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  • SPEAKER NOTESThis presentation provides a general introduction to OpenText. What is ECM? The first few slides provide a high level introduction to ECMWho we are? Positioning and corporate facts and figuresWhat we do? Our approach to Enterprise Content ManagementWho are our customers? And why did they choose OpenText as their preferred ECM vendorWhat is our strategy? What’s on our roadmap for the next twelve months (10,000ft perspective)
  • Click-Indexing means faster results, less errorsAutomated document separation removes time-intensive, manual steps from your capture process External Lookups: Use data from your CRM, Sales Force Automation or ERP system to index sales orders or service contracts accurately
  • Provide users with a richer browser-based Alchemy experience Zip and Mail collections of documents in a few clicksAccess from most browsersUse Alchemy as if it were just another drive on your desktopBrowse, search, add & index documents No install, no interface, no learning curve
  • Set up simple document workflows to reduce time and errors reviewing and approving contracts, offer letters, or expenses Use Document Matching to ensure you have the purchase order, invoice and shipping note before paying a vendor
  • Which versions of Alchemy include File Connector as part of the core product?FileConnector is now included as a core feature of Alchemy 9.0 and above. 8x customers who do not already own File Connector and who wish to deploy it will need to upgrade to 9.0.Which versions of Alchemy will support Alchemy Enhanced Web?Alchemy 9.0 and above will support Alchemy Enhanced Web. 8x customers who wish to deploy Alchemy Enhanced Web will need to upgrade to 9.0.Which versions of Alchemy support the Productivity Suite?The Productivity Suite is supported by Alchemy 8.2 and higher; however, as future enhancements to Productivity Suite may not be backward compatible with 8.x, OpenText recommends upgrading to 9.0.Which versions of Alchemy will activate with the new Product License Management Tool?Alchemy 9.0 and above.Will Alchemy 8x customers have to upgrade to 9.0 in order to buy additional licenses?Not immediately. 8.x customers with supported versions who do not wish to upgrade may purchase additional licenses for their existing version and continue to activate Alchemy in the same way. This will remain an option until version 9.1 in releasedHow do I request the upgrade?The upgrade process can be initiated by completing the Alchemy 9.0 upgrade form which can be downloaded from:
  • SPEAKER NOTESSumming UpWith 20+ years experience in helping organizations across every industry and around the globe overcome the challenges associated with managing business content, OpenText stands unmatched in the Enterprise Content Management market. By fostering truly collaborative relationships with our customers and business partners, OpenText has developed a keen understanding of how content flows throughout an enterprise and how organizations can leverage it to drive growth, mitigate risk, and generate business advantage.Our knowledge of the business challenges organizations face today and the richest array of content management applications in the industry, along with our ability to provide organizations with the guidance required to address these challenges, makes OpenText, The Content Experts.
  • Alchemy 9.0 Customer Presentation

    1. 1. OpenText Document Server, Alchemy Edition Version 9.0 Darren Boynton Product Marketing Manager April 24th 2012Rev 1.0.22062011 Copyright © OpenText Corporation. All rights reserved.
    2. 2. AGENDA Alchemy 101 Introducing Alchemy 9.0 Upgrading to Alchemy 9.0 Training & Resources Frequently Asked Questions
    3. 3. Alchemy helps tens of thousands of departments &small-to-medium businesses
    4. 4. manage a lot of different informationForms Purchase OrdersE-Mails InvoicesFaxes Proof of Delivery NotesMicrosoft Office Documents Legal AgreementsPDF Documents Material Safety Data SheetsCAD Drawings Customer CorrespondenceASCII Reports Marketing CollateralPhotos & Images Employee FilesScanned Documents Minutes and Agenda Notes
    5. 5. These companies use Alchemy because itprovides simple & secure DocumentManagement & Archiving
    6. 6. 9.0
    7. 7. Alchemy 9.0capture access process retain
    8. 8. Capture  Semi-automated capture with Single Click Entry  Fax Appliance Capture support  Indexing using External Database Lookup  Page- and OCR-based Document Separation  Auto Folder Creation and document assignment
    9. 9. Access Next Generation Web Client, Alchemy Enhanced Web  File Connector transitioned into (Advanced) Server
    10. 10. Alchemy Enhanced Web
    11. 11. Process New Document Workflow capabilities  User-based routing  Simple rules-based routing Document Matching  Invoice – packing slip – purchase order?
    12. 12. Retain  New Document Retention capabilities  Time-based retention  Rules-based retention  Combination retention
    13. 13. UPDATED PLATFORM SUPPORT KOFAX 9.0 & KOFAX 10.0 Alchemy 9.0 (SR1) KOFAX Capture Email Import
    14. 14. Beyond Alchemy 9.0 Service Releases  Web Client Enhancements  Regular Service Releases to keep current on new platforms  Support Windows 8  Support IE10  x64 support for File Connector client  Support Hyper-V  DM Client on 2007 & 2010 “Dot” Releases Beginning 9.1  Additional Web Client Features  Automated builds  Database & Health Monitoring  Additional Workflow Capabilities  New OCR engine
    15. 15. Streamlined Product Activation Activate by System – Not per License Faster Product Licensing SUID Simplifies Version & Platform Upgrades Reduces License Administration for Customers with Multiple Alchemy Installations
    16. 16. Alchemy Learning Resources May 23, 2012 USA: Tucson, AZ May 31, 2012 Europe: Hoofddorp, NL Coming Soon: Introduction to Productivity Suite (Online) More classes announced as they become available Register:
    17. 17. Frequently Asked Questions Which versions of Alchemy include File Connector as part of the core product? Which versions of Alchemy will support Alchemy Enhanced Web? Which versions of Alchemy support the Productivity Suite? Which versions of Alchemy will activate with the new Product License Management Tool? Will Alchemy 8x customers have to upgrade to 9.0 in order to buy additional licenses? How do I request the upgrade?
    18. 18. @opentext