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Strategic Marketing
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Strategic Marketing


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Published in: Business, News & Politics

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  • 1. 6 NEW NEW NEW Strategic Marketing MARKETING Creating Competitive Advantage DOUGLAS C. WEST, Professor of Marketing, Birmingham Business School, JOHN FORD, Professor of Marketing and International Business, Old Dominion University, and ESSAM IBRAHIM, Lecturer in Marketing, University of Strathclyde Suitable for both undergraduate and postgraduate marketing FROM THE AUTHORS: students, Strategic Marketing examines the key aspects of “There are some great books on strategic marketing in the traditional marketing strategy topics and presents an marketplace. However, there is often a tendency in such books to assessment and synthesis of recent thinking. integrate strategy with marketing planning and management. We felt there was a need for a strategic marketing book that solely focused It demonstrates how companies seek to create competitive upon strategy, given marketing planning, execution and tactics are advantage through the use of strategic marketing. The book comprehensively covered elsewhere. As well, many existing strategic combines theory and practice within a unique conceptual marketing texts treat strategy as a descriptive process. They discuss framework. The text poses and answers questions relating to: the elements of marketing strategy, such as consumer behaviour or branding, without evaluating inherent strategies related to consumer ■ where are we now? behaviour or branding. We sensed that there was a question over the added-value of such texts. The other issue that interested us was that ■ where do we want to be? many strategic marketing texts include a variety of niche areas for which there does not appear to be any rationale. Our book provides a ■ how will we get there? comprehensive and broad assessment of the theory and practice of strategic marketing without focusing upon any niche areas of ■ did we get there? interest.” Using established frameworks and concepts, the book surveys Douglas West, John Ford and Essam Ibrahim recent thinking in marketing strategy and reviews a number of marketing tools and techniques. Contents: ■ Offers a strategic, as opposed to marketing PART ONE: INTRODUCTION: Overview; Marketing Strategy; PART TWO: management, perspective. WHERE ARE WE NOW?: Environmental Analysis; PART THREE: WHERE DO WE WANT TO BE?: Strategic Marketing Decisions and Choices; Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning Strategies; Relationship Strategies; PART FOUR: HOW ■ The structure simplifies navigation by providing a clear WILL WE GET THERE?: Product Innovation and Development; Branding overview of the process of strategic marketing, and Strategies; Service Marketing; Pricing and Distribution; Marketing promotes a holistic understanding of the subject. Communications; E-Marketing; PART FIVE: DID WE GET THERE?: Strategy Implementation, Control and Financial/Quantitative Analyses; PART SIX: ■ Journal article extracts aim to make original research CONCLUSION: Social Marketing and CSR more accessible, and encourage reflection on key topics by students. ONLINE RESOURCE CENTRE: ■ Contains a wealth of international real-world Includes PowerPoint slides, group assignments and tasks, extra case studies for lecturers and for examples that demonstrate strategic marketing in students, a précis of seminal articles, a current issues practice, enabling students to understand the area and internet exercises. relevance of theoretical concepts. 400pp April 2006 0-19-927398-7 978-0-19-927398-0 £32.99 Paperback
  • 2. 7 NEW Strategic Advertising NEW NEW Management Second Edition MARKETING LARRY PERCY, Visiting Professor, University of Oxford and Advertising Communications Consultant, and RICHARD ELLIOTT, Professor of Marketing and Consumer Research, Warwick Business School, The University of Warwick ■ Deals with advertising management from a strategic perspective. FROM THE AUTHORS: ■ Builds on both academic insights and real world experience to “There are many text books on advertising and marketing provide a useful blend of advertising theory and practice. communication, but most are what we would call 'descriptive.' They ■ Numerous examples of successful advertising images and cover various aspects of the subject, often in great detail, but fail to accompanying commentary. show how all of the pieces fit together. Yet this is just what managers NEW TO THIS EDITION: need, an understanding of the process. Our book addresses this need, ■ Expanded chapter introductions with chapter objectives and learning providing insight into the planning and development of effective outcomes. advertising, and how it all works together. ■ Includes additional material taking into account changes in, and But, more importantly, we believe it is also critical to understand how current thinking about, the internet and interactive media in general. advertising itself 'works.' Unlike other books, we spend a good deal ■ New insights into learning and memory, resulting from recent of time exploring the foundations of what makes effective advertising: developments in neuropsychology. for example, looking at such things as how the way in which