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Jason & Sam Moments

Jason & Sam Moments



250 of Jason & Samantha Morgan’s best moments over the years. ♥

250 of Jason & Samantha Morgan’s best moments over the years. ♥



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    Jason & Sam Moments Jason & Sam Moments Presentation Transcript

      250 of Jason & Samantha Morgan’s best moments over the years.  ♥
    • 1. Wedding Ceremony - 09/11 
      2. ”I just figured it out…why i sleep so much better at your apartment….it’s cause you make me feel safe.” - 6/16/04. 
      3. Baby Lila’s death story line - 11/04  
      4. Jason & Sam first meet - 12/3/03  
      5. Sam giving Jake to Jason after saving him from the Russians - 12/08  
      6. Run to Me - 8/8/06  
      7. “Maybe you can put it back on my finger one day, when we are ready to make those promises again.” - 09/06/06  
      8. “Don’t let them take my ring” - 05/08/06  
      9. “When did you lose faith?” - 05/30/06  
      10. “I’ve never loved ANYONE as much as I love you and I always will.” - 06/06/06
    • 11. Rain Dance - 3/30-31/05
      12. Rooftop Proposal - 7/21/11  
      13. First Star Necklace Scenes - 5/11/05  
      14. JaSam running into each other at Lila’s grave after he leaves - 09/20/05  
      15. Face Mask - 06/13/05  
      16. “Humor-Impaired Child” Conversation - 8/12/04  
      17. Water gun fight in Hawaii - 10/10/05  
      18. Rock-paper scissors - 11/24/05  
      19. Dominoed scene! - 10/7/11  
      20. D&T original recipe - 07/13/05  
      21. Sam shooting Jason in the arm - 02/04/09  
      22. Convo after Sam fell from the window - 5/04/09  
      23. “Do you ever think for yourself” “Oh yes Sam all the time” “Okay then what are you thinking right now” “Wow, I’m wishing that you would just shut up!” - 3/30/04  
      24. After rock, paper, scissors “Now go be a good little loser and go home.” - 11/24/05  
      25. Sexico - 8/25/09  
      26. Washcloth scene and kiss - 8/24/09  
      27. Love scene after Spixie’s wedding - 9/29/09  
      28. Prison love scene - 6/21/10  
      29. Cabin love scene - 9/29/11  
      30. JaSam first “attempt” at making love, Sam pushes him up against the desk - 1/7/05  
    • 31. JaSam make love for the first time - 1/11/05  
      32. JaSam in Sonny’s office about to get it on, and then Alexis comes in and the door lock breaks so she can’t get leave - 11/11/09  
      33. Part of the montage on Dec 2nd 2009 where Jason kissed Sam and pushed her against the door, you heard the thud. - 12/02/09  
      34. Halloween date. Sam wanting Jason to try a piece of sushi and willing to anything he wanted, and Jason in his sexy voice saying anything. - 10/31/05  
      35. All the talks about costumes and boots. 
      36. Sam wearing the waitress/stripper outfit. - 7/13-14/09 & 8/17/10  
      37. “That’s because you’re perfect.” “Perfect?” “Except for your cooking, you’re perfect.” - 6/28/11  
      38. “But I know why even now, I would do anything for you.” - 9/25/05  
      39)  “It’s more than that.. Carly is mad because I like you.” - 12/25/04 
      40) JaSam at bar: “I love you enough to walk away.” “Do you love me enough to stay?” - 5/31/05  
      41) “Even if I never remember—I want to stay with you.” - 9/20/05  
      42) “I want to marry you. And I want to raise our child if we’re lucky enough to have one.” - 8-26-11  
      43) Sam dreaming of Jason instead of Sonny - 7/13/04
      44) When Jason pretends to be Sam’s husband on the docks - 10/1/04
      45) Hospital proposal. “With all that I am, and all that I have, I love you.”  - 11/18/05
      46) When Jason brings Sam home after the car bomb - 3/9/11
      47) JaSam talking about what their kids would be like - 5/27/05
      48) JaSam scenes before they went to the re-opening of the Haunted Star -3/23-24/06
    • 49) Every time Jason puts a necklace around Sam’s neck.
      50) Jason finding Sam after the train wreck and pleading for her to wake up. - 11/4/05 
      51) JaSam in Hawaii during Jason’s last few days - 10/6/05 - 10/18/05
      52) Jason getting his memory back and telling Sam that he knew how long he loved her and that he will never stop. - 11/28/05
      53) Jason telling Sam she was his whole world after the talk with Jason and Alexis and he asked her if someone told her to give up Ric would she and the way SB’s voice broke. - 5/19/05
      54) “You chose to look for me.” “It wasn’t a choice. It was necessary. like breathing” - ‘06 break-up angst. 7/31/05
      55) First Proposal. “Please, I want you to stay, forever.” - 1/17/05
    • 56) Face cream fight - 6/13/05
      57) “Your heart is the same, the way you treat me is the same, the way I trust you is the same, and that is how it is and how it will always be.” - 9/22/05.
