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  1. 1. Course Outline 7009AVN Strategic Aviation Management Semester 2, 2004 FACULTY OF SCIENCE SCHOOL OF AVIATION 7009AVN STRATEGIC AVIATION MANAGEMENT COURSE OUTLINE 1.0 IDENTIFYING INFORMATION Course Catalogue Number: 7009AVN Course Title: Strategic Aviation Management Discipline Code: 089999 Faculty: Science School: Aviation Program for which course is designed: Master of Aviation Management, Graduate Certificate in Aviation Management Status of Course within Program: Elective Course Credit Point Value: 10 credit points Prerequisites: Nil Incompatible: CTM7008 Technology, Strategy and Organisation, AVN7009 Strategic Aviation Management Year and Semester: 2004 Semester 2 Course Convenor: Assoc Professor Paul Bates Office Location and Phone: N 25 2.22 387 55358 Email Address: p.bates@griffith.edu.au Teaching Team: Mr Stephen Goyen Office Location: not applicable Email Address: sgoyen@yahoo.com
  2. 2. Course Outline 7009AVN Strategic Aviation Management Semester 2, 2004 2.0 OBJECTIVES At the end of the course, students should be able to: • Understand the principles of the development of strategic plans • Understand the metrics of business efficiency and effectiveness • Recognize the importance of organisation and strategic positioning • Understand the options of strategic choice • Manage strategic plan implementation • Undertake research in the business context • Understand the principles of managing staff, teams and resources • Undertake the evaluation of strategic plans 3.0 BRIEF DESCRIPTION This course gives students an application based understanding of the key management skills necessary for formulating and implementing effective strategic planning. 4.0 CONTENT The course addresses the underlying principles and concepts related to the management of competitive forces confronting an organisation in the current business environment. The following specific topics are encompassed: • Development of a Business Vision • Strategy Formulation • Internal and External Auditing • Technology Forecasting • Decision Making and Problem Solving • Strategy Implementation and Evaluation • Organisational Variables Effecting Strategy Implementation • Entrepreneurship 5.0 ORGANISATION AND TEACHING METHODS The contact time is comprised of virtual classroom discussion using Blackboard, supported by problem based assignments which utilise group interaction with the lecturer or convenor. All students undertake this course in mixed synchronous and asynchronous mode. Students undertake interactive study of the course content using the World Wide Web. Where practicable, group sessions are also facilitated.
  3. 3. Course Outline 7009AVN Strategic Aviation Management Semester 2, 2004 6.0 RATIONALE FOR TEACHING METHODS This course is taught with the aid of both flexible learning and traditional methodologies. Both Internet based students and internal students work together using internet facilities ie. course discussion forums. The combination of these methodologies encourages students to be responsible for their learning outcomes while allowing staff to monitor progress and provide assistance where necessary. 7.0 ASSESSMENT Assessment Item Due Date Weight Project Friday Week 50% 10 Assignments: completion of 2 Friday Week 6 30% Friday Week 10 Examination 20% Overview of Assessment Project – 50% of Assessment due the end of Week 10. Students will be asked to undertake a project that critically examines the strategic management processes, building knowledge capability, business research methodology and strategic management decision processes. Assignments – Completion of Two; 30% of Assessment Two assignments are to be completed and submitted to Off Campus and Assignment Handling Services by the end of Week 6. The assignments are to be about 2000 words each and should include: • Cover page • Executive Summary • Introduction • Critical Review of the Problem • Interpretation and Solutions • Conclusion • References • Attachments
  4. 4. Course Outline 7009AVN Strategic Aviation Management Semester 2, 2004 Examination; 20% of Assessment A supervised 2 hour examination will be conducted at the end of the course. The examination consists of a business problem that will require strategic analysis and decisions. Assessment Notes: For an overall pass in the course, students must achieve a pass (50%) in the end of semester examination. Item Length Worth Focus Due Date 50% Individual End of Week Project 10 2000 words 15% * Individual End of Week Assignment 1 students must 6 complete two assignments Assignment 2 2000 words 15% * Individual End of Week students must 10 complete two assignments 2 hours 20% Individual Exam Period End of Semester Exam 6.0 RATIONALE FOR ASSESSMENT Assessment for this course allows for varied learning styles to be assessed in line with the “Griffith Graduate” policy. Discussion forums, written assignments encourage deeper learning whilst formal examinations assess the students’ understanding of the required material in a variety of ways again allowing various learning styles to be expressed. 7.0 TEXTS AND SUPPORTING MATERIAL There is no compulsory text for this course. Recommended texts are: Scott Adams, ‘The Dilbert Principle’, Andrews & McMeel, Kansas. Robert Burgelman and Modesto Maidique, ‘Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation’, Irwin. Fred David, ‘Strategic Management’, Prentice Hall. Arthur Thompson and A. Strickland, ‘Strategic Management’, Irwin.