people go ■ Expanded discussion of the role emotion plays in advertising. about making purchase decisions must directly inform creative ■ Clear advice on the strategic, as well as creative, implications of the strategy and execution; or the correct role of emotion in helping brand attitude strategy grid. increase the likelihood someone will be persuaded by a message. The second edition of Percy and Elliott's Strategic Advertising Our goal has been to provide a clear and 'student-friendly Management deals with advertising from a strategic, rather than understanding of the process involved in the planning, execution, and simply a descriptive, standpoint and covers all the main topics on an delivery of effective marketing communications. In the end, we want advertising management module. The authors look first at what the reader to feel they know how advertising works, and what it will advertising is meant to do and then go on to provide an take to ensure it happens.” understanding of what is necessary in the development of effective advertising and promotion. Larry Percy and Richard Elliott The text has been fully updated and revised to include expanded Contents: chapter introductions, explicit chapter objectives and learning PART ONE: OVERVIEW OF ADVERTISING AND PROMOTION outcomes, as well as additional important readings to supplement 1. What are Advertising and Promotion? each chapter. The chapters on 'Developing a Communication 2. Perspectives on Advertising Strategy' and 'Processing the Message' have been significantly PART TWO: PLANNING CONSIDERATIONS expanded with recent leading-edge thinking, as well as new material 3. What it Takes for Successful Advertising and Promotion on Integrated Marketing Communications in the final chapter. The 4. The Strategic Planning Process authors use numerous examples of successful advertising images PART THREE: DEVELOPING THE STRATEGIC PLAN and a number of extended case histories to illustrate the application 5. Selecting the Target Audience of the various theories discussed. 6. Understanding Target Audience Decision Making 7. Determining the Best Positioning 8. Developing a Communication Strategy ONLINE RESOURCE CENTRE: 9. Setting a Media Strategy For lecturers: suggested classroom exercises, PART FOUR: MAKING IT WORK suggested IPA case histories. 10. Processing the Message 11. Creative Tactics For students: glossary, further reading updates, questions. 12. Creative Execution PART FIVE: INTEGRATING ADVERTISING AND PROMOTION 13. Promotion tactics 14. Putting it All Together 320pp 2005 0-19-927489-4 978-0-19-927489-5 £30.99 Paperback
  • 3. 8 Global Marketing NEW NEW Management NEW KIEFER LEE, Senior Lecturer in Marketing, Sheffield Hallam University, and STEVE CARTER, Head of Postgraduate and Professional Programmes in the Business School and Professor MARKETING Marketing, University of Derby This book provides a comprehensive and contemporary treatment of global marketing management. A key feature is its up-to-date coverage of such important issues as managing global customer relationships, social responsibility and ethics, and knowledge management. Professor David Jobber, Professor of Marketing, University of Bradford, UK ■ Focuses on contemporary issues in global marketing FROM THE AUTHORS: management, including the increasing significance of the service sector, accelerating changes in technologies, “Why another international marketing textbook? Through numerous conversations with colleagues in universities and in the industry, we managing marketing relationships, managing knowledge observed a growing consensus that international marketing is assets and the need for more socially responsible and changing and the main problem now with the existing ‘traditionally’ ethical practices. structured textbooks is that they have not really moved on to reflect ■ Excellent pedagogical features throughout the text, with this changing world of marketing in practice. both short and long case materials that cover all sizes and Many textbooks remain rooted in the ‘tried and tested framework’ types of organizations, as well as less developed and more which proves rather restrictive both professionally and educationally, developed countries. to support these changes. Little attention is normally given to the ■ Strong focus on the service sector reflecting the rapid contemporary issues and their implication on international marketing emergence of the global service economy. practices. Global Marketing Management provides a comprehensive and In this book, we adopt a strategic management approach that provides complete solution for lecturers teaching the subject. As well as an examination of the management decisions on developing and covering long-standing topics, there is a focus on contemporary executing successful global marketing programmes. In addressing and pervasive issues with chapters such as Corporate Social contemporary issues, this book will integrate and draw on new and Responsibility and Ethics, Managing Knowledge in Global existing theoretical insights from other management disciplines Operations, Global Marketing Relationships and Global including services marketing, knowledge management, relationship Marketing in the Digital Age. marketing, e-commerce and e-business, and corporate social responsibility. With an emphasis on the service sector, which is quickly becoming a major source of GDP in