Health Care Management and Healthcare


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Health Care Management and Healthcare

  1. 1. Journals Health Care Management and Healthcare Journals pages 104-107 Books pages 108-109 Clinical Governance: An International Journal Advances in Health Care Management Health Education Advances in Health Economics and Health Services Research International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance Research in Occupational Stress and Well Being International Journal of Workplace Health Management Research in the Sociology of Health Care Journal of Health Organization and Management Leadership in Health Services Nutrition & Food Science
  2. 2. Journals Health Care Management Journals Clinical Governance An International Journal ISSN 1477-7274 Volume 14 Number 1 2009 Clinical Governance: An International Journal • Each issue of CGIJ brings a mix of in-depth Clinical Governance (CGIJ) is one of the world’s leading publications research articles, practical guidance, book reviews, conference reports, health technology An International Journal specifically produced for clinicians and all those actively engaged in the pursuit of clinical developments, clinical risk assessment and excellence and patient safety. The pursuit of interviews with leading figures in clinical clinical excellence is the prime goal which is governance. tackled in the research, audit and evidence-based • CGIJ contains a unique full-colour Review section, ISSN: 1477-7274 papers published. It is a vital source of discussing each article contained within the issue, Volume: 15 information for a wide range of professionals in providing comment, analysis and application for Print Issues: 4 primary, secondary and community care and the reader. This provides further exposure for Internet Issues: 4 invaluable to those with interests in each article published in the journal. Online archive health care commissioning, research and Sample articles Abstracts 1996 - date education. Problems with complaint handling: expectations Full text 1999 - date Coverage includes: and outcomes Jane Cowan and Sandy Anthony, MPS Risk Editors Patient safety; quality improvement; evidence-based Consulting, Leeds, UK practice; clinical guidelines; implementation of good Professor Alan Gillies Vol. 13 No. 2, 2008 practice; clinical performance indicators; audit; risk University of Central Improving patient care and clinical governance Lancashire, UK management; policy and strategy; and user involvement. through the utilization of a clinical information Nicholas Harrop system Consultant in Emergency Benefits and features John Park, Catherine McAlaney and Moira Connolly, Medicine, Victoria Hospital, • Focusing on applied research and case studies, Greater Glasgow & Clyde NHS, Glasgow, UK UK CGIJ ensures wide applicability and clear Vol. 13 No. 4, 2008 indications for practice. Health Education ISSN 0965-4283 Volume 109 Number 1 2009 Health education plays a crucial role in the • It reflects current best practice, using an Health Education development of a healthy, inclusive and equitable empowering, multi-dimensional, multi-professional social, psychological and physical environment. approach which relates to all settings, This leading edge journal, Health Education (HE), organizations, and parts and levels of society. reflects the best of modern thinking about health • HE plays a crucial role in the development of a education, offers stimulating and incisive healthy, inclusive and equitable social, coverage of current debates, concerns, psychological and physical environment. ISSN: 0965-4283 interventions and initiatives, and provides a Sample articles Volume: 110 wealth of evidence, research, information and Theoretical bases for teacher- and peer-delivered Print Issues: 6 ideas to inform and inspire those in both the sexual health promotion Internet Issues: 6 theory and the practice of health education. Daniel Wight, University of Glasgow, UK Online archive Coverage includes: Vol. 108 No. 1, 2008 Abstracts 1992 - date Full text 1994 - date Sex and sexuality; mental health; occupational health The turning tides of intoxication: young people’s education; health communication; the arts and drinking in Britain in the 2000s health; personal change; healthy eating; drug and Fiona Measham, Lancaster University, UK Editor Vol. 108 No. 3, 2008 tobacco education; and ethical issues in health Professor Katherine education. Weare University of Southampton, Benefits and features UK • HE publishes stimulating, practical ideas for health educators at all levels, in all relevant sectors. 104
  3. 3. Health Care Management Journals International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance Journals Addressing the issues of management and quality ISSN 0952-6862 Volume 22 Number 1 2009 The International Journal of Health Care Quality • High-quality, peer-reviewed articles address both International Journal of Health Care Assurance (IJHCQA) covers issues related to clinical and non-clinical issues, and encourage the Quality Assurance Addressing the issues of management and quality quality in health and social care, and provides a translation of theory to practice. forum for the international exchange of • As part of its unique placement, IJHCQA aspires theoretical and practical aspects of quality to provide a network for practitioners to improve assurance, innovation, management, continuous quality within their own organization. improvement