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  1. 1. Curriculum Vitae Ahsan Masood Ahmed Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Tel: (+966) -1- 4635150 Ext 105; Mob.(+966) 504224831 e-mail:- ; Thirty one years of work experience in wide-ranging and diverse business activities from International marketing; strategic & business planning to driving project execution. Out of this 17years I have worked in Saudi Arabia. BRIEF PROFILE: • Academics: Graduation with Physics Honors, DBA, MBA from FMS, University of Delhi, one of the top business schools in India. • Career span covers working in the fields of strategic planning, performance management, change management, business development and International marketing. • A decade of experience in development and deployment of strategic and decision making processes & tools leading to the development of strategic and business plans. Have led strategic planning teams at SBUs (Strategic Business Units) and corporate levels. • Have worked in various industries, geographic regions and markets, in cross cultural multinational environments. Comprehensive understanding of Fertilizer, Petrochemical, Minerals and Metals, and consumer goods industries. • Experience of working at/with all management levels. Ability to lead as well as work as a team member to translate the industry knowledge to deliverable solutions. Have often played the role of Business Advisor to senior management of the organization. • Worked on business strategy, performance measurement and change management projects in association with globally renowned management consultants like Arthur de Little (ADL); Accenture; Paap Associates Inc; Information Associates (Learning Organization), McKinsey etc. • Flair for conducting seminars and delivering business specific lectures. • Widely traveled across the globe. 1
  2. 2. Besides contributing in the growth of business organizations capable of adding value to any institution involved in pursuit of academic excellence in the field of business studies and related research activities. CORE COMPETENCIES: Management o Knowledge of contemporary professional management concepts, principles, theories, and practices related to functional areas of strategic planning, and business processes and their applications like MBO; Michael Porter’s five forces model for competitive advantage; Michael Robert’s model for strategic thinking; Peter Senge’s Learning Organization techniques; McKinsey’s concepts of granularity of growth. o Ability to customize & apply knowledge base techniques for addressing organizational planning and change management needs. Development of business strategic growth models; applications and testing their efficacy. o Hands on experience in the development of strategic plan for large globally operating business organizations like SABIC & MA’ADEN, Saudi Arabia. Job comprising of identification & investigation of business opportunities; assessment of their current realities and development of strategic thrusts; analysis of strategic options and initiatives; identification of risks and development of mitigation plans. Analytical o Good insight in defining the scope of the analysis; supervising selective gathering and analysis of key data. o Ability to critically analyze and evaluate the changing industrial scenarios and business landscapes for corporate decisions. Have been involved in due diligence of projects. o Experience of conducting market related feasibility studies for investment and joint venture decisions; application of stage- gate systems for projects evaluation, construction and commissioning; conducting performance management. Creative Thinking o Avid proponent and advocate of creative & ‘out of the box’ thinking in the business development and planning process for growth in tomorrow’s business areas. o For arriving at strategic directions have successfully proposed and helped management teams in using ‘alternative scenarios’ techniques and identification of business ‘trends’ and ‘drivers’ for petrochemical industry and fertilizers. Communication o Conducted workshops and seminars on strategy development; change management and allied techniques & processes. o Articulate and deft in both written and oral communication. As guest speaker delivered lectures on business issues and allied subjects on different venues that spreads over management institutions (Indian Institute of Foreign Trade – New 2
  3. 3. Delhi; Administrative Staff College of India - Hyderabad), Management forums, Public forums, and Indian Embassy. o Coordinated building & sustaining ‘organizational Learning’ process in the SBU and between the SBUs. Have been key member of the ‘mindset shift’ team. o Effective communicator with peers, subordinates and senior management on both individual and group basis. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MAJOR ACHIEVEMENTS: o As Manager Strategic Planning and Business Development in MA’ADEN – Saudi Arabia’s leading Minerals & Metals organization, have successfully completed in July’08 the first strategic & business plans for the Phosphate SBU. o As one the group leaders in the ‘Change Management’ project, playing a crucial role in the development of the ‘Planning and Performance Management Infrastructure’ for MA’ADEN. The project is being developed under the aegis of McKinsey as the management consultants. o During 2006 – 2007 as a core member of SABIC ‘Corporate Strategy Project Team’ made valued contributions in the development of Petrochemical Strategy 2020 for the next decade. o As the ‘Team Leader’ for development of Fertilizer Strategy guided the transformation in SABIC Fertilizer SBU’s strategic thinking process. It resulted in re- orientation of the approach and development of completely new and competitive business model to yield a growth of three folds in terms of revenue and sales tonnage by the year 2020 at the projected EBIT and ROCE levels. o At the corporate level have led a team to produce a blue-print for simplification and integration of SABIC’s corporate ‘Strategic Management Process’ with SABIC Europe. o To align the activities of R&T(Research and Technology) division with the corporate strategic goals and to sharpen the focus of technological research developed and customized for the first time a ‘Technology Strategy Process’ for SABIC. o In the early ‘90s have been a nominee on Govt. of India’s panel of experts for UN assignments (UNDP/UNIDO), o Through re-positioning of products in the market and making corresponding changes in marketing model at TATA Exports Ltd brought about a complete turnaround of its underutilized, loss making poly-urethane plant to produce at full capacity at substantial profit. Was specially felicitated by the company for this achievement. o Accelerated the movement of slow moving inventory & seconds from the production line at Tata Exports Ltd by introducing alternative uses and creating value for the products. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CAREER HISTORY: MA’ADEN (Saudi Arabian Mining Company), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (Nov’2007 … till date) Manager Strategic Planning & Business Development – 3
