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Course: The Aspen Institute Executive Seminar: Values-Based ... Course: The Aspen Institute Executive Seminar: Values-Based ... Document Transcript

  • SES: Quota Courses Course: APEX Orientation – 2 weeks Sponsor: OSD/Booz-Allen Hamilton Cost: Per Diem and/or TDY costs Date(s): Fall and spring Course Description: The APEX Orientation program is the counterpart to the military's CAPSTONE program. The goal of this program is to improve executive effectiveness on the job through enhanced leadership and decision-making strategies. The APEX program will address topics of common concern, DOD goals and priorities; transformation, the Joint Chiefs and Joint Commands role and mission; component and agency plans and perspectives; acquisition; budget and financial administration, management controls; personnel and resources; and leadership. The program objectives are: • Provide the SES operational role in DoD transformation • Provide an overview of the DoD structure and processes critical to its operation • Provide experiences that expand leadership and strategic thinking skills in the DoD context • Provide structured networking opportunities with military and civilian colleagues Course: Defense Policy Seminar – 3 days Sponsor: GWU/MIT Cost: Proceed TDY only Date(s): Late Fall & Summer Course Description: The seminar provides twenty-five participants an intensive examination of the interplay of national security and individual leadership. This seminar will focus on executing decisions under crisis conditions and increasing leadership competency in decision making under simulated conditions of intense pressure and urgency. Course: Executive Course on National & International Security – 2 weeks Sponsor: GWU/MIT Cost: Proceed TDY only Date(s): Early Fall Course Description: This course provides fifty participants and intensive examination of the interplay of national strategy and individual leadership, focusing on the emergence of new threats to regional and international stability, dynamics of global markets, new demands on NATO and United Nations, effects of such demands on traditional institutions, and functional role of military forces. Page 1
  • SES: 2007 Course Schedule Open Enrollment Course: The Aspen Institute Executive Seminar: Values-Based Leadership Principles to Make You a Better Executive Sponsor: Federal Executive Institute Cost: Tuition + TDY Date(s): Course Description: In this seminar, leaders come together to learn from each other and from some of the greatest thinkers of all time: philosophers and social theorists, revolutionaries and voices of conscience, historical figures and contemporary minds. You will learn how to identify what others believe and why, gain a deeper understanding of your own values, and learn how to communicate your goals and beliefs. . Course: Building High Performance Organizations Sponsor: Federal Executive Institute Cost: Tuition + TDY Date(s): Course Description: This course is based on three assumptions: • Through your years of observation, you are an expert on your organization • You want to lead a change process to build a high-performance organization • You can better effect change if you have a framework for your knowledge of organization theory This course will help link expert knowledge about surroundings with the best organizational theory to transform an agency into one that delivers high product and service quality, outstanding customer value, and sound financial performance. Page 2
  • SES: 2007 Course Schedule Open Enrollment Course: Coaching: A Strategic Tool for Effective Leadership Sponsor: American Management Association Cost: Tuition Date(s): Course Description: This seminar provides a variety of coaching tools, techniques, and best practices. The seminar will range from analyzing the cause of sub-par performance to creating a climate for effective coaching and learning to give corrective feedback to handling difficult responses to coaching. The seminar will also cover: • Obstacles to coaching: the three-part coaching process • What leaders do? Why leaders need to be coaches? • Creating a climate of trust and confidence • Guiding dialogue on performance • Why leader-coaches must be teachers and trainers: six learning styles • Guiding the development of a performance improvement plan Course: Coaching and Mentoring for Excellence Sponsor: Federal Executive Institute Cost: Tuition + TDY Date(s): Course Description: Succession planning is an urgent issue for Federal agencies because of our aging workforce. Many agencies are including coaching and mentoring as part of their succession planning to meet this need and fulfill the President’s Management Agenda requirement for Strategic Management of Human Capital. This updated and revised seminar will teach you to coach and mentor individuals in a variety of situations: those in succession or developmental programs, those who want to complete Individual Development Plans (IDP), or those who want to move to the next level of performance. Through a dynamic combination of classroom instruction, small-group interaction, and practice sessions, you will learn effective coaching and mentoring strategies and skills. Page 3
