Strategic Supplement: Leadership and Management Focus
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Strategic Supplement: Leadership and Management Focus






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    Strategic Supplement: Leadership and Management Focus Strategic Supplement: Leadership and Management Focus Document Transcript

    • Strategic Objective: Enhance Leadership and Promote Management Excellence I ssue: GAO intends to establish results-oriented agency management practices that will establish the agency as a leader among high-performing pro- P erformance Goals: To support the objective to enhance leadership and promote management excellence, GAO will fessional services organizations. To accomplish this objective, GAO will build on its established base of ■ foster an attitude of stewardship to ensure a strategic planning, performance management, commitment to GAO’s mission and core values, sound financial management, IT best practices, and ■ implement an integrated approach to strategic leadership initiatives. GAO will also need to insti- management, tute new ways of doing business to create manage- ment and leadership systems that are practical, ■ continue to provide leadership in strategic human flexible, and that enable managers to efficiently use capital management planning and execution, resources to solve problems. GAO will lead by ■ maintain integrity in financial management, example. ■ use enabling technology to improve GAO’s crosscutting business processes, and ■ provide a safe and secure workplace. GAO STRATEGIC SUPPLEMENT 2002-2007 1
    • LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT FOCUS Foster an Attitude of Stewardship to Ensure a Commitment to GAO’s Mission and Core Values Key Efforts Significance ❏ Select candidates for leadership Effective leadership embodies roles and responsibilities beyond those according to clearly defined necessary for good management. To lead an organization like GAO, criteria anchored in GAO’s core successful executives must inspire others, be effective agents of values change, and lead by example. They must serve as stewards of GAO ❏ Develop programs for GAO’s and constantly strive to improve the performance and accountability leaders and candidates for of the organization. They must also seek to effectively balance leadership that promote GAO’s people, product/service and client considerations. Ultimately, GAO’s core values, performance success will depend in large measure on the positive attitudes and excellence, and stewardship dedicated effort its leaders bring to their work. ❏ Develop a core curriculum for GAO managers that focuses on understanding the congressional Potential Outcomes environment and achieving Improved ability for leaders to set organizational direction according excellence in performance to core values ❏ Communicate and apply the new A common understanding of the leadership and vision needed to executive performance standard enable GAO to accomplish its mission that emphasizes stewardship as an essential component of A cultural transformation at the executive level that will enhance executive competency GAO’s effectiveness in serving the Congress and the American people 2 GAO STRATEGIC SUPPLEMENT 2002-2007
    • LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT FOCUS Implement an Integrated Approach to Strategic Management Key Efforts Significance ❏ Institutionalize, as an ongoing GAO supports the intent of the Government Performance and Results strategic planning function, the Act of 1993 (GPRA), the primary legislative framework through which process used to identify, monitor, federal agencies are required to set strategic goals, measure perfor- and analyze global, national, and mance, and report on the degree to which goals are met. GAO devel- regional trends that have the oped and maintains a rigorous strategic planning process that acts as capacity to significantly affect the catalyst in determining how the agency directs its work and man- government and American ages its resources. Because of GAO’s key role in auditing other agen- society and integrate the results into engagement planning cies’ adherence to GPRA, it is important for GAO to lead by example and develop a model strategic management approach. GAO believes ❏ Align the strategic plan, budget, that to be a model in this area requires an integrated approach that and new competency-based includes planning, doing, assessing, adjusting, and reporting results. performance management system ❏ Implement a balanced scorecard of measures and feedback that Potential Outcomes focuses on clients, results, and Increased ability of GAO to focus on the most important global and people to gauge overall national issues facing the Congress and the American people organization performance ❏ Revise current systems and Improved ability to measure and compare GAO’s performance to processes to systematically established goals and results review progress toward strategic Continued improvement to GAO’s strategic planning and budgeting objectives and performance goals and make adjustments as needed Work that meets the needs of the Congress and facilitates improve- ❏ Produce performance and ments in government accountability reports that clearly link resources spent to results achieved in GAO’s strategic goals and objectives GAO STRATEGIC SUPPLEMENT 2002-2007 3
    • LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT FOCUS Continue to Provide Leadership in Strategic Human Capital Management Planning and Execution Key Efforts Significance ❏ Develop and implement a human Developing and implementing a strategic approach to human capital capital strategic plan to support management ensures that GAO’s human capital policies and systems GAO’s strategic goals are aligned with GAO’s strategic goals. The plan will provide a frame- ❏ Sustain a systematic workforce work for assessing current activities, designing and implementing new planning process to ensure that programs where needed, and monitoring and evaluating activities and GAO hires, retains, or contracts outcomes. GAO will use the results to become a model of excellence for the appropriate number of in the human capital area. staff with the competencies needed to achieve its mission ❏ Refine the agency recruiting and Potential Outcomes hiring programs to target staffing An improved human capital planning process gaps identified through workforce planning efforts Improved human capital management that contributes to ensuring a highly successful GAO attainment of its mission ❏ Develop and implement an agencywide succession planning model 4 GAO STRATEGIC SUPPLEMENT 2002-2007
    • LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT FOCUS Maintain Integrity in Financial Management Key Efforts Significance ❏ Ensure exemplary practices and Integrity in how GAO manages its fiscal operations is critical. GAO systems in GAO’s fiscal should be a model for other agencies in both operational and fiscal operations and ensure continuing management by implementing and using systems that comply sub- compliance with federal financial stantially with federal financial management guidelines. management guidelines ❏ Ensure the overall integrity of GAO’s financial reporting, Potential Outcomes systems, and internal controls Clean opinion on the annual financial audit and ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations Management of GAO according to sound financial management prin- annually, including an ciples and best practices independent audit of GAO’s financial statements by a certified public accounting firm GAO STRATEGIC SUPPLEMENT 2002-2007 5
    • LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT FOCUS Use Enabling Technology to Improve GAO’s Crosscutting Business Processes Key Efforts Significance ❏ Develop a partnership between Information technology (IT) has evolved dramatically in recent years, technology staff and GAO’s influencing the way information is both created and shared, while internal customers to define fundamentally changing the way mission needs are met and business business requirements and functions are carried out. The role of IT has become increasingly vital determine how technology can in organizations, becoming a critical enabler to client service, strategic best support those requirements planning, human capital, and business process goals and objectives. ❏ Refine and update the GAO IT IT adds value to organizations by creating, supporting, and enabling plan, which provides the solutions to business requirements. When appropriately applied, IT foundation for technology can afford new services and product lines, significantly reduce process initiatives and ensures a secure IT time and costs, enhance the quality and responsiveness of services environment in support of GAO’s and products, and increase accessibility to information and services. strategic and business goals ❏ Develop and maintain a GAO GAO must maximize the benefits of information technology to enterprise information become a model agency. The identification and implementation of architecture, including a concept new and emerging technologies is essential to GAO’s continued of operations, that provides an efforts to provide efficient and effective services to external clients. integrated view of the agency’s New technology also allows GAO to provide its internal customers business processes with the tools needed to accomplish GAO’s mission priorities and ❏ Maintain an active IT investment become more efficient in its own business processes. committee that guides the direction of GAO’s IT investment policies, processes and portfolio, Potential Outcomes and links GAO’s IT investment decisions to the agency’s strategic Improved information technology planning and decision making, and direction flexibility to respond to continual improvements in business processes ❏ Continue GAO’s partnership with Improved working relationships among internal customers and tech- the Clerk of the House of nology staff, ensuring that information technology more effectively Representatives to develop meets the needs defined extensible markup language (XML) applications for More effective IT investment process that more directly links IT invest- testimonies and other products ments to GAO’s strategic and business plans ❏ Develop and implement, using Better integrated human capital services that are easier for customers enabling technology, a new to access intake process for congressional requests and correspondence and A robust, flexible, and secure technology architecture a new way to document Improved technology tools that will allow GAO staff to effectively interactions with clients accomplish the agency’s mission ❏ Identify, prioritize, and implement enabling technology for the automated delivery of human capital services 6 GAO STRATEGIC SUPPLEMENT 2002-2007
    • LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT FOCUS Provide a Safe and Secure Workplace Key Efforts Significance ❏ Prepare threat assessments for The safety and security of GAO’s staff, information, and assets against GAO’s people, information, threats must be a top priority. The September 11 terrorist attacks buildings, and other key assets against the United States highlighted the nation’s vulnerabilities. GAO ❏ Periodically monitor threat must place a high priority on assessing the agency’s current security assessment and update as measures, and identifying and adopting practices that will enhance emerging trends trigger the need GAO’s overall security program. for change ❏ Implement enhanced security processes and procedures to Potential Outcomes guard against such threats GAO’s people, buildings, and other key assets are protected ❏ Review and update GAO’s GAO’s information and technology assets are protected emergency preparedness and response plan GAO’s leaders and staff are prepared to respond effectively to emer- gencies ❏ Develop a GAO continuity of operations plan A safe, secure, and adaptable work environment for all staff ❏ Implement a comprehensive IT security program that embodies best practices GAO STRATEGIC SUPPLEMENT 2002-2007 7