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  1. 1. The Bennington Training and Management Tools Index William Bennington has developed more than 150 useful management tools designed to solve problems and create leverage within non-profit organizations. Following is a description of each of the documents available for purchase individually, by subject area or as a complete set. Topics include: Strategic Planning, Board Development, Board Performance Improvement, Board Committee Management, Board Meeting Performance Improvement, Tips for Executive Directors and Board Chairs, Fundraising, Public Relations and Selling, Agency Administration, Succession Planning, Financial Management and Volunteerism. Strategic Planning Tools Document Document Description # of How Document Is Used Type Of File File Name Cost Per Pages Document Name Sample Generic This useful form provides a comprehensive 12 This Plan Sample provides a useful point of Word Sample $50.00 Non-Profit overview of an organizational strategic plan reference for the planning team by providing Completed Strategic Plan presented in the Institute format. examples of goals, strategies, and action Strategic Plan steps as well as examples of organizational values statements Completely filled in, this plan contains sections on Mission and Vision, Values Statements for religious or secular organizations, the organizational Strategic Plan, and Tactical Planning Sections on board development, client/capacity building, fundraising/development, PR/volunteerism, program and organization/administration.
  2. 2. Strategic Planning Continued Strategic Plan This file serves as the template for the 17 Information from the organizational strategic Word Strategic $20.00 Blank Master organizational strategic plan. All of the forms are planning meetings is transferred to the Planning Form set up for ease of use. To begin work on your template and then shared with the full group Template plan, open the file in your word processing as well as teams or committees in charge of program, place the cursor at the data entry point tactical planning for each section of the plan. and begin typing. Annual This is a spreadsheet file that contains the 2 A handy reference tool, this chart is designed Excel ANNUAL $10.00 Compounding information necessary to “play what ifs” in terms to provide the exact estimate rather than a COMPOUNDIN Chart of making projections related to plan elements. ballpark number. Easy to use manually (with G CHART For example, if you would like to know how a calculator) and a breeze on a laptop. On many names you would have on your donor the computer, all calculations are made base in six years at an annual growth rate of automatically using Excel. (This document 4%, a simple calculation by hand or the entry of will not open unless a spreadsheet program a base number on the computer will produce the is running.) answer within micro seconds 10 Musts for This one-page guide should be shared with 1 This guide is shared with all planning team Word 10 Musts for $10.00 Planning to everyone on the board and staff at the outset of participants as well as the full board and key Planning to Succeed the planning process. It lists the most common staff members at the outset of the planning Succeed reasons why organizational planning often process. It provides both useful tips as well leaves participants wondering why they took as a third-party recommendation for part in the process. (004PD) addressing barriers to planning. Values A worksheet for group development of 1 Each member of the planning team lists the Word Values $5.00 Development organizational values, this handy form reduces main organizational value from his/her Development Worksheet the time a group takes to develop alternatives. perspective on the “In everything…” line, Worksheet selects appropriate action areas such as “Caring” and the lists how this value will be carried out under the column marked “By.” See Strategic Plan Sample for ideas. Monthly This is a spreadsheet file that allows you “play 2 A handy reference tool, this chart is designed Excel MONTHLY $10.00 Compounding what ifs” in terms of making projections related to provide the exact estimate rather than a COMPOUNDIN Chart to plan elements. For example, if you would like ballpark number. Easy to use manually (with G CHART to know how many names you would have on a calculator) and a breeze on a laptop. On your donor base in six months at a compound the computer, all calculations are made growth rate of 4%, a simple entry of a base automatically. number on the spread sheet will produce the answer within seconds General Non- This planning survey outline provides a 8 The planning survey is carried out in Word General Non- $10.00 Profit Agency convenient guide to the process of surveying conjunction with the annual planning Profit Agency Planning Survey board and staff as part of the strategic planning process. Board and staff are asked to Planning process. Open-ended questions assure that provide confidential responses to open- Survey this confidential survey will surface issues, ended questions. Similar responses are suppressed conflict and other organizational grouped and weighted according to a key on surprises. A great tool for focusing on barriers, the right side of the form with higher-priority strategies and organizational needs. responses receiving higher scores.
