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Media jack jackson

  1. 1. Key skills and knowledge presentation. Media studies has helped me sofar in the year as I have been able to understand numerous of key theories and develop skills.
  2. 2. G.R.A.I.N• Genre: this is a certain kind or style of media text. This could be anything from action, fantasy or comedy. In media, it is vital that you know the different types of genre for different media text as it makes it easier for you to understand briefly what the text is going to be about.• Representation: the representation in media is how the media text are being portrayed. For example in a the movie poster of Captain America: the first avenger, the cap is being represented as a superhero as he is on top of every one else and also being represented as a solider through his uniform.• Audience: the audience of a media text is what type of person would see this particular text. For example people who would see Avengers Assemble would be young adults, comic fans and children aged between 4-16.• Institution: the institution of a media text is the company that created the media text, an example of this is Thor. Thor the movie was created by marvel comics originally then turned into a film by paramount.• Narrative: the narrative of the media text is what the text is about just by looking at it. An example is the Iron man movie poster. From the poster you can see that the movie is about a man made from metal or a suit made from metal. Further more it could be about this iron man saving people from the bad guy.
  3. 3. Mise-en-scene• Setting: the setting of a media text can illustrate where the text is being placed. An example of this is in amazing spider-man. From the movie poster we can see tall skyscrapers and the empire state building which suggests that the setting is in New York.• Costume, make up, props: the use of props in media texts can illustrate the characters personality or status. An example of this is in quantum of solace. From the movie poster we can see that the character (James Bond) is a very powerful character as he is holding a gun upwards this showing his masculinity. He is also wearing as suit with the top button of the shirt undone signifying that he is a very well presented and collective person.• Actors body language and facial expressions: the use of actors body language and facial expressions in media texts implies what type of character they are playing. An example is in the film the incredible hulk. The actor Edward Norton through the whole film is very tense and nervous. This is because he is scared he is going to do turn in the “other guy” meaning the hulk as he tries to find a cure for his problem.• Lighting: this is to set the effect of the scene. An example of this is the Captain America: the first avenger film poster. In the poster the corners and sides of the poster are dark. Yet, in the middle of the of the poster there is a light shining on the cap and his shield this is signifying that he could be the saviour of the film or as the films hero as the light is demonstrating hope.
  4. 4. Propp’s theory• For a story to work in porpp’s opinion they needed to be these character in a production for it to be successful.• The villain - This is the character that tries to bring down the hero of the story. An example of this is in Captain America : the first avenger. The villain in the film is red mask as he tries to take over the world with the power of the terserract.• The hero – this is the character who has to fulfil the destiny in the story. An example of this is in the film Thor. When Thor was sent to earth to show that he was worth to use his mighty hammer, mjolnir.• The donor – this is the character that gives the hero a special device for the character to use. An example of this is in Captain America : the first avenger. Howard stark gives the cap the shield made from the world’s most strongest metal, vibrainium. You could also say the professor Dr. Abraham Erskine as he makes Captain America who he is.• The helper – they are the side kick to the hero. An example of this is in Merlin. Merlin is the side – kick to Arthur.• The princess – this is the character that the hero falls in love with. An example of this is Captain America : the first avenger. The cap falls in love with Peggy carter.• The farther : this character is the farther of the princess. An example of this is in Merlin. Uther is the farther of lady Morgana.• The dispatcher – the character who asks the hero to do a job for them. An example of this is in Avengers Assemble. Nick fury asks the avengers to save the world.• The false hero – the character who wants to be the hero but just creates complications. An example of this is in Shrek. Prince charming goes to save princess Fiona only to find she has already been saved by shrek then trys to make shrek’s life a misery.
  5. 5. Todorov theory• Equilibrium everything is normal and there is nothing out of the ordinary. Peter parker going on a school trip to OSCORP.• Disequilibrium – something out of the ordinary happens and affects the normal situation. Peter parker gets bitten by a radioactive spider. Then the green goblin attacks New York, putting many people in danger• Recognition – the characters realise the new equilibrium. Peter parker realises he now has super powers and uses them for good by becoming spider man and fighting the green goblin.• Repair – now as spider man peter parker saves New York city by stopping the green goblin.• New equilibrium – spider man is now seen as a hero.
  6. 6. Conventions• Conventions: in media the conventions of a text is what different methods are used to tell the audience about the text this could be from the date or a billing block to the title. An example of this is in the iron man 2 film poster. It has a date, title of the film, a billing block and the actors names. Actor names title Date Billing block
  7. 7. Sound• The sound in the media text is able to add more detail to a scene in a film. An example of this is in the amazing spider man. When Gwen was downloading the cure for Dr Connors serum, she hided in a broom cupboard. Sound is used in this scene, as the doctor gets closer to the cupboard the music gets more faster creating suspense in the scene.
  8. 8. Connotations• Connotations in media is the different types of affect the words create on the audience. For example Captain America : the first avenger. The word “captain” gives the affect that he is a leader and “America” implies that he is a patriot. Furthermore the word “avenger” signifies that he is avenging a loved one or a dear friend and wants to bring justice to the world.