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å¼ æ£æ²³ä ̧ªäººä ̧"页材料

  1. 1. English material Personal data: Zhang Zhenghe Male , Born in 1964,Kaifeng,Henan Doctor of Management College of Economy Management, China Agricultural University, 2nd, Yuanmingyuan West Road Beijing 100094 China Professor of Economics, Supervisor of Doctor candidate at China Agricultural University Tel: (010) 62893347 ( office ) , (010) 62893928(home) , 13601312318(mobile phone ) Fax: (010) 62893129,E-mail Address: cauzzh@263.net Professional work strengths are mainly manifested as follows: a. MBA (management of business administration), MPA (management of public administration) theories and practice concerning agricultural enterprises. b. Local government imagination design. c. Science and technology transition and industry exploitation consulting and planning. d. China domestic market marketing investigation and scheme planning. e. Rural urbanization and environmental development. Education: September, 1996-----December, 1998 Major of Agricultural Economy and Management at China Agricultural University, Graduated from the University with a Doctor’s degree in 1998 September, 1985-----July, 1988 Major of Agricultural Economy and Management at Beijing Agricultural University, Graduated from the University with a Master’s degree in 1988 September, 1980-----July, 1984 Bachelor of Agricultural Economy at Central China Agricultural College Working experience: 1996-----present Teaching Master’s and Doctor’s course, such as THE PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE OF MANAGEMENT, MANAGEMENT PSYCHOLOGY, MANAGEMENT CONSULTING AND PLANNING, STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT ADMINISTRATIVE CASE STUDY etc. In 1999,Worked as the director of China Agricultural and Husbandry Managing and Researching Center of China Agricultural University, taking charge of the industrialization of achievements in scientific research of Agricultural University and having wide-ranging contact with enterprises concerning agriculture and government administrating departments at home. 1988-----1996 Lecturer and Associate Professor at Henan Finance and Economy College. Main
  2. 2. courses are below: MANAGEMENT PRINCIPLES, RURAL ECONOMY MANAGEMENT, DEVELOPMENT ECONOMICS, SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT CONSULTATION, MARKET PLANNING AND MARKETING, and RURAL HUMANE CAPITAL INVESTMENT etc. Having given lectures in Agricultural Policy (Master course of Agricultural Economy Specialty). Having presided over and participated in more than 10 Provincial and Ministerial level key problem-tackling projects and been approved fully by experts from theory and practice. Devoted in production practice positively: Having participated in Henan Province rural and development consulting and planning, village and township enterprises consulting and diagnosing, rural and cities and towns land property assessment, participated in or taken charge of more than 20 items of comparatively larger regional planning, enterprises management and market planning, all won good consulting results, and enhanced operating abilities from practice. Through knowledge and abilities examinations, I have got the Registered Advanced Consultant Qualification, and initiated a Consulting Center in Henan, specializing in servicing Agriculture, Rural Area, and Farmers for the first time. 1984-----1985 Henan Finance and Economy College Working achievements and honors: For eighteen years, I adhere to the working style of combining theory and practice and standing on the theory frontier and social practice forefront, enriching teaching content, directing local economy development, which hit front-page, headlines in Henan Daily and have been highly approved by the leader of provincial Governor. In eighteen years, having taken charge of and participated in more than 20 national, provincial and ministerial level key projects and won 15 provincial level awards, such as science and technology advance award etc. Having published 9 monographs, translations and textbooks, participated in compiling 8 books, published more than 40 academic theses, been included in China Writings Copyright Center and been invited to participated in international conference for more than 10 times. Recent academic research projects: The break-through research on comparatively well-off village construction Resource: Henan government 93B037 30000RMB 1993--1994 Presider Study on agriculture socializing servicing system construction Resource: Ministry of Finance 94028 50000RMB 1994--1995 Associate Presider Study on town and township enterprises occupational disease, sanitation and efficiency Resource: Henan government 95059 6000RMB 1995--1996 Presider Study on China urbanization strategy Resource: Ministry of Construction 917-02-02 90000RMB 1996--1999 Associate Presider Study on state the tenth five-year plan agriculture investigation Resource: Ministry of Agriculture 20000RMB 1999--2000 Associate Presider Study on towns development in Beijing suburban district Resource: Beijing Municipality Planning Committee Key projects of 2000 50000RMB 2000--2001 Presider Study on poverty alleviation strategy in Wuling Mountain Area
  3. 3. Resource: Ministry of Agriculture 30000RMB 2000--2001 Presider The study of accelerating agricultural science and technology industry development Resource: Ministry of Agriculture 60000RMB 1999--2001 Major finishing person The economy assessment of comprehensive amelioration of deteriorating grassland Resource: 948 office 202099 4720000RMB 2000--2004 Major participator Study of main farm produce market integration at home and abroad Resource: State natural science foundation G030501 100000RMB 2000--2003 Major participator Study on Western pastoral development Resource: Ministry of Agriculture 01712 160000RMB 2001--2002 Presider Adjustment of agri-productive structure and reorganization of factors Resource: Ministry of Science and Technology 800000RMB 2002-2003 Presider Monographs and textbooks in recent years: Enterprises Management Principles 1995,1 Agricultural Press Chief editor Securities Market and Investment 1995,3 Henna People’s Press Associate Chief editor Agricultural Extension 1998,1 China Agricultural University Press Participant Agriculture, Rural Area, Farmers TV Series 2000 Xinhua News Agency Audio-visual Center Chief planner 22series Agriculture, and Forestry Economy Management Postgraduate Examination Outline and Guide 2000 Advanced Education Press Participating in compiling Urbanization of Agricultural States Monograph 2000 Beijing Press Solo editor Enterprises CIS 2001 Agricultural Press Chief editor Village and Town Management and Rural Area Development Broadcasting Press Chief editor Administrative Textbook 2002 China Agricultural University Press Main thesis published in recent years: Optimal Control of Dynamic In-output Systems, Model & control International conference 1994.12 Analysis on Factors in Rural Urbanization, Henan Social Science 1998.1 The Problem and Outlet of Rural Consulting, Agricultural Technology Economic 1998.2 Space and Time Order of China Urbanization, Agricultural Economic Problem 1998.5 Small Town cannot be the Main Role in China Urbanization, China Soft Science 1998.8 Co-operate Rule and Agricultural Co-operation in New Era, Economic Problem 1998.7 On Transformation From Rural to City, Financial Problem Research 1999.1 Rural Urbanization Strategy in China, International conference 1999.6 On Quasi-urbanization of Rural Population and Fund, Economic Problem 1999.8 The Advantage and Disadvantage of Post-developing Cities, Economist 2000.4 Residential Area Evolution and Sustainable Development, Financial Problem Research 2001.9 Social-Economics Impacts of Rural-Urban Migration on China Rural, Administration Theory & Praxis 2002.9 USA. Other specialty technical work in recent years: 1. Having made 16 industrial development plans for enterprises and provincial government in
  4. 4. yuncheng, Shanxi,guyuan, Hebei,tianji, Shenzheng,chaoyang, Liaoning,rongyang, Henan etc. 2. Having presided over 6 feasibility study for the World Bank and animal and husbandry development, Sino-Japan ecological construction project etc. 3. Having made 8 county, town, and village training program in 1999—2000. 4. Having presided over the contribution for the Central People’s Broadcasting Radio Station Science and Technology World Program, the broadcasting time totaled at more than 5000minites, transfer more than 5000 items of agricultural science and technology in 1999—2000. 5. Having accepted interview of CCTV, propaganda China agricultural university positively, and disseminating agricultural science and technology and modern agriculture conception and been broadcasting at the 2nd and 7th channels of CCTV in November, 2000.