  3. 3. Strategic Planning Continued Departmental Make strategic planning at the departmental or 1 Each unit, department and/or board Word Departmental $5.00 Tactical Planning unit level a snap with this form. Links directly committee is asked to complete this easy-to- Tactical Guide with key goal areas in the overall organizational use planning form once key organizational Planning plan. Also aids in budgeting and financial goals have been developed. The Guide projections. unit/departmental/committee plans are generally limited to a single page. Evaluating An excellent tool for providing novice planners 4 This is an excellent teaching tool as well as a Word Evaluating $5.00 Alternatives with an understanding of the alternatives basic alternatives and decision-making kit. Alternatives analysis and decision-making process. Two Easy to follow instruction will put planners examples illustrate how a planning group into the realm of informed decision making in selected the most appropriate alternatives from a matter of minutes. among the same choices related to two different needs. Analysis of A slightly more sophisticated variation of the 2 After the brainstorming process leads to a Word Analysis of $5.00 Alternatives previous analysis matrix, this form guides the multiplicity of choices this form will aid the Alternatives planner through the prioritizing of alternatives planning group in determining the best keyed to major elements of the organization’s among the ideas. Use of this type of mission, vision and principal objectives. analysis frequently leads planners to the discovery of approaches not initially considered. Analysis Matrix Still another variation on the alternatives 2 After the brainstorming process leads to a Word Analysis $5.00 analysis matrix approach, this matrix permits the multiplicity of choices this form will aid the Matrix weighing of alternatives using up to 11 criteria. planning group in determining the best among the ideas. Use of this type of analysis frequently leads planners to the discovery of approaches not initially considered. Staffing Staffing requirements are often the greatest 1 Each department of area of the organization Word Staffing $5.00 Projection driver of organizational expenses and equally, is asked to project its future staffing needs on Projection are frequently overlooked by planners. This this form as well as to list the reasons why the five-year summary of staffing needs links to additions or reductions are needed. other staffing projection documents on this disk. Information is consolidated and furnished to the strategic planning team and board fundraising committee to assist in their projection process. Team Goal This guide is useful in conducting a reality check 1 The goal sheet is filled out by members of a Word Team Goal $5.00 Assessment on the likelihood of goals being achieved. committee, team or board as an indication of Assessment Tool there perception of the likelihood that goals Tool will be achieved in a one, two and three year period. The tool is useful for determining areas where there is concern and areas where team confidence in the target outcome is low. From Problem Twelve tips for handling planning related 1 Designed for the planning process leader, this Word From $5.00 Identification to problem solving and moving your group to document addresses the major barriers Problem Consensus consensus. related to achieving consensus around Identification planning issues. to Consensus
  4. 4. Strategic Planning Continued Goal Progress Once your plan is in good shape, you can use 1 List your key goals or targets and use this Excel Goal Progress $5.00 Monitor this tool to easily track progress against goals easy to follow color coded form for reporting. Monitor for faster, more focused discussion at board Those responsible indicate the status of the meetings. goal prior to the meeting and discussion is then focused on problem areas. You’ve Instructions for implementing your plan. 4 This guide provides the answer to the Word Youve $5.00 Completed Your question “What do we do now that we have Completed Plan, Now the plan?” Provides an easy to follow and Your Plan, What? graphic guide to post planning process Now What Decision An easy to use spread sheet to help planners 1 Develop the criteria for a good decision and Excel Decision $5.00 Analysis Tool determine the best alternative or choices from a relate the alternatives against the criteria. Analysis Tool group of elements being considered. This tool takes a lot of the guesswork out of decision making.
  5. 5. Board Development Document Document Description # of How Document Is Used Type Of File File Name Cost Per Pages Document Name Responsibilities The Institute faculty has trained and consulted 2 The board as a group should determine the Word Board $5.00 of Individual with more than 5,500 non-profit organizations appropriate roles and responsibilities for the Documents Board Members over the past 20 years. Virtually all of these organization and then formally adopt them. organizations have expressed a desire for their This tool serves as a guide for that process. board to perform better in some area. This New prospects are told up front that the guide outlines the 15 most critical expectations for board members are and the responsibilities of board members. full board reviews the approved roles and responsibilities at the annual board retreat. Board Member If your organization is not taking the time to 1 These tips include the important aspects of Word Board $5.00 Orientation Tips orient new members as well as to reorient the your business with which every board Orientation old guard, chances are the whole group is member should be familiar. Tips somewhat disoriented. Board Member Provide your board members with a set of 1 Choose some from column A and some from Word Board $5.00 Manual current reference materials using this board Column B to suit your organizational appetite. Member member manual outline as a guide. Manual Board Member Ethics goes well beyond the mere payment of 2 Be sure that once adopted, every member Word Board $5.00 Code of Ethics taxes due. Align your leadership behind a “code signs annually. Code should be revisited Member of conduct” that makes sense for a host of once a year as well. Code of reasons. Ethics Conflict of Draft copy of a standard conflict of interest 3 A simple search and replace (with your Word Conflict of $10.00 Interest Policy policy to guide board and staff. organization’s name) and you have a ready- Interest made conflict of interest policy for your Policy organization. Setting Up an What do you do with the valuable board 2 Included in this brief guide is language that Word Setting Up $2.00 Emeritus Board members who must rotate off your board due to can be used in your by-laws to establish the an Emeritus term limits? This document provides guidance group as well as a listing of its roles and Board for establishing a formal group made up of responsibilities. these distinguished individuals. Advisory Board If you have or are thinking about appointing an 1 Use it to brief advisory board members as Word Advisory $5.00 Roles and advisory board, this list of roles and well. Board Roles Responsibilities responsibilities will be helpful in structuring the and body. Responsibilit ies Draft Board Ensure that your new board members fully 2 Developed by Bohse & Associates, this tool is Word Draft Board $5.00 Member understand their expected role with this easy to a must for boards that are experiencing poor Member Agreement administer agreement. performance or whose members do not Agreement understand their expected role.
