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Right Here Right Now


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Social Media presentation prepared for Julian MacQueen and Innisfree staff by Jill Thomas.

Social Media presentation prepared for Julian MacQueen and Innisfree staff by Jill Thomas.

Published in: Business
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  • 1. Right Here, Right Now
    Tips for building a Social Business
  • 2. Social Media is Not a Fad
  • 3. Social Media Is
    Web-based technology that enables:
    Participation in interactive dialogue on sites like facebook, twitter and yelp.
    Non-technical internet users to post content on websites and blogs.
    It is changing how we communicate and how consumers make choices.
  • 4. One Choice
    Businesses have a choice about social media. Engage or loose ground. 
    Your customers will talk about you online. You can participate in the conversation or ignore it.
    Engaging well may create community around your business and cultivate long-term brand loyalty.
  • 5. It’s Just Networking
    Your grandfather joined a service club because it was good for business.
    Social media is like a community service club with 500 million members armed with loudspeakers engaged in word of mouth marketing.
    This is going to have a bigger impact on your business then your current marketing initiatives.
  • 6. Content is King
    Having a content management website, Facebook fan page or Twitter account is not enough. You must:
    Create useful entertaining content (crowd source).
    Compel users to create content about you.
    Start & participate in conversations.
    Post diverse content – pictures, videos, text, web links.
    Target influencers.
    Interact and build relationships.
    Be consistent.
  • 7. Social Media Etiquette
    What others say about your business matters more than what you say.
    Everything you do will AMPLIFY so be good & nice.
    Sharing is good. Copyright is bad.
    Hard selling annoys people.
    Visuals are important.
    VALUE the informative, authentic, silly and creative.
    Real time communication every day.
  • 8. Social Media is Inclusive
    Successful social companies engage from top to bottom.
    Recruit social media savvy staff that can tell stories using an iphone.
    Regard time spent on Facebook & Twitter as good for business.
  • 9. Social Media is Expansive
    Strive to make every marketing initiative is social by:
    Putting your web address and social media icons on business cards, menus, table talkers and print ads.
    Making it easy for your customers to create and share media with free wifi & signs.
    Asking your guests to review your business.
    Making your super facebook fans, dedicated twitter followers & foursquare mayors feel special when they’re in your building.
  • 10. Where They are Talking
    Your Website
    Trip Advisor
    You Tube
  • 11. Facebook
  • 12. Marketing on Facebook
    Facebook is the most versatile social media marketing platform.
    Businesses can use facebook mark up language, third party applications for polls and contests and economical paid advertisements to build ‘likes’ on business fan pages.
    You can advertise to your fans for FREE whenever you want.
  • 13. Fan Page Wall
  • 14. Fish House Fan Page
  • 15. McGuire’s Irish Pub Fan Page
  • 16. Margaritaville Hotel
  • 17. Pensacola Beach Fan Page
  • 18. CFL Jersey Contest
  • 19. NFL Poll
  • 20. Facebook Ads
  • 21. Specific Targets, Measurable Outcomes
  • 22. Twitter
  • 23. Twitter Is
    Not as versatile as facebook but is good for:
    Research (monitor mentions/trends).
    Monitoring customer service (watch for complaints).
    To distribute news (retweets).
    There are no good shortcuts to building an engaged follower list.
    You must tweet all the time and be interesting.
  • 24. Is Justin Bieber More Influential than Obama?
  • 25. What is Klout?
    Klout measures the size of your engaged social media audience.
    It is based on your followers and friends who actively listen and react to your messages.
    It measures the likelihood that your messages will generate action from others.
  • 26. Twitter Bot = No Klout
  • 27. Not Interesting = No Klout
  • 28. Engaged Followers = Good Klout
  • 29. If She Is Your Customer?
  • 30. Your Website is Not a Brochure
  • 31. It Is an Interactive & Social Traffic Hub
  • 32. With Multiple Ways To Amplify
  • 33. You Don’t Need an IT Person with Wordpress
  • 34. Drive Traffic
    Connect all social platforms with website as hub then:
    Great content on your website drives traffic to social media platforms.
    Social media platforms drive traffic to your website.
    Engaged loyal fans amplify your message and drive bums to your seats.