where is Your Conent Going
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LavaCon 2010 Lee Trapel Where is Your Conent Going


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This session introduces Amplephi, a business oriented, web-based technology platform for brands and marketers that want to intelligently and automatically publish, manage and measure their digital …

This session introduces Amplephi, a business oriented, web-based technology platform for brands and marketers that want to intelligently and automatically publish, manage and measure their digital content from a single access portal across the Social Web.

This tool enables social marketers to instantly publish their content to multiple outputs, including corporate website, blogs, social media platforms, bookmarks, rich media sites for video and images, press release sites and many more.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. What’s your content doing and where is it going? Saturday, October 2, 2010 9:15 to 10:15am Copyrights 2010, LMG Presenter Lee Traupel Digital Strategist, Linked Media Group, Inc.
  • 2. Session Overview Copyrights 2010, LMG
    • Content is king
    • The untamed social web
    • Enter Amplephi
    • Q&A
  • 3. Backgrounder
    • 15 years online advertising and social media marketing on the digital front lines
    Copyrights 2010, LMG
  • 4. Content is Anything & Everywhere
    • Text & images
    • Video & audio
    • Social conversations about your brand
    • Blogs, wikis, discussion groups
    • Corporate web sites
    • Mobile devices
    Copyrights 2010, LMG
  • 5. What is Great Content? Copyrights 2010, LMG “ Creating, publishing and measuring compelling words and images that resonate with your target market.”
  • 6. Your Content Problem Foursquare & Center Copyrights 2010, LMG “ Most companies are stumbling blindly into content marketing via social media and worse, have no real understanding of how to maximize their efforts, measure ROI and utilize a systematic approach.” Lori Ruff Author/Speaker “ Rock the World with Social Media”
  • 7. Good Content Connects with Your Audience
    • Engaging & has personality
    • Keyword rich
    • Relevant & fresh
    • Gets picked up by social stream
    • Communities
    • Incorporates business objectives
    Copyrights 2010, LMG
  • 8. Where is Your Content Going? Copyrights 2010, LMG The Social Flower Used with permission from Brian Soils
  • 9. Social Web is the Wild/Wild West
    • Vast, broad, deep
    • Global – no boundaries or borders
    • Many to many conversation driven
    • Huge volumes 75M tweets per day
    • 2.7B Facebook pages updated daily
    Copyrights 2010, LMG
  • 10. Content is Running Amuck! Copyrights 2010, LMG
  • 11. Social Content Marketing Absolutes  
    • Content must have value
    • Integrate community with advertising
    • Should leverage social influencers
    • Be measurable & quantifiable
    Copyrights 2010, LMG
  • 12. UGC Reshaping Search Rankings
    •  UGC – user generated content
    • “Approximately 25% of Google search results for the world’s top twenty brands link to User generated content”
      • Search Engine Strategies Magazine
    Copyrights 2010, LMG
  • 13. Brave New World of Content Metrics  
    • Standard analytics (traffic) not enough!
    • Must measure social voice & brand mentions
    • Capture audience engagement: sharing, liking, re-tweeting, friending
    • Understand conversation reach across multiple social networks
    • Insight into key influencers onboard with your brand
    Copyrights 2010, LMG
  • 14. Your Brand’s Content Challenges
    • Lowering your content development costs
    • How to leverage across social web
    • Measure and control content publishing
    • Incorporate corporate policy & procedures
    Copyrights 2010, LMG
  • 15. Quick Poll
    • How many website and social portal destinations are you managing?
    • How often do you post content?
    • How many people involved in authoring, posting and analyzing results?
    • What tools do you use?
    • Do you have content policies?
    Copyrights 2010, LMG
  • 16. Introducing Amplephi
    • The Amplephi vision
      • Secure
      • Scalable
      • Publishing platform with powerful analytics
      • Business-focused
    Copyrights 2010, LMG
  • 17. Amplephi Overview Copyrights 2010, LMG
      • Intelligent content publishing
      • Integrated SEO best practices
      • Corporate management features
      • Measure effectiveness and engagement
  • 18. Amplephi is a Single Source Platform
    • Today, companies are using consumer-grade tools that are highly segmented and don’t manage and distribute content cohesively.
    Copyrights 2010, LMG
  • 19. Publishing
    • Sync Amplephi to your social marketing destinations & start “one button publishing”
    • Go way beyond status updates
      • social networks, PR sites, bookmarks, search engines, blogs, your CMS
    • 25+ destinations including
    Copyrights 2010, LMG
  • 20. Integrated Best Practices
    • Permalinks – drive traffic to specific websites
    • URL shorteners – use a vanity URL or
    • Scheduling – Queue future publishing events
    • Pinging - search engines and bookmarks
    • Digital finger print portal with unique URL
    • Keyword and landing page integration
    • Much more……………
    Copyrights 2010, LMG
  • 21. Management
    • User roles
      • e.g. let some user queue up content but not “pull the trigger”
    • Multiple Brands and Products
      • manage multiple emarketing campaigns via Amplephi's Template Builder TM technology
    • Transaction log of all user activity
      • monitor usage and export reports
    Copyrights 2010, LMG
  • 22. Reflector(tm) Analytics
    • Amplephi’s offers a pioneering new way to understand how your content is being engaged.
    • Sentiment and engagement analysis
      • “ Likes”, shares, re-tweets, views, and many more
    • ROI and business intelligence
      • Including keyword saturation and trend analysis
    • Interactive graphs and charts
    Copyrights 2010, LMG
  • 23. A SaaS Portal
    • Amplephi is an on-demand, subscription platform accessible from any connected device
    • Desk Top
    • iPad
    • Smartphone
    Copyrights 2010, LMG
  • 24. publishing Copyrights 2010, Amplephi Blog Post Press Release Images & Videos Social Updates instantly publish to multiple destinations
  • 25. users and corporate policies Copyrights 2010, Amplephi user roles privileges corporate policies Content manage and control content and users
  • 26.
    • reporting
    • analytics
    measuring Copyrights 2010, Amplephi understand cause, effect and ROI of content
  • 27.
    • keywords
    • permalinks
    • sequential publishing
    • landing pages
    • backlinks
    best practices Copyrights 2010, Amplephi incorporate best practices
  • 28. Security And Privacy
    • O-Auth Standards
    • Host private content destinations for proprietary company websites and blogs
    • Securely interface with our API for publishing to your private CMS
    Copyrights 2010, LMG
  • 29.
    • one button publishing
    • manage users
    • incorporate best practices
    • measure engagement, cause and effect and ROI
    • do this all via any internet accessible device … computer, iPad, phone
    Amplephi User Interface Copyrights 2010, Amplephi
  • 30. Summary Copyrights 2010, LMG
    • Content publishing platform
    • Supports multiple users
    • Incorporates SEO best practices
    • Sophisticated analytics
    • Adheres to corporate social Policies/procedures
  • 31. Amplephi Strengthens Your Bottom Line
    • Lowers customer acquisition costs
    • Shortens sales cycles & time to market
    • Reduces & leverages content marketing costs
    • Provides valuable insight about content marketing campaigns
    Copyrights 2010, LMG
  • 32. q&a
    • thanks for attending!!
    • questions, comments, feedback …
    • contact info
    Copyrights 2010, Amplephi Lee Traupel Linked Media Group, Inc. [email_address]   Direct: 530.432.8764 Mobile: 530.205.8577 Twitter: LinkedMedia