      58) “He’s going to trust you……like I do” - 5-20-09
      59) “We’re gonna be okay.” “No it’s gonna be better than okay.” - 10/2-05/09
      60) “I just never want to to hurt you again.” - 9/18/09
      61) Jason pushing Sam’s hair out of her face so he can kiss her, or when she is talking! (This is like times a 1000 at least)
      62) Cabin scene before he went to prison. “I’ll find my way back to you.” - 5/17/10
      63) Pink tie scenes after Spixie’s wedding - 9/25/09
      64) “When I sleep there are moments I wake up at night and I still reach for you…… you like to think I miss you? I miss you, all the time.” - 9/25/06
      65) “It makes me feel dizzy.” Jason & Sam’s first kiss - 12/3/04
      66) Jason asking Sam to the carnival & the carnival scenes - 9/3-04-08/09
      67) When Sam runs into the door after they kiss (before proposal scenes) - 7/20/11
      68) JaSam playing WII - 10/7/11
      69) The Mexico I love you’s. For a little while Sam got the Jason who loved her so much and 
      they reminisced about how Hawaii when their love was the strongest and only Sam would know all that happened later and how they broke up. - 8/19/09
      70) Jason coming into his bedroom and looking out at the sky for a second and then going to bed and watching Sam before cuddling. He always loved watching Sam sleep and we saw it this time. - 11/2/10
      71) After making love, during the memory loss story line when Jason asked Sam, “Were we always this intense?” - 9/28/05
    • 72) Molly’s planned date - 11/23/10
      73) Valentines 2010 - 2/15-16/10
      74) Valentines 2011 - 2/14/11
      75) “I want you to stay, because knowing you and loving you is the most important thing that has ever happened to me.” - 2/23/06
      76)  ”Close your eyes.” “I can’t…I can’t stop looking at you.” - 12/1/05
      77) “All that time I was in prison, I would think about you everyday. It would keep me sane; it would keep me going. And now that I’m out, I’m gonna make sure I never lose you again.” - 8/25/10
      78) “Thank you for making me a better person.” “Thank you, Jason, for loving me.” - 5/05/06
      79) ”They don’t try to change each other and I think it’s the same way for us, you’ve always accepted me for who I am and what I do, and trust me it’s not always easy.” - “Oh I like what you do, I mean we both liek living on the edge and I don’t mind spending late nights here at the PCPD.” - 2/15/10
      80) “Did you talk to me?” “All the time. “And I missed it?” 5/9/06 
      81) Gone with the Wind Talk - 9/22/05 
      82) “There were placed I traveled that I knew I would never back to, and I would just try to take it in and save it all up, and that’s what I always try to do with you. Just to appreciate you, how amazing you are.” - 5/13/10
      83) “That’s the part I missed when I travelled, you know, I would see something just amazing and want to be with someone I could share it with, someone who understood, someone who got it, I finally found her!” - 7/22/05 
    • 84) When Jake died and Jason was gone all night. He talked about wanting to leave everyone and everything behind but he couldn’t do that to Sam. - 3/24/11 
      85) When Sam and Jason saw a shooting star in Italy and Jason bought her the star necklace. - 4/20/05 
      86) Honeymoon Jason  - 10/10/11 
      87) In the cabin before Jason went to prison when he gave her the compass necklace for her birthday. - 5/17/10 
      88) The moment Jason picked out Sam’s engagement ring and just knew it was for her. - 7/20/11 
      89) Jason and Sam on the Island: Jason: “I want to go for a swim because the ocean reminds me of Hawaii and Hawaii reminds me of you.” - 3/10/10 
      90) Jasam at the PCPD Jason asking Sam if she wore the stripper outfit on purpose and Sam saying she wanted to know if he was still interested, and Jason saying as if that was ever a question. - 5/20/10 
      91) Jason watching the hooker at the PCPD and Diane talking about him ogling the red head and how she wasn’t his type. “You are so wrong, Diane.” - 2/3/10 
      92) Jasam at the church after Josslyn’s christening and marriage talk came up. “Why was it it out of line? I love you.” - 2/11/10
      93) When Sam beats Jason at Dominoes (before Jason goes to prison) - 7/29/10 
      94) “You’re a gift to me.” - 10/3/11 
      95) Sign language I love you’s - 3/2/11 
      96) “The thought of having a child with you melts my heart.” - 10/12/11
