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Brunel Business School prides itself on its
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louise Patten (above, centre), formerly
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Brunel University is named after the celebrated nineteenth cent...
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HealtHcare ManageMent


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HealtHcare ManageMent

  1. 1. The Brunel MBA in HealtHcare ManageMent+ Brunel Business School Fact File Entry Requirements The AMBA-accredited Brunel MBA in Healthcare Management Candidates are normally expected to have is designed specifically to meet the management education both a good first degree and a minimum and development needs of aspiring senior managers in the of three years’ postgraduate managerial or healthcare sector. professional work experience gained in the healthcare sector. Candidates without a first It will develop your business acumen and hone your critical degree but who can demonstrate extensive thinking – essential now that healthcare provision is organised managerial experience at a senior level will along commercial lines – and is suitable for professionals be considered. If English is not your first working for strategic health authorities, primary care trusts, language, then you will be required to show in hospital administration, for private health organisations or evidence of competence in English. For full within any of the numerous other bodies across the sector. details of English Language requirements Clinicians looking to future-proof their careers following the and the certificates we recognise, please visit: launch of the Modernising Medical Careers initiative will also find the content directly relevant. Course Structure One year full-time starting in September Key Features or two years part-time starting in either September or February (see inside for further • Fully accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA) details). • Underpinned by Brunel’s reputation in healthcare research and our close links with the sector Fees • Offered both full-time over one year starting in September or £15,500 for the complete programme. part-time over two years starting in September or February • Dedicated MBA facilities on a modern and dynamic campus easily Leave to Stay in the UK accessible from Central London Under the International Graduates Scheme, • Competitively priced international students who successfully • Follows on from Brunel’s well established and highly successful complete this programme will be eligible to stay on to work in the UK for up to one year. general MBA +Subject to formal approval
  2. 2. Brunel Business School Brunel Business School prides itself on its excellent teaching and the quality of its applied business research. Academics are currently investigating a range of healthcare topics. For further details of research currently being undertaken and for profiles of academic members of staff, please visit: the Brunel MBa in Healthcare Management Effective leadership and management are now recognised as key Operations Management drivers in patient experience, itself considered the cornerstone of modern healthcare provision. During this module you will explore the tools and techniques for managing operations. You will gain a greater awareness of the This programme will provide you not only with a sophisticated strategic issues involved in the way organisations manage their understanding of the principal business functions such as corporate operational activities and facilities – both within and beyond strategy, finance, marketing and people management but will the organisation’s boundaries. You will also develop a better also allow you to explore in depth the setting of healthcare policy appreciation of the relation between operations/service design and how to manage change within the context of the constantly choices and performance imperatives. evolving healthcare sector. The whole aim is enable you to become a more effective manager now that the sector is so cost-driven. Corporate and Competitive Strategy The course comprises eight core modules and a business project. Over the course of this module, you will be introduced to concepts and methodological tools and techniques for analysing Corporate and Business Finance an organisation’s strategic position. You will gain a thorough appreciation of the issues and challenges that confront managers This module provides you with a thorough understanding of matters responsible for the strategic management of organisations in financial, explains the concept of risk, and teaches the process of potentially complex, hostile and uncertain conditions. financial management in the short and long term. You will learn the general principles of management accounting as well as systematic techniques for analysing and evaluating the financial health of an Healthcare Policy Setting organisation. This module will enable you to develop a sophisticated knowledge and understanding of the political setting of health policy as well as Leading People and Managing Organisations the issues of health policy analysis and the influences on the health policy process. Furthermore, you will acquire the ability to apply This module develops your understanding of people’s behaviour in policy analysis and administrative theories to the analysis of health an organisational context and teaches the theories and practices policy processes and to critically evaluate the role and effectiveness of effective people management. You will also gain a better of healthcare professionals and managers in the policy-making appreciation of the significance of human resources for operational process. effectiveness and understand how best to motivate, lead, interview and communicate as well as how to manage conflicts of interest. Managing Change in Healthcare Executive Perspectives on Information Systems This module will facilitate your development of original and innovative initiatives in healthcare management and help you to Over the course of this module, you will gain a thorough promote these within your organisation’s culture and strategic understanding of the changing nature of information systems, plans. You will also review, analyse and evaluate current and recent new business practices and working practices in the competitive