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  • 1. Strategic Marketing Management C570 Schedule of Classes and Assignments Reading Week Date Topic Other Assignments 1a 11/25 Introduction to TEXT: Chapter1 THE Marketing ROLE OF View the MARKETING introductory presentation TEXT: Chapter2 available on the MARKETING CD-ROM STRATEGY Click here for exercise and TEAM ASSIGNMENT on Market b Creating and TEXT: Chapter3 Orientation Understanding CUSTOMER Marketing ANALYSIS Opportunities TEXT: Chapter4 MARKET SEGMENTATION AND PRODUCT DIFFERENTIATION 2a 12/2 Gallo Rice Case - TEXT: Chapter 15 setup INTERNATIONAL Click here for assignment on Gallo Rice MARKETING b Gallo Rice Case- Read Gallo Rice Case Gallo team assignments: Team Analysis #1 Due Thursday, December 5 #2 Due Sunday, December 8 3a 12/9 Gallo Rice Case- #3 Due Sunday, December 15 Report Preparation b Marketing TEXT: Chapter 16 Planning MARKETING PLANNING View the presentation "Prelude to TEXT: Chapter 5 Marketing Planning" available on the COMPETITIVE CD-ROM ANALYSIS AND PRODUCT POSITIONING TEXT: Chapter 7 BRAND MANAGEMENT 4a 12/16 Barco Case Setup Barco Case: Barco Projection Systems (A): and Assignment Worldwide Niche Marketing; Harvard #9-591-133 Barco Presentation and Workbook Barco Case Analysis: Complete Task 1 b Post response to Class Discussion Forum by 12/22. Barco Case 5a 1/6 Analysis:
  • 2. Complete Task 2 Post response to Class Discussion Forum by 1/7. Barco Case: Interim Summary b Barco Case Analysis: Complete Task 3 Post response to Class Discussion Forum by 1/11. 6a 1/13 Barco Case Reports: Submit report due on 1/18 using ONCOURSE email. b Marketing Intelligence View the four marketing intelligence resources on the CD. Click the link on the right to see details. 7a 1/20 Marketing TEXT: Chapter 9 Programs: PRICING Pricing View the presentation "Pricing: A Key to Profits" available on the CD-ROM b Marketing TEXT: Chapter 10 Programs: SELECTING Channels and DISTRIBUTION Personal Selling CHANNELS TEXT: Chapter 11 PERSONAL SELLING AND SALES FORCE MANAGEMENT 8a 1/27 Marketing TEXT: Chapter 13 Programs: DESIGNING Communications ADVERTISING PROGRAMS View the presentation "Positioning TEXT: Chapter 14 the Products" available on the CD- SALES PROMOTION ROM AND PUBLIC RELATIONS b New York Life Episode I 9a 2/3 New York Life Episode II b New York Life Episode III 10a 2/10 Begin New York Life Report
  • 3. b New Product Development 11a 2/17 Project Final Project -- partial marketing audit b Project 12a 2/24 Project b Project Learning Objectives This course will provide you with an overview of concepts and practices associated with the professional management of marketing programs and activities. After you complete this course you should be able to: 1. Explain the role of marketing in creating successful business results. 2. Develop an understanding of consumer needs and create initiatives that help you increase sales, increase consumer satisfaction and establish a foundation for beginning to create total quality programs. 3. Conduct a rigorous market analysis and apply marketing research ideas to support the development of an effective business strategy. 4. Involve marketing in the process of creating new products. 5. Create a marketing strategy, link it to a business strategy and design appropriate metrics to measure performance. 6. Conduct a portion of an audit of marketing performance in your own company. Course Materials Textbook Douglas J. Dalrymple and Leonard J. Parsons Basic Marketing Management, 2nd edition (2000) New York: John Wiley & Sons Course Packet Printed cases Gallo Rice Barco New York Life CD-ROM: Marketing Applications
  • 4. Course Policies General Course Participation: We expect everyone to participate in all threaded discussions and assignments in a timely manner. Team Participation: It is important that each team member contribute to the overall team assignments. Method of Evaluation: We will conduct a simple team evaluation exercise at the conclusion of the course. In this exercise we will ask each member to allocate 100 participation points across the members. Obviously, each member will receive the same number of points if each has contributed equally. Final grades may be affected (up to plus or minus 1/2 grade step) by this allocation if unequal workload ratings are reported. Academic Misconduct: We will follow the policies on academic misconduct found in the Kelley Direct Program Handbook. We expect that all written case reports reflect the original work of your teams and are not appropriated from other sources. Course This course is an introduction to the process of creating a Description market-driven organization. Specific topics include marketing strategy, marketing research and data analysis, new product/service development, pricing, distribution, promotion, and planning. The course employs online lectures, discussion forums, interactive cases, and a field project. Instructors Professor Frank Acito Professor Thomas Hustad Office BU 730 BU 428J Kelley School of Business Kelley School of Business Bloomington, Indiana Bloomington, Indiana Telephone 812-855-1013 812-855-1160 FAX 812-855-6440 812-855-6440 e-mail acito@indiana.edu hustad@indiana.edu Additional Michael Wiles Michael will receive and forward Course important communications to Support instructors and will also be a resource for answering many of your questions. Fran Riddle Fran will continue to handle Help Desk Technician technical support for this and friddle@iupui.edu other Kelley Direct courses. Course Please view the Welcoming Comments from Frank Acito and Welcome Tom Hustad on the course CD-ROM.