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  1. 1. -NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED- NOTTINGHAMSHIRE POLICE JOB DESCRIPTION Job title: Strategic Support Officer Department/Location: HQ Corporate Development Responsible to: Strategic Support Manager Date: 17 October 2007 Library no./HMIC classification: JOB PURPOSE To support the Strategic Support Manager provide expertise and advice on strategic and corporate planning, to ensure effective and efficient systems deliver the objectives of the Strategic Support Section and drive the vision and strategic aims of Nottinghamshire Police. To support the development of the vision and underpinning change programme, facilitating the co-ordination of work stream activities, advising and assisting project managers and work stream leads in the preparation and management of their areas of responsibility through the supporting systems and processes, to ensure that strategic assessments can be conducted and facilitate benefits realisation and prioritisation. To have key responsibility for programme managing and co-ordinating Business Continuity Management for the force, ensuring that all plans are regularly tested and maintained, and that internal and external customer service delivery is effectively managed in the event of a critical incident. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES 1. Participate in the organisation’s Performance Development Review (PDR) process and take responsibility for identifying your own professional and career development needs. 2. To support the Strategic Support Manager develop and deliver the: • Strategic Management Framework (described in ‘Being in Command’); and • Corporate Business Planning Cycle. Ensure that (in liaison with the Deputy Chief Constable and Head of Corporate Development) these planning processes are reviewed in line with national and local developments, in line with the force strategies and policies. Page 1 of 6 Not Protectively Marked
  2. 2. -NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED- 3 To project manage the development of the strategic plans and reports which include: • The Local Policing Plan. • 3 Year Strategy; and • Annual report (using the Baseline self assessment and inspection reports as a source of information) to enable the Information and Publications Manager (Corporate Communications Section) to produce high quality publications in line with local, Police Authority and Home Office requirements. Co-ordinate, facilitate and prepare the information required from collection to production. 4 In liaison with the Strategic Support Manager, support the co-ordination of the strategic planning arrangements through conference organising of the quarterly Strategic Business Review meetings (SBR), ensuring delegate lists, agendas, supporting materials, presentations and practical arrangements are catered for. 5 To assist with the development, co-ordination and role out of corporate planning, providing support, advice and guidance to Heads of Departments and Divisions on the requirements of their local plans to align to the Local Policing Plan. 6. To support the Strategic Support Manager in the development of the Force Delivery Plan, which will identify key themes and issues from strategic assessments, which will feed into the Strategic Budget process and the Corporate Planning Cycle. 7. To support and facilitate the interdependency information for the force, ensuring collation of the identification of interdependencies from the work stream areas, projects and other related evidential findings from external and internal audits. 8. To support the Strategic Support Manager by leading and pro-actively programme managing and co-ordinating Business Continuity Management for the force: • Identifying the force’s need to understand the organisational critical functions. • Co-ordinate and assess business continuity plans, which will be regularly tested and maintained; and • That learning and awareness needs are identified together with meeting review and maintenance of improvements to the supporting systems. Which will ensure that internal and external customer service delivery is effectively managed. 9. To support managers in the development of business proposals and the presentation of business cases for project initiatives to support the force’s vision. 10. In the absence of the Strategic Support Manager attend meetings as required to provide support with the relevant information and update of Page 2 of 6 Not Protectively Marked
  3. 3. -NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED- actions, collate opportunities to develop work areas and updates to the corporate planning and financial planning processes. 11. Provide support, guidance and advice to Heads of Divisions and Departments on any aspect of the planning process or the associated tasks, attending meetings as required and establishing and maintaining a network of contacts within other forces, to identify key benchmarking and best practice to opportunities. 12. Prepare papers on strategic issues for the Strategic Support Manager, Head of Corporate Development, Police Authority and scrutineers as required. DIMENSIONS Sphere of activity: The impact of this role is force-wide and the post-holder will also be expected to develop constructive working relationships and communication links with the Chief Officer Team, colleagues across the Corporate Development Department and the organisation, the Police Authority and partners in relation to key aspects of strategic risk management and support. Other: There will be occasions when the post holder will be required to work independently and be capable of using their initiative to anticipate and respond to external and internal demands. ACCOUNTABILITY Prepared by Karen Sleigh, Strategic Support Manager Signature ___________________________________Date: 17 October 2007 Page 3 of 6 Not Protectively Marked
  4. 4. -NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED- NOTTINGHAMSHIRE POLICE PERSON SPECIFICATION Job Title: Strategic Support Officer Department: HQ Corporate Development Date: 17 October 2007 Library no: Method of Assessment Codes: AF - Application Form JRT - Job Related Test I - Interview CRITERIA METHOD OF ASSESSMENT KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE Be able to demonstrate the following knowledge and experience of: • Likely to have at least 2 years working in corporate AF / I planning, business planning, programme or project planning environments. • Key processes of monitoring assessments, financial AF / I / JRT monitoring, and risk assessment. • Business continuity management. AF / I • Programme and project planning. AF / I / JRT • Interrogating complex information and identifying AF / I relationships. • Windows based software including Word, Excel and AF / I / JRT Access at an advanced level. AF • Awareness of public sector performance assessment frameworks. EDUCATION/QUALIFICATION The post holder will have either a degree (or equivalent AF professional qualification) or have previous experience in a relevant specialist field (as described above). SKILLS AND ABILITIES Be able to demonstrate the following skills: •Being highly motivated and able to develop a co- AF / I operative working relationship with others. • To understand and grasp new ideas and concepts, AF / I Page 4 of 6 Not Protectively Marked
  5. 5. -NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED- and to assess their strategic value and practical implications. • Ability to work under pressure and to meet tight AF / I / JRT deadlines. • To communicate clearly and concisely, both verbally AF / I / JRT and in writing to all levels of the organisation and externally to outside agencies and partners. • Demonstrate innovation and originality in response AF / I to problems, be flexible when considering a course of action and have the ability to explore alternatives, identifying strengths and weaknesses. • Ability to conduct research and analysis to produce AF complex management reports. OTHER Must be committed to Customer Care. AF / I Must be committed to Equal Opportunities and possess a AF / I positive and sensitive approach to Police/Community relations. Must be willing to be flexible with working hours and AF / I location on occasions to meet deadlines or work demands. Must have a current driving licence or have the ability to AF / I travel to locations within the county and nationally for business purposes. ACCOUNTABILITY Prepared by Strategic Support Manager, Karen Sleigh. Signature ___________________________________Date: 17 October 2007 Page 5 of 6 Not Protectively Marked
  6. 6. -NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED- CORPORATE DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT STRATEGIC SUPPORT S t r a te g ic S u p p o r t M a n a g e r C o m m i t t e e A d m i n is t r a t o r S t r a t e g ic S u p p o r t O f f ic e r E n v ir o n m e n t a l S c a n n e r / R is k M a n a g e m e n t O f f ic e r Page 6 of 6 Not Protectively Marked