  5. 5. Course Outline 7009AVN Strategic Aviation Management Semester 2, 2004 8.0 SCOPE FOR COURSE EVALUATION Continuous feedback will be requested throughout the semester from students on effectiveness of the teaching and organisation strategies. At the end of the semester a student survey will also be conducted. 9.0 ADMINISTRATION The course is monitored by the convenor, with a review of examination material and results. Feedback from students is solicited throughout the semester and through an end of semester written survey. Minor modifications to material and its presentation are accomplished during the semester if appropriate. Typically, 2 major problem based case assignments will be required to be undertaken, together with a final exam. However, students also have the option of undertaking a major business planning assignment, equivalent to the 2 standard assignments. For students undertaking the business planning assignment, the 2 standard assignments will not require submission. A supervised examination will be conducted at the end of the course. The examination consists of a business problem that will require strategic analysis and decisions. reference to another person, other than the convenor of this course. It is expected that students will submit assignments on a progressive basis. That is, assignment 1 will be returned for marking not more than 7 weeks after commencement of the course, assignment 2 should be returned 2 weeks after the expected return of assignment 1. Policy on submission of assessment items - extensions and penalties For submission of assignments, we will abide by the recommendations of the University's policy which can be located at; http://www.gu.edu.au/ua/aa/sta/policy.html - Teaching and Learning - Assessment Policy 5.2.1 Students are required to submit assessment items by the date due, as advised in the Course Outline. Assessment items submitted after the due date will be subject to a penalty unless an extension of time for submitting the item is approved by the Course Convenor. 5.2.2 Requests for Extension Requests for extension of time to submit an assessment item must be made in writing and submitted to the Course Convenor. Where the request is made on medical grounds, an appropriate medical certificate must be submitted (see section 5.4.1). The request for an extension should be lodged by the due date for the assessment item. A copy of the extension request should be attached to the assessment item when it is submitted. 5.2.3 Penalties for Late Submission
  6. 6. Course Outline 7009AVN Strategic Aviation Management Semester 2, 2004 An assessment item submitted after the due date, without an approved extension, will be penalised. The standard penalty is the reduction of the mark allocated to the assessment item by 10% of the maximum mark applicable for the assessment item, for each day or part day that the item is late. Assessment items submitted more than five days after the due date are awarded zero marks. 5.2.4 The Course Convenor may vary the provisions of section 5.2.3 provided that any penalties to be imposed for late submission are approved by the relevant Faculty Board in the context of approving the Course Outline and are conveyed to the student as part of the Course Outline. Submission of Assignments / Administration All students must submit their assignments through Off Campus and Assignment Handling Services. It is important to keep a copy of all assessment items for your own records. Each assessment item should clearly indicate the course, your name, student number and the due date for submission. Other Assistance The University provides a wealth of services to assist you in your studies, please visit the University web site for more information. Please ensure that you have read through or “surfed” the areas that may be of assistance to you. Some of these services are available only on campus os please let the School know if there are other services you require and we will do what we can to assist you to find those services. Learning Assistance Web Sites Below please find a few web sites that may be of interest to you: http://www.gu.edu.au/ins/training/- this site is the Learning Services site which contains information on Time Management , Note taking and Note Making, Reading Effectively, Group Assignments, Oral Presentations, Critical Thinking, Academic Writing, Preparing for Exams etc.
  7. 7. Course Outline 7009AVN Strategic Aviation Management Semester 2, 2004 What happens if work commitments cause difficulties in my study? We are well aware that you are very busy and we take great pride in making sure that your study doesn't interfere with work. If there is any problem with your study due to your work commitments please discuss this with your lecturers and then with the Head of School. We can normally be of assistance; the earlier you experience challenges and tell us about them the easier they are to deal with. It is most important not to be stressed about time lines, we really will assist you with time lines if at all possible. Timeliness of the Web Site All endeavour is dynamic and this is so with our courses so while every effort is made to keep the web site up to date things sometimes change rapidly. When this happens you will be notified either by email or on the "discussion forum" site or the “noticeboard” in the course. Make sure you REGULARLY ie at least once each week check the "discussion forum" or “noticeboard” section to find out important items of information. This site is our official way of communicating with you! This course outline as well as more information regarding 7009AVN Strategic Aviation Management may be found at the web site: http:www2.gu.edu.au or access through Learning@Griffith School Information Please visit the School of Aviation web site at http://www.gu.edu.au/school/avn for School specific "news and upcoming events". ............................................... ............................................... Course Convenor Date ............................................... ............................................... Head of School, Aviation Date ............................................... ............................................... Chair, Faculty Board Date