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  1. 1. CERTIFICATE IN STRATEGIC MARKETING MANAGEMENT (CSMM) Four Months Comprehensive Professional Certification Course in Strategic Marketing Management 21st January, 2010 to 20th May, 2010 (Evening Program – Classes Once a Week) What is CSMM? The Certificate in Strategic Marketing Management (CSMM) is a program that provides comprehensive knowledge to the disciplines and core practices of Strategic Marketing. This program links the theory of Marketing with the real time Marketing practices of corporate sector. This is a Four Months Evening Program that emphasizes the practical job related skills and knowledge used throughout in the field of Strategic Marketing Management. CSMM is a comprehensive learning program that has been specifically designed to provide you with the fundamental and Practical knowledge of Strategic Marketing that you need to be successful as a Marketing professional. CSMM means subject mastery and professional credibility. After this Certificate course the participants will be able; o To be aware of the major aspects of the planning and controlling of the marketing operations. o To locate marketing planning and control within a strategic content. o To understand how the available range of analytical models can be applied to marketing planning and control to provide superior marketing performance o To give full recognition to the problems of implementation and how these problems might be overcome. o To create a sense of Strategic Branding & Advertising in participants This Certificate program includes an extensive evaluation procedure to certify its successful completion. This Certificate will be issued by Highly Keen (A Registered Firm) specialized in consultancy, professional trainings and courses).
  2. 2. Course Outline The Body of Knowledge for Certificate in Strategic Marketing Management (CSMM) includes following Course work. Stage One: Where we are now? Strategic and Marketing Analysis Stage three: How to get there? Strategic Choice  Introduction With Participants  Formulation Of Strategy - 3: Generic Strategies For Leaders, Followers,  Introduction To Course Work And Teaching Methodology Challengers And Nichers  Review Of General Marketing Concepts o Strategies For Followers  Marketing Auditing And SWOT Analysis o Strategies For Nichers o Reviewing Marketing Effectiveness o The Dangers Of Strategic Wear Out o The Role Of SWOT Analysis o The Influence of Product Evolution & Product Lifecycle on Strategy o Characteristic Of Effective Audits o Achieving Above Average Performance And Excellence  Segmental Productivity And Ratio Analysis  Product And New Product Strategies o The Clarification Of Cost Categories o What Is Product? Dimension Of Product Policy o Marketing Cost Analysis: Aims And Methods o Brand Strategies o An Illustration Of Segmental Analysis o The Development Of New Products o An Alternative Approach To Segmental Analysis  Product And New Product Strategies o Customer Profitability Analysis o Reasons Of New Product Failures o Market Experimentation o Lessons From New Product Success o The Nature Of Productivity o Organizing For New Product Development o The Use Of Ratios: Analyzing Ratios And Trends o The R&D And Marketing Interface  Approaches To Competitor Analysis  Pricing Policies And Strategies o Analysis Competitive Relationship, How the Organizations o The Role And Significance Of Price Compete o Approaches To Price Setting o Identifying Competitors Objectives o Deciding On Pricing Objectives o Analyzing Competitive Response Profile o Methods Of Pricing o The Competitive Information System(CIS) o Using Price As Technical Weapon  Approaches To Customer Analysis o The Behavior of Cost Over Time o Models For Buying Behavior o The Principle of Offensive Pricing o Factors Influencing Buying Behavior  The Distribution Plan o The Buying Decision Process o Introduction o Organizational Buying Behavior (B2B Approach) o Channel Management o The Influence Of Product On Marketing Strategy o Logistics Management Stage Two: Where do we want to be? Strategic direction and o Modeling approaches strategy formulation Stage Four: How to ensure arrival: Strategic Brand Management &  Mission And Objectives Integrated Marketing Communication o The Purpose Of Planning  Strategic Brand Management - 1 o Establishing A Corporate Mission o What Is Brand, Definitions Of Brand o Influences On Objectives And Strategies o What Comes First? A