      97) “Who do you think you are, Mighty Mouse?” - 4/16/10
      98) “The luckiest day of my life is the day we found our way back to each other.” - 10/04/10
    • 99) “I’ve put you through so much, what do you get from it?” “I get you, and that’s all that really matters.” - 8/27/10
      100) Sam cooks their “last meal” before prison: burns the bacon, bread is soggy! - 5/17/10
      101) “I want to have a child with you, if you need me to tell you that everyday I will.” - 5/24/05
      102) “I don’t like dancing, but I don’t mind dancing with you.” - 5/27/05
      103) “She’s strong, she’s beautiful, she’s capable, she’s easy going, and she gets me.” - 9/8/10
      104) Mask in hawaii. “Mr. Chuckles.” - 10/12/05 & 8/26/11
      105) “As long as I’m with you, I’m happy.” - 8/26/11 & 8/29/11
      106) “You are this tiny little thing and you like to fight people half your size.” - 7/12/11
      107) “I wouldn’t mind getting lost as long as I’m with you.” - 5/17/10
    • 108) Jason takes cuffs off of Sam after they escape. - 11/2/06
      109) JaSamin Hawaii, when she took off his boots after they went fishing. - 12/1/05
      110) Jasam double teaming Edward when Sam worked at ELQ - 1/11/07
      111) Jasam on the run w/Michael and Sam comes in with the shot gun. - 7/20/05
      112) When Sam is pregnant and they’re hiding out on the island, Jason asks her if she knows how to use a gun and when she takes the safety off he says “Oh you’re tough huh?” - 6/29/04
      113) “You’re everything that I need.” - 2-17-11
      114) “Nothing is going to take me away from you.” - 10-14-11
      115) Sam and Jason at Sonny bucks - 1/19/07
      116) “So if you’re so brave about everything else, why are you afraid to take the next step?” … “That is everything.” “I know it is, but we can have more than that. I mean, I love you. And it’s just not enough to say the words anymore. I want to prove it to you.” - 7/12//11
      117) “When you run try avoiding running… up. Leaves you no place to go.” 11/2/06
      118) Elevator scenes - 7/28-/31/06
      119) “I love you just the way you are and I don’t want you to change” 6/7/11
      120) JaSam and baby Hope in bed. “I know where I belong.” - 1/11/05
      121) “Wow you look dashing” - 9/23/11
      122) Dance before desk kiss - 1/7/05
      123) “I Love you Mrs. Morgan.” I Love you more Mr. Morgan” - 9/26/11
      124) “I think you should wear what makes you feel beautiful” - 7/20/11
      125) “Without somewhere in this universe my world would go completely dark.” 9/13/05
      126) “I will always choose you.” 10/18/06.
      127) “I feel your capacity for love everyday of my life.” - scene before d&t 7/13/05
      128) Jason at Lila’s grave. *tears* 6/6/06
    • 129) Sonny will be the father of record… you Jason will be her dad”
      130) “Before I knew you, my life was pretty empty. And I was fine with it. Really I was fine with it b/c I didn’t know any different. Until you moved in and you showed me how to live. You changed me, and I’ll never forget that.” rooftop date before getting arrested. 10/31/06.
      131) “I would never judge you Jason, or tell you how to live after everything you’ve done for me, I’m going to accept you exactly the way you are.” - the moment before Sam trips <33 9/3/04
      132) JaSam’s fortune cookies. Jason- “Love is in the eye of the child.”  Sam- “Love comes in threes.” - 9/26/11
      133) “I can’t believe were married, and I feel so free.” - 9/23/11
      134) Bikes and stars scenes - 9/27-28/11
      135)  “That’s because you felt at peace, like you were safe.” “Yeah, like I finally feel with you.” - 9/29/11
      136) “I can close my eyes and I can see the lanterns swaying in Mrs. Yie’s garden and I can smell the lilies but the most important part—I feel like I can feel you next to me, Jason, when you put your hand in my hand, I could feel your heart beat in mine and it matched up with mine and I knew, right then and there it was right, it was right. I mean what more could I have asked for?” - 9/22/11
      137) When JaSam get back from their bike ride to the top of the mountain. - 9/23/09
      138) All the times Sam rides off with Jason on his motorcycle.
      139) “I just want you to know that you’re first Sam, before Carly and before anybody else.” - 6/13/05.
      140) “You mean everything to me, no one can ever replace you.” - 9/15/05.
