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TelxWeb - Web design & SEO company



Telx Web is a Miami based Web Development Company that specializes in website design, web development and SEO services.

Telx Web is a Miami based Web Development Company that specializes in website design, web development and SEO services.



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TelxWeb - Web design & SEO company TelxWeb - Web design & SEO company Presentation Transcript

  • Mixing HTML5 and Native Code for a better Mobile Experience
  • What is HTML 5 HTML5 stands for Hyper Text Markup Language and we use this technology in order to develop websites. HTML5 is that it is simpler than previous HTML standards, thus giving rise to a cleaner code.
  • Advantage of HTML5  HTML5 also support multimedia content and provides features for allowing the scriptable rendering of 2D shapes.  It is capable of rendering multimedia content without the necessity of installing a plugin or a player application, this technology aims at replacing other rich internet application (RIA) platforms, such as Adobe Flash.
  •  HTML5 is capable of running on any computer as well as on mobile devices such as iPhones, Android devices, iPad, tablets and smartphones, some of which cannot run Flash.  HTML5 allows you to write clear and descriptive code, semantic code that allows you to easily separate meaning from style and content.  HTML5 provides a great, mobile friendly way to develop fun, interactive games.
  • What is Native Code? Native code refers to programming code that is configured to run on a specific processor. Native code will generally not function if used on a processor other than the one it was specifically written for unless it is allowed to run over an emulator.
  • Mixing HTML5 and Native Code There are three principal ways to develop a mobile solution: native code, hybrid mobile app and mobile Web app. developing an application in HTML5 is a way to leverage code across multiple platforms, rather than having to write the entire application from scratch for each platform. As such, much of the user interface, perhaps the entire interface, would be done in HTML. “Hybrid application” is a term often given to applications that are developed largely in HTML5 for the user interface and that rely on native code to access device-specific features that are not readily available to Web applications.
  •  With a hybrid application, building a mobile experience that leverages both native and HTML5 code for the user interface is quite possible. This enables the developer to use the most appropriate tool for the job when developing the user interface. Clearly, developing portions of the user experience in two or more different technologies has some downsides. Chiefly, you would need developers who can handle both native development and HTML5. The portion of the user interface in native code couldn’t be readily used on other platforms and would need to be redeveloped.
  • About Telx Web Telx Web, who specializes in web development in Miami, has been given a recognition of a one-stop destination for all web design services, providing the best web design ecommerce enterprise level quality solutions to all their clients, constantly focusing on growth with client centric strategies. Telx web is a Website Design and SEO service company, serving Miami, Ft Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and many more clients nationwide. In addition to website design, they also offer a variety of online marketing tools.
  • Contact Information For more information about Web design, Web development & SEO visit on
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