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ASSE President Michael W. Thompson, CSP, speaks to the ...
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ASSE President Michael W. Thompson, CSP, speaks to the ...


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  • Second, we are expanding our influence through Inter-Society Network/Cooperation – forging relationships with other professional organizations typically outside of the mainstream SH&E organizations, and developing partnering opportunities as well as building our partnerships with other organizations with an SH&E component. By doing this ASSE partners equally and continues to be a resource to these organizations. (Advance to Slide 14)
  • 151 chapters, 56 sections and 65 student sections. There are also members in 64 countries including Mexico, Ecuador, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, Australia, Kuwait and Egypt. ASSE members serve on over 40 safety and health standards committees including the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).
  • ASSE international members are based in 64 countries throughout the world ASSE’s business units are chapters, sections and society sections throughout the world. Its current global membership base extends well beyond The United States and Texas, to Australia, Brazil, Ecuador, Egypt, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia. The individual ASSE member needs in these geographically diverse areas may vary, but ASSE’s product; safety, health and environmental products and services, is universal.
  • Chapter leaders from around the world convened recently at ASSE headquarters for the Society’s annual Leadership Conference. When they were asked to identify the top six issues faced by the profession today, lack of corporate support for SH&E initiatives topped the list. One member noted, “the top dog should hold employees accountable and businesses must integrate safety into the overall business plan.” “ We wanted to take a pulse of the important issues facing our chapter leaders,” says ASSE President-Elect Warren Brown, CSP. “The responses from this survey were across the board and include issues that ASSE is addressing today.” Rounding out the rest of the top six issues were:
  • So ASSE members have a voice on key business issues that affect their job and the issues they deal with every day and future issues that will soon impact all of us. Through Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability business seeks to maintain their license to operate through good citizenship and contributions to communities. ASSE does likewise through tools we use to increase public awareness of SH&E such as North American Occupational Safety and Health Week (NAOSH), held the first week of May with the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering (CSSE), and the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). NAOSH participation grows every year as we all work together to promote how occupational safety and health and the profession continually helps increase everyone’s quality of life, saves lives, reduces illnesses and injuries. Other issues facing business that the SH&E Professional will help to address Baby Boomer Generation(1945-1963)-aging bringing with it a host of health related issues from high blood pressure to obesity and diabetes- the demand to modify workplaces to accommodate these older workers Increasing numbers of Latino workers little to no English skills and in many cases can not read or write even in their native language…. Latinos make up 12% of the workforce and recent Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) point to a growing trend toward higher fatalities and injuries such as they now account for 15% of occupational fatalities 5200 fatalities/year = 900 deaths(15%) Fewer SH&E professionals will be needed due to decline in manufacturing- will need to continually retool career skills to be conditioned to the information age (Slide 7)
  • A safety, health and environment professional through academic preparation, work experience, and accredited certification or licensing has mastered and applies a recognized body of knowledge to prevent injury, illness, property and environmental damage, while adhering to a recognized code of professional conduct. And so as a sh&e professional we must bring certain competencies to our workplaces (Advance to slide 5)
  • The goal of NAOSH Week is to focus the attention of employers, employees, the general public and all partners in occupational safety and health on the importance of preventing injury and illness in the workplace, at home and in the community.
  • Hill, Darryl C “Time to Transform- Assessing the State of the SH&E Profession”, Professional Safety, Nov 2002: 18-26 Now I will let you hear from SH&E professionals, how they value their careers and what they do to continue to grow through opportunities presented by ASSE- through the Western Austrlian Chapter (play film 6 minutes)
  • Ici, on ne connait pas….
  • Transcript

    • 1. Mike W. Thompson, CSP Society President [email_address] American Society of Safety Engineers
    • 2.
      • So What’s On Your Mind?
      • American Society of Safety Engineers
      • Challenges
      • North American Occupational Safety
      • and Health (NAOSH) Week
      • So How Can I Maximize My Membership?
      • It’s all about Balance - Sage Advise
      Discussion Points
    • 3.  