  6. 6. Board Development Continued Document Document Description # of How Document Is Used Type Of File File Name Cost Per Pages Document Name Resource Board A resource board is a voluntary group of 1 Ensure that your resource board members Word Resource $2.00 Roles and individuals recruited to raise the leadership clout understand their expected role. Board Roles Responsibilities of an organization (or one of its programs). and Unlike the members of a governing board who Responsibilit serve as fiduciaries and policy-makers, the ies members of a resource board or committee do not typically serve as decision or policy makers. Two-Tier Board For some organizations, a two-tier board 1 Follow the instructions on the sheet and use Word Two-Tier $2.00 Planning Sheet organization is appropriate. This type of board this tool to see what your expanded two-tier Board organization is often appealing to organizations organization might look like and who might fill Planning guided by strict philosophical principles or those the key positions. Sheet requiring a larger board organization to sustain the viability of the organization. Basic A quick overview of what non-profit-boards are 1 A guide to help explain the role of non-profit Word Basic No Charge Responsibilities responsible for. boards to the uninitiated or first-time board Responsibilit of Non-Profit member. Should be a part of every ies of Non- Boards orientation packet. Profit Boards Statistics on the Ever wonder how your board stacks up to the 1 Word Board No Charge Typical non- national averages? Here’s your answer. Statistics Profit Board Board Performance Improvement Board Issues Use this tool to determine which board issues to 2 This spreadsheet enables organizations to Excel Board $5.00 Analysis Form tackle first. rank the problems they are experiencing with Issues the board governance process against critical Analysis success factors. Form Quick Board Use this tool to make an overview assessment 2 Board development committee or group (or Word Quick Board $10.00 Analysis Matrix of your board. Contains elements of board nominating committee) along with executive Assessment process and management that are focused on director, reviews the document and circles by grant makers. most appropriate answer. Areas in need of “fix” become immediately apparent. Quick In a matter of minutes, assess the relative 1 Simply assess your organization’s status in Excel Quick $10.00 Organizational health of your organization based on a baker’s each of 13 categories to gain an Word Organizational Analysis Matrix dozen critical agency “wellness” factors. understanding of what areas need attention. Analysis Matrix The calculations are done automatically in Excel. Board Resource/ Another of several board evaluation tools used 4 The board analysis team (not the full board) Word Board $10.00 Balance with more than 2,500 non-profit organizations, completes this document and reviews the Excel Documents Evaluation Matrix this matrix creates an overview of the board’s complexion of the board for imbalance, open makeup focusing on age, gender, ethnic areas of need and over extension (having too background, expertise, profession and board many jobs as a board member). leadership and committee participation.
  7. 7. Board Performance Improvement Continued Document Document Description # of How Document Is Used Type Of File File Name Cost Per Pages Document Name Individual Board This tool enables leadership to determine which 2 Analysis team completes this evaluation and Word Board $10.00 Member board members are pulling their weight and keeps individual scores confidential. Overall Excel Documents Performance which are waiting to pull. Provides picture of performance scores may be shared with full Evaluation Matrix overall board performance in 12 critical areas. board. Individual results are useful in making board re-nomination decisions. Board Evaluation See how well your current board is positioned to 2 This evaluation tool is helpful in determining Word Board $10.00 Matrix vis-à-vis tackle the needs of the organization next year how apt each board member will be to Excel Documents Key Agency and beyond. Link your board analysis to future contribute to achievement of specific goals Issues needs and determine your best prospects. and who well the full board is positioned overall. Board Process Survey your full board and learn how each 2 Board members are asked to score 11 critical Word Board $10.00 Evaluation Matrix member feels about the process of conducting areas of process from their own point of view. Excel Documents board business. An excellent tool for improving Consolidated scores indicate what areas are board performance, attendance and in need of “repair” and what members are effectiveness. dissatisfied with workings of the board. Prospective Once the board evaluations have been 2 A “Must Have” for every nominating Word Board $10.00 Board Member completed, the results will provide a clear committee, this form guides you to the most Excel Documents Evaluation Matrix indication of where adjustments need to be desirable of the prospects you have identified. made. Using the criteria that emerged through the evaluation process, this tool provides a means of rating new board prospects. Board Analysis After completing the evaluations what next? 9 Keyed to each of the tools, this summary and Word Board $50.00 Summary and This document has the answers to the issues recommendations explains the implications Documents Recommend- raised in the board evaluation tools above. related to each problem, offers suggestions, ations ranks the problem areas in terms of relative importance and generally takes the mystery out of improving board process, procedures and performance. Board Evolution This useful spreadsheet puts logic into board 1 This spreadsheet is useful in determining the Excel Board $10.00 Planner planning by projecting attrition, movement of rate of attrition for a board wishing to change Evolution board members to advisory or resource board. its character. It is also a useful tool in helping Planner to focus on the development of the total board organization. Assessing Your Quickly analyze where your board stands 1 This spreadsheet requires just minutes to Excel Assessing $5.00 Board’s Financial against its obligations for ensuring the financial analyze your overall financial strength quotient Your Strength viability of your organization. and to show those areas in need of shoring Board’s up. Easy to use and requires no knowledge Financial of Excel. Simply open the document, enter Strength your ratings and see where you are strong or weak. Board Analysis A compilation of several of the above tools for Word Board $5.00 Tool Set use by those unfamiliar with Excel. Analysis Tool Set
