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Winter 2003 (.doc)

  1. 1. KBE Centre Winter 2003 Leadership as Strategic Knowledge Management By Anabel Quan-Haase pointing out avenues for networks, which in turn foster Volume 4, Issue 1 Ph.D. Candidate, Faculty of future research. organizational culture and Information Studies, identity. University of Toronto We are currently going through a transformation from Although developing new Introduction a vision of knowledge expertise was identified as a Is leadership a skill that can management as occurring via key KM concern, it was also be learned? What is the technology in digital spaces to clear that, as Michael Zack Inside Highlights: best approach for one emphasizing physical tells us, “it is not about hiring leadership training? Do space. Rose Patten spoke of a bunch of experts without a From the Director some organizational forms the relevance of the “Institute clear goal because this just exist that do not need of Learning” for bringing increases an organization’s 2 leaders? What actions employees together to share costs.” Knowledge Knowledge Roundtable should leaders take? Can their expertise, to establish management needs to be we measure the success of trusting, social relationships, implemented with a clear 3 different leadership styles? and for creating community vision and plan. The link During the Knowledge within the BMO Financial between knowledge New Research Cluster Summit hosted by the Group. By establishing the management and strategy 3 Queen’s Centre for “Institute of Learning,” may be difficult to create, but Knowledge Based management is sending a it is nonetheless essential. Book Review 5 Enterprises, ten graduate strong message to its The ability to align them may Editor’s Space 6 students from across North employees: We care about distinguish successful firms America (myself included) knowledge sharing and we from unsuccessful ones. had the opportunity to listen support life-long learning. For Continued on page 4 to ideas on these topics Larry Prusak, management’s Continued from Cover from some of the most actions are the signs and Issue Focus: progressive thinkers in the symbols that tell employees I propose a framework that area of knowledge what the organization’s incorporates the following management. The culture, expectations, and elements: presenters discussed issues beliefs are - how the 1. Strategically identifying surrounding leadership in a organization is expected to Leadership knowledge gaps: The knowledge-based economy function. Management, by pre-cursor to performance and what unique challenges establishing safe places is to identify what types of & Learning exist for industry, where people can gather to government, and education talk, is recognizing the need knowledge or capabilities need to be developed to sectors. This article for informal interaction among keep competitive. There summarizes some of the its employees. These informal exist a number of key trends discussed and interactions help to create offers a critical lens by dense, trusting social Contact the KBE Centre for a copy of the new White Paper from the 2002 Knowledge Summit or view it at under “research papers”. Queen's Centre for Knowledge-Based Enterprises
  2. 2. KBE Centre News Page 2 From the Director It’s a brand new year and I in the new economy. She The KBE Centre team wish you good health and also proposes a strives to gain an success in all your framework that understanding of how endeavours. The team at organizations can use to best to manage the KBE Centre is gearing evaluate their knowledge knowledge-based up for 2003, identifying management initiatives. enterprises, themes for upcoming disseminate this events, lining up renowned In the Editor’s Space, a knowledge to others speakers for our Speaker new feature of the KBE through academic and Series, planning for the Centre News, Candice practitioner channels, Visiting Scholar program Christmas discusses and assist both the this summer, developing leadership in the context public and private calls for research, etcetera. of moving into new sectors in effectively I encourage you to consult management forms at the transforming knowledge our website for all the latest organizational level, as into practice. New updates. well as how leadership insights into leadership impacts us at the national and learning in the new This edition focuses on level in relation to the economy are outlined in Dr. Brent Gallupe Knowledge Leadership and federal Innovation our new Knowledge Is a Professor at the Learning. I believe the Strategy. Innovation & Summit White Paper. single most important factor Economic Growth was the Queen's University School in improving our quality of theme of the 2001 I personally encourage of Business and is the Knowledge Summit. you to contact the life is our ability to take a Director of the Queen's leadership role in the Moving forward, it Centre to see how you Centre for Knowledge- knowledge-based economy. appears that