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Professor P RAMESHAN

  1. 1. Professor P RAMESHAN Curriculum Vitae 1. Nationality: Indian 2. Current Position: PROFESSOR, Strategic Management, IIM Kozhikode 3. Address Indian Institute of Management (I.I.M) Kozhikode, I.I.M Campus P.O., Kozhikode – 673 570 India Phone: (+91-495) 280 9111 (Office) E-mail: 4. Organizational/Academic Affiliation Institution Period Nature of Position I.I.M Kozhikode Feb. 27, 2009 – Director In-charge April 16, 2009 I.I.M Kozhikode April 2002 - To Date Full Time Faculty Lulea University of Technology, April - May, 2007 Visiting Faculty Sweden Asian Institute of Technology, August - October, Visiting Faculty Bangkok 2005 (Secondment) I.I.M Lucknow August 1997 – Full Time Faculty April 2002 National Institute of Bank August 1997 Full Time Faculty Management, Pune Gokhale Institute of Politics & November 1994 – Full Time Faculty Economics, Pune July 1997 Jawaharlal Nehru College, Pasighat July 1992 – Full Time Faculty (Government of Arunachal Pradesh) October 1994 5. Educational Qualifications Qualification Institution Distinction Completion Ph.D. I.I.T Kharagpur 1992 (With full Fellowship) JRF University Grants Lone qualifier in 1988 1988 Commission India in Economics from Calicut University M.A. University of Calicut I Class & University 1988 (Received National Merit Second Topper Scholarship) B.A University of Calicut I Class & 1986 University Topper (Born on April Fifteenth, Nineteen Sixty Three) 1
  2. 2. 6. Administrative Experiences Position Institution Period Key Responsibilities Director In-Charge IIM Kozhikode February 27, 2009 Responsibilities of Director – April 16, 2009 Member of Board of IIM Kozhikode May 2007- Participation in Policy Governors April 2009 Decision Making Founding FPM IIM Kozhikode October 2006 – Designing FPM Structure Chairman March 2008 Setting up FPM Operations Admitting First Batch Chairman, IIM Kozhikode 2006-07 Running Exchange International Programme; New Exchange Programme Agreements Chairman, Research & IIM Kozhikode 2005-06 Promoting Research External Linkages Chairman, IIM Kozhikode 2002-05 Setting up CAT structure at Admissions IIM Kozhikode; CAT Group (Began IIM-K’s activities; Organizing CAT at Participation in IIM Kozhikode Centres; Conducting CAT) Organising GD & Interviews Chairman, Strategic IIM Kozhikode 2004-07 Coordinating Strategic Management Area Management Area activities Coordinator, IIM Kozhikode Since 2003 Coordinating WTO research; WTO Research Centre Developing the WTO Centre website; organising Conferences; Publications Chairman/Member, IIM Kozhikode Multiple Times Facilitating competitive Appeals/Interior during 2004-09 vendor selection; assisting in Design/Catering/Staff implementation. Confirmation Chairman, Business IIM Lucknow 2000-2001 Coordinating area activities Environment Area Member of Several IIM Kozhikode 1998-2008 Support in activities of PGP, Committees IIM Lucknow MDP, IDL programme etc Hostel Warden, J.N College At various Value-based approach in Rover Leader, Pasighat, Arunachal times during running the activities In-charge of Merit list Pradesh 1992-1994 preparation President of student IIT Kharagpur 1991 Leading role in managing hostel hostel activities Secretary, Economic Department of 1987-88 Organizing academic events Association Economics, University of Calicut 2
  3. 3. 7. Foreign Opportunities/Assignment/Recognition (i) Selected as the National Expert, India, by Asian Productivity Organisation, Tokyo, to conduct the Indian part of “Survey on Total Factor Productivity” on Asian countries (2001-2002). Represented India in the National Experts’ meeting of participating countries in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in 2001 & again in 2002. (ii) Visiting faculty to Lulea University of Technology, Lulea, Sweden, Division of Economics, during April-May 2007, under the Linnaeues-Palme Exchange Programme funded by Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency. (iii) Visiting Associate Professor to Asian Institute of Technology Bangkok, Thailand, during August-October 2005. Deputation by Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. (iv) In 1994, a Post-Doctoral Research opportunity was arranged at University of Minnesota (USA), by Dr Edward C Prescott (2004 Economics Nobel Laureate). But, I could not join as my then employer in India could not agree to grant necessary leave. (v) In 1992, Prof Daniel Levinthal, Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, USA, had given an excellent evaluation report on my Ph.D. thesis. (vi) Represented the Director, IIM Kozhikode, as Panelist in the Pan-IIM Alumni Gulf Summit, May 23, 2009, in Dubai. 