  8. 8. Board Performance Improvement Continued Document Document Description # of How Document Is Used Type Of File File Name Cost Per Pages Document Name Board This tool enables you to evaluate board member 2 The instructions for using this tool are Excel Board $5.00 Succession prospects you are considering against a set of included in the document. List the names and Succession Planning and recruiting criteria. It also permits you to see rank the individuals against the criteria and Planning Prospect how your current board stacks up against the you are on your way to better understanding and Evaluation Matrix skills you need at the board table. your board strengths and weaknesses. Prospect Evaluation Board Skills Easily gather the information that outlines the 2 Collect information on your board that will be Word Board Skills $5.00 Profile skills of your board members. of value to your nominating committee and Profile your chair in making committee assignments. Board Committee Management Draft Committee Operate your board committees to provisions 4 This readily adaptable Committee Charter can Word Draft $10.00 Charter outlined in a committee charter. be used by organizations to strengthen their Committee committee process and to make operating Charter committee more effective in carrying out their responsibilities Committee Questions about what committee is responsible 3 Outlines typical responsibilities for committees Word Committee $2.00 Responsibilities for what, look here. and committee chairs. Responsibiliti es Committee Determine how well your committee is carrying 3 Committee members are surveyed, Word Committee $10.00 Performance out its responsibilities and how committee responses summarized and areas needing Evaluation Evaluation Tools members view the group’s working process. corrective action are highlighted. Tools Committee Tired of the “dueling banjoes” as committee 1 Monthly committee reports are circulated with Word Committee $5.00 Report Template chairs try to outdo one another with their meeting agendas and only items of material Report reports. Use this simple form to take the import or questions are discussed at the Template verbiage out of your meetings. meeting. Committee A simple scorecard for illustrating over time how 1 A good tool to encourage committee chairs to Word Committee $5.00 Meeting Tracking often committee are meeting. keep their committees active and engaged. Meeting Report Shows who’s meeting and who is not. Tracking Report Board Meeting Performance Improvement An Efficient Improve the “production” at your board meetings 1 This list of suggestions helps focus boards on Word Board $5.00 Board Meeting by following these 10 tips. most important tasks. (May not be Documents Agenda appropriate for national or regional boards that meet infrequently.) Tips for Several ideas for reducing the length of board 1 Provides a dozen proven approaches for Word Tips for $5.00 Shortening meetings. reducing the time spent at the board table and Shortening Board Meetings for streamlining your board process. Board Meetings Board Meeting Performance Improvement Continued
  9. 9. Document Document Description # of How Document Is Used Type Of File File Name Cost Per Pages Document Name Tips for Running If you have ever been frustrated by a board or 1 Make the approval of these norms a part of Word Tips for $5.00 More Effective committee that marinates in minutia, use this your next meeting agenda and see Running Meetings easy-to-follow guide to empower your leader improvement immediately. More and to make it clear what his/her (and your) Effective responsibilities are. Meetings Tips for Making 10 Tips for getting more mileage out of your 1 If you do nothing else, start your meetings on Word Tips for $5.00 Your Meeting committee and board meetings. time and end them on time and don’t forget Making Your Agenda Work point number 5. Meeting Agenda Work Board Meeting A sure-fire tool for improving board attendance. 1 Filled out in pen, copied and attached to Word Board $5.00 Attendance Rolling summary of who was and was not at monthly minutes, everyone on the board sees Documents Report meetings provides 12-month snapshot of who’s a running total of their participation. involved and who the couch potatoes are. Guaranteed to increase board attendance -- or to create some needed attrition. Sample Board Put more “meat” into your annual board get- 1 The annual retreat is usually the kickoff of the Word Board $5.00 Retreat Agenda together with this agenda. annual planning process. This example may Documents not be suitable for all retreat situations. Two Day Retreat Better plan your next weekend board retreat. 2 A handy agenda for a two-day board retreat Word Two Day $5.00 Outline that guides you in getting the most out of your Retreat time invested. Outline Strategies for Every sandbox has one rapscallion that turns 1 A simple reminder for leaders as well as Word Strategies $5.00 Countering castle building into grains on the pillow. Follow followers. for Disruptive Group these 21 tips and find harmony just around the Countering Behavior corner. Disruptive Group Behavior Meeting End the 20 minutes wasted discussing the best 1 Useful in any group situation where the best Word Meeting $5.00 Planning/Conflict time for the next meeting with this form. Each time to meet is an issue. The form is Planning/Co Resolution Chart member indicates the two or three best times to circulated from member to member and if a nflict meet and the area receiving the most indicators clear indication does not emerge on the first Resolution is the best bet. pass send it around again. If it still does not Chart work, toss a coin or let the chair decide. Board Meeting Streamline to process of setting agendas and 2 Convert your agenda document to minutes Word Board $5.00 Agenda/Minutes reporting on results with this template. with a few key strokes and then add in the Meeting Templates discussion and decision points from the Agenda/ meetings. Format usually takes length and Minutes complexity out of meeting minutes. Template