stronger, can participate in the Based Enterprises. By fostering a learning braver leadership is Centre’s activities as required to accelerate well as access our culture and leveraging Canada’s ability to many different knowledge and information, compete in the new resources. Also, don’t we can successfully make economy. forget to register for the the transition to this new upcoming Knowledge global economy. This will Mark MacDonald reviews Roundtable, entitled determine whether we will Elspeth Murray and Peter Customer Knowledge continue to achieve the Richardson’s new book Management. It economic, social and “Fast Forward – promises to be the most cultural accomplishments Organizational Change in interesting and that define us as 100 Days.” This new provocative Roundtable Canadians. book is an excellent “best we have hosted. practice” tool for leaders The cover article was in the new economy. submitted by Anabel Quan- Haase, one of the PhD We have also started candidates who attended work on a new research our first ever Doctoral stream called Consortium in conjunction “International Knowledge with the Knowledge Summit Economics” that 2002. The article identifies addresses some of the several issues relating to issues surrounding the knowledge management movement of knowledge that organizations need to and knowledge workers. address in order to succeed Queen's Centre for Knowledge-Based Enterprises
  3. 3. Page 3 KBE Centre News Knowledge Roundtable ‘03 Focuses on Marketing & Communications Mark your calendars, as the – their demographic, customer information and turn roster of speakers will be KBE Centre presents its new preferences, habits, etc. it into effective product finalized in the next couple of spring conference entitled development, service weeks and Queen’s faculty, Customer Knowledge However, effective knowledge enhancement and marketing staff and students can register Management (CKM), April management also entails the programs that lead to long- on-line at 16th and 17th, 2003 at the management of customers’ term, win-win profitable Donald Gordon Centre. knowledge – what customers relationships. e under “Events”. know about an organization. To date, much of the focus of Successful companies are Cutting-Edge Speakers and Space is limited so register knowledge management those who can effectively Discussion Leaders include: soon to avoid disappointment. within the field of marketing manage what customers Dr. Tom Duncan from the and communications has know about their organization University of Colorado, Dr. been directed at and its products and services. Tom Leigh from the University understanding methods of CKM empowers managers of Georgia, Gannon Jones effectively and efficiently with important insights into from Kraft Foods and John capturing and managing emerging market Gustavson, President and information about customers opportunities – insights that CEO of the Canadian Marketing Association. A full will allow them to take New Research Cluster Launched for KBE Centre Last fall, the KBE Centre ►What policy particular geographic area undertook to build a new recommendations can be develops knowledge research cluster. The theme made to the World Trade connections that persist even Join the was International Knowledge Organization (WTO) on how after the individual has moved Knowledge Café! Economics, research on to deal with non-tariff barriers from the area. Thus Every other Wednesday crossing borders at the national, like “standards” knowledge flows depend on the KBE Centre holds a regional, and local levels. In its ►How can firms access WTO both current and past Knowledge Café in the role as research broker, the in dealing with “standards” geographic proximity. Sutton Room, Goodes KBE Centre strives to foster issues Hall Room 403 between research clusters. This involves ►Quantify and qualify what is Other faculty and students the hours of 12-1 p.m. finding linkages by examining the “perfect mix” of intellectual interested in fields of study This is an opportunity existing and potential research property protection and a relevant to the new for students and faculty projects and providing financial mobilized workforce in a given International Knowledge to converse over and staff support as well as geographic location. Economics stream should research papers infrastructure. contact the KBE Centre. chosen by a Café The first research project to participant. This new stream of research will be funded by the KBE Centre A website and conference on attempt to examine the under the International this new research stream are If the road to further following: Knowledge Economics stream planned for fall of 2003. enlightenment wasn’t ►The positive effects and was submitted by Ajay motivation enough, the influence of Knowledge Worker Agrawal, John McHale and KBE Centre supplies a migration (reverse brain-drain) Iain Cockburn. Entitled great lunch for all ►Recruitment – quantify the Knowledge Spillovers and Knowledge Café breadth of the knowledge Labor Mobility, their research participants! networks attached to an will examine how knowledge individual Knowledge Worker spillovers are affected by If you are interested in ►Outline how the private sector labor mobility, as well as how joining the Knowledge can access the knowledge knowledge flows are affected Café, contact Karey resources of universities by emigration through various Barr at 32350 and ►What insights can be applied channels. The hypothesis leave your name, to the revision of immigration suggests that knowledge department and email policies spillovers are geographically address. localized, but that living in a Queen's Centre for Knowledge-Based Enterprises
