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  • 1. During this PowerPoint Presentation you willwork on: * Vocabulary * Grammar * Listening * Reading * Exercises * VideosYou will continually read what you have to do. Enjoy it!
  • 2. Click on the link below and enter to thedifferent rooms in a house. Then, click on the objects in the rooms and see their names. Then, click on the play icon ( ) to listen to their pronunciation. http://www.a2zkb.com/house.html
  • 3. Exercise 1: Write the names of the rooms. (send it by e-mail) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  • 4. Exercise 2: Write the names of the objects. (send it by e-mail) 2. 3. 1. 4. 5. 6. 7. 10. 8. 9.
  • 5. Exercise 3: Write the appropriate word to complete thesentence –House vocabulary. (send it by e-mail) Example: I wash my hands in the sink. 1. There are many books in the ________________. 2. My clothes is in the ____________________. 3. The lamp is on the_____________________. 4. I want to take a shower. I go to the ___________. 5. My mother cook the meal in the _____________. 6. It’s very dark in here, turn on the ___________. 7. There is a beautiful ______________on the wall. 8. I want to watch a program on the ___________. 9. The rug is on the ____________. 10. I’m sleepy. I go to my _______________.
  • 6. We use “There is / There are” to say that something exists (or does not exist).Use “There is” for singular nouns. Use “There are” for plural nouns.There is a student in the classroom. There are two students in the classroom. There is a book on the table. There are nine books on the table.
  • 7. The negative form of this structure is “There isn’t / There aren’t”There isn’t juice in the glass. There isn’t a computer on the desk. There aren`t children in the park.
  • 8. The interrogative form of thisstructure is “Is there / Are there” Is there a computer on the desk? Yes, there is. Is there a book on the desk? No, there isn’t.Are there four chairs at the dining room table?Yes, there are.Are there people at the dining room table?No, there aren’t.
  • 9. Exercise 4: Write positive, negative and interrogativesentences to describe this room -10 sentences. (send it by e-mail)Example: There is a lamp . There isn’t a radio. Is there a ball? Yes, there is.
  • 10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jO2_-H7xBhg
  • 11. Click on the link below and listen to a woman describing her house. http://www.inglesmundia l.com/Ingles_Basico_Leccio n6/B6_Dialog.mp3Exercise 5: Listen to the dialogue again and selectthe words mentioned in the dialogue. (Send it by email). *Bedroom * Dining room * Refrigerator *Bathroom * Sofa * Bed *Living room * Table * Yard *Kitchen * Dresser * Swimming pool
  • 12. Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, hasa $53,392,200 house in Medina, Washington.In his house there are seven bedrooms, twentyfour bathrooms and six kitchens. There is ahuge library and even a movie theater. Thesecurity system includes cameras and sensorsin the floor. The house computer systemautomatically turns on music when you enter aroom.
  • 13. Exercise 6: Answer the following questionsbased on the previous text. (Send it by email).Example: How many bedrooms are there? There are seven bedrooms. Is there a movie theater? Yes, there is. 1. How many bathrooms are there? 2. How many kitchens are there? 3. Is there a library? 4. Is there a computer system? 5. Are there cameras?
  • 14. Exercise 7: Click on the next five audio links and write what you hear (Send it by email).1. http://www.inglesmundial.com/Ingles_Basico_Leccion6/Dictation1.mp32. http://www.inglesmundial.com/Ingles_Basico_Leccion6/Dictation2.mp33. http://www.inglesmundial.com/Ingles_Basico_Leccion6/Dictation3.mp34. http://www.inglesmundial.com/Ingles_Basico_Leccion6/Dictation4.mp35. http://www.inglesmundial.com/Ingles_Basico_Leccion6/Dictation5.mp3
  • 15. “THIS” is used to point at “THAT” is used to point atsomething near you -SINGULAR something far from you -SINGULAR That is my book. This is my book.
  • 16. “THESE” is used to point at “THOSE” is used to point atsomething near you -PLURAL something far from you -PLURAL Those are my books.These are my books.
  • 17. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYD0vKjgmiA&feature=
  • 18. Exercise 8: Based on the images, complete the sentenceswith “this, that, these, those” (send it by email).Example: 1. That 3. 2. 5. 4.
  • 19. If you have a question about the exercises, please e- mail me.