      141) “Good morning.” “Yeah it is anytime I wake up next to you.” - 12/14/05
    • 143) Sam burning the chicken and kicking it across the room. - 1/14/05
      144) “You know I could never leave you.” - 10/11/11
      145) Jason sees Sam in her wedding dress for the first time. “No one is ever going to see that look but me.” - 9/21/11
      146) “All that really matters is you and me.” - 9/20/11
      147) “You’re who I care about, you’re who I want, and the rest is up to you.” - 11/2/06
      148) “Do you think they can make it work?” “Well if they are lucky, like we were, alot went wrong we came out stronger in a lot of ways.” … “My life doesn’t work without you Jason. I don’t think any relationship is perfect but I wouldn’t trade ours for anything in the world” - 2/17/11
      149) “I’ll never be able to leave you and our child like that.” “You may have to leave me, but you don’t have to leave me alone.” - 12/1/05
      150) JaSam watching Gone With the Wind in the hospital bed. - 3/8/11
    • 151) “Just say it again so I know I’m not dreaming.” “I love you.” “I heard that, and I love you too.” - 3/4/11
      152) “I want to have a family with you.” - 4/25/11
      153) Chimp scenes. - 02/06
      154) “I got so lucky the day you fell in love with me.” “Nu huh. That was me.” - 5/12/11
      155) JaSam in Sonny’s office. - 8/2/11
      156) All of JaSam’s neck kisses <3 
      157) “I love you, no matter what.” - 5/5/11
      158) “You’re what’s getting me through right now.” - 5/20/11
      159) Sam’s proposal speech 2011
      160) Jason’s proposal speech 2005
      161) “I love you and theres nobody else.” - 7/7/11
      162) “Jason, I just want you.” “You have me, everyday, for the rest of my life.” - 7/21/11
      163) JaSam’s 2005 New Years: no words just love.
      164) JaSam’s 2004 New Years. 
      165) JaSam in 07, Jason wants Sam to be pregnant.
      168) “I just got you back, I don’t wanna lose you again.” … “I’m right where I wanna be.” - 8/23/10
      169) “I don’t mind being woken up if you’re the first thing I see.” - 8/25/10
      170) “I love it when it’s just the two of us.” - 8/25/10
      171) Sam’s ramblings. 
      172) When Jason rambled 2011
      173) “You’re right about Mexico, it was worth getting shot because we found our way back together.” - 8/27/10
    • 174) “What you see is what you get.” -7/13/04
      175) All the times Sam has tried to convince Jason to take a bubble bath.
      176) Radio scenes. - 8/26/09
      177) Phone sex. - 6/24-25/10
      178) Human Resources scene. - 9/28/05
      179) “Do it once and do it right.” - 9/5/09.
      180) Saving the women’s baby. - 10/20/09 
      181) “Making passionate love.” -  9/16/09
      182) Jason saves Sam from Jerry. - 11/11-12/08.
      183) Jason and Sam are caught in an explosion. - 11/1/08
      184) Sam is pregnant and has no money - 2004
      185) JaSam talk about future plans for Lila - 11/4/04
      186) “Would it be okay with you if we name the baby Lila? I mean I just feel like she would be a guardian angel for her.” - 7/14/04
      187) All the times they’ve eaten chinese food.
      188) “Jason….catch.” - 5/1/09
      189) Hand holding montage. - 8/10/04.
      190) Jason asks Sam to move back in with him. “I miss you, I miss your voice, your stuff laying around, the way you know what I’m thinking without me even saying a word.” - 12/28/04
      191) Jason listens to baby’s hiccups.
      192) Every time Jason sticks it to Carly for Sam.
      193) Jason & Sam find Spinelli - 2006
      194) Sam sneaks over to the Metro Court to meet Jason. - 12/06.
      195) Jason & Sam remember Lila - 11/7/06
    • 196) Every time they’ve defended each other. 
      197) Jason stares at Sam at hospital. - 5/26/05.
      198) Clumsy Sam - every time Sam has fallen or tripped. 
      199) Sam’s dream: Sam holding Lila for the first time with Jason by her side. - 11/18/04.
      200) All of Jasam’s dances <33  
      201) JaSam arrested for “solicitation” - 10/16/09
      202) Second kiss - 12/8-9/04
      203) “Bonehead can’t be worth it.” “Oh..he’s worth it.” - 11/15/06
      204) Jason takes care of Sam’s ankle after twisting it. - 7/14/09
      205) Jason at Kelly’s outside Sam’s door after their “break-up” - 1/26/05
      206) Jason calming Sam down after Alexis’ lecture. - 10/14/09
      207) Sam going to work late because Jasam make love extra times trying to get pregnant. - 1/4/07
      208) “Being pregnant changed me Jason.” - 4/15/05.
