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Company Overview

  1. 1. POSITION DESCRIPTION POSITION TITLE: Manager, IT Services POSITION CODE: 20240101 UNIT: Strategic and Information Systems Unit DIVISION: Staff and Business Services CLASSIFICATION: Nominated FRACTION: Full-time (1.0) EFFECTIVE DATE: July 2007 INCUMBENT Vacant SIGNATURE …………………………………………………DATE....................... SUPERVISOR Manager, Strategic & Information Systems Unit SIGNATURE …………………………………………………DATE....................... SUPERVISOR Director, Staff and Business Services SIGNATURE …………………………………………………DATE.......................
  2. 2. 1. Company Overview Monash College Pty Ltd (the company) is a wholly owned company of Monash University. It was established in 1994 to provide to the University a range of services related to the University’s global activities. Subsequently the company also established what have become very successful education and training services in strategic partnership with the University. In 2005, the company’s activities were restructured, giving it a clear focus as an education services provider. The company operates in accordance with commercial principles with its main focus being the delivery of pathway education programs, both on and offshore. It is a Commonwealth recognised private Higher Education Provider (HEP) and a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). 2. Section Overview The Staff and Business Services Division of Monash College Pty Ltd is charged with providing responsive, timely and reliable support services to executive management, operating managers and the board of directors of the company. Support services provided encompass financial and management accounting, human resource management, information technology services, knowledge management and physical facilities management. The Strategic Information and Systems Unit provides information technology systems and support, web and database development and support, information and records management services and systems planning and co-ordination for developments of the Company 3. Position Purpose To manage the planning, development and implementation of IT services that will enable the company to pursue it’s agreed strategic objectives confident in the knowledge that IT services are in place that are reliable, compliant and aligned with corporate strategy. To lead a team in the delivery of IT Support services including, but not limited to, service desk support, equipment acquisition and maintenance, strategic planning and network management to all Monash College Pty Ltd staff and students on all campuses and Monash IT’s training activities, to ensure that IT Services is reliable and available to meet user expectations. Pg 2
  3. 3. 4. KEY RESULTS AREAS AND OUTCOMES KEY RESPONSIBILITIES OUTCOMES RESULTS AREAS Leadership To provide the leadership To ensure the team is a cohesive unit necessary to ensure IT Team where staff are highly motivated, skilled Leaders and Technical staff and equipped to execute excellent service have the knowledge, skills and delivery. support necessary to carry out This may be reflected by the following their duties. outcomes: • Staff have the knowledge, skills, infrastructure and support required to effectively carry out their duties •The team is an effective and positive contributor to the company’s culture and success •Development and administer technical staff work plans and performance orientated processes •Ensure technical staff development is aligned with company service requirements and levels are agreed and met Service To define the structure and •Timely reporting that demonstrates Desk manage the IT Service Desk and performance of the service desk against Management its effective ongoing operation. agreed service levels. •Resource utilisation and local trends analysis are benchmarked against like units within the university. •The Service Desk provides direct input into the planning of the company’s future IT needs. • Cost effective new technology opportunities are identified and presented as potential applications for the company. Network To provide an appropriate •The company’s systems and networks Management network that supports the are well managed, maintained and supported. company’s communication needs. •Technical procedures and documentation is accessible, clearly understood and adhered to by the Unit’s Technical staff. Pg 3
  4. 4. Asset and To manage the installation and Staff and students have the technology Resource maintenance of IT hardware, and tools necessary to perform their roles Management software and peripherals for all and to study and that upgrades regularly company staff and students. meet the changing needs of the company. This may be reflected by the following outcomes: • New IT equipment is installed on time and in accordance with company requirements. •IT equipment is maintained in a secure, reliable and cost effective manner thereby enabling the company to meet its strategic goals. • IT information provided with installations is accurate, timely and appropriate to user needs •IT procurement standards are well documented, accessible, clearly understood and consistently applied throughout the company. •Mixed environment between Windows platforms and Macintosh are integrated where possible with the University to minimise the company’s exposure to independent