  • SES: 2007 Course Schedule Open Enrollment Course: Creating Breakthroughs: Innovating in Government Sponsor: Federal Executive Institute Cost: Tuition + TDY Date(s): Course Description: Participants in this course will learn proven techniques for becoming deliberately creative. Practice using key issues drawn from each participant's organization. Teaches a step-by-step process used in real-world situations to plan strategically, develop new products, clarify vision and mission, and reduce costs. This course will help participants make group decisions faster, reduce meeting times drastically, understand how to build group consensus around complex issues, and insure consideration of many breakthrough or "outside-of-the-box" ideas. Course: Critical Thinking Sponsor: American Management Association Cost: Tuition Date(s): Course Description: In this seminar, participants will recognize what makes excellent critical thinking, distinguish elements of the thinking process, and understand how critical thinking works in a team setting. The seminar will also cover: • What is Critical Thinking? • How Can Critical Thinking Be a Contact Sport? • How Do You Know That? Challenging Assumptions • How Can I Develop and Apply Excellent Critical Thinking Skills? • How Can I Use More of My Brain to Sharpen My Critical Thinking Skills? • Why Do We Need Critical Thinking in the 21st Century Workplace? Page 4
  • SES: 2007 Course Schedule Open Enrollment Course: Executive Communication Skills: Leading the Process of Change Sponsor: Federal Executive Institute Cost: Tuition + TDY Date(s): Course Description: The fast pace of this course will include videotaped role-play sessions that build your interpersonal communications skills and leadership sessions providing tools for overcoming barriers to change in your organization. The video session of the course will involve small teams and scenarios based on real world experiences. Participants learn how to guide their organization into the future and focus on work experiences and how they relate to development as a leader. The participants will analyze video clips from popular films and hear brief lectures. This particular course combines knowledge of the key concepts of leadership with the inactive skills that are essential to communication. Course: IT for the Non-IT Executive Sponsor: MIT Sloan Cost: Tuition + TDY Date(s): Course Description: This course helps technical and non-technical managers identify critical strategic issues in today's environment of rapid technological change. Participants will learn what it means to be an information-based organization, and how IT -enabled processes add value to their organizations, where IT is going, where it fits into their organization, and how to govern it. Page 5
  • SES: 2007 Course Schedule Open Enrollment Course: Leadership Development Program (LDP) Sponsor: Center for Creative Leadership Cost: Tuition + Possible TDY Date(s): Course Description: Based on the most recent leadership research, CCL’s flagship leadership development training uses a variety of in-depth self-awareness tools and activities to enhance leadership capabilities. Participants learn strategies for continuous development through extensive assessment, group discussions, self-reflection, small-group activities and personal coaching. During this program, participants: • Receive an in-depth 360-degree appraisal of their leadership styles • Gain an honest and candid appraisal of personal and professional strengths and development needs and identify potential career-derailment hazards. • Enhance their ability to give and receive constructive feedback • Understand the impact of their individual leadership and interpersonal behaviors on their work group’s and organization’s effectiveness • Understand and evaluate the implications of their preferred leadership style for approaching and dealing with change Course: Leading Change in Complex Organizations Sponsor: MIT Sloan Cost: Tuition + TDY Date(s): Course Description: This course offers innovative perspectives on managerial problems and practical ways to solve them. The issues examined apply across organizations, national boundaries, and technical domains. There will be other topics discussed in this course: • New perspectives on managerial decision making – what managers can learn from recent studies on information processing, cognitive biases, and individual problem-solving skills • Improving the quality of decisions made under conditions of ambiguity, uncertainty, and risk • Innovative incentives that organizations can offer to attract, retain, and manage employees who do not respond to familiar workplace rewards or aspire to traditional careers • Diagnosing organizational cultures, the role and process of cultural change, and what managers can do to understand and shape that culture Page 6
