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    SMM.SMK.SOC_Pgs_11/09 SMM.SMK.SOC_Pgs_11/09 Document Transcript

    • Darden Executive Education Strategic Sales Management Strategic Marketing Management Social Media Marketing ... Improve the Way You Do Business! CHANGE THE WAY YOU THINK.
    • Strategic Sales Management February 28–March 5, 2010 • September 19–24, 2010 Marketing and The Program • Understand sales management as only one Sales Series Strategic Sales Management is designed to element in an integrated go-to-market strategy provide operating sales executives and managers and broad marketing strategy. with the best tools, techniques, and concepts for • View Customer Value Proposition (CVP) improving the total effectiveness of the sales as a central business skill and competitive force. The goal is to help participants transform advantage. their sales forces into high-performing sales teams. Participants will gain a sharper under- Topics standing of the critical role played by line sales • The Changing Nature of Sales and the managers and learn how they can become agents Transformation of the Sales Process of change who stimulate outstanding sales force • Developing a Successful Sales Force performance. In addition, participants will • Motivating the Sales Force to Better develop a better appreciation of the need for Performance a more integrative approach to developing • The Role of Field Sales Managers comprehensive marketing strategies through • The Role of the Sales Force in the closer ties between marketing and sales. Marketing Mix Who Should Attend • The Sales Force as an Element in • Line executives and managers with direct Implementing Strategy responsibility for a firm’s selling efforts. Special Feature • Staff executives and managers with direct Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI)©: With key responsibility for providing support and indicators identified in the 360-degree LPI technical services for a firm’s selling efforts. assessment process and peer and faculty • Those in non-marketing functions who desire coaching, executives will return to the to gain further understanding of their workplace with a clear view of their personal organizations’ sales functions. leadership styles and pathways for heightening Benefits of Attending the performance of their sales teams. • Become a more effective sales executive and manager through an enhanced comprehension of the relationships among strategy, sales management systems, performance metrics, and selling behaviors. • Gain a deepened knowledge of sales “This program exceeded my high management systems designed to support expectations. The class discussions field sales managers. and commitment of the instructors • Improve performance through clarification of were what set the sessions apart. the roles in implementing marketing strategies. (Specifically, field sales managers) I recommend this course to leaders • Recognize the challenges and opportunities looking to improve themselves and inherent in building a customer-responsive, their sales forces.” enterprise-focused sales organization. Manager, Retail Mutual Funds Sales • Recognize the impact of the Internet and State Farm the effect that e-commerce has on a firm’s selling activities. • Return to the workplace with a strengthened toolkit for managerial actions that can effectively influence the behavior of the sales force.
    • Strategic Marketing Management April 11–16, 2010 • October 24–29, 2010 The Program Benefits of Attending A firm’s adeptness in understanding markets Participants will: and creating customer value is a primary • Become familiar with core concepts and determinant of its growth and sustainability. frameworks that will contribute to strategy As market structures and communication making. technologies evolve, managers face new • Evaluate their own businesses relative to new challenges in their efforts to market products organizational models and online threats. and services. Strategic Marketing Management • Explore theories associated with successful provides participants the opportunity to actively business endurance. study the concepts that are critical to building the winning marketing strategies that help Topics garner market leadership. Most importantly, • Applying Customer Lifetime Value to Strategy this program offers a framework for market Formulation definition and evolution that will help • Building, Monitoring, and Using Brand Equity participants integrate learned concepts into a coherent and comprehensive strategy and • Cost and Share Leverage Principles action plan. • Customer and Competitor Analysis • Positioning and Value Creation Who Should Attend • Product Life Cycle and Market Evolution • General managers with a need to improve • Product Portfolio Analysis their performance in contributing to the customer value creation process. • Second-Generation e-Business Model • Emerging marketing managers (with basic • Segmentation and Targeting marketing principles) who need to develop • Strategic Pricing Analysis strategic marketing applications to help formulate solid marketing strategies. Special Features • Mid- to senior-level marketing managers • Pricing and Strategy-Building Simulations: seeking to enhance their planning and Multiple interactive simulations provide the implementation skills through a structured opportunity to practice strategy development approach to market analysis and strategy and witness the immediate impact of development. decisions. Participants compete in teams to explore pricing/supply/demand to the best • Recently appointed marketing professionals balance. with a career in the sales/marketing function. • Marketing Strategy Toolkit: Participants will • Senior and middle managers in any functional return to the workplace with an essential area who need to develop a proficiency in toolkit for developing successful marketing strategic marketing. strategies, including an online resource that Participant titles may include, but are not can be used to help create pricing scenarios. limited to: • Brand