8. Institution Building Role: Key Achievements (a) Proactive leadership as Director In-charge during March-April 2009 in organizing Convocation and in addressing student issues, PGP intake, faculty issues, recruitment and administration. (b) Leadership role during 2002-04 in setting up systems & manuals at IIM Kozhikode for conducting Post-Graduate Programme admission test (CAT) at centres under the Institute. (c) Leadership role during 2006-08 in setting up systems & manuals for launching the first Doctoral Programme of IIM Kozhikode, the Fellow Programme in Management (launched in 2007-08). (d) Leadership role during 2007-08 in designing at IIM Kozhikode a 6-month Interactive Distance Learning Programme in Strategic Management for working executives. (e) Crucial role in the policy decision making process of IIM Kozhikode in various capacities (f) Crucial role in rationalizing the cost of many important purchase contracts (as part of 3
  4. 4. relevant committees as Chairman or Member). 9. Peer/Professional Recognition 1) Represented the Director, IIM Kozhikode, in the Directors’ Panel Discussion at the first Pan-IIM Alumni Gulf Summit in Dubai on May 23, 2009 2) Joint Secretary (2 Years), Strategic Management Forum of India 3) Track Chair for Management, International Conference in Business 2006: Revolution for the New Era Competition, University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce (UTCC), 7-8 December, 2006, Bangkok, Thailand 4) Reviewer for management journals of I.I.M Bangalore & I.I.M Lucknow 5) Reviewer of the section ‘Strategic Management in Asia Pacific’ for The Handbook of Technology Management, to be published in USA by John Wiley & Sons. 10. PUBLICATIONS: (See link for List of Publications) 11. Executive Training Programmes: Co-ordination/Sessions (a) Coordination & sessions, NHPC Ltd. Programme, ‘Managing Change’ for Senior Level Executives’ (b) Sessions in Strategic Management, General Management Programme for NTPC Executives. (c) Sole Trainer, Module on ‘Business Strategy’ for Aker Solutions, SCMHRD, Pune, India (d) Coordination (joint) & sessions, 2-Week middle level Indian Administrative Service Officers’ Training Programme (Every year during 1998-2002) (e) Coordination (joint) & sessions, Strategic Management Forum of India Management Teachers’ Programme in Strategic Management (repeat programmes) (f) Coordination (joint) & sessions, Indian Police Service Senior Officers’ Vertical Interaction Programme, ‘Public Order Management in Emerging Environment’, Sponsored by Bureau of Police Research & Development, Government of India (g) Coordination (joint) & sessions, Indian Ordnance Factory Services (IOFS) Programme, ‘General Management module for IOFS Probationary Officers’ (h) Coordination (joint) & sessions, National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) Programme, ‘Foundation in General Management for Middle Level Executives’ (i) Coordination & main trainer, “Futuristic Management”, training programme for senior executives Hindustan Latex Limited, Trivandrum, India 4
  5. 5. (j) Sole trainer, “Strategic Direction & Change Management”, training programme for top level executives, Catholic Syrian Bank, Trichur, India (k) Sole trainer, “Competitive Intelligence”, training programme for industry executives (l) Coordination & sessions: “Enhancing Corporate Productivity for Competitiveness” (m) Coordination & sessions: “WTO System & Corporate Competitive Strategies” 1) For open market 2) For small-scale entrepreneurs, with sponsorship of Small Industrial Development Bank of India 3) For entrepreneurs, with sponsorship of Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation (joint) (n) Module on Business Strategy, software project executives of NEC Japan (o) Sessions in several Other Training Programmes 12. Project Work Completed 1) Project Coordinator: Cochin International Airport Limited: ‘V.J Kurian & the CIAL Saga’, Case Study sponsored by BASF Limited (German Chemical MNC), India, 2006-07. IIM Kozhikode (India). 2) Project Coordinator: “Establishing A Centre for Strategic Research & Information Network on India’s Global Competitiveness & WTO System”, funded by Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, 2003-07. IIM Kozhikode (India). 3) Project Coordinator (joint) (part): “State Development Report Kerala (India)”, Planning Commission of India, 2003-05. IIM Kozhikode (India). 4) Joint Project: “Improvement in Corporate Culture: Improving Human Resource & Preparing a Vulnerability To Corruption Analysis”, sponsored by Trade Tax Department of Uttar Pradesh province, India, 2001-03. IIM Lucknow (India). 