  • SES: 2007 Course Schedule Open Enrollment Course: Seminar for Executives on Legislative Operations Sponsor: Government Affairs Institute Cost: Tuition Date(s): Course Description: Five-day course will help participants to: • Fully understand the role of executive branch officials in the legislative process • Identify and understand critical stages in the legislative process, and how legislation is modified and refined at the various stages • Understand the rules and procedures that govern the legislative process • Appreciate the rules and procedures that govern the legislative process, including the current authorization, appropriation, and budget processes Also participants will attend congressional hearings and will observe the House and/ or Senate Floor. Participants will also participate in a workshop on preparing congressional hearing testimony and opportunity for roundtable discussions. Page 7
  • SES: 2007 Course Schedule Open Enrollment Course: U.S. National Security Policy Issues Sponsor: Brookings Institution Cost: Tuition + possible TDY Date(s): Course Description: This popular two-day course will give an explanation of the current major issues in U.S. national security policy by Brookings defense analysts, senior political figures, congressional leaders and diplomats. Included: A "behind the scenes" view into national security issues, U.S. government policy responses, and a range of alternative options; a frank discussion with key U.S. and foreign officials and policymakers; and an in-depth understanding of impending global security developments. Course: Understanding & Solving Complex Business Problems Sponsor: MIT Sloan Cost: Tuition + TDY Date(s): Course Description: The course will offer a new way of thinking about and resolving complex, persistent problems that emerge from change. Applying organization theory along with intuitive principles of feedback control, participants will learn to: • assess the likely impact of different policies and decisions that relate to their organization’s growth, stability, and performance • recognize business system archetypes that can trigger persistent, long-term problems • use state-of-the-art management tools to identify relationships • intervene effectively to make fundamental changes This course will give participants the skills and confidence to manage organizations with full understanding and solid strategy. Page 8
  • SES: 2007 Course Schedule Open Enrollment Course: Understanding the 360-Degree Leader Sponsor: Federal Executive Institute Cost: Tuition + TDY Date(s): Course Description: This program is about gaining power and using influence. The program focuses on working with peers, staff, and others in the organization, enabling participants to: • Lead Up – Influence the boss and others higher in the agency hierarchy • Lead Across – Influence co-workers in your organization and associates in others • Lead Down – Influence subordinates and those lower in the agency hierarchy • Lead Out – Influence those who do not work for your agency Course: Voice of Leadership: How Leaders Inspire, Influence, and Achieve Results Sponsor: American Management Association Cost: Tuition Date(s): Course Description: This seminar is designed to strengthen your leadership communication skills, learn techniques to shape your leadership messages, hone authentic leadership voice, and engage in powerful conversational skills that achieve results. Other topics covered in this seminar: • The Voices of Effective Leaders—Past and Present • Finding Your Leadership Voice • Crafting Compelling Messages that Inspire Action and Produce Results • Setting the Stage for Powerful Communication • Taking the Lead • Setting the Direction You Want Others to Travel • Influencing and Inspiring Others into Action • Coaching, Counseling, and Mentoring for Improved Performance • Addressing Tough and Touchy Topics in Ways that Defuse Tension Page 9
  • SES: Additional Resources The following site contains guidance and tools for your use in developing robust Senior Executive performance management plans, in accordance with the DoD Executive and Senior Professional Pay and Performance System. These tools provide helpful hints and examples of how to write plans that clearly link individual expectations and objectives to organizational goals, providing measurable, objective standards in a way that is transparent to the Executive. Using these tools to develop clear and meaningful performance plans will assist the Department in ensuring that organizational strategic goals are driving executive performance, and that we are able to recognize and reward excellent performance: OPM, in conjunction with the White House, conducts periodic briefings for new SES members. The sessions incorporate lectures, discussions, question-and-answer periods, and opportunities for networking. Topics covered include Administration goals and initiatives, practical advice on how to work effectively with sectors outside the Executive Branch, how the SES works, attributes of effective leaders, etc. The briefings end with a swearing-in ceremony and a reception. The briefings are generally announced four to six weeks ahead of time, and fill up quickly. Check the following site frequently to learn the date of the next session. Page 10