Department of Information Management
● Undergraduate Program
○ 2-year Program
● Master Degree Pro...
and applications emphasizes on how to efficiently use information technology (IT) and
how to reach IT-based solutions for ...
Business Data          Relationship and         Games        E-Business Research
              Communication           S...
Pattern Recognition
                                                            Privacy Preserving Data Mining
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Organization of National University of Kaohsiung


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Organization of National University of Kaohsiung

  1. 1. Department of Information Management ● Undergraduate Program ○ 2-year Program ● Master Degree Program ○ In-service Master Program ○ Ph.D. Degree Program Development Characteristics The Department of Information Management (IM) was established in 2002. As one of the departments of College of Management in National University of Kaohsiung (NUK), it enrolls a class for undergraduate and graduate program at this stage and will provide Ph.D. program in the near future. Because NUK will be planning to establish a comprehensive university that combines local industries in many fields, the IM department provides both theoretical and practical training in the field of information and knowledge management to cope with international developing trend in the same area. It has been seen that most universities in Taiwan serve for information management department. However, with the increasing need of centurial construction of Asia Pacific trade center, the development of science-based industry parks, as well as software development parks, in southern Taiwan becomes more and more urgent, particularly for the field of information and knowledge management. The establishment of the IM department is offering the southern Taiwan both training programs and research manpower to help in country’s economic development. To realize the blueprint and plan on the key points of future development in the southern Taiwan, particularly in Kaohsiung area, goals are set as follows: To provide advanced informational technology as well as knowledge technology for both enterprises and the government to help achieve effective and efficient management. To provide a global view of process reengineering for the development of both computerized and knowledge-based society. To provide a research forum for the improvement of information and knowledge management, e-commerce, and information systems. To match the government’s policy and southern Taiwan development trend for the training of specialists in the field of information and knowledge management. Besides, the IM department emphasizes the business administration, the software- hardware systematic planning, and the applications of Internet technology. It demands “economicalization,” “time-saving,” “people-saving” and “operation-saving” overall validity. Moreover, information management used in various domains, such as strategic information systems, logistics automation systems, knowledge management systems, service industry management, and financial strategy systems, is also a prominent development direction. For the curriculum design, the IM department covers general information management courses as well as information systems. For the practicum curriculum, the department centers on three facets, including information management and applications, e-commerce, and information systems. The information management 1
  2. 2. and applications emphasizes on how to efficiently use information technology (IT) and how to reach IT-based solutions for problems faced by organizations. Main components for this area are informational systematic planning, information economy, organizational information systems, strategic management, industrial competition, business reengineering, and diagnostics of industrial organizations. The e-commerce covers mainly buying systems, personalized service systems, ordering management systems, accounting management systems, and on-line credit cards systems. The information systems concentrate on the improvement of information systems, by studying artificial intelligence, expert systems, quantitative methods, and knowledge engineering. These are used to support the development of both information management and applications and e- commerce. Postgraduate Opportunities  Advanced Degree Study Graduates may choose to pursue an advanced degree program in Taiwan or abroad.  Career Opportunities Graduates may work as a software designer, system engineer, web designer, web administrator, database administrator, system designer, project manager, etc. Future Outlook With the construction of the Asia-Pacific trade center and science and software industry parks in southern Taiwan, the demand for specialists in information management is growing exponentially. Based on Taiwan’s economic and development needs, the Department strives to be a leading institution in providing skilled personnel in information management. Courses Offering Compulsory Courses Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior Master Introduction to Object- Electronic Commerce Project Information Computer Oriented Management Development(2 Management Accounting(1)(2) Programming Information Systems ) Seminar for Principles of Statistics(2) Project Management Information Computer Management Economics(1)(2) Project Calculus Networks Issues(1)(2)(3)(4) Development(1) Business Data Structures Operating Systems Research Management Web Pages Operations Research Methodology(1)(2) Program Design(1) Programming Introduction to Systems Information Statistics (I) Analysis and Technology Introduction to Information Design Thesis(1)(2) Management Database Management Elective Courses Freshma Sophomore Junior Senior Master n Marketing Introduction to Advanced Information Technology and Management Knowledge Database Corporate Strategy The Psychology of Management Management Electronic Commerce the Internet Customer Digital Research 2
  3. 3. Business Data Relationship and Games E-Business Research Communication Service Management Design Information Retrieval Discrete Mathematics Network Security Web Service Quality Supply Chain Management Consumer Management in Information Management Human- Computer Behavior Advance Network Organizational Interaction Management Behavior Intelligent Systems Advanced Database Internet Marketing Information ethics Management Practice and laws Web Consumer Behavior Network Programming Supply Chain Management Data Mining and Case Study Mobile Business Theories Used in Information Management Human Resource Research Management Knowledge Management Research Knowledge Engineering Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Neural Networks Network Security Information Ethics Research Mobile Commerce Research Case Studies in Information Management Research Pattern Recognition Artificial Intelligence Text Mining Positive Psychology Research Machine Learning Web Intelligence and Advanced Web Techniques Remarks: Minimum number of credits for graduation: 135 (Undergraduate); 37 (Graduate) Faculty Profiles Title Name Education Specialty Information Service Quality Ph D. in Industrial Management Professor & Ying-Feng Kuo Engineering, University of Managerial Decision Chairman Texas at Arlington, USA Internet Consumer's Behavior Ph D. in Systems Science and Knowledge Engineering Industrial Engineering, State Knowledge Management Professor Chien-Hsing Wu University of New York at Binghamton, USA Information Management Ph D. in Industrial E-Commerce Professor Yu-Hui Tao Engineering, Ohio State Distance Learning University, USA Human-Computer Interaction Associate Hsin-Chang Ph. D. in Computer Science Text Mining Professor Yang and Information Engineering, Knowledge Discovery Information National Taiwan University Retrieval Neural Networks 3
  4. 4. Pattern Recognition Privacy Preserving Data Mining Associate Shyue-Liang Ph.D. in SUNY at Stony Soft Computing Professor Wang Brook, USA Information Security Investment Modeling E-Commerce PhD. in Project Management, Business Intelligence Assistant Chian-Hsueng Northwestern University, Supply Chain Management Professor Chao USA Enterprise Resource Planning Ph D. in Information Information Ethics Assistant Cathy Hsing-Tzu E- Commerce Management, National Sun Professor Lin Management Information Systems Yat-Sen University, Taiwan Knowledge Management Ph D. in Information Computer Network Assistant Hai-Wei Hsiao Management, National Sun Network Management Professor Yat-Sen University, Taiwan Network Security Knowledge Management Ph.D. in Information Online Marketing Assistant Shu-Chen Yang Management, National Social Capital & Org.Behavior Professor Central University, Taiwan E-Business Web Technologies and Web Intelligence Data Mining and Web Mining Assistant Ph.D. in Computer Science, Computer Game Design and AI for I-Hsien Ting Games Professor The University of York, UK Social Networking E-commerce Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 4