    • 4. ASSE was founded on October 14, 1911 in New York City as the United Society of Casualty Inspectors (USCI) with 62 members. 25 March 1911 146 female garment workers died At the time of the fire the factory fire exit doors were locked … the doors that were not locked only opened inwards and were effectively held shut by the onrush of workers trying to escape the fire. … .the only safety measures available for the workers were 27 buckets of water. 1914 the USCI name changed to American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE)
    • 5. American Society of Safety Engineers The world’s oldest organization… Since 1911 protecting people, property and the environment http:// 847-699-2929
    • 6. Vision … be a global champion of the SH&E professional … a global leader of the profession … a premier resource … for those engaged in protecting people, property and the environment
    • 7.  
    • 8.  
    • 9. STRUCTURED to DELIVER MEMBERS Board of Directors (volunteer leaders) 13 Practice Specialties and Branches CoMRA CoPS CoPA CoPD House Of Delegates Areas Regions ® CoC Sections Chapters
    • 10. ASSE – By The Numbers
      • 32,000 members- located in 64 countries
      • 151 Chapters & 56 Sections
      • 65 Student Sections
    • 11. Countries w/ Chapters and Sections Approx.32,000 members United States Ecuador Australia(Western) United Kingdom Egypt Kuwait Saudi Arabia Texas Nigeria
    • 12.  
    • 13. OKLAHOMA Oklahoma City Chapter
      • East Central University, Oklahoma Doug Weirick, Ph.D. Department Chair, Department of Environmental Health Science Ada, OK 74820-6899 BS, Environmental Health Science
      • University of Oklahoma Health Science Center                  David L. Johnson, Ph.D., CIH Chair Department of Occupational & Environmental Health Oklahoma City, OK 73190 MS, Industrial Hygiene Ph.D, Industrial Hygiene
    • 14. OKLAHOMA Oklahoma City Chapter
      • University of Central Oklahoma               Robin Lacy Chair Occupational Technology Education College of Education Edmond, OK 73034-5209 BS, Industrial Safety
    • 15.  
    • 16.  
    • 17. OKLAHOMA Tulsa Chapter
      • Northeastern State University                Katy Ellis, CSP Instructor of Safety Department of Industry Tahlequah, OK 74464-2399 BS, Safety Management
      • Oklahoma State University                               J.D. Brown, CSP Associate Professor Fire Protection and Safety Technology Department  Stillwater Oklahoma 74078 BS, Engineering Technology- Fire Protection and Safety
    • 18.
      • Southeastern Oklahoma State University                               Wayne Jones, Ed.D Chair Dept. of Occupational Safety and Health  Durant, OK 74701-0609 BS, Occupational Safety & Health MS Occupational Safety & Health, Distance Learning
      • (Approved by the State Regents) 
      Texas Southwest Chapter
    • 19.  
    • 20. The Survey Says….
      • #1 Corporate Support Lacking, SH&E Professionals Contend
      • #2 the aging profession/workforce
      • #3 lack of resources
      • #4 (tie):
      •       + the need for more safety training
      • + increase safety professionals' ability to market their
      • value/improve their “enforcer image
      • #5 (tie:
      • + globalization without safety education
      •       + not enough time or funds for professional development
      • #6 (three-way tie):
      •       + outdated PELs
      •       + shortage of SH&E college programs
      •       + increased job demands/job burnout
    • 21. Issues Confronting our Profession
      • Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability
      • Global Health and Pandemic Preparedness
      • Growing numbers of aging baby boomers- escalating retirement numbers
      • Recruitment and retention of educated and skilled workers
      • Escalating SH&E Regulations
      • Displaced workers and low morale
      • Increasing level of Immigrant Workers
      • Exporting of Manufacturing Jobs and Service Jobs
    • 22. SH&E Professional
    • 23.  
    • 24.  
    • 25.  
    • 26.  
    • 27. ASSE Foundation
      • ASSE Foundation 2007 Scholarship and Grant Program - Over $106k Available
      • Applications due December 1, 2007 and award recipients will be announced on or around April 1, 2008
    • 28.  
    • 29.  
    • 30.  