  10. 10. Board Meeting Performance Improvement Continued Document Document Description # of How Document Is Used Type Of File File Name Cost Per Pages Document Name Conducting an If you are a chair who is having trouble reigning 1 These tips for more effective meeting conduct Word Roberts No Charge Effective Meeting in your horses, invite Robert. are a consolidation of Robert’s Rules. Rules Condensed Version Tips for Another leadership tool, this for offers several 1 A reminder for chairs as well as participants. Word Tips for $10.00 Overcoming suggestions for dealing with commonly Overcoming Board Problems encountered problems. Board Problems Board Chairs and Executive Directors Tips and Tools Executive If you are an executive director or wish to be, 1 A few minutes of contemplation using this Word Executive $5.00 Director this quick assessment will indicate areas of guide can pinpoint areas of development Director Leadership Test needed improvement in terms of leadership. needed to improve your leadership skills. Leadership Test Personal Use this tool to assess your behaviors against 2 This tool will provide you with a personal Word Personal $5.00 Success 64 success factors. success quotient as well as solid clues for Success Assessment areas where you need to change behaviors to Assessment succeed. Board/Executive If you’re an organization or an individual who is 2 Each of the parties fills in his/her perceived Word Board/Execu $5.00 Director Conflict frustrated because the executive director is responsibility(ies) next to each item (or others tive Director Resolution Tool exercising too much authority or the board is that you may add) and the two sets of Conflict meddling in staff affairs, this tool may be just the answers are pasted together. Areas of Resolver prescription. disagreement are then negotiated. A great and proven tool for overcoming misperceptions, misunderstanding and mishaps. Executive An easily edited example of a job description for 3 Planning to hire a new ED or need to clarify Word Executive $5.00 Director Job an executive director. the role of the current executive director? If Director Job Description yes, this tool will help you get the process of Description creating a job description launched. new Executive Useful to board in comparing qualifications of 1 Ideal for rating prospective executive director Excel Executive $5.00 Director candidates for executive director position. candidates across a spectrum of consistent Director Candidate measures. Candidate Analysis Form Analysis Form Executive Make your executive director annual review a 5 Allows board members to rate the Executive Word Executive $25.00 Director painless and useful process. Director on what is important to the future of Director Performance the organization. Easy to use. Easily Performanc Appraisal Form modified to fit any organization. e Appraisal Form
  11. 11. Board Chairs and Executive Directors Tips and Tools Continued Document Document Description # of How Document Is Used Type Of File File Name Cost Per Pages Document Name Board Chair A favorite with board chairs trained by the 1 Also provides incumbent chairs with a Word Board Chair $5.00 Roles and Institute Faculty, this 24-point guide clearly personal evaluation tool. Roles and Responsibilities spells out the chair'’ responsibilities. Responsibilit ies Board Chair You owe this to your executive director. 1 Provides six keys to happiness between the Word Board Chair $5.00 Relationships chief fiduciary and the chief staff officer. Relationship with Chief Staff s with Chief officer (Ex. Dir.) Staff officer Executive A tool to be used by the stout of heart to 2 The executive director uses this tool to rank Word ED Review $5.00 Director Review evaluate the Board Chair’s support and the Board Chair’s performance in much the of Board of Board Chair relationship with the agency chief executive. same manner as the ED is reviewed. This Chair Performance simple tool can provide the basis for Performanc relationship enhancing behavioral change. e Chairman’s This self-assessment tool is designed for the 1 Be honest with yourself in assigning points Excel Chairman’s $5.00 Leadership Test Board Chair (or a prospective board chair) do a and the score will indicate your leadership Leadership self-administered leadership assessment. quotient as well as indicate areas of needed Test improvement.
  12. 12. Fundraising Document Document Description # of How Document Is Used Type Of File File Name Cost Per Pages Document Name Development Weigh the overall value of your development 1 Use this form to make critical decisions Excel Development $15.00 Program and fundraising programs with this analysis tool. about where to place fundraising priorities. Program Analysis Matrix Compares all programs you wish to measure (This is a spreadsheet and will not run on a Analysis Matrix against key values including income produced, word processing program.) Sheet 1 costs, new names added, potential for donor base building and more. Cost Benefit This form is a variation of the above 3 This tool is also used to make critical Excel Cost Benefit $15.00 Analysis Matrix decisions about where to place fundraising Analysis priorities. (This is a spreadsheet and will not Matrix Sheet 1 run on a word processing program.) Activity Analysis This form is a variation of the above 4 This tool is also used to make critical Excel Activity $15.00 Table decisions about where to place fundraising Analysis Table priorities. (This is a spreadsheet and will not Sheets 1 and 2 run on a word processing program.) Sample A complete strategic development plan including 23 The user can use a search and replace Word Sample $50.00 Development examples of strategy and action steps, this tool function to insert the organization name Development Plan is a fundraiser’s dream come true. Contains throughout and then simply edit the sections Plan sections on donor base development, annual that are applicable, deleting those that are appeals, major donor solicitation campaigns, not. Save countless hours of planning with foundation fundraising, corporate fundraising, this document. board solicitation, an annual special event, telethon and more. Development This is the template for the above “plug and 27 This is a blank development plan template Word Sample $25.00 Plan Forms play” development plan ready for use. for those wishing to start from scratch. Development Plan (Beginning on Page 24) or Blank Development Plan Form Donor Base Never again take a haphazard approach to 11 This tool links with donor base management Word Donor Base $25.00 Development building your donor base. Tips, the donor base spreadsheets or may be used as a stand- Development Tips development plan and much more. alone tool. Tips Donor Base Easily track the flow of donated income by as 2 Provides a long range analysis of income Excel Donor Base $15.00 Analysis Matrix -- many categories as you wish. This tool includes flow that makes estimating next year’s Analysis $ Contributed a completed sample as well as the spreadsheet performance easy and more accurate. (This Matrix -- $ Contributed template ready for you to add in the numbers. spreadsheet document will not work in a Sheet 1 word processing program.) Donor Base Track donor performance by categories and with 4 This tool contains a completed sample as Excel Donor Base $15.00 Analysis Matrix -- easy insertion of a two numbers per category well as the blank template ready for you to Analysis # of Donors per month or year, track number of individuals begin inserting numbers. (This spreadsheet Matrix -- # of Donors contributing, total raised by category and document will not work in a word processing Sheet 2 average gift—all calculated for you. program.)
