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speaker proposal

  1. 1. Call for Presentations Super Heroes of HR October 10-13, 2010 You are invited to submit a proposal for a 2010 presentation to be considered as an educational session speaker at The HRSouthwest Conference. ABOUT The HRSouthwest Conference The HRSouthwest Conference is the second largest human resources conference in the nation, second only to the Society for Human Resource Management’ s annual conference. Held in Fort Worth, Texas each October, The HRSouthwest Conference typically attracts more than 2,000 human resource professionals, showcases over 250 exhibitors and offers more than 100 educational sessions. Now in its 69th year, The HRSouthwest Conference is renowned for bringing educational opportunities of the highest caliber to HR professionals from all over the U.S. and the Southwest. SPEAKER SELECTION CRITERIA Educational session speakers are selected based on a variety of factors including but not limited to: • Proposed topic, relevance and value to the HR profession, originality, educational value • Speaker’ s credentials and subject matter expertise • Evaluations from previous HRSouthwest conferences, if applicable • Public speaking experience at professional conferences, seminars and workshops Deadline for proposal submission: FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 2010 Educational Sessions Co-Directors Kimer Moore, PHR Cuni Thompson, PHR kmoore@sta.samsung.com cuniver@sailinfo.com (until April 15, 2010) cuniver.thompson@daikinac.com (after April 15, HRSouthwest 2010 Super Heroes of HR Page 1
  2. 2. 2010) Thank you for your interest in The HRSouthwest Conference 2010. For more information, please e-mail us at speakers@hrsouthwest.com. HRSouthwest 2010 Super Heroes of HR Page 2
  3. 3. IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR SPEAKERS • We do not compensate or pay expenses for our Educational Session speakers. However, the size and decision-making authority of our audience provides an outstanding opportunity for speakers to increase their visibility and establish valuable contacts with a targeted HR audience. In addition, if selected as an Educational Session speaker, you will receive a complimentary full Conference registration. • Promotion of your business or products (including sale of audiotapes and books), solicitation of attendees and/or videotaping during your session are not permitted. We will make every effort to have your published book available for purchase in The HRSouthwest Conference bookstore (see page 6). • Approximately 100 sessions/speakers will be selected from an expected 150 proposals. Speakers are carefully evaluated and selected based on their proposed topic and individual qualifications. For this reason, speaker substitutions are not permitted without prior approval of The HRSouthwest Conference. Before submitting a proposal, please be sure that you will be able to keep your commitment to appear as scheduled, if selected. • With your permission, audiotapes of your session will be made available for purchase by attendees. Speakers who agree to have their sessions taped will also receive a complimentary audiotape of their presentation. • The information submitted in your Presentation Proposal, including session title, session outline and biographical information, may be edited due to space limitations, style and/or clarity, and will be used in our publications, on our website, and to develop the introduction for your educational session. • Conference attendees receive a CD-ROM containing electronic versions of all Educational Session presentations. If you are selected as a speaker, we will need to receive your presentation handout via email in a PowerPoint or Word document several weeks prior to the Conference. In addition, we strongly encourage speakers to bring paper copies of their presentation to hand out to those who attend their session. You are responsible for bringing your own handouts. For your convenience, we have partnered with a vendor who can print, collate and ship your handouts prior to the Conference. Information on this vendor will be provided if you are selected. HRSouthwest 2010 Super Heroes of HR Page 3
  4. 4. INSTRUCTIONS FOR COMPLETING THE PROPOSAL • Please complete all pages of this document. Please do not attach extra pages or alter the proposal. Be sure to enter your name at the top of each page. • If completing the proposal electronically, you can move from one line to another by using the Tab key on your keyboard. If you complete the proposal by hand, please print legibly in black ink. • Please submit one proposal per session topic. Multiple co-presenters should submit a joint proposal, but each co-presenter must also sign the last page. • You may submit your completed proposal via U.S. mail, e-mail, or fax to: The HRSouthwest Conference Attn: Educational Sessions 4100 Spring Valley Rd, Suite 300 Dallas, TX 75244 Fax: 214-631-4533 E-Mail: speakers@hrsouthwest.com Note: If you choose to e-mail your proposal, please also scan or fax the last page containing your signature. Unsigned or otherwise incomplete proposals cannot be considered. PLEASE KEEP A COPY OF THIS PROPOSAL FOR YOUR RECORDS. HRSouthwest 2010 Super Heroes of HR Page 4
