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  1. 1. LEADERSHIP PROFILE Chief Financial Officer The Arthritis Foundation, Inc. Atlanta, GA “A world free of arthritis pain.” --Vision of The Arthritis Foundation THE ORGANIZATION Sixty years ago a small group of visionary doctors, specialists in arthritis, founded what is now the Arthritis Foundation. The organization is a global leader in arthritis research, information and strategies for people with various forms of the disease. The Arthritis Foundation is the largest nonprofit contributor to arthritis research in the world. Some 46 million Americans have arthritis and related diseases. One in four adult Americans is projected to have the disease by 2030. Arthritis costs our country $128 billion annually. The Arthritis Foundation’s mission is: To improve lives through leadership in the prevention, control and cure of arthritis and related diseases. Working through a network of nationwide affiliates and partners, the Arthritis Foundation annually raises over $136 million and directs the majority of its spending to research and programs. To realize its mission and ultimate vision of a world free of arthritis pain, the Arthritis Foundation: • Acts as the central voice and resource for people with arthritis. The Arthritis Foundation is the single most sought-after source for information that informs, empowers and connects people affected by arthritis, and gives voice to the cause. In addition to its vibrant website, the Foundation publishes Arthritis Today, an award-winning consumer health magazine with 4.1 million readers.
  2. 2. Arthritis Foundation Leadership Profile: Chief Financial Officer January 2008 Page 2 of 7 • Inspires support for the mission. Through the generosity of individual, corporate and foundation donors, the Arthritis Foundation raises support at the national and local level. Among events that raise awareness and support are the annual Arthritis Walk, which last year attracted 65,000 participants to 325 sites and raised over $9.5 million for research, programs and services. • Provides a powerful voice for progress. The Arthritis Foundation supports current legislation before Congress -- the Arthritis Prevention, Control and Cure Act -- through advocacy and awareness campaigns. The annual Juvenile Arthritis Conference and Advocacy Summit are two events that elevate awareness and understanding. Thousands of volunteers commit their time, talents and resources in support of the Arthritis Foundation’s vital mission. The Arthritis Foundation values volunteers as the pillars of the organization. Their energy, skills, knowledge and leadership are helping to change the future of arthritis. The Arthritis Foundation is in the midst of a transformation. The organization seeks to accelerate and magnify its impact by refocusing and restructuring its national and local network. At a time of explosive increase in the incidence rate of arthritis, a looming shortage of health care professionals in the field and threats to the federal arthritis budget, the organization is transforming itself to be more agile, efficient, responsive and effective at achieving its mission. During this unique time in its history, the Arthritis Foundation is transforming in order to: • Facilitate wide-scale delivery of programs and services that help people with arthritis lead lives of greater health, control and comfort • Organize and help raise the ‘voice’ of people with arthritis • Ensure progress in arthritis research through advocacy, awareness and financial support The Arthritis Foundation will remain a federated organization with a representational model of governance. However the current 43 local chapters will reorganize into 10 regional entities. Through refocusing and reorganizing, the Arthritis Foundation seeks to elevate its impact on behalf of people affected by arthritis, and to more boldly facilitate legislative and research solutions. 2
  3. 3. Arthritis Foundation Leadership Profile: Chief Financial Officer January 2008 Page 3 of 7 In-depth information about arthritis and the Arthritis Foundation is available at THE OPPORTUNITY Amidst the promise, opportunity and challenges of its important transformation, the Arthritis Foundation will bring on a new Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Reporting to the Chief Operating Officer, the CFO will serve as a member of the Senior Leadership Team and a key advisor to the CEO, COO and Board of Directors. S/he will play a critical role in driving organizational transformation. The CFO serves as the primary fiscal agent and advisor for the Arthritis Foundation and its board. The CFO provides strategic leadership for finance and accounting, banking and investment management, property management and procurement, and is responsible for leading, managing and mentoring these teams. Key accomplishments and expectations for the CFO will be to: • Lead and transform the financial operations and infrastructure of the Foundation in support of current operations, the evolution to a new regional structure, and goals and priorities for the future. • Advance organizational progress through strategic leadership, outstanding relationship management, and effective communications with staff and volunteers. • Lead and manage facilities and operations, applying expertise with business systems, processes and technology. Relationships. The Chief Financial Officer will lead and manage a staff of approximately 20. Key relationships are as follows: Reports to: Chief Operating Officer Peers: Chief Development Officer Chief Marketing & Communications Officer Chief Field Operations Officer Chief Scientific Officer Chief Public Policy Officer Chief Public Health Officer EVP/Chief Information Officer 3
