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TelxWeb website design team in Miami focused on increasing the chances that a visitor who lands on your website and Company ensures that every website receives personal attention from start to finish and work closely with each customer to ensure the website meets their expectations.

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Website design company - TelxWeb

  1. 1. Choosing the right PHP framework
  2. 2. PHP framework is a collection of PHP codes, also termed as a library or a structure having a particular format that make it easy for a web developer to develop a web site or web apps. Prior to choosing a framework the developer should consider several factors like examining whether the chosen framework has a room of extension, is it having extra functionality, how easily the framework switches and most importantly does the chosen framework has the code styling similar to the one already existing on the site. The web developer should have a complete knowledge regarding all the mentioned questions before finalizing the framework.
  3. 3. The different PHP frameworks that are used by various web development companies are: Codeigniter PHP framework: This PHP framework is primarily used by the developers when they are developing a large scale web application that requires scaling. Codeigniter is an open source web application framework which can be used for rapid development without the overhead of having a constantly build reusable components. It also provides its user with a logical structure and a reusable interface to the library that has been written to perform the common test. It also facilitates by providing them with a fast and extensible foundation for writing the complex software.
  4. 4.  Some of the key features of Codeigniter are:  Small footprint: This means that it is light weight and has a very little overhead that increases its performance rate.  No configuration required: It is very easy to operate this type of framework, as it does not require any kind of configuration.
  5. 5. ZEND framework: ZEND framework is a more preferred framework as compared to the other ones as it is one of the most flexible frameworks. The flexibility of the ZEND can be inferred by the fact that, if a web developer wanted to use only a single application they can instantly use it from the Zend library, whereas in case of the other framework it is necessary for them to utilize all the MVC structure that has been provided along with the framework otherwise it will disable the developer from using the framework at all.
  6. 6. Symfony PHP framework: The Symfony is one of the most popular framework among the others. It has a solid code base and a good documentation. This framework has a lot to offer whether it be flexible, use of a decent and a marginally architecture or using some nice and rapid development applications features. The Symfony is built on PHP 3.0 thus provides a good design and object oriented layout. It facilitates its user from not using the full stack, and enables them to use the part that they want to. The recent test that has been performed on the Symfony PHP framework shows that it is three times faster than the previous version and from Zend 1.10 versions.
  7. 7. Last but not the least Symfony allows the developer to use individual classes even if they don’t want to use the MVC layer provided with the framework. The recently developed version of the symphony permits the use JAVA pattern.
  8. 8. About Company Telx Web is a Miami based Web Development Company that specializes in website design, web development and SEO services. For More Information about Web Design Visit on