Manager • Business Intelligence Manager “There is no course I know of that • Director of Business Development brings home the importance of • Director of Operations understanding your customer better • Financial Analyst than this one. Understanding your • General Manager customer is not an option—it is • Marketing Director oxygen to a business.” • Marketing Manager Second Vice President • Senior Marketing Manager MassMutual • Vice President of Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing: Turning Customers Into Advocates March 8–12, 2010 • October 4–8, 2010 The Program Benefits of Attending Social network marketing; social media; word Through the course, participants will: of mouth marketing; viral connectivity; buzz • Be able to evaluate the potential effectiveness marketing—whatever you choose to call it, the of proposals from social media agencies. concepts and implementation of the applications • Develop an awareness of the internal culture, are just as important to your customers as they resources, and policies that will maximize the are to your business. People are sharing photos, benefit of a social media investment. personal stories, and blogging about their • Fully realize the role of social media as a opinions on everything from vacations and marketing discipline. running shoes, to their favorite neighborhood • Gain the knowledge necessary to form new restaurants. Social media technology has leveled relationships with customers. the playing field and empowered ordinary • Integrate social media with other marketing citizens to become major brand influencers; activities. whether it is comfortable or not, the customer • Learn to evaluate which social media strategies is calling the shots. So how do organizations are most appropriate to their products or retake control of their brands while better services, and to their targets’ internet usage understanding the full potential of social profiles. marketing? • Understand how to drive objectives with, and In this new program, participants will explore integrate marketing activities around, social the opportunities created through new media technologies. technologies, such as blogs, social networking, Topics and RSS feeds, that are changing marketing strategies. They will learn how to understand • Getting into the Online World: Internal their customers’ online media consumption Apprehension and the Opportunities Beyond patterns and use of social technologies. • Social Media Marketing Strategies Participants will identify which business • Technology Buzz Words and Leading-Edge objectives can be met using social media tools, Concepts how to develop strategies that drive those • The New Structure of Online Management objectives in the online world, and discuss how • Turning Your Customers Into Advocates to assess and utilize the results. Executives will Special Features return with an overall framework for connecting • Selling Relationship Module: Participants will the power of users’ feedback and “online voice” take part in an interactive group module that to create a win-win scenario for their brands highlights the key strengths of social media and customers. applications. This exercise will provide relevant Who Should Attend takeaways that can be applied within any field • Chief marketing officers and vice presidents or context. of marketing who are establishing their • Guest Speaker: Scott Hildebrand, BoldMouth companies’ overall marketing strategies, and Chairman and COO, will share his twenty want to understand how to integrate social years of marketing and social media experience media into their communication activities. that draws from a range of disciplines, • Chief strategy officers and vice presidents of industries, and clients. strategy who are charged with directing their organizations’ comprehensive go-to-market “Social Media is a paradigm shift in strategies and shaping their firms’ future visions and goals. the customer relationship. Darden • Senior-level managers responsible for has found a way to help, or focus identifying ways to leverage a CRM on, strategic brand response.” database for increased ROI and growth. Senior Technologis Navy Federal Credit Union
    • General Information Registration: Registration may be completed by phone, Web site, mail, or fax. Confirmation of acceptance will be sent upon receipt of form. Accommodations: Sponsors Executive Residence Center provides private, single-room lodging for program participants. Executives will take meals at the Abbott Center dining room. At times it may be necessary to house participants offsite at partnering hotels. Schedule: Each program will begin on the first day with a reception, followed by dinner. Daily sessions will be held at The Darden School. Evenings will be devoted to group discussions and/or individual preparation. The final session will adjourn with lunch. Fees: Strategic Marketing Management—$8,950 per person; Strategic Sales Management—$8,950 per person; Social Media Marketing—$7,500 per person. The fee includes tuition, course materials, lodging, meals, and certificate of participation. We accept payment by check, American Express, MasterCard, and Visa. Payment is due upon receipt of invoice and/or acceptance into the program. Past participants have reported greater learning value and increased key takeaways when attending a Darden program with other executives from their organizations. Companies that send more than one participant to a single program offering will receive 10% off the full fee for any additional participants. Teams of four or more must call for approval and special pricing. Multiple fee reductions cannot be combined for one participant; Darden will gladly accept the greater reduction in price. Marketing Program Faculty Sales Program Faculty Robert E. Spekman, Faculty Leader Robert E. Spekman, Faculty Leader Tayloe Murphy Professor of Business Administration and Tayloe Murphy Professor of Business Administration Area Coordinator, Marketing, The Darden School. B.S., and Area Coordinator, Marketing, The Darden University of