    • 31. The SH&E Professionals who are problem solvers, have multiple skills and demonstrate results woven into the organization’s financial goals will be viewed as valuable assets. 1 Leadership “ Making A Difference”
    • 32. What Do “I” Get for My Dues?
      • So How Can “I” Maximize The
      • Value of “My” Membership?
      Maybe a better question to ask is… Get Involved!
    • 33. ASSE Mission Statement
      • ASSE is a global member-driven association
      • providing representation
      • promotion and support
      • for those engaged in the profession and/or the practice of safety, health and environment in their efforts to protect people, property and the environment.
    • 34. … Member-Driven Association …
      • You joined ASSE with some particular desires and needs in mind.
      • Have you thought about your personal return on your time investment into ASSE Leadership?
      • Thousands of members benefit from their leadership experiences and new skill sets at the local, area, regional and society levels.
    • 35. Skills You Will Learn Through Member Involvement
        • Leadership skills
        • Management skills
        • Networking skills
        • Presentation skills
        • Time management skills
        • Team working skills
        • Meeting skills
        • Project skills and more!
    • 36. Chapter Level
    • 37. Chapter Involvement Opportunities
      • President
      • Vice President/President-Elect
      • Secretary
      • Treasurer
      • Delegate
      • Executive Committee
    • 38. Chapter Involvement - Other Committees/Positions
      • Audit
      • Awards & Honors
      • Chapter Bylaws
      • Foundation Activities
      • Government Affairs
      • Hospitality
      • Strategic Planning
      • Membership
      • Newsletters
      • Professional Development
      • Public Relations
      • CoPS Chapter Chair
    • 39. Region/Area Level Opportunities
      • Regional Vice President & Regional Operating Committee
      • Area Director & Area Operating Committee
      • Deputy Regional Vice President
      • Secretary
      • Treasurer/Finance
    • 40. Additional Region/Area Level Opportunities
      • Professional Development Conference Committees
      • Assistant Regional Vice President for:
        • Committee on Practices & Standards
        • Committee on Professional Development
        • Committee on Professional Affairs
        • Committee on Member & Chapter Affairs
    • 41. Society Level
    • 42. Council on Professional Development
      • CoPD
        • Responsible for Society programs related to professional development and communication of professional knowledge. Provides direction and oversight of resources for education, training and technical publications.
        • Professional Development Conference Planning Committee
          • Plan, develop and implement a quality educational conference
        • Symposia Task Forces
          • Plan, develop and implement a quality educational symposium
      Professional Member and Member
    • 43. Council on Professional Development
        • Editorial Review Board
          • Provides documented peer review of all featured articles in the Professional Safety journal.
        • Technical Publications Advisory Committee
          • Provide technical reviews of all publishing proposals that have been submitted.
      Professional Member and Member
    • 44. Council on Professional Affairs
      • CoPA
          • Planning organizing and managing resources to provide programs, procedures and operational support for the safety profession and professional safety practitioners.
        • Governmental Affairs Committee
          • Address safety, health and environmental legislative and regulatory activities that impact the safety, health and environmental profession.
      Professional Members
    • 45. Council on Professional Affairs
        • Technical/Professional Recognition Committee
          • Oversee administration of existing awards and approval of new awards. Fellow, SPY and Outstanding Safety Educator award.
        • Educational Standards Committee
          • Promote the development and implementation of educational standards for post-secondary education.
          • ABET Program Evaluators
            • Qualified and trained members to conduct onsite accreditation reviews of college/university safety programs.
      Professional Members
    • 46. Council on Practices and Standards
      • CoPS
        • Body of knowledge, technical recognition, technical periodicals, newsletters, safety standards, safety theory and methods, position statements on safety, safety research, training and education and Practice Specialty areas.
        • Standards Development Committee
          • Lead for Society participation in all aspects of standards development and to expand body of knowledge
        • ANSI Standards Development Committee
          • As secretariat for eight standards, ASSE has the committees to develop and maintain the standards. Membership type or ASSE membership not required.
    • 47. Council on Practices and Standards
        • Body of Knowledge (BoK) Committee
          • Dissemination source of professional BoK information for ASSE’s efforts to enhance safety, health and environment.