and performance management. As Sample articles ISSN: 0952-6862 part of its unique placement, the journal aspires Pessimism and hostility scores as predictors of Volume: 23 to provide a network for practitioners to improve patient satisfaction ratings by medical out- Print Issues: 8 quality within their own organization. In patients Internet Issues: 8 particular, the journal encourages new writers to Brian A. Costello, Thomas G. McLeod, G. Richard Online archive publish their work. Locke III, Ross A. Dierkhising, Kenneth P. Offord and Abstracts 1988 - date Robert C. Colligan, Mayo Clinic, Minnesota, USA Coverage includes: Full text 1994 - date Vol. 21 No.1, 2008 Successful quality/continuous improvement projects; the use of quality tools and models in leadership Predictors of “quality of work” and “poor health” Editors among primary health-care personnel in management development such as the EFQM Dr Keith Hurst Catalonia: evidence based on cross-sectional, excellence model, balanced scorecard, quality University of Leeds, UK retrospective and longitudinal design standards and managed care; issues relating to Kay Downey-Ennis process control such as Six Sigma, leadership, Simon L. Dolan, Ramon Llull University, Spain, St Vincent’s Hospital, UK Salvador Garcia, University of Barcelona, Spain, managing change and process mapping; and Carmen Cabezes, Fundació Jordi Gol i Gurina for the improving patient care through quality-related Promotion of Primary Care Research, Spain and Shay programmes and/or research. S. Tzafrir, University of Haifa, Israel Benefits and features Vol. 21 No. 2, 2008 • IJHCQA is highly-respected in its field, providing a much-needed interdisciplinary resource for all professionals in health care. International Journal of Workplace Health Management ISSN 1753-8351 Volume 2 Number 1 2009 The International Journal of Workplace Health • Coverage is international and cross-cultural, International Journal of Workplace Health Management (IJWHM) publishes current research capturing and providing insight into the differences Management and debate on all aspects of health in the in workplace health policy and practice across workplace, both from the wider public health regions and countries. Themed issues ensure that perspective and the perspective of the individual coverage is also current and topical. organization. Workplace health is becoming a • IJWHM publishes real-life implications for the major public health issue for employers and all individual, the employer and public health systems ISSN: 1753-8351 levels of government, and is also gaining in general. Volume: 3 momentum at an individual organizational level. Sample articles Print Issues: 3 Well planned, comprehensive workplace health Should business invest in the health of its Internet Issues: 3 programmes have been shown to be cost- workers? Online archive effective, especially when targeted to the specific John Cooper and Dean Patterson, Unilever UK Limited, Abstracts 2008 - date employee population. London, UK Full text 2008 - date Vol. 1 No. 1, 2008 Coverage includes: Best practice examples of successful workplace Exercising at work and self-reported work Editor-in-Chief performance health solutions; compliance with workplace health Dr Lydia Makrides J.C. Coulson, Department of Exercise, Nutrition and legislation; promoting health in the workplace; the Creative Wellness Solutions, Health Sciences, University of Bristol, Bristol, UK, Canada business case for workplace health promotion; and J. McKenna, Carnegie Faculty of Education and Sport, workplace health issues and concerns – e.g. mental Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds, UK and health, disability management, violence and the M. Field, Department of Exercise, Nutrition and Health workplace, stress, workplace hazards, risk factor Sciences, University of Bristol, Bristol, UK modification and work-life balance. Vol. 1 No. 3, 2008 Benefits and features • IJWHM publishes peer-reviewed research articles on all aspects of workplace health and in-depth case studies, presenting practical solutions to workplace problems. 105
  4. 4. Journals Health Care Management Journals Journal of Health Organization and Management ISSN 1477-7266 Volume 23 Number 1 2009 The Journal of Health Organization and management studies, ethics, postmodernism, Journal of Health Organization Management (JHOM) encourages the critical realism and other areas which question the and Management development of health organization and established paradigms. management as a discipline. Multidisciplinary in • JHOM provides academic research and practice- scope, the journal is a forum where innovative based reflections – to keep you at the forefront of analysis features strongly. To this end, it the latest experience and thinking in the field of encourages not only contributions that are health management and leadership. ISSN: 1477-7266 complete in their conception, analysis and • JHOM is listed in Medline, so ensuring further Volume: 24 delivery, but also work-in-progress and other dissemination and exposure of authors’ work to a Print Issues: 6 forms of contributions from academics, students key audience. Internet Issues: 6 and practitioners who wish to test their ideas as Sample articles Online archive they are in the process of development. Re-connecting histories: modernity, Abstracts 1986 - date Coverage includes: managerialism and development Full text 1994 - date International health and international