  4. 4. KBE Centre News Page 4 Leadership as Strategic Knowledge Management strategies that allow for knowledge exists in other require further investigation: the companies in the market ►Different strokes for identification of who (process 2), and where different folks: Depending Lead the knows what and what the industry is moving on size, scope, degree of Knowledge Café! are the positions of (process 2). Then, a set of market competition, type of knowledgeable people goals can be defined and industry, and other Every other Wednesday in the social network. a plan devised for how to characteristics, different the KBE Centre holds a Larry Prusak achieve them. organizations may face discussed how social 4. Assessment: Learning different challenges. Part of Knowledge Café in the network analysis can be the future research agenda Sutton Room, Goodes and knowledge a useful tool for Hall Room 403 (2nd development need to be will be to establish best examining not only Floor) between Noon constantly assessed with practices that are specific to where knowledge regards to both strategy the various types of and 1 PM. This is an clusters lie, but also and recent developments organizations. opportunity for students how these clusters are in the market. Michael ►Physical versus digital and faculty to exchange tied into the Zack tells us that if an space: A strong emphasis ideas around the topic organizational web by organization does not was placed on physical of knowledge means of social have the expertise space for creating strong management over a relationships. necessary to survive in an ties, community, learning, great lunch provided by 2. Environmental industry, then even the and apprenticeship. the KBE Centre. scanning: It is not best strategy will not help. However, this model may sufficient to know one’s apply only for large own knowledge and its Although the framework is organizations. Canada, in The Café is generally core capabilities - an presented in a linear fashion contrast to the U.S., comprised of ten to organization also needs for the purpose of clarity, the consists of primarily small to twelve students and/or to be constantly processes occur medium-size businesses. researchers. The KBE monitoring its simultaneously and each Also, Canada is sparsely Centre encourages environment. Through impacts the others. Most populated. Therefore, the students and faculty to environmental importantly, strategy becomes Canadian model for lead discussion scanning, new trends, the umbrella concept that innovation may rely more surrounding an existing knowledge acquired by brings together all the other heavily on digital research paper, or to the competitor, and processes. Strategy, however, vet ideas for their own opportunities can be is not static, as Hubert St. Continued on Back Page research by presenting identified. Competitive Onge explains - it must be Continued from Page 4 an abstract or research intelligence pinpoints constantly updated with outline. knowledge clusters regards to a) changes in the technologies for expertise within the industry and industry obtained through exchange. There are many predicts competitors’ environmental scanning; b) examples where digital ability to innovate. In new goals and visions technologies have been Materials are presented this way, an developed by management; successfully used as a one week in advance of organization can devise and c) new discoveries in platform for knowledge the Café so participants its own strategy to: a) R&D departments and exchange and community have a chance to keep ahead of elsewhere. Only by development. The preview the subject to competitors, b) identify maintaining a flexible stance government’s agenda will be discussed. a new niche; and c) toward strategy can an be to create and support merge with or acquire organization adapt to changes these forums that connect expertise from outside. and succeed. communities of interest If you are interested in within Canada and between leading a KBE Centre 3. Developing a plan based on strategy: New avenues for research Canada and other parts of Knowledge Café, the world. contact Jane Webster Management first needs and implementation to understand what at 533-3163 or knowledge it has The Summit provoked much ►Defining knowledge jwebster@ leadership: Part of the (process 1) and what thought about areas that still agenda within knowledge Queen's Centre for Knowledge-Based Enterprises