developments in health policy as they impact on implementing marketplace. The module will also teach how to leverage effectively change in healthcare and use research evidence in the application information tools through an understanding of current practices, and evaluation of change theories, strategies and initiatives to trends and the effects of IT on organisations and their trading develop best practice. partners. Business Project Strategic Marketing Management To complete your MBA, you will be required to undertake extensive By the end of this module, you will have an in depth knowledge research into a business and management challenge of particular of all the principal marketing concepts as well as how marketing interest to you and then analyse your findings in depth. The business has evolved following the introduction of new technology. You will project allows you the chance to demonstrate your business acumen also appreciate how best to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing as well as the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills you activities, conduct a marketing audit and construct a marketing have learnt on the programme. plan. 2 | Brunel Business School
  3. 3. louise Patten (above, centre), formerly Deputy chief executive of a Primary Unique master classes care trust, successfully completed her A particularly innovative feature of the Brunel MBA in Healthcare MBa at Brunel in 2007. Management is the integration of a series of specialist master classes on the following topics: “Nowadays, many areas of the National Health Service are run along commercial lines and so for senior managers the MBA is • Study Skills increasingly seen as an important qualification to have. • Time Management “I chose Brunel because it offered me a degree of flexibility and I • Presentation Skills liked the international feel of the programme. • Interpersonal Skills “The MBA enabled me to ‘bed down’ the knowledge and • Team Workshop experience I had already acquired as a senior manager within • Creativity the NHS. In particular, I now feel I have a more thorough • Coaching Skills understanding of the sophistications of company finance which should prove invaluable when assessing tenders for services. My • Project Management knowledge of marketing strategy will also be useful now that • Entrepreneurship hospitals are beginning to have to use marketing techniques. • Negotiation Skills “My dissertation involved investigating the affects Patient Choice • Business Project might have on the hospital supply chain and I am confident that I can use my research findings to sell consultancy to a number of organisations within the Health Service. Study Options “Since finishing my MBA, I have been offered a number of The Brunel MBA in Healthcare Management is offered both full- consultancy contracts – more than enough to keep me going time over one year, starting in September, and part-time over two while I decide my next step career wise. People value the fact years starting in either September or February. that I have gone out and consolidated my knowledge and experience – I have been surprised at the reaction. I am confident The part-time study mode is structured so that lectures, seminars, I will get a return on my investment within two years. master classes and group work are concentrated into two-day and one-day workshops held on Fridays and Saturdays throughout the “I am also extremely grateful for the networking opportunities – I year. We believe this helps minimise the time you have to be away know I will be able to make use of all the contacts I’ve made.” from work. The full-time programme The part-time programme (based on a September start – (please note module order may change) please note the module order may change) MBa in Healthcare Management | 3
  4. 4. Brunel University… …for a practical, imaginative approach… Brunel University is named after the celebrated nineteenth century engineering genius, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, famous for a range of ambitious and highly innovative projects. The ethos of our world-renowned namesake is reflected in the design of our degree courses which combine academic rigour with a practical, entrepreneurial and imaginative approach. And all our courses are underpinned by our research. …a modern, self-contained campus within a 45-minute tube journey of London… All our up to the minute facilities are located on a single campus which means that everything is close at hand; as are Central London and Heathrow Airport. …and for excellent student support. Brunel Graduate School organises a range of activities and generic training sessions specifically for postgraduate students. Students with disabilities are also well looked after at Brunel, for further details, visit Where to Find Us For further information about the Brunel MBa in Healthcare Management: The Brunel MBA, Brunel Business School, Brunel University, Uxbridge, UB8 3PH Telephone: +44 (0)1895 267124 Email: to apply: If necessary, download a copy of the application Students from outside the EU should form by visiting return their completed application form graduateschool/application and the other required documents to: (We hope to offer an online application Brunel International (admissions) facility very soon) Brunel University, Uxbridge, UB8 3PH Every effort has been made to ensure Telephone: +44 (0)1895 265519 the accuracy of the information in this Students from the UK or elsewhere in Email: brochure and the University will take the EU should return their completed all reasonable action to deliver courses application form and the other required and services in accordance with the descriptions set out in it. A contract is documents to: Admissions to receive a copy of Brunel’s made at the point when an applicant accepts an offer from Brunel, meeting Brunel University, Uxbridge, UB8 3PH postgraduate prospectus: any conditions, and the acceptance is communicated to Brunel or the Telephone: +44 (0)1895 265265 clearing system acting for Brunel, and Email: Course Enquiries this contract is confirmed. All students are required, as a condition of Brunel University, Uxbridge, UB8 3PH registration, to abide by and submit to Telephone: +44 (0) 1895 265599 the University’s statutes, ordinances, Email: regulations and rules, which are published on the University’s website. 4 | Brunel Business School 109984 0408