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  • Genre research.

    1. 1. Genre Research Stalker/slasher… Jerome Bonus
    2. 2. Stalker/ slasher… A slasher film is a sub-genre of a horror film, and it could also be seen as a thriller, usually involving a mysterious psychopathic killer stalking and killing a chain of victims usually in a distinctly violent manner., often with a knife, axe, chainsaw etc. The term ‘slasher’ is frequently used as a common term for a typical horror film using striking acts of murder. The film genre is normally set in a high school, with the central characters as young and attractive especially the group of girls who are seen as sexually promiscuous. Horror films are quite similar to stalker slasher films. A horror is a film genre seeking to express a negative emotional feeling from viewers by playing on the audience's highest fears. The killing in these films are all organized and contains kills occurring at a climax. Horror films often feature scenes that shock the viewer such as paranormal activity, which are frequent themes. Furthermore they may overlap with the fantasy, supernatural, and thriller genres. 2
    3. 3. Defining the sub-genre… The definition of a slasher film varies depending on different opinions. But in general it normally contains several specific aspects that combine into the genre’s plan. In stalker slasher films they often define the sub-genre by its typical fixed plot structure. Slasher films loosely consists of the following process: Slasher films can be separated into two different sub-types. One types displays the killer’s identity which is known from the beginning. Another one shows the killer’s identity is hidden and which indicates at twist or a cliff-hanger at the end. Past incident The young generation is guilty of a wrongful action. The killer sees an injury, fault or death. The killer experiences a loss. The killer kills the guilty members of the young generation. Present actions An incident commemorates the past action. The killer's critical force is reactivated. The killer re-identifies the guilty events. A member of the old community tries to warn the young community. The young community takes no attention. The killer stalks members of the young community. A brave member of the group attempts to hunt down the killer. The killer kills members of the young community. The her witnesses the degree of the murders. The hero notices the killer. The hero battles with the killer. The hero kills or pacifies the killer. The hero survives. But the hero is not free… 3
    4. 4. History… The horror genre first originated in Germany in the 1890s. The typical plot of this genre is an invasion of an evil being such as vampires, demons and serial killers going after victims. The first original creator of the horror genre was known as “George Méliés” with the first horror film called “The house of the devil” which was translated from the the german name “Le Manoir du Diable”. Many of the first horror films originated in Germany and would effect the future of horror, setting the conventions in the genre. The genre of horror has changed rapidly over the past years moving from monsters to ghostly demonic monsters and started to fade away from the first sub-genre stalker slasher films. The first film that considered to be a stalker/ slasher is called ‘Thirteen Women’, however the most significant first slasher was called ‘Psycho” which portrayed the typical genre conventions such as the disturbed killer, the “final girl” and the twisted ending. 4
    5. 5. Common characteristics of a stalker/slasher… Stock types: The victim also known as "final girl", is seen most slasher films who is usually the only one survivor. She is also referred to the last girl alive to face the killer and left to tell the story. She is normally a female associate of the victims but is eventually developed in comparison to others. She frequently does not get herself attached in the wrong activities of her friends. The last girl has been introduced in many films such as: Scream, I know what you did last summer, The Ring, The Cabin in the Woods, The Grudge etc. The stalker also known as the killer in the slasher film is generally a male. His identity is often anonymous or hidden either by a mask or by de focusing or showing short glimpses of him. He is also often quiet which generates his mysterious character. He is frequently very big and strong making it almost impossible for anyone to kill him. In addition, his past sometimes consists of a childhood torture that reveals his choice of victim. The hero could be the protagonist. The main character is usually a female or sometimes the male who is the quietest and most afraid one. In most stalker/slasher films one of their friends goes missing and they are the first to notice it. The main character does not display bad behavior, unlike their friends. The police are often involved with the activities that occur in a horror and especially slasher films. They are either extremely unreliable/unhelpful, and get killed, or turn up at the end of the 5 movie when most characters are dead to arrest the perpetrator. The location – Many slasher films are set in hidden locations such as deep forests, small towns, abandoned buildings and dark warehouses and also in domestic settings. The killer may have a connection their chosen location from a past tragic event or just happen to live there. The location are frequently in low populated areas, far away from civilization which makes it hard to make contact and receive any help from the police or the community. Also any electrical devices such as a mobile phone can be too weak in terms of the signal due to the fact that the killer disables electrical lines making it hard to the victim to communicate and also making it hard for them to escape. Stereotypes: The quiet one who hardly interacts with others and is usually the nervous or most suspicious character. The brave one who is not afraid to step up and face anything. The smart one who thinks and chooses the right thing to do within any situation.