  5. 5. Page 5 KBE Centre News Book Review: Fast Forward – Organizational Change in 100 Days By Elspeth Murray and Peter Richardson 2002, Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-515311-1 Academics and practitioners acquisitions, and to the see knowledge leadership as an Knowledge is identified as an unique aspects of managing enabler of effective and lasting essential element in the the knowledge challenges organizational change. In this change process. The authors of new ventures, to be brand new book by two faculty take the commonly held particularly enlightening. members of the Queen’s School position that a lack of shared Although specialist books of Business, the complex understanding among key unquestionably cover more challenges of organizational stakeholders is a critical of the specific details of Elspeth Murray is an change are examined in a impediment to effective these forms, this book authority on linking powerful and dynamic way. In organizational change. Their provides a good overview information technology particular the temporal view is that effective and some practical schema strategy and business challenges of change are organizational leadership is to manage the immediate strategy. explored, and a fast-paced and often the ‘missing piece’ in challenges. tangible change template is knowledge management developed. solutions that are well planned One particular dimension of from a technical perspective. organizational Fast Forward is deceptively They provide detailed ‘check development that is often thorough and provides not only lists’ for both the CEO and neglected is the critical well-articulated explanations of senior management team as issue of timing. critical aspects of organizational well as for the Chief change, but provides the Information Officer to effect Continued on Page 7 practitioner with numerous lasting and coordinated Continued from Page 5 checklists and methodologies to knowledge leadership. actually translate change Fast Forward deals with initiatives into tangible and The book also covers a broad this issue directly and manageable actions. Unlike range of organizational forms effectively - developing a Peter Richardson is similar volumes on the subject, and change situations. The model of rapid change. Canada's leading expert which often examine a particular breadth of the authors’ Most importantly, Fast in corporate turnarounds technique of change strategy, consulting experiences Forward transcends the and a leading authority on this book is in essence a permits them to cover a richer bounds of theory and strategic management compendium of practical change spectrum of organizations provides effective, proven and the management of management ‘best practices’, than are commonly found in a frameworks for facilitating innovation. supported by actual examples change text. I found the key components of an from the authors’ teaching and chapters devoted to the overall strategy to effect extensive consulting challenges of maximizing the deep and lasting experiences. knowledge value from organizational agility – to The KBE Centre wants You! The KBE Centre has an on-going program to support research conducted by graduate students at the Queen’s School of Business and elsewhere. The Centre will provide support of $500 for each paper accepted into the KBE Working Paper Series. An additional $500 will be provided for an accepted working paper that is presented at a conference (acknowledging KBE Centre support). If a working paper is published in a journal, the KBE Centre will provide an additional $1000 (acknowledging KBE Centre support). For more information on submission guidelines and themes, please contact Candice Christmas at Queen's Centre for Knowledge-Based Enterprises
  6. 6. KBE Centre News Page 6 Editor’s Space: Shaping Canada’s Future in the New Economy At the 2002 Knowledge Summit, create environments where transformation required to Innovation Strategy. Each Newsletter Tit participants learnt a great deal risk takers can thrive, in order build capability that in turn, le and every Canadian should about what it takes to lead an to build capacity. But let’s leads to performance in the be familiar with the precepts organization into the new face it, sharing knowledge new economy. of these documents in order knowledge-based economy. involves risk. To the to understand what we face Many organizations are at a individual, sharing knowledge A knowledge strategy, as a society in the years to cross-road, trying to balance implies the risk of whether at the organizational come and to get involved in between an old-style, autocratic relinquishing some of one’s or national level, implies a building Canada’s future. No and bureaucratic form of personal worth or power to long term commitment. This one element of society on its management, to one that build a greater good. At the continues to be difficult for own - not government or the