Question 4


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Question 4

  1. 1. From this I could make my own channelon you tube to upload videos, and getfeedback from the rough cuts and finaldrafts. I also used search engines such as google for ideas and pictures, and was able to view old coursework on slide share and blog spot for research on how to construct a trailer
  2. 2. To research trailers I went on YouTubeand looked at previous trailers for theconventions. This helped to give meideas for my own trailer, and how toconstruct the scenes etc.
  3. 3. Once I had got thephotos I put them inphoto shop and editedthe background out of itusing the lasso tool Once the background was edited out I saved it and imported it into publisher
  4. 4. I inserted the picture in I then set the background as transparent. I repeated this for all the picture so that they fitted together on our background – which was a brick wallI then found images of the e4 tape andlogo and edited text on to it. I saved it as ajpeg and inserted it into the poster like Ihad done with my other pictures
  5. 5. I edited my main pictures in the same way as I had for the poster. I also used other pictures to go round the edge of the magazine I was also ableI inserted buttons and shapes to edit andusing the shape tools round the change coloursedge of the page and picture using the fillediting bar tools, and colour options
  6. 6. I started by going on the home page I used slide share to and pressing upload upload my power points onto the internet It then came up with this screen I selected the goldI then selected embed and upload button and mycopied the link to paste into documents opened upmy blog
  7. 7. To upload things to my blog Iclicked new post and then wenton the edit html button Once I had done that the presentation was in my blog. I could then write and evaluate it. I pressed publish post and it was on my blog
  8. 8. Once again I selectednew post but this timeselected upload a videoThis screen came up. Iselected My Youtube videosand clicked on the one Iwanted and pressed select.This was then ready to bepublished to my blog
  9. 9. I used powerpoint to do my evaluation Using this I could put print screens into powerpoint and annotate them with text boxes etc. I could also use a range of designs for the slides. I used the crop tool to edit the pictures to the correct size
  10. 10. Print Insert graphs Use of word art screens Insert picture Use of text Insert boxes video + audioThis bar was used to design the slide. I went for a metallic grey slide designas I felt it was simple but effective.