    6. 6. Pioneering slasher films... Psycho (1960) Halloween (1976) Blood and Black Lace (1964) Friday the 13th (1980) Twitch of the Death Nerve (1971) 6 Nightmare on Elm street (1984) The Last house on the Left (1972) Child’s Play (1988)
    7. 7. Early Slasher films… Psycho (1960) This film helped create the archetype of the hidden, mentally disturbed stalker/ killer who seeks upon an innocent young women and has influenced many films in the future. As the slasher obsession took over in the 1980s, many successful stalker films have been fortunate in the significance of this film. The most original and influential moment in the film is the "shower scene", which became iconic in pop culture because it is often regarded as one of the most terrifying scenes ever filmed. Halloween (1978) scream (1996) This film again portrayed many of the This film also established the typical stereotypical characters that most stereotypical character of the “final girl” stalker/ slasher films have. These which most horror films consist of. Halloween was one of many films that has include the mask to cover their face, the “final girl” who is usually the last to been influenced by films such as Texas survive and the one to face the killer at chain saw massacre where their hide their identities by wearing a mask to cover their the end. The film combined comedy and "whodunit" mystery with the violence of faces. Halloween was the first with a the slasher genre to spoof the cliche of masked killing machine, and also the first the horror genre. The film was film to introduce the killer being a considered unique at the time of its seemingly indestructible force. Through its release for featuring characters who success, it is often considered to be were aware of real world horror films and responsible for the proliferation of the openly discussed the parody that slasher trend, popularizing the key Scream attempted to subvert. elements in the genre. A long progression of slasher films were produced, though Halloween actually had far less graphic violence than the later films in the genre. 7
    8. 8. Modern slasher films… Most modern day slashers are sequels or remakes of previous slasher films, which are now more bloody and gruesome. Slasher films are still very popular in modern day. Saw (2004) Behind the Mask (2006) Prom Night (2008) Freddy Vs. Jason (2003) Sorority Row (2009) 8 When a Stranger Calls (2006) Hatchet (2006) The Hitcher (2007)
    9. 9. Modern slasher films cont. Sorority Row (2009) This film is centered around a college prank from a group of sorority girls trying to cover up the death of their house-sister that goes wrong and comes back to haunt the sisters of Theta Pi. Like existing slasher films, this film portrays a stereotypical convention of a stalker slasher with the intentions of killing everyone in the group leading to one survivor also known as the ‘final girl’. Most stalker/ slasher films consist of female characters like this film as they are seen as sex symbols to men and are usually easier targets. When a Stranger Calls (2006) Freddy Vs. Jason (2003) This film is another typical stalker film where the killer expresses a hidden identity. The fact that you can’t see their face, it makes the film more frightening as you do not know who the killer is and what he or she can be capable of. As a modern slasher film, the film doesn’t use all the conventional iconography symbolism for instance a knife and masks. Instead it uses more modern day conventions such as a telephone to shelter their identity. This film is combined with the two killers in Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street who seem to cross each others killing territory. Both characters continue to pursue the convention of blood and gore with more trill and horrifying deaths. This film is different to the typical structure of a slasher film as it only involves the killers in conflict with each other and possibly a few victims that interfere. 9
    10. 10. STALKER/ SLASHER REMAKES… Initially the remakes of slasher/ horror films has not changed much through the years. In terms of the iconography, it is still the same and the technical aspects are still based on the same objectives. Despite the development of technology has been able to change and improve the way in which horror films are shown on the screen making it more realistic and more appealing to the audience. In 1998, Halloween was a successful film, however the new film Halloween H20: 20 years later was studied as a sequel to the 1981’s Halloween II and would therefore lead to another sequel called Halloween: Resurrection. In 2003, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was introduced. The success of this film led to influences of other slasher remakes that include, Black Christmas, Prom Night, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street and many more. In 1996, Scream was released which led to a successful sequel. The characters in Scream created their own horror trilogy by fulfilling the killer’s role. The newest Scream 4 was launched in 2011 featuring the the previous killer. This displays the fact 10 that they made a re-make of the original film.
    11. 11. Most popular stalker/ slasher films… Rank Title Lifetime Gross Opening Date Released 1 Scream $103,046,663 $6,354,586 12/20/96 2 Scream 2 $101,363,301 $32,926,342 12/12/97 3 Scream 3 $89,194,175 $34,713,342 2/4/00 4 Freddy Vs. Jason $82,622,655 $36,428,006 8/15/03 5 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre $80,571,655 $28,094,014 10/17/03 6 I Know What You Did Last Summer $72,586,134 $15,818,645 10/17/97 7 Friday the 13th $65,002,019 $40,570,365 2/13/09 8 A Nightmare on Elm Street $63,075,011 $32,902,299 4/30/10 9 Halloween $58,272,029 $26,362,367 8/31/07 10 Halloween: H2O $55,041,738 $16,187,724 8/7/98 11 My bloody Valentine 3D $51,545,952 11 $21,241,456 1/16/09