focuses on acquiring, building organizational level, sharing companies who emphasize corporate sector - has the and retaining the intangible knowledge involves the risk of short-term performance in capacity to elevate Canada’s asset known as “knowledge”. building capacity that can then catering to the financial competitive potential in the Of course, knowledge resides be “leaked out” to a potential markets. At the provincial and new economy. We must all with people - and the asset has competitor. federal levels, a long-term pull together if we are to claim a mind of its own. commitment implies creating a stake in a prosperous We know from knowledge a strategy that will cross the future. Perhaps we can learn From capability and management research (and three year election cycle and from other countries who have performance at the practice) that knowledge that the next government will been successful in leveraging organizational level up to sharing is critical to building embrace and continue to knowledge to improve their Canada’s competitiveness as a capacity that can then be foster that strategy. economies and standard of Nation, we are concerned with transformed into performance. Notwithstanding, there has living. “innovation” and a vision for Hubert St-Onge from been an erosion in public Canada’s future. What kind of <Konvergeandknow> notes confidence in our institutions. By Candice Christmas, leadership is required to elevate that “the open exchange of The Conference Board of Assistant Director Canada to its potential in the knowledge is key to managing Canada states that “to rebuild new economy? risk”. A systematic trust Canadians will demand management of knowledge is greater accountability and Charles Baillie, former President required to let knowledge performance from & CEO of the TD Financial flow, unsuppressed, yet also governments and Group would like to see to minimize “knowledge corporations.” Canada’s standard of living leaks”. At the individual level, a shift outpace that of the United in thinking is required that States in 15 years - a tall order Leaders must motivate people aspires to be more indeed given that Canada has to share knowledge. entrepreneurial. People must lagged behind the US for the Knowledge workers, and embrace knowledge sharing last 22 years. But if we are to leaders, must be empowered and shake the status quo. create a Canadian solution that with the notion that addresses what we hold dear as questioning the status quo is Ultimately, each Canadian a nation - education, health healthy. Talented candidates has to understand the stakes - care, a clean environment, should have access to high the status quo will not suffice healthy cities - we must be level training as well as a to maintain our standard of financially strong. sound understanding of an living over the next decade. organization’s strategic Baillie notes that “in the past, direction. Perhaps most The Conference Board of the focus has been on avoiding importantly, leaders must Canada just published three failure instead of building foster trust and documents covering success… a great leader must trustworthiness, to build a workforce development, encourage change and show culture based on shared innovation, and Canada’s that it can bring positive values where people feel it’s performance and potential opportunities.” safe to take risks. By moving toward 2010. Copies implementing a knowledge are available at the KBE This implies that Canadians strategy, leaders can effect Centre. The federal need to change their outlook, to the organizational government has launched its Queen's Centre for Knowledge-Based Enterprises
  7. 7. Page 7 KBE Centre News Book Review: Fast Forward – Organizational Change in 100 Days Write for the KBE Centre News! create organizations that are built to change. Each season the Centre for Knowledge-Based This book should appeal to those who Enterprises publishes the struggle with and study the management "KBE Centre News". Each of knowledge across the organization. issue is based around a Both academics and industry leaders can theme highlighted by a benefit from the detailed explorations and feature article. The Spring from the extensive notes that accompany ’03 Issue will be published each chapter. Part ‘how to’ guide and in April. Contact Candice part treatise, this book is a treat – a rare Christmas for themes. combination of the best of theory and practice. Although a much denser read We will offer $250 for every than one would expect from 250 pages, article selected to be a this book is worth the effort and is a ‘must feature article in the KBE read’ for all constituencies that manage Centre News. organizational change and effectiveness. The KBE Centre News also By Mark MacDonald contains book reviews on PhD Candidate in Management Knowledge Management. (MIS/OB) Book reviews must focus on Queen’s School of Business a book contained in our KBE resource library. We will offer $100 for every KBE Centre Library Resources KBE Centre book review