"Strategic Thinking


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"Strategic Thinking

  1. 1. “Strategic Thinking & Planning for Leaders” Developed and Presented by Terry Schmidt Learn to create a clear future for your organization, department, or team.... leave with a written action plan. Sharpen your skills in a seminar led by management consultant Terry Schmidt, a Harvard MBA and respected thought-leader in applying management solutions to organizations in 34 ountries. One or two-day programs are custom-tailored to your needs. Based on Haines Centre best practice research. BENEFITS... • Thinker Bigger & See Opportunities • Develop Strategy with the Big Picture Focus • Get Consensus Among Stakeholder • Reduce Risk & Avoid Problems in Advance • Increase Profits by Smart Positioning • Build Unified Teams with Shared Intent At this seminar participants will learn how to: Identify the Major Environmental Changes Occuring and Determine How these will Affect Your Organization. Develop and Execute Strategic Plans that SUCCEED – Using a Simple A-B-C-D-E Systems Model. Integrate Planning Efforts among Various Department Management Levels & Business Units. Establish a Performance Scorecard to Measure Success. Develop Core Strategies which provide the Glue and Focus for Execution Up and Down, and Across the Organization. Increase Teamwork and Mutual Understanding among Your Team Members and Stakeholders. PLUS! Everyone will Receive a Copy of Terry Schmidt’s Popular and Practical Book: co-authored “A Business Planning Guide.” : or “Destination Thinking“ Program Attendees Managers from diverse organizations have benefited from this program, including... • Raytheon • Toyota Motors Thailand • Boeing • Walt Disney • IBM China • eBay • Health Net Inc. • Lawrence Livermore National Lab • Blizzard Entertainment • Sony Electronics • Conoco Phillips • Symantec • Thai Airways • TEKES, Finland • Los Alamos National Lab • Singapore Design Council • Countrywide • Northrup-Grimman For information contact Info@ManagementPro.com or call: (206) 433-0700 MANAGEMENTPRO BX-STPL WEB
  2. 2. Raise Your Strategic IQ Learn best practice thinking and planning tools and apply these ideas in your work. This work- shop builds on the power of Systems Thinking, begining with a simple model of the strategic planning and management cycle. The Basic Systems Thinking Dynamic The Five Strategic Questions A. Where do we want to be? B. How will we know when we get there? C. Where are we now? D. How do we get there? E. What will, or may change in the future? You will learn how to manage in rapidly changing times by applying the three goals of stra- tegic management. You will discover a simple yet powerful way to plan and execute change, increase customer value, and strengthen your competitve edge. This approach applies at all organization levels - organization-wide, division, department, unit, and team. The workshop addresses critical issues you identify and leads to solutions using these practical, proven, and powerful concepts. Generic Two-Day Agenda DAY ONE DAY TWO Morning Morning • Introduction, Overviews and Issues • Build Stakeholder Involvement (“People • 12 Reasons Strategic Plans Fail - and How to Make Support What They Help Create”) Yours Succeed • Apply The Strategic Management Cycle • Reinvent Strategic Planning Best-Practices • Make Measuring Success: Your Multiple Bottom Line • 3 Goals and 3 Premises of Strategic Management • How to Develop or Refine Strategy • The ABC Model of Systems Thinking and Planning • Match Strategy With Performance Measures Afternoon Afternoon • Plan to Plan: Get Everyone on the Same Page • Cascade Your Plans Up, Down, and Across • Conduct an Environmental Scan Analyz Implications • Make Strategy Actionable & Accountable • Review Vision/ Mission, and Develop Unit Level • Customize This Approach to Your Needs Vision/ Mission • Plan for Smooth Execution • How Strategic Management Links Leadership, Planning and Change BX-STPL WEB
  3. 3. Terry Schmidt, Master Consultant & Trainer Terry Schmidt is a Seattle-based international management consultant and trainer who specializes in strategic thinking and planning, project management, change manage- ment, leadership development, and organizationexcellence. He brings a wide spec- trum of skills and perspectives gained from his 30 years experience assisting corpora- tions, governments, and research institutions in 34 countries worldwide. Terry is a founder of ManagementPro.com, and he is also affiliated with the Haines Centre for Strategic Management. Terry has helpd hundreds of organizations success- fully turn good ideas into committed action and quality results. His North American clients include eBay, Boeing, Northrup-Grumman, Sony Electrics, DirecTV, PATH, Walt Disney Immagineering, Microsoft, Cargill, Transamarica Insurance, and the Los Angeles Times. He works extensively with national research labs such as Los Alamos, Lawrence Livermore, and Sandia. He has assisted virtually every Washington state and federal government agency, and such international clients as Nokia, Thai Airways, Bank of Thailand, and the Singapore Health Ministry. Terry teaches executives and technologists at the MIT Professional Institute and at the UCLA Extension Techni- cal Management Program, where he is rated in the top 10% of all faculty The author of several management books, Terry earned his BS in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Washington, and his MBA from Harvard. He is past president and lifelong learning chair of the Harvard Business School Club of Puget Sound. Program participants receive copies of MANAGEMENTPRO Terry’s latest For free articles and management books. case studies, go to www.ManagementPro.com Typical Client Workshop Applications • Develop/ update strategic plans • Build future leaders • Integrate planning at all levels • Identify needed changes • Achieve stakeholder buy-in • Lanuch new initiatives • Enhance customer satisfaction • Improve productivity • Increase sales & profits • Implement scorecards BX-STPL WEB
  4. 4. Learn Global Best Practices What people say about this seminar... “Pound for pound, Terry is the world’s best strategic management consultant.” – Joseph Sunio, Project Manager, Boeing “Thanks for your very professional and valuable seminar. Professor Terry Schmidt lead me to under- stand a smart and logical framework for strategic development.” – Santana Chunneam, Associate Division Director, Strategic Information Management Bamrungrad International Hospital, Thailand “Learn from a master as Terry offers practical solutions to the tough issues that keep good leaders awake at night. Terry takes you from the surreal to the real world of strategic thinking and planning.” – James Whalen, Vice President, DirecTV, Inc “Terry provides a clear and compelling methodology for creating enterprise-wide strategies that inte- grate all of our sub-departments. This is a must attend program for any leader who wants to revitalize their organization.” – Dale Hough, Chief of Reengineering, Los Angeles County Assessor Office “Your system is simple and practical for use in work and in life. I use this with my work team to im- prove productivity, and to plan my career and family future.” – Wanchai Sri-Isaraporn, General Manager, Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd “Effective management tools that can translate strategic plans into projects that deliver.” – Elaine Khoo, Manager, Design Singapore Council “We use your breakthrough methods to nail down our business strategies and to avoid the preventable pitfalls of execution.” – Wolfgang Royer, General Manager Customer Service Central Europe, Middle East & Africa, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB “These tools will not only benefit you, but will benefit your whole team.” – Kumar Talinki, Senior Software Engineer, Symantec Corporation “You changed how I do my planning and this has significantly increased my ability to reach my goals.” – Laurie Triplett, Environmental Physicist, Los Alamos National Laboratory BX-STPL WEB