maintainable systems. To develop and maintain key •Regular communication with internal and relationships with vendors, external clients, peers and service providers University staff and external occurs to ensure needs are documented, service providers agreements are reached and resources appropriately allocated. •Develop and maintain appropriate communication channels to ensure the company can maximise IT related leveraging opportunities with the University. Product/Suite To manage the availability and •Software is maintained in a secure, selection access to software to ensure reliable and cost effective manner. staff and students have the necessary means to achieve •SOEs are compliant with the company’s their business/study objectives. IT infrastructure and the University’s SOE to minimise the company’s exposure to independent maintainable systems. • The supporting procedures for network software are well documented, accessible, clearly understood and consistently applied throughout the company. • Operating procedures are in place to ensure timely, accurate and complete Pg 4
  5. 5. maintenance of network software and information. Service Level To ensure the provision of • Service performance is regularly Management quality IT Services. reviewed with the view to continual improvement of service levels •Annual reviews of service level processes are conducted and follow up action is taken on recommendations. •Regular service monitoring identifies and recommends improvements. •IT Services are designed to deliver the levels of availability required by the business across all campuses and locations. •The IT Infrastructure delivers cost effective improvements that delivery tangible benefits to the business and users. Strategy To ensure the forward planning •IT Systems are effective, secure, reliable planning guarantees company systems and provide the technical capacity for the and networks are structured to company to achieve its strategic goals. meet the immediate and emerging needs of the •IT strategies/plans are in place to company. grow/develop systems in parallel with the changing needs of the company. •IT planning information and advice is accurate, timely and appropriate to the company’s future needs. Major To manage the planning and •Identified IT Support projects are project Projects implementation of IT related managed to meet agreed milestones, systems and service projects. budgets and user requirements. Pg 5
  6. 6. Financial Budget responsibility for all • Expenditure is managed in line with Management expenditure in the IT Services budget expectations. department • Budgets are monitored regularly and reporting where required. • Cost targets are regularly reported against service delivery • Cost effective stewardship of IT assets and resources is managed for the company. Pg 6
  7. 7. 5. KEY SELECTION CRITERIA POSITION SKILLS • Relevant Tertiary qualifications in IT and extensive relevant experience or an equivalent combination of relevant experience and/or education /training. •Project Management and Service Delivery skills •Strong technical background and aptitude to facilitate the understanding of how IT Services can be used to meet complex specific business needs. •Management and development skills •Planning and Organising • Sound business and strategic IT thinker • Team leadership, team contributor • Good interpersonal skills to enable effective communication. • Client service focus • Demonstrate innovation and flexibility. • Work and collaborate together to achieve common goals INTERPERSONAL SKILLS • Demonstrated ability to manage multidisciplinary teams to envision, design and implement robust IT Systems. • Demonstrated ability and initiative to independently stay abreast of current and emerging technology trends. • The ability to communicate and network effectively, developing strong and productive relationships with all diverse stakeholders • Demonstrated ability to act with customer orientation and be attentive and responsive to customer concerns. • Training skills • Team Management/Teamwork skills • Proven experience in managing and reporting on attainment of service levels, client satisfaction SPECIALIST KNOWLEDGE • Information systems • An extensive knowledge of IT Service Management concepts and practices. • IT Asset and financial management. TECHNICAL SKILLS • Sound knowledge of current Windows Operating systems and the Microsoft Office applications. • Desktop management - broad range of desktop hardware and operating systems – Windows/ Novell environment. • An intimate knowledge of Monash University IT policies and agreements. DESIRABLE • Substantial relevant experience in IT Management and IT service delivery and support. • Extensive proven work experience in the IT education environment. • Certification in relevant Microsoft and Novell qualifications. • Certification is (ITIL) IT Service Management. Pg 7
  8. 8. 6. ORGANISATION CHART – Corporate Services Manager Strategic Information Systems IT Services Manager Information Systems Manager Records and Information Manager Manager Student Systems Team Leader Support (Caulfield) Systems Developer/ Release Administrator IT Support Officer Systems Developer IT Support Officer Systems Developer Team Leader Support (Clayton) Systems Developer IT Support Officer IT Support Officer IT Support Officer Administration Officer IT Support Pg 8