most developed countries, Each chapter is complemented by a high number of illustrations, this text aims to equip students with some of the most current applications, and relevant current research. Each organizational knowledge and practical skills to help them make key example of illustration is hotlinked to the appropriate website so that management decisions in the increasingly dynamic and the reader can explore the example further.” challenging global trading environment. Kiefer Lee and Steve Carter The wide-ranging pedagogical features within the text include Contents: boxed vignettes, short and long case studies with questions, and PART ONE: THE GLOBAL MARKETING ENVIRONMENT: CHANGES AND NEW self-assessment questions. CHALLENGES: Changes and New Challenges; The Global Marketing Environment; Understanding Global Cultures and Buyer Behaviour; Opportunity Analysis and Selection of Markets; PART TWO: THE DEVELOPMENT OF GLOBAL MARKETING STRATEGIES: Managing the Process of Globalization; ONLINE RESOURCE CENTRE Market Entry Strategies; Creating, Developing and Maintaining Competitive For lecturers: additional case material, Advantage; Product and Brand Management; Global Services Marketing; Instructor’s Manual, PowerPoint slides, seminar Management of Global Communications; Managing Supply Chain and Distribution; Global Pricing and Terms of Access; PART THREE: MANAGING activities. GLOBAL MARKETING OPERATIONS AND NEW CHALLENGES: Sales Force For students: additional case materials, glossary of Management and Negotiation; Nick Ellis: Managing Global Marketing marketing terms, internet exercises, multiple choice Relationships; Global Marketing in the Digital Age; Pieris Chourides: Knowledge questions, web links. Management in International Operations; Jean Barclay: Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics; Organizing and Controlling Global Marketing Operations 606pp 2005 0-19-926752-9 978-0-19-926752-1 £33.99 Paperback
  • 4. 9 Marketing Management for Nonprofit Organizations Second Edition MARKETING ADRIAN SARGEANT, Bristol Business School, University of the West of England ■ Mirrors the syllabus of the majority of nonprofit marketing Second and third year undergraduate and postgraduate students courses. taking courses in nonprofit marketing, service marketing and public ■ Contains both UK and international examples, and case sector management will find this volume an invaluable course studies. accompaniment. ■ An entire section dedicated to the application of marketing Contents: in different nonprofit contexts. PART A: INTRODUCTION TO MARKETING: Scope, Challenges and Development of the Nonprofit Sector; Introduction To Marketing: Developing A Societal and ■ Contains a summary of the nonprofit literature in each Market Orientation; PART B: MARKETING PLANNING: Marketing Planning: The context to aid students with their further reading. Market Environment and Marketing Audit; Marketing Research; Marketing The second edition of Marketing Management for Nonprofit Objectives and Strategy; Branding; Marketing Programmes and Services: The Organizations provides a comprehensive overview of the theory Operational Mix; Social Marketing and Campaigning: The Marketing of Ideas; PART C: SPECIFIC APPLICATIONS: Fund-Raising; Arts Marketing; Education; behind nonprofit marketing, and analyses key nonprofit contexts Healthcare; Public Sector; Volunteer Support and Management such as fundraising, the arts, education, healthcare, volunteering, the public sector and the arena of social ideas. 424pp 2004 0-19-927182-8 978-0-19-927182-5 £32.99 Paperback Direct and Interactive Marketing ADRIAN SARGEANT, Bristol Business School, and DOUGLAS C. WEST, Professor of Marketing, Birmingham Business School ■ Strong academic and theoretical base makes this text ideal generate a range of alternative solutions. The book also includes a as an introduction to the subject for students on marketing consideration of new media such as interactive and digital television. courses. Contents: ■ Covers practical techniques and is structured to encourage 1. Direct Marketing: The Development of a Discipline and support readers in the development of their own direct 2. Market Planning marketing plans. 3. Understanding Buying 4. Customer Acquisition ■ Detailed consideration of the pertinent analytical procedures 5. Building a Customer Database provides a useful framework for understanding the problems 6. Customer Retention: Building Customer Loyalty in constructing a marketing plan and the tactics necessary 7. Testing and Research for overcoming them. 8. Analytical Procedures ■ Use of detailed case study material allows the reader to see 9. Agencies and Direct Marketing Specialists 10. Creative Briefing how marketing plans operate in practice. 11. Media Planning Direct and Interactive Marketing offers a rich blend of theory and 12. Budgeting examples from professional practice. These examples are drawn from 13. E-marketing some of the most successful direct marketing undertaken on both 14. Print, Production, and Fulfilment sides of the Atlantic. The book includes a series of longer case 16. Towards the Future studies, designed to form the basis of class work and discussion at 484pp 2001 0-19-878253-5 both undergraduate and postgraduate level. Each case is written 978-0-19-878253-7 £32.99 Paperback with a decision focus and designed to allow students to draw on course material to allow them to analyse the available data and
