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  1. 1. UNIVERSITY OF DERBY The Derbyshire Business School READING LIST YEAR 3 BA HONS ACCOUNTING WARNING – THIS LIST IS INDICATIVE – DO NOT PURCHASE ANY TEXTS UNTIL YOU HAVE SPOKEN TO YOUR MODULE LEADER STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT Core text Johnson and Scholes: Exploring Corporate Strategy 7th ed. Prentice Hall 2005 Ambosini, V: (1998.) Exploring techniques of analysis and evaluation in strategic management / London : Prentice Hall Europe, - (Exploring strategic management, with J&S). Ansoff, H. Igor, - Corporate strategy : an analytic approach to business policy for (1968) growth and. - Harmondsworth : Penguin. - (A pelican book). Bowman, Cliff (1990) . - The essence of strategic management. - New York; London : Prentice Hall,. - (The essence of management series). Cole, G. A., Gerald - Strategic management : theory and practice. - 2nd ed. - A.. (2000) London : Continuum,. Collins, James C. - Built to last : successful habits of visionary companies / James (2000) C. Collins,. - [3rd ed]. - London : Random House Business,. David, Fred R.. (1993) - Strategic management. - 4th ed. - New York; Oxford : Maxwell Macmillan International,. David, Fred R.. (2001) - Strategic management : concepts & cases - 8th ed. - Upper Saddle River,N.J. : Prentice Hall,. Faulkner, David and - The essence of competitive strategy / - New York; London : Cliff Bowman. (1995) Prentice Hall,. - (The Essence of management series) Finlay, Paul N.. - Strategic management : an introduction to business and (2000) corporate strategy. Financial Times/Prentice Hall, Scholes Kevan and An introduction to business planning / - Basingstoke : Mary Klemm. (1987) Macmillan Education,. Koch, Richard, (1995) The Financial Times guide to strategy. - London : Pitman,. Lynch, Richard L - Corporate strategy. - 2nd ed. - Harlow : F Times Prentice (2000) Hall,. – Mercer D (1992) Managing the External Environment, Sage Rosen, Ronald. (1995) Strategic management: an introduction. - London : Pitman,. Thompson, Arthur A. - Strategic management : concepts and cases / - 10th ed. - and Strickland (1998) Boston Mass.; London : Irwin/McGraw-Hill,. – Thompson, John L - Strategic management : awareness and change . - London : (1990) Chapman and Hall,. Wheelen, Thomas L.. - Strategic management and business policy - 4th ed. - Reading, (1992) Mass.; Wokingham : Addison-Wesley Pub. Co,. Wheelen, Thomas L.. Strategic management and business policy - 8th ed. - Upper –(2002) Saddle River, N.J. : Prentice Hall,
  2. 2. UNIVERSITY OF DERBY The Derbyshire Business School FINANCIAL STRATEGY 1 McClaney EJ. Business Finance for Decision Makers, Pitman Lumby S, Investment Appraisal and Financing Decisions, Chapman and Hall Samuels J, Wilkes F and Brayshaw R, Management of Company Finance, Chapman and Hall Financial Strategy ACCA Textbook for Paper 14 - ACCA Pike R and Neale W, Corporate Finance and Investments, Prentice Hall Journals: Journal of Business Finance and Accounting Journal of Finance Journal of Financial Management Association Other Sources: Financial Times, Euromoney, Corporate Finance Case studies Computers and spreadsheet software for financial modelling FINANCIAL REPORTING THEORY David Alexander, Anne Britton & Ann Jorissen, International Financial Reporting & Analysis, 2nd edition (2005), Thompson Business Press Mike Davies, Mathew Curtis, Greg Wilkinson-Riddle and Allister Wilson, UK & International GAAP, Seventh edition, Butterworths, Tolley and Ernst Young. Christopher Nobes & Robert Parker, Comparative International Accounting, sixth edition (2000), Prentice Hall Brian Rutherford, An introduction to Modern Financial Reporting Theory, 2000, Paul Chapman Publishing Tim Sutton, Corporate Financial Accounting and Reporting, 2000, Prentice Hall
