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  • 1. College of Business Administration Faculty Information Update Susan J. Fox-Wolfgramm, M.P.A., Ph.D. Work Experiences: Strategic Management Consultant, Heaven on Earth Spa, Honolulu, HI 2007. Assisting the founder in developing growth strategies for her company. Strategic Management Consultant , Make-A-Wish Foundation, Honolulu, HI, 2005. Facilitated a Board of Directors’ Strategic Planning Meeting which resulted in a new direction for the foundation. Strategic Management Consultant; Crackerjack Consulting, Honolulu, HI 2004. Advised president of consulting company about succession planning and strategic management. Strategic Management Consultant; Business Managing Agents, LLC, Honolulu, HI 2004. Helped founders develop a strategic business plan for their new business. Strategic Management Consultant, Executive Seminars for Chinese Senior Hotel General Managers, HPU, Honolulu, HI 2002-2004. Presented strategic management seminars to Chinese Senior Hotel General Managers. Strategic Management Commentator, A Passion for Planning: Financials, Operations, Marketing Management, and Ethics by Gina Vega. University Press of America, Inc.: NY 2001. Provided written comments on actual business situation. Strategic Management Consultant, WestEd Headquarters, San Francisco, CA 1999. Presented a strategic management seminar to the Technology in Education Division. First Scholar-in-Residence / Strategic Management Consultant, Oracle Corporation Headquarters, Redwood City, CA 1998. Worked in the Bsiness Development Division and wrote a white paper about higher education needs for software development. Business Volunteer for the Arts Mentor, San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, San Francisco, CA: Presented strategic management seminars to non-profit arts organizations. 1
  • 2. Courses Taught: MGMT 7001 Management, Policy, and Strategy Formulation MGMT 4001 Business Policy MGMT 3801 & 2 / 6805&6 Exploring Enterprise, Students in Free Enterprise Also at San Francisco State University: Seminar in Advanced Management and Organization at the graduate level and Human Resources Management at the undergraduate level. Research Interests: Strategic Management Organizational Change/Development Entrepreneurship Qualitative Case Methodology Community Service (clubs, projects, associations, etc.): Academy of Management: Chair, Reviewer, Discussant; 1988-present North America Case Research Association, 1996-present Western Casewriters Society: 1996-present Institute of Applied and Behavioral Management 1998-present Hawaii Society of Corporate Planners Corporate Member Program Committee 2007- Hawaii Society of Corporate Planners: Board of Directors, Vice President of University Relations, 2002-present Samuel Moore Walton Free Enterprise Fellow, 1992-present Price-Babson Fellow, 1995-present Beta Gamma Sigma Delta Sigma Pi Phi Kappa Phi Sigma Iota Epsilon The Commonwealth Club of California National Trust for Historic Preservation United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE) World Futurist Society University Service Chair of Management Candidate Hiring Committee 2008-2009 Management Department Chair, 2008-2009 HPU New Venture Challenge 2007-2008, Faculty Moderator TLC Advisory Board, 2008-2010 2
  • 3. Management Development Program for the Hawaii Society of Corporate Planners, 2008 AACSB Section I Coordinator, College of Business Administration College of Business Management Candidate Hiring Committee 2007-2008 College of Business Administration Building Relations with the Hawaiian Business Community Task Force, 2006-present College of Business Administration Dean Search Committee, 2005-2006 College of Business Administration Faculty Chair, HPU Faculty Assembly, 2005-2006 AACSB Strategic Management Standards Committee Member, 2005-2006 AACSB Exploratory Task Force Selected Member, 2005-2006 Academic Policies Committee Member, 2002-2004 Chair of Academic Policies Committee, 2007-2008 Academic Conduct Review Board Member, 2003 Publications/Presentations: Fox-Wolfgramm, Susan J. “Towards Students Learning How to Strategically Manage Themselves Before They Strategically Manage an Organization: A Unique Curriculum Design for the MBA Capstone