  • 5. 10 Introduction to The Oxford Marketing Textbook of Theory and Practice Marketing ADRIAN PALMER, Professor of Services EDITED BY KEITH BLOIS, Lecturer in Marketing, University of Gloucestershire, Management Studies, Said School of Business and Templeton College, Oxford University MARKETING ■ Structured to meet the needs of a one semester introductory ■ Each chapter is written by an acknowledged specialist in the relevant marketing module, with concise coverage and logical structure. field. ■ Strong on critical theory, while maintaining accessibility. ■ Packed with learning aids: chapter objectives, further reading, key ■ Strong on contemporary marketing issues such as use of the terms, links to other chapters, extensive case material including five internet, ethics, and relationship marketing. detailed studies, end of chapter questions, glossary. Introduction to Marketing provides a concise introduction to the principles of The Oxford Textbook of Marketing is a truly international textbook, with marketing, offering both critical analysis and applied case studies. Combining contributors from seventeen different countries. Each chapter is written by academic credibility with an established reputation for his clear writing style, an acknowledged specialist in the field. The book contains chapters on new Palmer's book is ideal as a one semester introductory title for students topics such as: the marketing mix, relationship marketing, direct marketing, studying at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. the economic environment, and marketing's interface with other departments. Edited into an integrated whole by Keith Blois, The Oxford ONLINE RESOURCE CENTRE: Textbook of Marketing combines subject expertise, substantial learning aids For lecturers: answers to case study review questions, and modern presentation, giving a detailed overview of the discipline at the suggested answers to chapter review questions, additional turn of the century. discussion points, lecturer guidelines to accompany the PowerPoint slides, PowerPoint slides, test bank. Contents: For students: additional suggested reading, case studies with case PART ONE: CUSTOMERS, MARKETS AND MARKETING: Keith Blois: Introduction: questions, additional chapter review questions, multiple choice What is Marketing About?; Tevfik Dalgic: Market Orientation and its questions, web exercises, web links. Implications; W. Fred van Raaij, Peter S.H. Leeflang and Gerrit Antonides: The Consumer in the European Union; Jonathan Reynolds: Intermediaries; Alan Griffiths: The Structure of EU Industry and Services Keith Blois: Case 1: Return Contents: PART TWO: UNDERSTANDING AND ASSESSING BUYER BEHAVIOUR: Klaus MARKETING: THE FUNDAMENTALS; What is Marketing?; The Marketing Grunert: Consumer Behaviour; Bernard Cova and Robert Salle: Organizational Environment; UNDERSTANDING CUSTOMERS; Buyer Behaviour and Relationship Buying Behaviour; Martin Evans: Market Information and Research Keith Blois: Development; Marketing Research; Segmentation and Positioning; DEVELOPING Case 2: Newland plc; PART THREE: THE PRODUCT OFFERING: Walter van THE MARKETING MIX; Competitor Analysis and the Development of a Brand; Waterschoot: The Marketing Mix as a Creator of Differentiation; Els Gijsbrechts Developing the Product; Pricing; Distribution; Introduction to Promotion amd Katio Campo: Pricing; Susan Shaw and Sean Ennis: Marketing Channel Planning; Developing the Promotion Mix; BRINGING IT TOGETHER; Managing the Management; Gustav Puth: Marketing Communications; Sonke Albers: Sales Marketing Effort; The Marketing of Services; Global Marketing Force Management; George Avlonitis: Product Management Pannapachr Itthiopassagul: Case 3: Chinese Business Service Centre; PART FOUR: 670pp 2004 0-19-926627-1 FORMULATING AND IMPLEMENTING MARKETING STRATEGY: Shiv Mathur: 978-0-19-926627-2 £29.99 Paperback Offerings and Markets: the Main Elements of Strategic Marketing Decisions; Sally Dibb: Market Segmentation; Keith Blois: Interdepartmental Interfaces; Mary Lambkin: Strategic Marketing in a Modern Economy; Malcolm McDonald: Marketing Planning Keith Blois: Case 4: The Peerless Saw Company; PART FIVE: ISSUES IN IMPLEMENTING MARKETING STRATEGIES: Graham Hankinson: Brand Handbook of Public Relations Management; Christian Grönroos: The Marketing of Services; Roderick Brodie, Richard Brookes and Nicole Coviello: Relationship Marketing in Consumer Sixth Edition Markets; Dave Wilson: Relationship Marketing in Organizational Markets: from Competition to Co-operation; Ulrike de Brentani: Designing and Marketing GARY MERSHAM, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Professor and Head New Products and Services; David Carson: Marketing in Small Firms; Adrian of Department of Communication Science at the University of Zululand, and Sargeant: Direct Marketing Keith Blois: Case 5: Fieldstone Ltd. Glossary CHRIS SKINNER, Head of Department for Public Relations at Technikon References Index Natal, and Llew von Essen, previously Group Public Affairs Manager for Murray 670pp 2000 0-19-877576-8 and Roberts, as well as president of PRISA 978-0-19-877576-8 £36.99 Paperback A guide to managing crisis situations in the work environment, with a strong emphasis on communication. 448pp 2002 0-19-578055-8 978-0-19-578055-0 £33.99 Paperback (OUP Southern Africa)