Nauction - A Reliable Open Source Auction Software from Ndot Technologies


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Nautcion is an open source auction software of Ndot Technologies. Nauction contains many vital features which helps you to run your online bidding business very smoothly. Here are some of the features in the Nauction multi-bidding type, fully customizable, version updates and so on.

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  • A fantastic product but be warned: Fact: Payed Ndot $1500 USD and did not get a scipt and did not get a refund. Over the last month NDOT has been contacting me to offer my refund back, yet nothing. Many promases yet no follow through. Quite happy to update this post post if there CEO returns my money! but hey guess what they have now lost all communication and my records. So im not wasting any more time. Apart from posting the facts of events to help others make up there own mind if to deal with this organization. Yet google Note + scam! make your own mind up...
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Nauction - A Reliable Open Source Auction Software from Ndot Technologies

  1. 1. NDOT Technologies NAUCTIONSecured And Ideal Choice For Online Bidding
  2. 2. IntroductionMeaning of Auction• Market mechanism where sellers place products and buyers makebid.• Distinguishable by dynamic and competitive nature by which thefinal affordable price is reached.Meaning of Online Auction• Auction which is conducted online.• Also known as electronic auction or e-auction.
  3. 3. Nauction Innovative Means of BiddingWhat is Nauction?• Online bidding Auction Software developed by NDOTTechnologies.• Gives the user the ability to get the best products at reasonableprices.What We Provide?• Safe and reliable auction software to launch your own auctionwebsite online.• Free demo and versions to get the experience and feeling of anauction website.
  4. 4. Nauction Innovative Means of Bidding• Wonderful theme making your website attractive.• Effective conversion tools bringing maximum sales to your website.• Fully customizable website as per the choice of the customer.• Multiple types of bidding like penny auction, beginners auction, andbuy now auction.• Classic design to attract customers.• User-friendly admin panel to manage the website.• Full accessibility to source code to customize the website as per yourneeds.
  5. 5. Versions of Nauction• Two basic version available – Premium and Platinum Version.• Both versions comparatively cheap in the mobile software market.• Three months free support for Premium Version and six months forPlatinum version.• Both the versions have multiple features making them quite handyand easy to use.• E-commerce and Auto Bid option available only on the Platinumversion.• Multiple language support.
  6. 6. Features of NauctionHighlighting Feature• Power-packed platform having features like innovative paymentgateway, social media share, auto bid, free themes, etc.• Multiple bidding option where users can bid in penny auction,beginner auction, peak auction and buy auction.• 100% accessible to source code.• Regular version updates.• Credit card means of payment.• Fully customizable as per user needs.
  7. 7. Features of NauctionExtensive Features• Keeping tab on certain products.• Knowledge about the products to be auctioned the next day.• Ability for the user to buy the product at market price.• Showcasing the time period when the bidding starts.• Geo location of the live bidding as and when it happens.• History of the bids that happen in the website.• Specify the maximum amount a user likes to bid for a particularproduct.
  8. 8. Features of NauctionMarketing Features• Connecting with users through emails and newsletter.• Entice the user to refer new people to the website.• Awareness of products through social media shares.Management Features• Intuitive and user-friendly backend feature to explore and managethe contents easily.• Ability to manage the details of the site users like edit, delete, add,etc.
  9. 9. Features of Nauction• Managing the category of products with the option to add, delete,and edit.• Manage the products by selecting the particular category andauction type.• Maintain the list of products won by the user.• Manage the amounts deposited by the user.Extensive Support Feature• Free support up to a specific period.• How to library that provides detail information in running thewebsite along with video tutorials.
  10. 10. Features of NauctionUpcoming Features• Clock Bidding – where the bidding starts with a high asking price.• Scratch Bidding – price of product gets reduced when a user clicks orscratches the Scratch option.• Reserve Bidding – participate does multiple bidding instead of singlebidding.• Cash Back Bidding – where the winner gets back the entire cash thathe or she has used in the bidding.
  11. 11. Features of Nauction• Seat Auction – set of seat defined by the admin which user has topurchase in order to take part in the bidding process.• Payment Gateway - integration of Google, Paseguro, CC Avenue, payment gateways.• Merchant Platform – where person registers on the website to sellhis or her products.
  12. 12. Benefits of NauctionBenefits to Seller• Increases revenue• Removal of expensive and unnecessary intermediaries• Optimal price settings• Develop better customer relationship• Lower transaction and administrative costsBenefits to Buyer• Opportunity to search unique collectibles and items• Means of Entertainment• Get products at lower price
  13. 13. Benefits of Nauction• Being anonymity• Easy and convenient to useBenefits to Auctioneer• Expansion of the business• Chances of high repeat purchase• Suitable source of incomeTo know more about our Nauction – Auction SoftwareVisit -
  14. 14. Why NDOT Technologies• 4+ years of experience in e-commerce website development• Developed more than 500+ Groupon Clone websites• Unique product features• Reasonable cost• Easy download and installation• Easily manageable admin panel• Less manpower needed to maintain• Customization to clients requirements• 24x7 customer support• Mobile Applications for group deals
  15. 15. Keep in TouchFacebook : : : Plus : :
  16. 16. ContactIndia Corporate HQ: MoroccoNDOT Technologies Pvt Ltd, Chahir DrissSite No.7, Block No.3, M.D Super TradeMaruthamalai Road, Mag. 7 IMM. ALICoimbatore - 641 041, India. 171 BIS RUE MOHAMED EL BEQAL GUELIZ , MARRAKECH 40000 MOROCCO Email: d.chahir@ndot.inUS Office: +1 (323) 982-8943. Phone : +212 (0)6 58 58 5000Head Office: +91 422-434-2519.Email: contact-sales@ndot.inSkype: Bahrain Ashish Thomas MathewUS Operation Buidling 929, Road 2919NDOT LLC, Manama1628 Oak Tree Rd STE 9Edison, Kingdom of BahrainNJ 08820 Phone: +97334313532Phone: +1 (323) 982-8943
  17. 17. THANK YOU