organizations; Sadhvi Dar, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK organizational behaviour, governance, management Vol. 22 No. 2, 2008 Editor and leadership; the inter-relationship of health and The entrepreneur: a new breed of health service Dr Nancy Harding public sector services; theories and practices of leader? School of Management, Bradford University, UK management and leadership in health and related Rosemary Exton, UK Work Organization organizations; emotion in health care organizations; Network/NUHT NHS, Nottingham, UK Deputy Editor management education and training; and industrial Vol. 22 No. 3, 2008 relations and human resource theory and Dr Hugh Lee management. School of Management, Bradford University, UK Benefits and features • JHOM publishes articles which explore a wide range of debate, including gender studies, critical “There was an interesting variety of papers [in the last volume of JHOM] with an emphasis on applied scholarship … The main strengths of the journal include its wide readership and its comprehensive coverage of health care issues. It is an excellent place to read about international developments in health care management from a wide range of perspectives. ” Mark Learmonth, Nottingham University Business School, UK 106
  5. 5. Health Care Management Journals Leadership in Health Services Journals ISSN 1751-1879 Volume 22 Number 1 2009 Leadership in Health Services (LHS) provides • LHS is peer-reviewed by leading experts in health Leadership in Health examples of best practice in developing effective care management to ensure quality, breadth and Services health care leaders, disseminating practical, depth of content; and maximum exposure of relevant and timely information. As an authors’ work to a key audience. international journal, LHS ensures that readers • LHS publishes international practical, results- are kept abreast of current debates and hot focused research articles which frame topics from around the globe. Combining contemporary leadership theory in the context of ISSN: 1751-1879 theoretical articles and applied case studies, the health care systems and services. Volume: 23 journal is an essential resource for all those Sample articles Print Issues: 4 researching and practising in this evolving area. L(H) ≠ Σ (m1, m2 … mn) Internet Issues: 4 Coverage includes: Jeffrey Braithwaite, University of New South Wales, Online archive Australia Strategic management within health care Abstracts 1997 - date Vol. 21 No. 1, 2008 Full text 1997 - date organizations; leadership: new models of leadership, training and development; resourcing and resource Learning and development dimensions of a pan- constraints; public health challenges – HIV/Aids, Canadian primary health care capacity-building Editors project tuberculosis; integrated care pathways; improving Dr Jennifer Bowerman patient care and services through effective Michael Aherne, The Canadian Pallium Project, Canada Canada and Jose L. Pereira, University of Ottawa and management practices; and crisis management. Jo Lamb-White SCO Health Service, Canada Italy Benefits and features Vol. 21 No. 4, 2008 • As the only peer-reviewed journal focusing on leadership in a health care setting, LHS ensures that readers are kept abreast of current debates and hot topics, including new models of clinical leadership and management. Nutrition & Food Science ISSN 0034-6659 Volume 39 Number 1 2009 Nutrition & Food Science (NFS) offers easily • It features timely and topical coverage of current Nutrition & Food readable, accessible coverage of this complex thinking from industry, health and public Science and dynamic field and also covers consumer and perspectives to give you an all-round view of key family health issues. Current thinking on food concerns. and nutrition is apt to change frequently as new • The journal benefits from international coverage research is published and medical, which allows you to share your knowledge and environmental or other scientific evidence insights in food and nutrition on a world-wide ISSN: 0034-6659 brought to light. The journal aims to reflect scale. Volume: 40 contemporary thinking so that professionals in Sample articles Print Issues: 6 the food and nutrition field can keep pace with Children’s perception of fresh fruit and fruit Internet Issues: 6 developments and look at current preoccupations snacks Online archive from industry, health and public perspectives. John A. Bower, Queen Margaret University College, UK Abstracts 1971 - date and Jessica Ferguson, Edinburgh Council, UK Coverage includes: Full text 1994 - date Vol. 38 No. 3, 2008 Food safety and hygiene; attitudes to food and nutrition; healthy eating initiatives; marketing, Role for food-specific IgG-based elimination diets Editor Kate Hicks, University of York, UK and Gillian Hart, distribution and legislative issues; nutrition, social Dr Mabel Blades YorkTest Laboratories Ltd, UK status and health; growth and new developments in Nutrition and Dietetic Vol. 38 No. 5, 2008 Services, UK vegetarian diets; food preparation and contamination; consumer choice, preferences and concerns; family health and welfare; and nutritional value of fast foods. Benefits and features • In addition to the original articles, each issue includes Food Facts relating to topical news items, initiatives and web sites. 107