  5. 5. The HRSouthwest Conference 2010 Presentation Proposal Speaker Information Submit your name as you wish to see it published. Please include your professional designations (Ph.D., Ed.D., SPHR, PHR, GPHR, etc.) after your last name. Name &       Certification: Title:       Company:       Address:       City:       State: Zip code: Work Phone:       Cell Phone:       E-mail:       Fax Number:       Alternate       Contact: Phone No:       E-mail Address:       Have you presented an Educational Session at The HRSouthwest Conference previously? If yes, please indicate what year(s): ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___ Have you presented this or a similar session at another HR Conference or event? Yes No If yes, please indicate       name and year of event(s): If you have not previously presented at The HRSouthwest Conference, please provide three references from other conferences or events at which you have spoken: Conference:       Contact:       Contact       E-mail:       Phone: Conference:       Contact:       Contact       E-mail:       Phone: Conference:       Contact:       HRSouthwest 2010 Super Heroes of HR Page 5
  6. 6. Contact       E-mail:       Phone: Will more than one person present this session? Yes No If yes, please provide your co-presenter’ s information below. Each presenter must sign the last page of this proposal. Name &       Certification: Title:       Company:       Address:       City:       State: Zip code: Work Phone:       Cell Phone:       E-mail:       Fax Number:       Co-Presenter’s Public Speaking References Conference:       Contact:       Contact       E-mail:       Phone: Conference:       Contact:       Contact       E-mail:       Phone: Conference:       Contact:       Contact       E-mail:       Phone: Will you be bringing a technician to assist you with your presentation? Yes No If yes, name of technician:       Note: You may bring one technical assistant who will have access to your session only. Biographical Information Please write a brief summary (10 - 12 lines) of your (and your co-presenter’ s, if applicable) educational background, professional credentials, and relevant experience. Please DO NOT attach a separate bio. HRSouthwest 2010 Super Heroes of HR Page 6
  7. 7.       Speaker’s Name:       Educational Session Tracks Seven of the eight educational session tracks offered are directly related to the Human Resource Certification Institute’ s Body of Knowledge* for purposes of the PHR, SPHR and GPHR professional designation. To help us correctly classify your session, please select the category that best describes the content of your presentation. Strategic Management* Workforce Planning/Employment* HR Development* Total Rewards* Employee and Labor Relations* Risk Management* Personal/Professional Global HR* Growth/Development 1. STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT - Developing, contributing to, and supporting the organization’ s mission, vision, values, strategic goals & objectives; formulating policies; guiding and leading the change process; and evaluating HR’ s contributions to organizational effectiveness. Example topics: Strategic planning, policy-making, management functions, corporate governance, compliance, restructuring, outsourcing and vendor selection. 2. WORKFORCE PLANNING AND EMPLOYMENT - Developing, implementing, and evaluating sourcing, recruitment, hiring, orientation, succession planning, retention, and organizational exit programs. Example topics: Staffing, recruiting, interviewing, testing, relocation programs, retention strategies and employment laws. 3. HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT - Developing, implementing, and evaluating activities and programs to ensure that the knowledge, skills, abilities, and performance of the workforce meet current and future organizational and individual needs. Example topics: Training programs, employee growth/development assessments, change and performance management, and employee programs. 4. TOTAL REWARDS - Developing/selecting, implementing/administering, and evaluating compensation and benefits programs that support the organization’ s strategic goals, objectives, and values. Example topics: Compensation, benefits, payroll, executive compensation, non-cash compensation. 5. EMPLOYEE AND LABOR RELATIONS - Analyzing, developing, implementing/administering, and evaluating the workplace relationship between employer and employee, maintaining working conditions that balance employer and employee needs.. Example topics: Legal compliance, employee relations, grievance/disciplinary programs, employment rights and workplace behavior. HRSouthwest 2010 Super Heroes of HR Page 7
  8. 8. 6. RISK MANAGEMENT - Developing, implementing/administering, and evaluating programs, plans, and policies that provide a safe work environment and protect the organization from liability. Example topics: Health, safety and security programs, OSHA compliance, Workers Compensation, disaster recovery, business continuity, HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley. 7. GLOBAL HR - Strategic HR management, talent acquisition and mobility; global compensation/benefits; organizational effectiveness, talent development, workforce relations and risk management practices for HR practitioners with cross-border HR responsibilities. Example topics: Global trends, practices and staffing; global leadership development; diversity concepts; cultural sensitivity; international assignments, compensation and benefits, and international laws. 8. PERSONAL/PROFESSIONAL GROWTH/DEVELOPMENT – Enhancing personal power, memory, confidence and attitude, dressing for success, basic etiquette, engagement, stress, work/life balance, or ethics. HRSouthwest 2010 Super Heroes of HR Page 8