5) Project Coordinator: “Quality of Health Delivery Systems: A Case on the Customer Orientation of Primary Health Centres”, sponsored by Training Division, Department of Personnel & Training, Government of India, 2000-02. IIM Lucknow (India). 13. Organizing National Seminars/Conferences (a) Conference Chair, International Conference on “WTO, India & Trade Strategy”, 26-27 December, 2008, I.I.M Kozhikode (b) Convener of Organizing Committee, National Seminar on “WTO, India & Emerging Areas of Trade”, 21-22 April, 2006, I.I.M Kozhikode (c) Coordinator (Joint), Seminar on “Issues in Rural Telecom Infrastructure Development in India”, 18 April, 2000, New Delhi, Sponsored by several leading public & private sector companies in Telecom industry (d) Organizing Committee Member 5
  6. 6. i) Annual Convention of Strategic Management Forum of India, May 2006, I.I.M Kozhikode (India) ii) Conference on “Global Competitiveness”, March 2006, I.I.M Kozhikode (India) iii) National Seminar “Sustainable Developmental Strategy for India”, 1993, J.N College, Pasighat (India) 14. Speaker in Symposia/Workshops/Conferences/Seminars 1) Memorial Lecture on “Global Economic Meltdown and Strategies for India to Withstand Its Impact”, January 2, 2009, SNGIST Paravur, India. 2) Chief Guest & Keynote Speaker on “Monetary-Financial Sector Policies & the Global Financial Crisis”, in the National Seminar on “Indian Financial System & Monetary Policy under Financial Globalization”, November 13, 2008, NMSM College Kalpetta, India 3) Invited Speaker on “Future of Global Economy & Financial Markets”, in the Sales Executive Meet, ICICI Prudential Ltd., October 18, 2008, Calicut, India. 4) Special workshop on “WTO System, Global Competition & Indian Strategies”, March 7, 2008, KSR Business School, Thiruchengode, India 5) Key Speaker, Workshop on “Professional Management in Handloom Cooperatives”, March 5, 2008, ICON, Kannur, India 6) Session Chair & Invited Speaker on “IPR Protection of Traditional Skills & Knowledge under Geographical Indications Act: Benefits & Nuances”, GI Sensitization Workshop, February 6, 2008, Textiles Committee, Government of India & Directorate of Handloom & Textiles, Government of Kerala, Trivandrum, India 7) Key Speaker, Workshop on “New Nuances of WTO”, MSME Development Institute (Trichur), Government of India & School of Management Studies, University of Calicut, March 24, 2008, Calicut, India 8) Special seminar ‘WTO & Global Economy’, Economics Division, Lulea University of Technology, Lulea, Sweden, May 28, 2007 9) Represented IIM Kozhikode: Third Round Table, Quebec-India Research & Educational Partnerships (attended by Quebec Premier), Government of Canada & Shastri Indo- Canadian Institute, Mumbai, India, 20 January, 2006. 10) Session Chair: Session ‘Healthcare and Marketing’, International Conference on “Marketing and Society”, I.I.M Kozhikode, 9-10 April, 2007 11) Invited speaker: “WTO and Developing Nations”, at the National Seminar on “Global Convergence of Commercial Education”, August 30-31, 2006, University of Calicut & Institute of Chartered Accountants of India 12) Session Chair, “WTO, India & Emerging Areas of Trade”, National Seminar, I.I.M Kozhikode, 21-22 April, 2006 13) Panel Chair, Panel Discussion on “Strategies for New Business Environment”, National Conference on New Business Environment, “ecomNet”, May 27, 2006, Cochin, India 6
  7. 7. 14) Invited Speaker: Paper “Future Industrial Progress of Kerala: Imperatives”, in National Seminar “Kerala Economy: Challenges Ahead”, NAS College Kanhangad, Kerala, India, 16-17 January, 2006. 15) Session Chair: Session ‘Capital Mobility, International Trade’, International Conference on ‘Globalization and Economic Asymmetries’, 15-17 December 2005, IIM Kozhikode (India) & The Athenian Policy Forum Inc 16) Session Chair: Workshop for the Review of Draft Chapters of ‘State Development Report Kerala (India)’, April 18-19, 2005, Centre for Development Studies, Trivandrum, India. Chaired a session of 10 presentations. 17) Session Chair: Session ‘Brand Extension Strategies in Indian Market’, National Seminar on ‘Building Brands in Indian Market’, 13-14 December 2003, IIM Kozhikode, India. 18) Participant: Second Strategic Management Forum of India WTO Seminar, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade New Delhi, February/March 2002 19) Participant: “WIPO Asia Pacific Symposium on Emerging Issues of Copyright Protection in the Digital Environment”, October 13-15, 2004. New Delhi I.I.M Kozhikode June 4, 2009 7