  4. 4. After completing the Strategic plan in 2008 I am presently pursuing the implementation of strategic initiatives which includes coordination with Worley Parsons on execution of the world’s largest integrated Rock–to–DAP project in Al Jalamid & Raz az Zawr, valued at $5.6 billion. My additional activities and achievements include:- a) Developing processes whereby the Operational Readiness of the Project is closely monitored to ensure that its completion is on time and within budget. b) Monitoring the cash flow of the project and the ‘condition precedents’ of the financial institutions for obtaining the desired funds. c) Initiating expansion and diversification studies to include new products from newly explored phosphates deposits in Al Khabra (Northern Saudi Arabia) d) Periodic update of Strategic Plan and to initiate strategic dialogues at the top management level. e) In addition provide assistance as and when required on planning & business development matters to the corporate office. Have already contributed substantially on CMO (Change Management Organization) and ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) projects of the corporate Ma’aden. SABIC, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (2000 – Oct’2007) Strategic Planner – with prime responsibilities to assist and advise on strategy development & strategic matters. Have played dual role in serving the Fertilizer SBU as a Strategic Planner and participated as panel member in ‘Strategy Projects’ at the corporate level. As Strategic Planner have been discharging incumbent responsibility of advising on long-term perspective of SBU's business with specific focus on investment opportunities. In the process have assisted as well as carried out the following activities:- o Investigation & market analyses for SABIC’s greenfield fertilizer projects and de- bottlenecking of urea – ammonia plants (involved in this activity since 1993). o Created procedures for industry & business environment scan. SWOT analysis; Periodic scrutiny of the value chain of the SBU; o For strategic planning purpose have routinely analyzed 'Competitor's & 'Buyers' profile; macro economic factors & their long term implications on SABIC’s fertilizer SBU; maturity and intensity of competition in the fertilizer industry. o Alignment of the Strategic Plan with Business Plan; Annual review of the Strategic Plans for Ammonia, Urea & Phosphates. o Monitoring of the plan and quarterly reporting of the status; o Advising the strategic fit for investment initiatives and Joint Ventures both in the kingdom and abroad; ************* SANAPIC, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (1992 – 2000) 4
  5. 5. Senior Marketing Analyst – was responsible to assist in development and consolidation of Marketing and Operation Planning functions of the then newly formed organization SANAPIC – a marketing subsidiary of SABIC. Assignments & functions carried out included:- o Building markets & customers profiles; Identification of markets potential; Supply & Demand analysis for Urea, Ammonia and Phosphates; establishing processes for smooth business operations. o Development of pricing mechanism for spot sales and formulae based long term agreements; o Coordination for order bookings / delivery commitment with production between SANAPIC and SABIC’s affiliate organizations - SAFCO; Ibn Al Baytar & Al Bayroni (SAMAD); o Coordination of sales with logistics; Advising on development of Marketing Plans. o Advising sales and territory executives on product allocation and profitability; o Liaison with R&T for product development; Product launching in new markets. ************ MMTC of India Ltd, Jaipur, India (1985 – 1992) Dy. General Manager - (previously worked as Dy. Divisional Manager– Corporate Planning & Business Development and Senior Manager in the same organization); Carried out following major functions: o Imports of steel into India and the associated activities like assessment of supply & demand; gap analysis, global tendering & distribution of the products. o Business development - primarily exports of small scale industry sector. o As deputy General Manager of Gems and Jewelry Division headed MMTC’s operation in Jaipur, India. Helped in value addition to the business and expanding its scope. o Counter trade against fertilizer imports. Acquired good insight into negotiations with international companies and liaison with ministries and govt. agencies. ************* TATA EXPORTS Ltd, (1978 – 1985) Branch Manager - (Joined the Leather Division of the organization as Management Trainee, subsequently worked as Export Executive and Branch Manager.) Carried out following functions:- o Conducted market surveys - both domestic & international (USA, Middle East etc.) for developing new export markets for the organization; o Developed marketing network and organized product launching in the markets; o Organized and participated in several International fairs and conferences. 5
  6. 6. o Served as the youngest branch manager at Tata Exports during that period. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ACADEMIC QUALIFICATION: o MBA - Marketing & Finance (1976-78) – Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), University of Delhi. o Post graduate Diploma in Bank Administration (DBA) -1975-76 – gold medalist. o M. Sc (P) – Physics (1974-75) ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: o Nationality: Indian o Date of Birth: 30th August 1954 o Marital Status: Married; wife has done masters (MA) and M.Phil. in History o Children: Have three children – two sons (elder studying Mechanical Engineering in India and the younger one is in 10th grade studying in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia); one daughter doing her graduation in Economics in University in India. o Vice President of International Management Forum, Riyadh. o Have obtained several proficiency certificates through out the professional career variety of courses on TQM; Balance Score Card; Strategic Planning; Organizational Learning, Change management etc. o Avid reader of books and journals. o Deep concern about environment; great interest in conservation of wildlife both flora and fauna. Dated: Nov’ 2009 6