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A selection of assignments for the TU Delft and JADESIGN

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  1. 1. PORTFOLIO selectie Jeroen HavingaDESIGN GRAFISCH ONTWERP txt B U R E A U vectors
  2. 2. Free-hand drawings
  3. 3. SolidWorks Maya Rhinoceros3D CAD-software
  4. 4. Assignment 1_ Design a Gamma browser, internet options & packaging 2_ Design 2 distinct different pictograms for Albert Heijn and Aldi to be used in Google Earth 3_ Design an A0 advertising poster for the Low Speed Line Product 1_ The design of the internet browser, internet options and the packaging should represent the corporate identity of Gamma 2_ The pictoroofs are for Google Earth and therefore use of text and pictorial trademarks was forbidden. 3_ The poster should advertise the boat connection between Amsterdam and Paris GAMMA: internet browser & internet options Tools * Adobe Illustrator CS2 * Adobe Photoshop CS2 GAMMA: software packaging Pictoroofs for Google-Earth Poster Low Speed LineVisual Communication Design
  5. 5. Assignment In this research-oriented project the emphasis is on practising the application of methods, techniques and tools for simulating and evaluating user-product interaction as well as for prototyping a product redesign. For this purpose, a Body Analyzer is redesigned and optimized from an integrated ergonomics and aesthetics perspective. Product In the redesign, the structure of the data input was changed into a menu system, in order to be able to have more functions (such as deleting and editing the data of an user). Focus was also put on making the body analyzer conveying a positive feeling to the user. Mainly, this was made by presenting information with the help of (partly) untraditional colors. A major feature in the redesign was also the use of feedback by means of light beams covering the complete plate that the user stands on. This was added to convey a feeling of that the body analyzer possess some intelligence, in order to boost its trustworthiness, and also as part of a more positive approach of presenting information. Redesigned product Moreover, a prototype of the design proposal was made. This prototype used a 17 inch touch screen to simulate the new interface of the body analyzer. A complete set-up for testing this redesign on prospective end-users was also proposed. The aim of this research would be to test whether the redesign fulfilled the design requirements concerning data input, understanding of symbols and values, trustworthiness, consistency, and positive emotions. Tools * Adobe Illustrator CS2 * Adobe Photoshop CS2 Prototype interface Initial product Usability test setup redesign * Macromedia Director MX2004Usability Testing and Redesign
  6. 6. Assignment This assignment is to provide in-depth theoretical and practical interaction design knowledge to help future products based on user-product social interaction. It gains an understanding of how knowledge can be embedded in a product and how the user can communicate his or her intentions in an expressive way while building up a sense of trust. Product design theory focuses particularly on how to create and maintain a sense of resonance or user willingness to engage. Product The GoBike, a concept for an interactive intelligent fitness bike trainer for use at home. This intelligent fitness bike trainer is targeted at users between 25 and 50 years old. This group has the problem that it is hard for them to keep motivating themselves to keep on exercising on the fitness bike and to reach and maintain the goals they had set for themselves. Research was performed on how this motivation aspect could be enlarged enough to solve this Screenshot GoBike problem. With these design conditions in mind, a product concept was made. The result is an interactive intelligent fitness bike, which enables the user to ride anywhere in Google Earth, while his heart rate, speed, average speed and burned calories are monitored. During the trip the user can tap on bypassing points of interest and get more information about the surroundings. Tools * Adobe Illustrator CS2 * Adobe Photoshop CS2 * Macromedia Director MX2004 Screenshot options menu Screenshot selection menu Usability test prototype MAX/MSP v 4.6Interactive Technology Design