  9. 9. Speaker’s Name:       Date/Time Preference Please rank your preferred session day/time in order of preference from 1-8, with 1 being your first choice. While we cannot guarantee a particular date or time, we will do our best to accommodate your preferences. Monday Early Bird* Tuesday Early Bird* Wednesday Early Bird* Monday AM Tuesday AM Wednesday AM Monday PM Tuesday PM No preference * Early Bird sessions are limited in number and have historically been very well attended. Session Length Educational sessions range in length from 60 – 90 minutes, depending on the day and time. Which session length best fits your presentation? Rank in order of suitability from 1-3, with 1 being the best fit: 1 Hour 1 Hour, 15 minutes 1 Hour, 30 minutes Session Title (8 words or less) Your session title can directly impact attendance at your session. It should be both appealing and descriptive of your session content.       Session Description/Objective (40 words or less; approximately 3 lines) Please describe the content of your proposed presentation clearly and concisely. This information will help attendees decide whether to attend your session. It will also be used to determine whether your session is approved by the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI) for recertification credit.       After this session, the attendee will be able to: (List 3 key points specific to your session content) 1.       2.       3.       HRSouthwest 2010 Super Heroes of HR Page 9
  10. 10. Speaker’s Name:       Audio/Visual Requirements All rooms will be set-up auditorium style and will be equipped with the following: STANDARD EQUIPMENT PROVIDED COMPLIMENTARY BY The HRSouthwest Conference Includes: 7.5x10 Fastfold SCREEN w/Dress Kit XGA LCD Data Projector (1024x768, 3000 Lumens) 4-Channel Mixer Audio Patch Cable Computer Audio Patch Wired Microphone: 1 Podium Wireless Microphone: 1 Lavaliere or 1 Handheld (not both) ADDITIONAL AV EQUIPMENT (complimentary if requested by August 14): QTY Additional microphone for co-speaker Other equipment available at the speaker’ s expense and by special request – please check desired equipment: All equipment requests must be received no later than August 14, 2010. ADDITIONAL AV EQUIPMENT PAID BY SPEAKER: PRICE QTY # DAYS CD PLAYER $50.00 DVD PLAYER $75.00 1/2' SVHS PLAYER w/Auto Repeat $80.00 Sony DSC 1024 Scan Converter (used with multiple sources for projector) $350.00 Pentium Laptop w/ CD-Rom, 3 1/2" Floppy & Zip Drive $250.00 Audio Patches (i.e. Computer, DVD, CD Player) $25.00 Additional Wireless Microphone: __Handheld __Lavaliere $175.00 Additional Wired Microphone: __Podium __Table __Floor $40.00 Laser Pointer $50.00 Speaker Timer $30.00 Wireless Mouse (to advance power point slides) $35.00 Flipchart Package $35.00 Flipchart Package with Post-it Pads $55.00 27" Color Monitor w/Projection Cart $125.00 32" Color Monitor w/Projection Cart $200.00 37" Color Monitor w/Projection Cart $450.00 Podium/Headtable Lighting Package (*call for pricing) Podium/Headtable Lighting Package (*call for pricing) Audio Recording Package (*call for pricing) Video Recording Package (*call for pricing) Internet access provided by Smart City ($99.95 per day, price subject to change) Important Notes: A/V requests or changes cannot be accepted after August 14, 2010. MAC users: If you are bringing a MAC laptop, please bring a Dongal Cable to connect to the projector. Other room set-up needs (may incur a fee if charged by the Convention Center):       HRSouthwest 2010 Super Heroes of HR Page 10
  11. 11. AVMG is the exclusive audio visual partner of The HRSouthwest Conference HRSouthwest 2010 Super Heroes of HR Page 11
  12. 12. Speaker’s Name:       Bookstore Sales If you are a published author, or intend to recommend a book during your session, we will make every effort to have your book(s) available for purchase in the Bookstore. However, we cannot guarantee the availability of specific books. The HRSouthwest Conference orders directly from the publisher and is not responsible for books lost or damaged in transit. Audio and videotapes are generally not accepted due to the risk of damage. Yes, I am interested in having my book(s) sold in the Conference Bookstore: Book Title:       ISBN Number:       Publisher(s):       Contact Name:       Phone Number:       Fax Number:       E-mail Address:       Book Title:       ISBN Number:       Publisher(s):       Contact Name:       Phone Number:       Fax Number:       E-mail Address:       I will recommend the following book(s) during my session: Book Title:       Author:       ISBN Number: Publisher: Book Title:       Author:       ISBN Number: Publisher: HRSouthwest 2010 Super Heroes of HR Page 12
  13. 13. Speaker’s Name:       Audio Taping With your permission, audiotapes of your session will be made available for purchase by attendees. I hereby give permission do not give permission for the audio taping of my session. Speaker Acknowledgement and Consent I understand that I will not receive compensation or reimbursement of expenses for my appearance, and that The HRSouthwest Conference is not responsible for any shipping and/or printing charges related to my presentation or book sales. If selected as an Educational Session speaker, I agree to appear as scheduled by The HRSouthwest Conference and to comply with all requirements set forth in this agreement. I understand that limited audio visual equipment will be provided (as detailed in this application) and that any additional equipment needs will be at my own expense. I understand that my session cannot be used as a showcase for my business, practice, product or service, and agree that I will not promote my products/services, or solicit business, from The HRSouthwest Conference speaker platform. I further understand that videotaping of my session during the Conference is not permitted. I assign all rights to and release from liability The HRSouthwest Conference for the recording, reproduction, exhibition and distribution of audio communications (unless indicated otherwise above) and presentation handout materials as a presenter/speaker at The HRSouthwest Conference 2010. Speaker Signature Date Co-Presenter Signature Date If submitting your proposal by e-mail, please sign and fax this page only to: Fax: 214.631.4533 Attn: Educational Sessions HRSouthwest 2010 Super Heroes of HR Page 13