  6. 6. Books Healthcare Books Advances in Health Care Management ISSN: 1474-8231 Advances in Health Care Management is a Management. In contrast, volumes 4-7 focus on research annual that publishes state-of-the- a range of special topics, from bioterrorism to art reviews and research on special topics in international health care management to the field of health care management. entrepreneurship to patient safety. Coverage includes: Benefits and features The series provides a forum for leading research • The series offers state-of-the-art reviews which on health care management. Volumes 1-3 offer orient new and established scholars about Series Editors reviews of the field, research on selected topics, current themes within an area of research. Professor Grant Savage and best papers from the Health Care • Selected volumes in the series address hot University of Missouri School of Management Division of the Academy of topics within the field. Medicine, USA Professor Myron Fottler University of Central Florida, USA Professor John Blair Texas Tech University, USA Part of the Business, Management and Economics eBooks Series Collection “Emerald Books are invaluable resources and have helped my studies enormously. Peter Jahn, Student, Glasgow Caledonian University, UK ” Advances in Health Economics and Health Services Research ISSN: 0731-2199 The purpose of Advances in Health substance use; health in developing countries; Economics and Health Services Research is and the economics of medical technology. to consider all topics in health economics The series is a forum for theoretical and and the related field of health services empirical research. The latter employs data both research. for developing and for developed countries. Coverage includes: While most studies focus on economic issues, contributions from other social scientists are Most volumes in the series consist of between welcomed. Series Editors ten and 12 papers, but a few may take the form Professor Michael Grossman of monographs by one or more authors. All areas Benefits and features City University of New York Graduate in the field are covered, including the production • Each volume is devoted to a specific topic Center and National Bureau of of and demand for health; the demand for within the field. Economic Research, New York, USA medical care services; the financing of these Professor Björn Lindgren services; the markets for physicians, nurses, Lund University Centre for Health dentists, hospitals, and drugs; the economics of Economics, Sweden Part of the Business, Management and Economics eBooks Series Collection 108
  7. 7. Healthcare Books Research in Occupational Stress and Well Being Books ISSN: 1479-3555 The objective of this series is to promote critical assessment of knowledge, and major theory and research in the increasingly gaps in knowledge, of occupational stress and growing area of occupational stress, health wellbeing. Furthermore, because we will be and wellbeing and, in the process, to bring publishing monograph-length conceptual papers, together and show-case the work of the best our interest is in promoting the careful researchers and theorists who contribute to development of truly path-breaking contributions this area. that can significantly advance theory. Series Editors Coverage includes: Benefits and features Professor Daniel Ganster Questions of work stress span many disciplines • The series publishes monograph-length University of Arkansas, USA and many specialized journals. It is increasingly conceptual papers. Professor Pamela Perrewé difficult to track, and even harder to integrate, the • The series is focused on the careful Florida State University, USA work from these diverse fields. Therefore, the development of truly path-breaking series aims to provide a multidisciplinary and contributions that advance theory and provide international approach that gives a thorough and specific directions for future work. Part of the Business, Management and Economics eBooks Series Collection Research in the Sociology of Health Care ISSN: 0275-4959 Research in the Sociology of Health Care disparities, chronic diseases, population health deals with issues related to health, health and research on access to and quality and care services, and sociological concerns in utilization of health care services. Most of these both the US health care system and health topics have a very long tradition in sociological care systems across the world. research, and have long been one of the more important topics covered by medical sociologists. Coverage includes: Benefits and features Volumes typically include theoretical, qualitative Series Editor and quantitative papers that deal with complex • The volume provides vital information for Professor Jennie Jacobs understandings of macro system issues, the health services researchers, policy analysts Kronenfeld impact of the patient and individual factors on and public health researchers. Arizona State University, USA health and health care and the impact of the • Each volume aims to deliver information that is provider and interaction between providers and essential reading for medical sociologists and patients. people working in other social science Topics that have been covered in recent years disciplines studying health-related issues. include research on social inequalities, social Part of the Social Sciences eBooks Series Collection “ Emerald Books are very engaging – they talk about the latest of concepts in the respective fields and give the reader a new perspective of thinking. Afsha Dokadia, Research Scholar, India ” 109