  4. 4. Arthritis Foundation Leadership Profile: Chief Financial Officer January 2008 Page 4 of 7 Direct reports: Vice President, Budget & Analysis Group Vice President, Accounting Director, Facility Management Coordinator, Finance & Administration Other relationships: Within the Foundation The CFO serves as a trusted resource for financial and business affairs for National Office staff, chapter presidents and staff; and national and chapter volunteers. The CFO works closely with, and serves as liaison to, the Chairs and members of the Budget and Finance Committee and Audit Committee. Outside the Foundation The CFO develops and manages relationships and contacts with independent auditing and accounting firms, financial institutions, legal counsel, insurance brokers, equipment vendors, suppliers, other voluntary health organizations, and industry groups. THE LOCATION The CFO is based at the Arthritis Foundation’s corporate office in midtown Atlanta, Georgia. Some travel is required. THE RESPONSIBILITIES The Chief Financial Officer’s principal responsibilities fall into three major categories: financial management; leadership; facilities and operations management. The position has direct management responsibilities for Accounting, Budget and Facilities Management, with approximately 20 staff members and departmental budgets totaling approximately $3.5 million. 1. Financial Management. Lead and transform financial operations and infrastructure in support of current operations, the evolution to a new regional structure, and the goals and priorities for the future. Specific responsibilities include: • Lead organization-wide accounting and financial policies and procedures, in light of the transformation the Foundation is undertaking. • Create and implement timely financial reporting that facilitates organizational decision making. 4
  5. 5. Arthritis Foundation Leadership Profile: Chief Financial Officer January 2008 Page 5 of 7 • Administer all accounting and finance-related matters of the National Office including budgeting, financial planning, reporting and review, investment management and risk management. • Manage and monitor income and expense performance in accordance with approved budgets, recommending appropriate adjustments when necessary. • Manage the National Office’s investment portfolio and banking arrangements, cash flow management and projections, recommending solutions to problems as they arise. • Serve as primary staff support for the Board Budget and Finance Committee, including the Investment Subcommittee; and the Audit Committee. Ensure that committee members understand the responsibilities of service, hold meetings at appropriate intervals and receive financial reports and analyses in a timely and effective manner. 2. Leadership. Advance organizational progress through strategic leadership, outstanding relationship management, and effective communications with staff and volunteers. Specifically: • As a member of the Senior Leadership Team, help drive decision-making which enables the Foundation to make progress in its mission and transformation. • Manage relationships and communications with staff and volunteers to inspire and motivate effective collaboration and enthusiasm for the future. • Provide financial analysis and planning as part of long-range strategic planning and budgeting. 3. Facilities and Operations Management. Lead and manage facilities and operations, applying expertise in business systems, processes and technology. Oversee the potential sale of the National Office building, located in prime midtown Atlanta space, and the accompanying staff relocation. Specifically: • Apply knowledge of business systems and processes to current operations and the transformation initiative, constantly seeking business process and technology improvements to streamline and simplify. 5
  6. 6. Arthritis Foundation Leadership Profile: Chief Financial Officer January 2008 Page 6 of 7 • Manage all general business services of the National Office including procurement, property management, and risk management. • Administer all financial and operational matters relating to the National Office building. This includes responsibility for financing, legal contracts, space allocation, leasing arrangements, potential sale and relocation. • Provide leadership to develop and implement, in collaboration with the chapters, national contracts for procurement of goods and services that enable the organization to take advantage of economies of scale and maximize the use of technology in the procurement process. • Keep abreast of current trends in business and industry. THE CANDIDATE Arthritis Foundation is an equal opportunity employer, and we are developing a diverse slate of compelling candidates for formal consideration. The ideal candidate will have a strong financial background, ideally in both nonprofit and corporate settings, and exposure to organizational change management in complex settings. The following experience and attributes are of special interest: Critical Competencies and Skill Sets • A broad strategic perspective, with demonstrated acumen in financial analysis, budgeting, asset management and enterprise operations in complex, multi-stakeholder nonprofit settings. • Success with large-scale initiatives, change management and culture shifts. • Experience directing and implementing new systems, processes and technology to enhance financial operations and organizational effectiveness. • Proven capacity for collaborative leadership of staff, volunteers and outside advisors. • A track record of building, managing and mentoring high-performing teams. Personal values and characteristics • A bold and creative leader with a bias to action—capable of leading, inspiring and engaging people to produce timely, high-quality results. • A proactive relationship builder with high emotional intelligence. • An approach that is collegial, collaborative and accessible, yet forceful and self-confident. 6
  7. 7. Arthritis Foundation Leadership Profile: Chief Financial Officer January 2008 Page 7 of 7 • Passion for the mission and purposes of the Foundation. • An energetic, energizing style. • A problem-solver who values data-driven decision making and generates thoughtful solutions that can be executed. • Superior communications skills, both oral and written. • Passion for continuing improvement, both personal and organizational. • A good sense of humor. For potential consideration or to suggest a prospect, please email a note to citing Arthritis Foundation or call Kathy Bremer, Sam Pettway or Joan Schlachter at 404-BoardWalk (404-262-7392) ________________________________________________________________________ For further information on our firm or to check the current status of this search, please visit us at 7