Massachusetts, Amherst; M.B.A., Syracuse School. B.S., University of Massachusetts, Amherst; University; Ph.D., Northwestern University. M.B.A., Syracuse University; Ph.D., Northwestern University. Paul W. Farris Landmark Communications Professor of Business Paul W. Farris Administration, The Darden School. B.S., University of Landmark Communications Professor of Business Missouri; M.B.A., University of Washington; D.B.A., Administration, The Darden School. B.S., University Harvard University. of Missouri; M.B.A., University of Washington; D.B.A., Harvard University. Ervin R. Shames Lecturer in Business Administration, The Darden School. Joseph W. Harder B.S.B.A., University of Florida; M.B.A., Harvard University. Associate Professor of Business Administration, The Darden School. B.S., Bethel College; M.B.A., Santa Clara University; Ph.D., Stanford University. Social Media Marketing Program Faculty Neil Rackham Ronald T. Wilcox, Faculty Leader Member of McKinsey & Company’s Sales and Associate Professor of Business Administration, The Darden Channel Management Group; Chairman of the School. A.B., Xavier University; M.S. and Ph.D., Washington Advisory Board for Go To Market Partners. University For complete faculty information, please visit Rajkumar Venkatesan Associate Professor of Business Administration, The Darden School. B.E., Computer Science, University of Madras, India; Ph.D., Marketing, University of Houston. Eric L. Fletcher Attorney and currently Policy Compliance and Contract Administrator, The Darden School. Guest Contributors For complete list, visit Executive Education programs are offered by the University of Virginia’s Darden School Foundation, a nonprofit organization devoted entirely to the welfare of The Darden School. The Darden School Foundation fully supports equal opportunity in employment and access to educational opportunities. Information is subject to change without prior notice.
    • NONPROFIT ORG. U.S. POSTAGE PAID CHARLOTTESVILLE P.O. Box 7186 VIRGINIA Charlottesville, VA 22906-7186 PERMIT NO. 16 Registration Form (Please photocopy for additional registrants) Group Registration Strategic Sales, Marketing, and Social Media Programs Strategic Sales Management Strategic Marketing Management Social Media Marketing Date of Attendance_____________ Date of Attendance_____________ Date of Attendance__________ Phone, or photocopy completed registration form (including mailing label) and mail/fax to: Rebecca Yancey, Executive Education, The Darden School Foundation, University of Virginia, P.O. Box 7186, Charlottesville, VA 22906-7186. Phone U.S./Canada 877.833.3974; Worldwide 434.924.3000 Fax 434.924.4402 Email Web Name (Dr., Mr., Mrs., Ms.)______________________________________________Preferred or “Nickname” __________________________ Company ________________________________________________________________Title __________________________________ Phone __________________________________Fax ____________________________Email __________________________________ Business Address __________________________________________________________________P.O. Box/Zip ____________________ City ____________________________________________State/Country __________________________Zip/Postal Code ____________ Program materials should be mailed to: Business Address P.O. Box Person in charge of executive development in your organization Name __________________________________________________Title __________________________________________________ Company ________________________________________________________________________Phone ________________________ Business Address ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Organization Description Parent Organization ______________________________________________ Subsidiary/Division ________________________________ Position Classification Level Administration General Manager Marketing Technical Senior Engineering/R&D Human Resources Operations Other ___________ Upper Middle Finance/Accounting Manufacturing Sales __________________ Middle How did you first hear about this program? Brochure Your HR Officer A Colleague Advertisement ________________________________ Flier Your Manager Web Site Other ________________________________________ Fee: See General Information page. The fee includes tuition, course materials, lodging, meals, and certificate of participation. We accept payment by check, American Express, MasterCard, and Visa. Payment is due upon receipt of invoice and/or acceptance into the program. Registration fee enclosed. Make check payable to Darden Executive Education. Send invoice. Billing instructions____________________________________________________________________________________ Charge to: Amex MasterCard Visa Acct. No. ________________________________________________Exp. Date ________ Credit Card Statement Mailing Address _________________________________________________________________________________ Name on Credit Card _____________________________________________ Signature__________________________________________ Cancellation/Transfer Policy: Qualified substitutes for confirmed registrations can be accommodated prior to the program start date with written notice and will incur no fee for substitution. Cancellations made within 15–30 calendar days of the start date will incur a fee equal to 25% of the published tuition cost; cancellations made within 14 calendar days of the start date will incur a fee equal to 50% of the published tuition. Withdrawals on or after the first day of a program are subject to forfeiture of the total tuition. All transfers made within 7–30 calendar days of the start date will incur a $500 transfer fee. One transfer per registrant to a subsequent offering within 12 months is allowed. Transfer requests received less than 7 days before the start date will incur a fee equal to 25% of the published tuition. A transfer request followed by a subsequent cancellation will be subject to the applicable cancellation fees noted above. All cancellation/transfer requests must be received in writing. F-10/11 30%