Product, A Brand Or Both? o Guidelines For Setting Goals, Adjectives And Strategies o Strategic Brand Management Process o Development Of Strategy o Brand Positioning; Structure & Positioning Guidelines  Structural Marketing And Environmental Analysis o Brand Elements o The Nature Of Marketing Environments o Guidelines For Choosing Brand Elements o The Evolution Of Environmental Analysis o Brand Equity, Sources Of Brand Equity o Approaches To Environment Analysis And Scanning  Strategic Brand Management - 2 o Environmental Analysis For International Marketing o Brand Architecture & Hierarchy  Market Segmentation, Target And Positioning - 1 o New Products and Brand Extension o The Nature And Purpose Of Segmentation o Evaluating Brand Extension o Approaches To Segmentation o Managing Brand overtime o Factors Affecting Feasibility Of Segmentation o Approaches to Measure Brand Equity o Bases For Segmentation o Secondary Brand Associations o Geographic And Geo-Demographic Techniques o Managing Top of the Mind Brand Recall  Market Segmentation, Target And Positioning - 2  Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) 1 o Demographic And Behavioral Segmentation o What is IMC o Psychographic And Lifestyle Segmentation o Elements of IMC o Approaches To Segmenting Industrial Markets (B2B) o Advertising o Market Targeting o Sales Promotion o Deciding the breadth of market coverage o Public Relations o Product positioning o Why Integration?  Formulation Of Strategy - 1: Analyzing The Product Portfolio o Importance of Marketing Operations o Development Of Strategic Perspectives  Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) 2 o Models Of Portfolio Analysis o Objective Of Advertising o Market Attractiveness And Business Position Assessment o Steps Involved In Making Of An Ad o Criticism Of Portfolio Analysis o How to Make Good Ads.  Formulation Of Strategy - 2: o Few Good Ads Vs Bad Ads o Types Of Strategy o Share of Voice Vs Share of Mind o Porters Three Generic Competitive Strategies o How to Reach, Calculating GRPS o Identifying Potential Competitive Advantages o Difference Between Gross Rating Points (GRP) and Targeted Rating o The Influence Of Market Positioning On Strategy Points (TRP) o Strategies For Market Leaders o Strategies For Market Challengers
  3. 3. Teaching Methodology Class Room Lectures, Corporate Sector Case Studies, Videos, Exercises & Activities, and Group Discussions Marketing Tool Kit: (Marketing Articles and Professional Networking Techniques will be shared as handouts/discussions with the Participants). Who Should Attend? CSMM is especially designed to meet the professional learning needs of; - Newly appointed Marketing Professionals. - Professionals; who want to switch existing jobs and want to start their careers in Marketing Field. - Marketing Managers of Small and Medium Sized Organizations. - Fresh Marketing Graduates (who seek practical Knowledge of Marketing). ** We encourage companies to send teams to learn common language and frameworks and to help drive the implementation of new knowledge throughout the organization. Benefits of getting CSMM The attendees will benefit from the Certification Course in a way that they will; - Develop a practical and systematic approach towards Strategic Marketing. - Get the Knowledge of Making Marketing, Branding and Advertising Plans according to Organizational needs. - Become able to execute the marketing plans in a sequential manner. - Understand the various approaches to marketing segmentation, targeting, and positioning for competitive advantage. - Understand how to build and manage strong brands. - Develop the necessary competitive advantage to excel in today’s business environment. Course Duration, Venue & Fee Duration: 4 Months (21st January, 2010 to 20th May, 2010) Class Day: Thursday Class Timings: 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Class Venue: Auditorium, 33-D, New Muslim Town, Lahore. Course Registration Fee: Rs. 1,000 (Payable Once) Course Fee: Rs. 5,000 (Per Month) ** Inclusive of Course Material Handouts, Certification and Professional Networking Eligibility Criteria Admission to CSMM will be given on merit. The candidate must possess at-least a Bachelor's degree, OR should be enrolled in a Bachelors or Masters degree in any university. Admission to the Course will certainly be cancelled if at any time during the course of study, the documents of the candidate are found to be incorrect, false, or invalid.