selected for publication in the KBE Centre News. The KBE Centre Library has many books Leaders Talk Leadership: Top Executives and magazines for students and faculty to Speak Their Minds (Ashby, Meredith D. The KBE Centre newsletter use. Please drop by the Centre to find the (Editor), Miles, Stephen A. (Editor) also brings you up-to-date latest materials on Knowledge about activities at the Management. Knowledge and Information Technology Centre, including research Management - Human and Social projects, special programs, If there is a book or publication that you Perspectives (Gunasekaran, Khalil, and synopses of speaker series think the KBE Centre should have on Rahman) events and general hand, e-mail Karey Barr with the title, activities. We welcome and author and publisher. IT-Based Management - Challenges and encourage submissions of Solutions (Luiz Antonio Joia) any relevant projects, Magazines include KM World, Business papers, or news relating to 2.0 and Business Week, to name a few. Books can be signed out at the KBE knowledge management. Centre, though we ask that they be New books include: returned within three weeks so that other For more information on Information Orientation: The Link to students and faculty have access to them. submission guidelines and Business (Marchand, Donald A.) themes, please contact Candice Christmas at Competing with Information: A Manager's Guide to Creating Business Value with or call 533-3088. Information Content (Marchand, Donald) Knowledge @ Wharton on Building Corporate Value (Pandya, Mukul) Queen's Centre for Knowledge-Based Enterprises
  8. 8. Leadership as Strategic Knowledge Management KBE Centre News Page 8 management should be to part of learning is to recognize an organization to improve, it develop frameworks that and capture what went wrong. needs to recognize failure and allow for the examination of This can provide new and build an understanding knowledge and leadership important insights into around how failure occurred more closely and the processes that will lead to and what steps can be taken building of more links future success. I suggest the to prevent failure in the future. between the two areas. establishment of a “worst Further, frameworks need to These frameworks provide practices workshop”, in which be developed that address the a lens through which employees come together to specific challenges of different management can establish talk openly about failures. In types of organizations. its own strategy. this type of workshop Queen's School of Business employees can share how the Queen's University ►Best practice toolkit: An mishap occurred, what led to Goodes Hall Room 446 important component of the mishap, how it could have 143 Union Street learning is to establish best been prevented and what they Kingston, ON practice. A prerequisite to learned from the experience. Canada K7L 3N6 setting up a best practice This type of process is related toolkit is to have a “record” to learning from others and of events and processes; self-actualization. PHONE: i.e., “how” it was done. It is (613) 533-3088 management’s task to ►Hidden knowledge: record current practice and Leadership includes FAX: to set up the toolkit of best recognizing areas of (613) 533-6363 practice. knowledge that have not been explored before and setting ►Barriers to knowledge up plans for the future. This E-MAIL management: Frequently, suggests that tacit knowledge the biggest barrier to is an important component of knowledge management is leadership. Leadership is also people’s attitude within the about faith and trust, both organization. This may be at concepts that are difficult to We’re on the Web! the level of management, measure. Dawn Nicholson- the work group, or the O’Brien brought forth the See us at: individual employee. relevance of learning from However, attitude is native communities and probably not the only barrier understanding how their to knowledge management. knowledge may apply to the Barriers exist that are challenges of today. organization specific. What are the key barriers to Concluding Remarks knowledge management in your organization and how In this article, I outline the can they be overcome? Do trends discussed at the diagnostic tools exist? Knowledge Summit and Queen's Centre for propose a framework that ►Learning how to fail: weaves these trends together. Knowledge-Based This is a difficult topic to The framework shows how Enterprises address because there are leadership needs to many emotional pitfalls implement a knowledge around accepting failure. management plan that is in Moreover, there is a general tune with a clearly defined perception that leadership is organizational strategy. The about success. Yet progression of the knowledge organizations sometimes management plan needs to fail even though they have a be constantly monitored and knowledge management updated. Leadership training initiative set up. Learning takes place by focusing on can result from failure and best practices. However, for