Course,” Presentation at the Hawaii International Conference on Business, Waikiki, HI: May 2008. Fox-Wolfgramm, Susan J. “Organization Adaptation,” SAGE Reference Project, International Encyclopedia of Organization Studies 2005-present Fox-Wolfgramm, Susan J. “MW Group, Ltd. Prepared for Growth After 9/11?” Case submission to the Case Research Journal, 2007. Fox-Wolfgramm, Susan J. “Paragon R&D Agency: Implementing a New Vision for the 21st Century submission to the Case Research Journal, 2007. Fox-Wolfgramm, Susan J. “How to Create a Stimulating Case Environment Through Local Case Development, Analysis, and Interaction,” Teaching and Learning Center Po’okela, No. 16, September/October 2004. Fox-Wolfgramm, Susan J. “Electrifying Student Curiosity Through Cases: An Experiential Case Research and Teaching Technique Based on Locale,” Presentation at the North American Case Research Association (NACRA), Sedona, AZ: October 2004. Fox-Wolfgramm, Susan J. “Towards Linking Theory and Practice: Creating Stimulating Student Learning Through Local Case Development, Analysis, and Interaction,” Presentation to the Western Organization and Management Teaching Conference, Pepperdine University, February 2004. Fox-Wolfgramm, Susan J. “Timeless Truths: Avoid Past Mistakes by Sticking with Old- Fashioned Values, Honolulu Star-Bulletin, October 19, 2003, p. E2. 3
  • 4. Fox-Wolfgramm, Susan J. “MW Group, Ltd.: Prepared for Growth After 9/11?” Case presentation at the Hawaii International Conference on Business Meeting, June 2003. Fox-Wolfgramm, Susan J. “Strategically Managing Your Classroom: Taking Charge to Achieve Positive Impact.” Faculty Roundtable Series, HPU, Spring 2003. Fox-Wolfgramm, Susan J. “MW Group, Ltd.: Prepared for Growth After 9/11? Case presentation at the Western Casewriters Association(WCA) Meeting, Palm Springs, CA: April 2003. Fox-Wolfgramm, Susan J. “Happy Now? Does Your Company Have What It Takes to Put a Smile on your Face?” Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Sunday, October 6, 2002, p. E2. Fox-Wolfgramm, Susan J. “Achieve Personal Success by Managing Strategically,” Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Sunday, December 2, 2001, p. E2. Fox-Wolfgramm, Susan J. “Paragon R&D Agency: Implementing a New Vision for the 21st Century.” Presentation at the Hawaii Conference on Business Meeting, Honolulu, HI: June, 2001. Fox-Wolfgramm, Susan J. “Paragon R&D Agency: Implementing a New Vision for the 21st Century,” Presentation at the Western Casewriter’s Association (WCA) Meeting, Sun Valley, ID: April 2001. Fox-Wolfgramm, Susan J. “The Uses of Oracle Intermedia in Higher Education: An Exploratory Study.” White paper published by the Oracle Corporation, Higher Education Division, Oracle Service Industries, October 1999. Fox-Wolfgramm, Susan J. “Towards Building a Mutually Opportunistic Alliance Between a Global Corporation and a Public University: Lessons Learned From an Experimental Scholar-In-Residence Program. Presentation at The Institute for Behavioral and Applied Management Meeting, Annapolis, MD: November 1999. Fox-Wolfgramm, Susan J. et al., “Organizational Adaptation to Institutional Change: A Comparative Study of First-Order Change in Prospector and Defender Banks,” Administrative Science Quarterly, 43, #1, pp. 87-126. Fox-Wolfgramm, Susan J. “Towards Developing a Methodology for Doing Qualitative Research: The Dynamic-Comparative Case Study Method,” Scandinavian Journal of Management, 13, #4, pp. 439-455. Fox-Wolfgramm, Susan J. “Towards Understanding the Developmental Outcomes of Government Intervention: A Dynamic-Comparative Case Study of the Community Reinvestment Act,” Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship, (Fall-Winter) I: 105- 130. 4
  • 5. Gilinsky, A. & Fox-Wolfgramm, Susan J., “Competing for the Critical Mass: An Analysis of the Success and Failure of High Growth Firms in Emerging Industries,” Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research, Wellesley, MASS: Babson College.1996. Awards and Honors: HPU Faculty Development Grants 2006, 2007 Who’s Who Among Women in North America, 2008-2009 Strathmore’s WHO’s WHO 2007-2008 Cambridge WHO’s WHO Among Executive and Professional Women, 2007-2008 International WHO’s WHO of Professionals, 2006-2007 5