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  • Resource Mapping
  • Whos out there in your region doing this work Names, contacts, Avoid duplication of services, identify gaps in services, build acontinuum of options for youth based on needs
  • Resource Mapping - Program Mapping - Organizational resource mapping Community Asset Mapping Community Youth Mapping

Daisy Wheel Model - Document Petals Daisy Wheel Model - Document Petals Presentation Transcript

  • Documenting the Petals through Resource Mapping Coordinating Youth Services California Youth Council Institute May 14 - 15, 2002
  • Resource Mapping
    • What is the purpose of mapping?
    • What information are you looking for - essential question will determine what information you get
    • “The quality of our decisions is directly related to the qualify of the information we receive”
  • Why map?
    • Identify petals on the local daisy
    • Identify partners and programs
    • Better understand available resources
    • Identify ‘targets of opportunity’ to build a stronger service network
  • Three Approaches to Mapping
    • Organizational mapping -- connect the Youth Council to a larger network
    • Community asset mapping -- community capacity inventory, especially for specific groups
    • Community-youth mapping -- develop comprehensive data on youth services
  • Organizational Mapping
    • How does “X” relate to community organizations and resources?
    • Primarily as a tool for organizational development
    • Document existing and potential links to other orgs, individuals, resources, institutions
  • Hometown Youth Council Schools Employers YMCA Boy Scouts Girl Scouts Career Center Police Foster Care Housing Authority College Parents CSL Court System Churches
  • Hometown Youth Council Education Employers YMCA Boy Scouts Girl Scouts Career Center Police Foster Care Housing College Parents CSL Court System Churches Superintendent Publisher Mayor Bus Company Sectors People Services
  • Community Asset Mapping
    • Community development based on capacity, assets, skills within area
    • Just like ‘positive youth development’ -- don’t just focus on problems, needs, deficits.
      • Never enough funds
      • Tends to isolate investment in solutions
      • Over-reliance on outside experts
  • The ‘Bible’ for Asset Mapping
    • Building Communities from the Inside Out: A Path Toward Finding and Mobilizing a Community’s Assets
      • John Kretzmann
      • John McKnight
  • Using an Asset Map
    • Depict information on community links
    • Shows potential new links in existing network
    • Shows your interactions with other organizations
    • Find volunteers, board members or referrals
    • Focuses on organization's goals, projects and structure, which could contribute to a strategic planning process
    • Shows your work is not done in a vacuum.
  • Steps for Asset Mapping -- with a Youth Focus
    • Develop a capacity inventory for each youth
    • Build an inventory of assets and resources across the community
    • Build connections between youth and community institutions
    • Connect with resources outside community
  • Community Youth Mapping
    • What is it?
      • Resource mapping focuses on what communities have to offer by identifying their assets and resources that can be used for building communities.
    • 10 step process
      • Academy for Educational Development/Center for Youth Development and Policy Research
  • Resource Mapping
    • Why do it?
      • A way to find new resources
      • Organizations/staff see potential new links to their existing network
      • Identify service gaps
      • Use as strategic planning tool
      • Provide broader access to data by all youth partners
  • CYM Steps
    • Community involvement
    • Advisory Group
    • Project management (day-to-day ops)
    • Pre-planning
    • Staffing and personnel
    • Training
    • Field work
    • Data entry and analysis
    • Dissemination plan
    • Evaluation and maintenance
  • Resource Mapping
    • What range of youth service categories will you look at:
      • employment
      • education
      • training
      • human service
      • WIA elements
  • Resource Mapping
    • Impact
      • baseline information
      • youth involvement- youth perspective
      • advocacy for youth services
      • improved quality of program decisions and services
      • youth summit
  • Practical Uses of CYM
    • Timing and availability of existing services
    • Identify service gaps
    • Community/system marketing
    • Program quality improvement
    • Sources of youth for referral into daisy
    • Programs and resources for joint planning
    • Benchmarking and performance review
  • Mapping Websites
    • Web based -
      • Samples: Cape Cod, NJ, Virginia
      • http://www. communityyouthmapping .org
      • youth council/YO site http:// brocktonrise . communityos .org
      • urban community system http://www. bostonresourcenet .org/
      • statewide resource directory http://www.communityconnection.org