            • ASSE member and a member of at least one Practice Specialty.
    • 48. Council on Practices and Standards
        • Academics
        • Construction
        • Consultants
        • Engineering
          • Fire Protection
        • Environmental
        • Healthcare
        • Industrial Hygiene
        • International
        • Management
          • Hospitality
          • Manufacturing
        • Mining
        • Public Sector
        • Risk Management/Insurance
          • Transportation & Communications
        • Transportation
          • Oil & Gas
      • Safety Professionals and the Latino Work Force and Women in Safety Engineering common interest groups.
      • Practice Specialties
        • Networking, service and leadership opportunities. Technical and educational resource development.
    • 49. Council on Member and Region Affairs
      • CoMRA (Regional Vice President & Senior Vice President) Professional Member
          • Oversee all Region, Area, Chapter, Section, Student Section and membership
        • Admissions Committee Professional Member
          • Maintain membership processing requirements, review certifications for Professional Membership
        • Diversity Committee Member/Professional Member
          • Society diversity initiatives
        • Leadership Conference Task Force
          • Member/Prof Member. Current/Past Chapter Officer
          • Annual Leadership Conference planning
    • 50. Council on Member and Region Affairs
        • Future Safety Leaders Conference Task Force Member/Prof. Member and Student Member
          • Annual Student Conference
        • Student Activities Task Force
          • Member/Prof. Member and Student Member
          • Student Section activity, Outstanding Student Section Award
        • Global Task Force (temporary)
          • Forming plans for Global Region. International issues
    • 51. Board of Directors
      • President (automatic succession)
      • President-elect (automatic succession)
      • Senior Vice President (elected)
      • Vice President – Professional Development
      • Vice President – Practices and Standards
      • Vice President – Professional Affairs
      • Vice President – Finance
      • 8 – Vice President – Regions 1-8
        • Strategic management and operation of the Society
      Professional Members
    • 52. Board Standing Committees
      • Board members and at-large members
      • Bylaws Committee
        • Reviews amendments to Society Bylaws
      • Finance Committee
        • Review of audit, reserve investment, budgeting guidelines with strategic plan
      • Strategic Planning Committee
        • Maintain and update Strategic Plan manual and matrix .
      Professional Members
    • 53. Board Standing Committees
      • Nominations and Elections Committee
        • Prepare slate of nominees for Society offices and set election procedures
        • Tellers Committee
          • Verifies election results
      • Professional Conduct Committee
        • Maintain Code of Ethics and “quality control and assurance”.
      Professional Members
    • 54. Board Standing Committees
      • Public Relations Committee
        • Provide strategic input based on subject matter expertise and public relations knowledge. Member/Prof. Member
    • 55. Other Committees
      • Credentials Committee – House of Delegates
        • Verify credentials at annual meeting
      • House of Delegates Minutes Committee
        • Review/approve minutes
      • Congress of Councils
        • Strategic discussions of Council and cross-council issues. Vice Presidents of Councils .
      Professional Members
    • 56. Show Your Interest Online
      • Go to
      • Review Committees, Requirements, Expectations, etc.
      • Put your name in for interest in different committees.
      • Committees reviewed each spring
    • 57.  
    • 58.  
    • 59.  
    • 60. … and now some wisdom… sage advice for a happy professional career and personal life …. t o succeed it takes balance
    • 61. Maintain Balance
      • Spiritual
      • Family
      • Work
      • A.S.S.E.
    • 62. Go and have fun in the meadows...
    • 63. Avoid bad habits...
    • 64. Always listen to good advice...
    • 65. Always be alert and then wait. Perhaps what you're looking for, will find you...
    • 66. Always be ready for any surprises in life...
    • 67. Always look at where you're going...
    • 68. Be determined in achieving your goals...
    • 69. Don't let the situation confuse you...
    • 70. Don't stop yourself from learning...
    • 71. Always comb your hair...
    • 72. VACATION!
    • 73. ....most of all... S M I L E !!!
    • 74. and remember your reason for working safely
    • 75. Leadership Mike W. Thompson, CSP ASSE President [email_address] 281-366-4799 THANK YOU !