  13. 13. Fundraising Continued Document Document Description # of How Document Is Used Type Of File File Name Cost Per Pages Document Name Donor Base This is a simple template that provides a long 2 This spreadsheet is easily modified to be used Excel Cost Benefit $15.00 Trends By term summary of donor base trends by in monthly tracking. (This spreadsheet Analysis Matrix Category category. Calculates ratio of donations to document will not work in a word processing Sheet 2 fundraising expenses. program.) Income Track a wealth of information with this form that 2 This form contains a sample as well as a Excel Income $15.00 Projection is particularly useful to performing arts blank template. Simply copy the template and Projection Analysis Form organizations, museums and other create an earned income sheet to link with Analysis Form organizations that rely upon contributed income. contributed income. Sources of Strategically plan your mix of contributed over 1 Determine where you are today on a Word Sources of $5.00 Income Planning the long term in order to bring funding streams category-by-category basis and then Income Table more into line with national averages. determine where you would like to be at some Planning Table point in the future. Then fill in the targets for the middle years. Voila, a plan! Board Figure our your board’s fundraising and 2 Each board member completes the form Word Board $5.00 Fundraising resource generating horsepower with this easy- anonymously and the totals are combined to Fundraising Assessment to-use tool. see a “ballpark)” assessment of what you can Assessment expect. Source-By- Stick your toe into the probabilities game with 1 Figure out the averages and get a more Word Source-By- $5.00 Source this matrix. List your target prospects, $ goal for realistic picture of what you can expect from Source Fundability each and the best guess percentage (at what this year’s fundraising activities. Fundability Estimator Estimator level it will likely come in or the percentage probability it will end with an affirmative) Funding This template is a variation of the one above 1 See above Word Funding $5.00 Probability Probability Analysis Analysis Making the Ask Determine the best point in time to approach 1 Helps fundraisers become “friendraisers” and Word proc Making the Ask $5.00 -- A Scorecard major donors with this matrix. Easy to use, this instills confidence in the solicitor because -- A Scorecard for When to Do It analysis tool puts the focus on relationship there is a record of contacts with each major for When to Do It nurturing before the ask. donor source. Major Donor If you are not using a donor base management 2 This file also contains some suggestions for Word Major Donor $5.00 Contact Guide program this tool will be a blessing in working immediate thank-you responses following Contact Guide with major donors. Begin amassing the donor meetings. information today that will become the underpinning of your future donor data base. Fundraising This file contains two planning tools, the first of 4 The (Revenues/Contributions vs. Expenses) Excel Fundraising 25.00 Planning Matrix which enables both the tracking and planning of spreadsheet is set up to be used as a Planning Matrix fundraising activities by categories. planning and tracking tool, to monitor projected and actual income versus projected and actual expenses. The second form allows the user to project and track numbers of donors in each category by month, as well as total gifts by category and average gifts.
  14. 14. Fundraising Continued Document Document Description # of How Document Is Used Type Of File File Name Cost Per Pages Document Name Site Visit A helpful guide for preparing to meet the 11 Use this guide to gather the answers to often- Word Site Visit 25.00 Preparation grantmaker and to making your site visit more raised questions and issues by professional Preparation Guide meaningful. grant makers. Guide “Friendraising” One of the most important aspects of non-profit 4 A complete step-by-step guide to becoming Word “Friendraising $10.00 Strategic Plan organizational effectiveness is the quality and proficient and friendraising. Simply modify the ” Strategic size of the organization’s donor base. tool to fit your organization’s needs and Plan processes. Then start friendraising in earnest. Notes on Asking Fundraising lessons from a 19th Century 3 Well worth the time it takes to read this short Word Notes on No Charge for Money fundraiser are as apt today as they were then. essay. Asking for Money Golf Tournament Use this tool to plan your next golf tournament. 4 Build upon this planning guide and realize Word Golf $10.00 Program Plan your most successful tournament yet. Action Tournament steps listed will help to keep you from Program Plan overlooking key elements of a successful tournament. Donor Growth See what a 5% net rate of growth in your donor 5 Simply insert one number in the appropriate Excel Donor $10.00 Projection Matrix base will mean to your organization over the cell on each sheet and project the financial Growth next 10 years. impact of a 5% growth in your donor base Projection over time. The results will startle you. Matrix Budget Planner An extremely useful planning worksheet, this 2 Included are previous year actual and current Word & Budget $5.00 tool captures everything the organization will year budget estimates, assumptions for each Excel Planner need to put on paper related to projecting line in the budget, the impact line by line of income and expenses. new programs and next year’s projection. Event Program A step by step guide to planning your special 3 This tool includes several sections on the Word Event $10.00 Planning Guide event. various aspects of event planning. The tool Program Plan can be opened and easily edited to fit the event staging for any organization. A good starting point for event planners. Project Funding An easy guide to developing the critical 1 Fill in all of the blanks on this form and you Word Project $1.00 Summary information related to the grants you are will have the essential information for your Funding Information seeking. proposal cover letter in hand. Ensure that Summary Table you have a concise description of the program Information you want to fund, measurable goals, an understanding of the program’s impact and how the project will benefit the funder. Fundraising Use this tool to assess your organization’s 1 Simply fill in several boxes designed to rate Excel Fundraising $5.00 Capability capacity to raise money. Rates your fundraising the key elements of successful fundraising Capability Analysis capabilities across a spectrum of critical organizations. Once completed, you will have Analysis fundraising elements. a picture of what elements of your fundraising activities that need to be improved.
