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  • STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT IN HEALTH CARE PADM 7620 & MGT 7620 Spring 2006 Instructor: Katharine C. Rathbun, MD, MPH Messages: Call Jeannie at 578-6743 and she will contact Dr. Rathbun. Email: Office Hours: By Appointment Text: Managing Health Services Organizations and Systems, fourth edition; Longest, Rachich & Darr; Health Professions Press, Baltimore. COURSE OBJECTIVES: 1) Students will understand the basic structure and function of health care institutions in Louisiana and the US. 2) Students will be able to integrate ideas from various functional areas such as accounting, finance, and management in the special setting of heath services institutions. COURSE STRUCTURE Class participation: Classes will be held from 6pm to 9pm on Thursdays. Much of the learning will be from lectures, class discussion, and group activities so attendance is essential. Participation will be reflected as part of the final grade. Paper: There will be a short paper assigned near the beginning of classes instead of a midterm exam. Final Exam: There will be a final exam, which will be due the week before the last class. This will be a take-home open-book exam. Final Grade: The paper and the final exam will each be 40% of the grade. Class participation will be 20%. Grading will not be done on a curve; all students have the opportunity to earn an A in the course. Course Policies: This course is designed to help prepare students for a professional career. Cheating of any kind will be dealt with harshly. Both the paper and the final exam are to be completely independent work. Do not discuss the examination with another student until after all exams are turned in.
  • ASSIGNMENTS Readings in the Text: During each class we will discuss the material in one or two chapters of the text. Students are expected to read the assigned sections before coming to class and be prepared to discuss the material. Students are encouraged to read critically and discuss areas where they disagree with the text or the lectures. Paper: Specific information about this assignment will be given out on February 16, 2006. The paper will be in the format of a policy and procedure within a healthcare organization. It will be no more than four pages long. It will be based on critical thinking and knowledge acquired in this and other classes. Minimal research will be needed to complete this assignment. The paper will be due at the beginning of class March 9, 2006. Final Exam: The exam will be a short answer test to be answered on the exam sheets. All answers must be legible to be counted. The exam will be handed out at the end of class on April 20, 2006 and must be returned one week later at the beginning of class April 27, 2006. Late Assignments: In the event of personal problems that interfere with meeting these deadlines, you must speak with Dr. Rathbun and make arrangements before the assignments are due. Late assignments will only be accepted in extraordinary circumstances. SPEAKERS Professor Edward P. Richards of LSU Law School will present two of the classes. He has a Master of Public Health degree in Disease Control and did biomedical research in addition to his law training. He is the director of the LSU medical and biotechnology law program. The two guest speakers will be chosen for different perspectives on healthcare, one from a hospital base and the other from an ambulatory care program. CLASS NOTES Notes and assignments will be posted on the biotech law web site.
  • SCHEDULE OF CLASSES Chapters January 19 FIRST CLASS - Who’s Who in Healthcare 2 January 26 Development of Healthcare Organizations 4 (Prof. Edward P. Richards, LSU Law School) February 2 Healthcare Organizations 5 February 9 Management and Organizational Design 1&3 February 16 Strategic Planning 8 (paper assigned) February 23 Healthcare Technology 6 March 2 Problem Solving 7 March 9 Quality Assurance & Improvement 9 (paper due) March 16 Control & Risk Management 10 March 23 Human Resources 11 March 30 Organizational Change 12 April 6 Law and Healthcare 14 (Prof. Richards) April 13 SPRING BREAK – NO CLASS April 20 Speaker – FINAL GIVEN April 27 Speaker – FINAL DUE at 6 pm May 4 LAST CLASS – Summary and Review Final
  • READINGS 1. Who's Who in Healthcare Chapter 2 - pages 55-93 2. Development of Healthcare Organizations Chapter 4 - pages 153-169 3. Healthcare Organizations Chapter 5 - pages 224-242 4. Management and Organizational Design Chapter 1 - pages 8-19 Chapter 3 - pages 113-136 5. Strategic Planning Chapter 8 - pages 347-363 6. Healthcare Technology Chapter 6 - pages 271-289 7. Problem Solving Chapter 7 - pages 317-339 8. Quality Assurance and Improvement Chapter 9 - pages 405-427 9. Control and Risk Management Chapter 10 - pages 469-495 10. Human Resources Chapter 11 - pages 531-547 11. Organizational Change Chapter 12 - pages 589-613 12. Law and Healthcare Chapter 14 - pages 691-723