  3. 3. UNIVERSITY OF DERBY The Derbyshire Business School MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING Essential Text Drury, C. (2004). Management and Cost Accounting. 6th ed. Thomson Publishing. Web site: http://www.drury - Other Texts Garrison, R, Noreen, E. and Seal, W. (2003). Management Accounting, European Edition. McGraw-Hill. Horngren, C.T, Bhimani, A, Datar, S.M. and Foster, G. (2002). Management and Cost Accounting. 2nd ed. FT Prentice Hall. Johnson G & Scholes K (2005) Exploring Corporate Strategy Prentice Hall Lucey, T. (2002). 6th ed. Costing. Continuum. Upchurch, A. (2002). Cost Accounting Principles and Practice. FT Prentice Hall. Kaplan R.S., Atkinson A.A Advanced Management Accounting. 3 ed. Prentice Hall Groot T, Lukka K (ed.)(2001) Cases in Management Accounting Prentice Hall Wilson, R.M.S. and Chua, W.F. (1993) Managerial Accounting: Method and Meaning 2nd ed. London. Chapman and Hall Journals: Accounting Organisations and Society; Journal of Business Finance and Accounting; Management Accounting (UK and USA); Accountancy; Accounting and Business Research; The Accounting Review; Harvard Business Review; Journal of Accounting Research; Accounting and Business Research; Journal of Management Accounting Research. Other Sources: Case study material, modelling software. INDEPENDENT STUDIES Bell, J. (1993) Doing Your Research Project, Milton Keynes: Open University Press. Berry, R. (2000) The Research Project: How to Write It London: Routledge Blaxter, L. and Hughes, C. and Tight, M. (1996) How to Research Buckingham: Open University Press
  4. 4. UNIVERSITY OF DERBY The Derbyshire Business School Bryman, A. (1995) Research Methods and Organisation Studies, London: Routledge Easterby-Smith, M. and Thorpe, R. and Lowe, A. (1991) Management Research: An Introduction, London: Sage Publications. Hussey, J. and Hussey, R. (1997) Business Research: A Practical Guide for Undergraduates and Postgraduate Students Basingstoke: MacMillan Business Jankowicz, A. D. (1995) Business Research Projects, 2nd Edition, Chapman and Hall. Saunders, M. and Lewis, P. and Thornhill, A. (2000) Research Methods for Business Studies 2nd Edition, Financial Times Prentice Hall Symon, G. and Cassell, C. (Eds) (1998) Qualitative Methods and Organisational Research, London: Sage Optional Modules (you must study two of these during the second semester). FINANCIAL STATEMENT ANALYSIS O’Regan P. Financial Information Analysis, Wiley Elliott B. and Elliott J. Financial Accounting and Reporting, International Edition FT Prentice Hall Alexander D. and Britton A. Financial Reporting, Thompson Davies et al, UK GAAP, Macmillan SIMULATION AND BUSINESS MODELLING Kelton W D, Sadowski R P, Sadowski D A (2002), Simulation with Arena, McGraw Hill Oakshott L (1997), Business Modelling and Simulation, FT Prentice Hall Robinson S (1994), Successful Simulation - a practical approach to simulation projects, McGraw Hill Other reading: Pidd M J (1992), Computer Simulation in Management Science - Wiley Pegden C D, Sadowski R P (1990), Shannon R E, Introduction to Simulation using SIMAN - McGraw-Hill Pidd M (1998), Computer Simulation in Management Science, Wiley
  5. 5. UNIVERSITY OF DERBY The Derbyshire Business School Schlosser M (1992), Corporate Finance, A Model Building Approach, 2nd edition - Prentice Hall. Journals: SIMULATION International Journal of Simulation and Modelling International Journal of Operations and Production Management Journal of the Operational Research Society IEE Industrial Engineering CURRENCY AND INTEREST RATE RISK MANAGEMENT Please contact Mike Maughan for further information ( FINANCIAL STRATEGY 2 Please contact Mike Maughan for further information ( CORPORATE LAW AND PRACTICE Please contact Larry Mead for further information (