  15. 15. Fundraising Continued Document Document Description # of How Document Is Used Type Of File File Name Cost Per Pages Document Name Major Donor Stay on top of your major donor cultivation 3 Track the number and types of contacts you Excel $15.00 Relations process with this handy guide. Ideal for maintain with your most important Analysis organizations that cannot afford sophisticated constituents. Ideal for the executive director and expensive major donor tracking software, or the fundraising chair, this easy-to-use tool will help you know who needs your attention. Board Use this tool to see the relationship between 1 This tool compares board performance to Excel Board $5.00 relationship To your board’s performance and your financial financial stability. Indicates where an relationship Financial strength. organization needs to make improvements in To Financial Performance its board performance. Performance Fundamental Use this spread sheet to help decide whether or 1 This tool helps answer the questions related Excel Fundamental $5.00 Questions not to go after that grant that looks so to whether it is advantageous to the Questions Worksheet appealing. organization to pursue a grant. Helps you ask Worksheet the right questions up front before applying. Fundraising Here is a tool that can be used to play what-ifs 1 This intuitive tool is great for helping Excel Fundraising $5.00 Projection Tool in terms of making realistic fundraising organizations realistically assess how well Projection estimates related to future growth and planning. they might do across a spectrum of Matrix fundraising approaches. Income This is a basic spreadsheet tool for estimating 1 Make your best guess on how much money Excel Income $5.00 Estimator sources of income several years out. you will generate over the next several years. Estimator Income Another basic spreadsheet in which you can 1 Fill in the blanks and see a more realistic Excel Income $5.00 Probability assign a percentage likelihood to getting the estimate of how well you will do in your Probability Analysis grant or reaching an income goal. fundraising. Helps you make a better Analysis estimate. Quick Want to know how likely you are to receive a 1 Based upon years of research to determine Excel Quick $5.00 Organizational favorable response to your proposals (based the major factors related to organizational Organizationa Fundability upon your fundability quotient)? Check this tool fundability, this easy to use tool will provide l Fundability Analysis out. you with a score as well as an indication to Analysis where you need to take corrective action. Sources of This table is designed to help direct non-profit 1 Enter the appropriate revenue percentages Word Sources of $5.00 Income Planning organizations toward a contributed income for the past two years in year one and year Income Table funding pattern that ensures the greatest level two columns. Next, in the column headed Our Planning of stability. Goal, put your targets for year 10. The next Table step is to establish a pattern of reasonable realignment that takes your organization toward the year 10 goals.
  16. 16. Fundraising Continued Document Document Description # of How Document Is Used Type Of File File Name Cost Per Pages Document Name The Language of If you are new to the fundraising arena this tool 2 This form provides definitions for nearly 50 Word The $2.00 Fundraising may be your ticket to understanding the words commonly used by funding sources. Language of nomenclature of fundraising. Fundraising Case Statement Not sure how to prepare a case statement? 3 Follow the instructions and the template in Word Guide for $5.00 Development This tool will guide you through the process. this tool and you will be able to prepare a solid Developing a Guide case statement for potential funders. Case Statement Donor Database This is a free ACCESS database template for NA This database tool is ideal for small non- Access Donor NC tracking donations or profits to track fundraising campaign results, Database pledges for non-profits. It requires only a copy to maintain information on donors, etc. and (folder) (Ignore the warnings ACCESS 2000 (or best of all, it is free. when opening, more recent). file is safe)
  17. 17. Public Relations/Selling the Organization Document Document Description # of How Document Is Used Type Of File File Name Cost Per Pages Document Name Putting Public A complete primer on publicity and public 21 Includes everything from how-to’s through Word Putting Public $25.00 Relations Into relations, this mini workbook is jammed with typical deadlines to do’s and don’ts for the Relations Into Practice useful promotional tips and tactics. person in charge of promotion. Practice Selling Your Use this document and improve your changes of 2 Guides the publicist in crafting the opportunity Word Selling Your $5.00 Story to The making it into print. as well as in selling the idea to editors and Story Press reporters. Sample Strategically planned communications are more 17 File contains both a sample plan and the Word Sample $25.00 Communications productive than seat-of-the pants flying in this blank template for your organization’s Communicati Strategic Plan competitive arena. communications planning use. ons Strategic Plan Communication A word template to help you cover all of the 1 Use this form to identify which constituencies Word Communicati $5.00 Approach decision point bases with your target audiences. are most critical to each goal area of your on Approach Analysis strategic plan, then decide what Analysis communication vehicles are best suited to get the job done. Audience Convenient all-in-one template to identify 2 Contains a sample completed template and a Word Audience $15.00 Identification/ audiences and to determine best approaches for blank. Identification/ Communication building awareness, providing information, Communicati Methodology helping others to evaluate you and securing on Matrix third-party endorsement. Methodology Matrix Communication Figure out which of your communication 4 Contains a completed sample form and a Word Communicati $5.00 Activity Priority vehicles is providing the highest return on time blank template. on Activity Analysis and money invested with this form. Priority Analysis Selling Your Scores of tips on how to better sell your 22 Find out where to look for information, how to Word Selling Your $25.00 Organization organization and to tell your story. better listen, when to speak and when to shut Organization up and much, much more. Developing Use this guide to help develop the marketing 1 A simple guide that helps you develop Word Developing $5.00 Marketing messages that will capture the target’s attention messages that get the reader or viewer’s Marketing Messages and make your most important points. attention, stimulate interest, help them Messages evaluate your offering against the competition’s, create desire and call to action.