    • 209) “You described the perfect father, and it’s not Sonny, it’s you.” - 9/23/04.
      210) Jason sets up a romantic dinner for Sam. “You’re so sweet.” “Uh, sweet?” - 3/8/06.
      211) Molly catches Jasam making out on the couch. - 10/13/09.
      212) Jasam talking about how Sam burnt the bacon before he went to prison and he promises her to take her there again one day. - 8/19/10.
      213) Jasam trying to plan their wedding before Carly comes barging in. “Chinese & beer.” - 8/5/11.
      214) Jasam feeding each other cake samples in the hospital. - 9/8/11.
      215) Sam dreams of Jason: “The moment when you find out you’re gonna be a father.” - And she snaps the first family photo. - 8/29/11.
      216) Jason wants Sam out of the tunnel to keep her safe and she fights him on it. - 11/15/05.
      217) Sam finds Jason alive and rushes up to hug him. - 11/18/05.
      218) Jason & Sam come back to the Penthouse dripping wet. - 11/12/08.
      219) “You’re not trash Sam.” - 5/5/04.
      220) Sam isn’t gonna let Manny paralyze her but she is terrified. - 10/21/05.
      221) Sam’s not willing to lose Jason and they talk about how baby Lila would be 1 years old. - 11/8/05.
      222) All the times that Sam tried to leave Jason but he couldn’t let her go. He’d always follow and urge for her to come back. Especially the time at Kelly’s with Jason outside Sam’s door, begging her to talk to him.
      223) Sam dreams of Jason with Lila and Ric and the police barge in and take him away. - 7/8/04.
      224) Jason helps Sam unzip her dress after she spills wine on it - 4/01/04
    • 225) ”The only thing that scared me was the thought of living the rest of my life w/out you.” - 6/19/06
      226) Sam dreams that Jason takes her back - 6/09/06
      227) Jason & Sam fight at the PCPD, when Jason kicks the chair - 4/04/06
      228) “I think I feel a Carly coming on.” - 1/04/06
      229) Jason catches Sam falling. “I hope you never forget that.” - 10/10/05
      230) Every time “Just You and Me” plays. 
      231) “Now this is peaceful, just lying right here in your arms.” - 8/10/05
      232) ”We’re not gonna come back until we find the perfect place for our wedding.” - 8/9/05 
      233) Jason begging Sam to fight for him - 8/08/05
      234) Sam describes her dream wedding - 6/8/04
      235) “On second thought… I’ll take her.” - 2/23/05 
      236) ”Thank you for saving my life.” “You got shot saving mine.” “Then we’re even.” - 2/17/05
      237) ”I didn’t know what love was, what it felt, what it meant until you showed me.” - 2/8/05
      238) “You think I want things this way, that I don’t miss you every second, or lie awake all night because you’re not in bed with me.” - 5/30/06
      239) “Good things they don’t last for me, Jason I make the wrong choices. I lie when I should tell the truth, and I go when I should stay, and sometimes being with you is the best thing that I’ve ever done, and I’m afraid that I’m gonna mess it up.” - 1/11/05
      240) “You accept me, for all of my weirdness and weakness, and I’m enough for you. I’ve never been enough for anyone.” - 
    • 241) “With everything that’s going on I think I should tell you that I love you, and I’m just glad you’re back my life.” “I love you too.” - 12/22/09
      242) Sam’s speech to Jason in the hospital. - 12/12/05
      243) Jason & Sam’s first I love you’s. ““You trusted me, opened up to me, and I found myself trusting you too. Then I started looking forward to seeing you, thinking about you during the day, actually wanting to be home.” - 1/17/05
      244) “It is not that you don’t feel, you feel way too much” - 5/19/09
      245) JaSam and their “Charlie Brown” Christmas trees. 
      246) “This is more than friendship.” - 12/9/04.
      247) When Sam decides to keep her baby & Jason says he knows more about babies then her. - 6/17/04.
      248)  “Jason I’ve got this lug nut around my neck, saying that we are in this together from now on no matter what.” —— “You know me, you know how hard that is to come by?….I know how anxious you are to put that ring on my finger so you better hurry up and come back to me. You know to be honest with you, no diamond in the world can mean as much to me as this, because it stands for joining two parts together, forever, simple and strong…just like us.” - 8/10/11
      249) “What do you want?” “I just want to get married.” - 9/20/11
      250) “You knew me better than anyone.” 8/24/09.
    • Baby…………..
      …………….it’s JUST
      YOU AND ME!