Making inferences


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intro to making inferences and practice websites

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Making inferences

  1. 1. Making Inferences Use your reading skills to Become a detective!
  2. 2. Notes •You make an inference when you use clues from the story to figure out something the author doesn’t tell you. •Read what is given to you and become the detective to find out the rest! •Reading in between the lines. • BrainPop Inferences
  3. 3. what’s the point? •Good readers draw inferences from text. Proficient readers use their prior knowledge the information from the text to draw conclusions, make critical judgments, and form unique interpretations from text. Inference may occur in the form of conclusions, predictions or new ideas.
  4. 4. Example Sammi wasn’t much of a writer, but oh the things he could do with a brush and canvas. You could give him any type of scene and he could create something of such beauty. Everyone who saw his work would say how talented he was. What is Sammi’s talent? Sammi is a painter!
  5. 5. Example Today I was late for my volleyball game. Mom pulled the car over several times t Which conclusion can be drawn? A. The girl was not an important member of her team B. The coach was angry when the player showed up late C.The girl and her mom got lost on the way to the game D. The girl and her mom had car trouble on the way to her game
  6. 6. Your Turn! Shanay had never seen so many fish before. She looked around at the huge tanks and could see hundreds of fish, crabs, shrimp, and all other amazing creatures completely surrounding her. She never thought she could feel like she was completely underwater, yet still be completely dry. Where is Shanay? Add picture here. Text
  7. 7. Anthony loved the feeling of being launched at such fast speeds. He looked forward to the twists and turns, and the upside down loops. The park had gotten so expensive that his family could only afford to go once a year, so Anthony would count down the days until he could feel his hair blowing in the wind as he raced around the track. Where does Anthony’s family go once a year? Add picture here. Text
  8. 8. What can you "infer" by reading the passage below? Circle or star your answer "I hate the idea of having all those people out there watching me...I just don't like A. Violet is a mean girl B. Violet is probably a shy girl C. Violet has to use the bathroom. Add picture here.
  9. 9. Jamie couldn’t sleep. She knew she shouldn’t have picked that movie. Perhaps a comedy or romance would have suited her better. Now all she could think of was that ghostly white face. Why can’t Jamie sleep? Add picture here. Text
  10. 10. The family dog hid behind the sofa as a storm roared outside. There was lightning and thunder. The dog whimpered each time it heard the thunder. Dad tried to coax the dog out, but it wasn't going anywhere. What can you infer about this passage? Circle or star your answer A. Dad was afraid of storms B. The dog was playing hide and seek C. Storms made the dog afraid Add picture here.
  11. 11. He loved all the characters. That was the best part of the show. Homer, Marge, Bart, they all made him laugh. It was nice to sit down, smile, and not worry about a thing after a long day of working. What show does this person watch to relax? Add picture here. Text
  12. 12. Practice Sites •