  18. 18. Public Relations/Selling the Organization Continued Document Document Description # of How Document Is Used Type Of File File Name Cost Per Pages Document Name Audience and With this two-section spread sheet, figure out 4 This two page spread sheet enables you to Excel Audience and $10.00 Communication which of your communication vehicles and develop the criteria for measuring audience Communicati Vehicle Analysis audiences will provide the highest return on time importance and the value of the ons Analysis Matrix and money invested. communications vehicles you have identified. Matrix Simply list the names down the left column of the first page (each form has two pages), do the rankings and the weighted scores will be shown on the second page. A data sort by total score will put the audiences and vehicles in priority order. Communications This is a draft document that can be adapted as 18 This document should be amended to Word Communicat- $10.00 Policy and a guide for communications and media relations establish guidelines for who may ions Policy Procedures for any organization. communicate with the media, what is and appropriate and what is not, and in particular, Procedures how to deal with the news media during a crisis. Tag Line A simple tool to aid the process of brainstorming 1 Use this document to guide the tag line Word Tag Line $2.00 Development and agreeing to an organizational tag line. brainstorming and development process. East Development Matrix to follow instructions. Matrix Program Naming A tool for evaluating proposed program, service 2 Brainstorm names and rate each against Excel Program $10.00 Matrix or agency product names against pre- critical factors to determine which name is Naming determined criteria. best suited for your program, service or Matrix product. This spreadsheet does the calculations automatically.
  19. 19. Administration Document Document Description # of How Document Is Used Type Of File Name Cost Per Pages File Document Name Analysis Tools Organizational These forms will assist in the development of a 10 In addition to providing a single source of Word Organizational $25.00 Assessment Tool comprehensive organizational assessment. The information that is required by many Assessment questions have been broken into several foundations, this tool will provide a look at the Tool categories and have been formatted in a style general financial health of the organization. that facilitates the gathering of information as well as in answering the questions. Program If you have a need to determine which among 5 This spreadsheet allows you to inventory all Word Program $25.00 Analysis an array of programs is most valuable to your programs and to look at them in terms of Excel Analysis organization, this spreadsheet will help you take overall impact on your mission and vision as Instructions & the guesswork out of finding the answer. well as from a cost-benefit perspective. Easy Program to follow instructions are included. Analysis Form Reporting Tools Weekly Update Information flow in most organizations is less 1 Each department head is responsible for filing Word Weekly Update $5.00 than adequate. This simple form is a a report (always one page) on a designated convenient way of assuring that the right hand is day. The reports may then be combined, aware of what the left is doing. Easy to use, this copied and distributed as a package to all key report can be prepared in minutes and the leaders. Monthly summaries may be compilation of Updates provides reference for prepared for the board on key items. Lengthy Board Reports, performance appraisal and staff meetings can also be shortened through newsletter or news sharing activities. a weekly written reporting process. Human Resource Tools Employee This survey is designed as a mechanism for 5 The surveys should be conducted on a Word Employee $10.00 Survey pinpointing problems in an organization that has confidential basis so respondents cannot be Survey no formal human resources function. The survey identified. (If your organization is computerized, questions are deliberately open ended in order to give employees a disk and have responses elicit top-of-mind issues. printed out so that each looks like the other.) Employee A guide to evaluating employee performance. 7 Use this tool as a guide for rating employee Word Employee $10.00 Performance Form also contains a reverse review form for performance against 100 criteria. Form may Performance Appraisal employee to rate supervisor’s performance. be easily tailored to fit your organization. Appraisal Team Evaluation The documents that follow have been created for 3 The first form, Member Evaluation Matrix, Word Team $10.00 Tools the purpose of analyzing and improving the team analyzes the individual performance of each Evaluation approach to problem solving. There are two member as seen through the eyes of the others Tools forms, one to analyze the team's working process in the group. The second form, Team Working and a second to analyze the performance of the Process Evaluation, looks at the functioning of the team from the perspective of each member.