  4. 4. Admission Information Admission to the Certification Course is based on a systematic procedure. The Interested candidates are required to submit the following documents: a) Candidates possessing Bachelor’s Degree must submit Application Form (duly filled), Copy of CNIC, two recent passport-sized photographs, along with photocopies of all educational certificates and proof of experience (if any). b) Candidates who are enrolled in some degree program must submit their Application Form (duly filled), Copy of CNIC, two recent passport-sized photographs, along with photocopies of previous educational Certificates and proof of enrollment in the degree. c) If the Candidates are being sponsored by their employer then they must provide a sponsorship letter on the company letter-head. Highly Keen reserves the right to accept or reject any candidate at any stage without assigning reasons. Application Forms Application forms can be obtained from Highly Keen; Office #7, First Floor, Al-Hafeez Suites, 69-B-II, Gulberg III, Lahore. during 10:00am – 5:00pm. The form must be submitted in original along with above-mentioned documents and Fee, at Highly Keen Office. Last date for Application submission is 10th January, 2010. (Limited Seats). Course Instructor Waqas Altaf (Asst. Brand Manager – Mobilink Infinity) Waqas Altaf is a marketing specialist and trainer with diversified knowledge and experience in the field of marketing. Holding a first class masters degree in Business Administration from Punjab University, Waqas has earned several certifications from various Business Teaching Institutions, including LUMS and PIMS. He is also a certified marketing professional from Asia Pacific Marketing Association. Waqas is currently serving Mobilink (Broadband and Carrier Division) as Assistant Brand Manager. His previous working experience includes working for LINKdotNET, where he was responsible for various brand launches. His working portfolio also includes working independently on various marketing research projects based on Top of the Mind Brand Recall, Customer Satisfaction and New Product Development. Waqas, as an active member of Marketing Association of Pakistan (MAP), and Pakistan Advertising Association (PAA), has been a part of many marketing conferences and trainings. These trainings and conferences encompass a wide array of subject matter related to Brand Management, Sales Force Management, Marketing Research, Advertising and Business Skills. As a dedicated professional continuously in pursuit of bigger and better ventures, he is also specialist in New Product Development, Product Launch and Brand Building.
  5. 5. Highly Keen’s Portfolio Professionals from following Brands have already been Trained / Certified by Highly Keen (An HR Firm) in various domains
  6. 6. Course Registration Form 1. Personal Data Name: _____________________________________________________ Father’s Name: ______________________________________________ Date of Birth: _______________________________________________ CNIC #: E-Mail: _____________________________ Mobile#:______________________________ Ph. Res#: __________________________ Home Address: _________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ Designation: ________________________ Company: _____________________________ Ph. Off.#: __________________________ Fax#: ________________________________ Office Address: ____________________________________________________________ 2. Education (Attach your Credentials with the application) College / University Dates Attended DIVISION / Degree (Name & City) From (Year) To (Year) GRADE 3. Professional Experience (if any) Duration Years in Position Employer From (Year) To (Year) Position
  7. 7. 4. Training / Courses (if any) Institution Dates Attended Course Name Duration (Name & City) From (Year) To (Year) 5. Professional Membership (if any) Type of Membership Name of Professional Body Member Since 6. Approval of Employer (In Case, the candidate is sponsored by company) a). I certify that the information provided by candidate is correct according to the best of my knowledge. b). I have hereby no objection on candidate’s admission and participation in the course. _________________ __________________ ________________ Employer’s Name Signature & Stamp Date 7. References (Do not include family members) Name Company Office Address Mobile # E-Mail
  8. 8. 8. Candidate’s Undertaking a). I certify that the information provided by me including the attachments is correct according to the best of my knowledge. I thus authorize the concerned parties to verify the information provided by me. I understand that falsification in information or records may result in cancellation of admission any time, even during the course. b). I further agree to hold the Highly Keen harmless from any liabilities in the event this application is rejected on the basis of information furnished by me or third person which would make me ineligible. c). I further agree to adhere to the code of conduct of Highly Keen. _________________ __________________ ________________ Candidate Name Signature Date 9. Documents to be Attached (Please ensure that you have attached following documents with this application) o Two Passport Sized Photographs o Copy of CNIC o Photocopies of all Educational Documents o Proof of Enrollment in Degree (if currently enrolled in a degree) o Copies of Experience Letters (if any) o Letter of Sponsorship from Employer on Letter Head (if sponsored by company) For Office Use Only: The Application has been Approved □ The Application has been Rejected □ Signature: Signature: If Approved: Approval Date: Batch#: Roll No.: Course Date: Fee Payment: (Course fee can be paid in Full or in equal monthly installments) Admission Course Fee Course Fee Installments Fee Paid in Full Paid–1st Inst. Paid–2nd Inst. Paid–3rd Inst. Paid-4th Inst. Contact for Registration Highly Keen (An HR Firm) Phone: 042-35772137, 0323-4614503 Address: Office # 7, First Floor, E-Mail: reg@highlykeen.com Al-Hafeez Suites, 69-B-II, Gulberg III, Lahore. Website: www.highlykeen.com