  7. 7. Assignment Design a product that enhances the communication between the intensive care nurse and the patient. Investigate the communication process from the nurses’ perspective and the patients’ perspective and design a non-digital product that solves the encountered problems. Product The final concept makes use of a tab system. The tabs are a way of organizing various essential words and terms that are relevant to the patient and nurse interaction. The tabs are circular in shape and can be pulled out of the casing individually. The ring around the center is a semitransparent part of plastic resin. On this ring various circles are positioned. These circles are almost fully transparent and are printed with an icon. Each circle indicates a different tab, where a particular word or term is found. The reason for the Presentation CommunicAid different levels of transparency in the tabs is because they will be operated by a penlight. The nurse will show the tab to the patient and move her penlight in a circular motion along the track of the semitransparent ring. The patient can indicate by blinking with his/her eyes if the nurse is at the right tab. The semitransparent ring makes it possible to determine the current position of the light pen, this way the patient can anticipate at what circle the light will be next. Tools * Adobe Illustrator CS2 * Adobe Photoshop CS2 Overview tabs 3D view Tab emotions * SolidWorks 2007Design of Products in Healthcare
  8. 8. Assignment Design a communication device in which are as little persons excluded. Take interviews with the target group to get to know their needs an wishes. Target group consists of elderly persons (65+). Product * Every side represents one person or a group of persons * Focus on receiving: pictures, text, voicemail, movies, etc * Intuitive controlling, no buttons * All written messages will be spoken and vice versa * Incoming message: side lights up. Open by holding hand on it. * Keeps all messages and displays them => eye-catcher * Scrolling through messages: slide from left to right * Enlarge an image: move Blocnote towards you * Shuffle Blocnote for random display of messages Presentation BlocNote Tools * 3D Studio Max v 8.0 * Adobe Illustrator CS2 * Adobe Photoshop CS2 Dimensions Parts BlocNote “on”Inclusive Design
  9. 9. Assignment In this project a current interaction in a specific situation is analyzed, starting points for innovative design are generated, and new design concepts for interactions are developed. The chosen situation is (romantic) speeddating. Product The HeartBeads concept uses a questionnaire which is send when a participant has applied to a speeddate. This questionnaire consists of trivia that is similar to MySpace or Hyves-pages. This trivia is stored on a Soulbead which is handed out at the evening of the speeddate. When one sits at the table both put in their SoulBead in the bowl, which will activate the system. All the white beads in the bowl will become randomly blue, red or green. Red is a “dislike” of one of the two, green is a “like” and blue means a mutual “like” or “dislike”. By pushing one of the colored beads in the bowl, the Soulbead will project the “like” or “dislike” and the corresponding color. To indicate the time left (a speeddate lasts 3 minutes at a time), the colored beads will slowly from outside in become white again till they Presentation HeartBeads are all switched off. At the end of the speeddate evening, the SoulBeads with all the stored color profiles are handed in. The matchmail, that is send a few days later, will show the matches (a mutual yes filled in during the speeddate) and the unique color profile, so one has a starting point for further contact. Tools * 3D Studio Max v9.0 * Adobe Illustrator CS2 * Adobe Photoshop CS2 No match SoulBead Side view * Macromedia Director MX2004Exploring Interactions
  10. 10. PORTFOLIO selectie 2008Corporate IdentityLogodesignHuisstijlPromotiesEvenementenArtikelenWebdesign
  11. 11. Zwart-witLOGOEWI - Energie Water & industriePlatform voor studenten, docenten en bedrijven,opgericht vanuit de Faculteit TechnischeBestuurskunde van de TU Delft, om zich sterk temaken voor duurzaamheid via de thema’s Energie, Full-ColorWater en Industrie. LOGO KleurenKapitaal Een meerjarenprogramma, op initiatief van het IVN Consulentschap Zuid-Holland, in samenwerking met de Provincie Zuid-Holland. Het is een gezamenlijk project van 16 allochtone- en autochtone maatschappelijke organisaties en overheden op lokaal, provinciaal en landelijk niveau. http://www.kleurenkapitaal.nl Duo-Tone LOGO SYMA Dieselservice Delft Een professioneel monteur met veel kennis en vakmanschap die een unieke mobiele service aanbiedt; flexibel onderhoud aan voertuigen in de regio, voor technische hulp onderweg. “Don’t panic, call the mechanic!” http://www.symadsd.nlCORPORATE IDENTITY LOGODESIGN Diverse logos voor diverse vormen van bedrijvigheid
  12. 12. Dolessit lor ipisl ip ex et wis et adignim vullametum elis nisse con ex eugue feugiam vullaore eliquamcommy nos nis nulla consenim iliquisse dolesto odolenisim ent vel incinis nibh et, quametuer am il ute vulputpat. Idunt exercil iquam, quam ing et wisi. Obore consequis exeraessed dolor in ut dolorpe vrcinibh Visitekaartje Powerpoint presentatie Briefpapier A4 Huisstijl HUISSTIJL EIM&C Interim Management & Coonsultancy Visitekaartje ‘DESIGN&PRINT’ Junction Gis Advies ZAKELIJKE REPRESENTATIE Logo And web-development Agnivah Een Business Demand Specialist welke op AGNIVAH directie-niveau grote bedrijven benadert, om bij te staan op het grensgebied tussen vraag en aanbod. http://agnivah.nl Brainstormsessie BedrijfsnaamCORPORATE IDENTITY REPRESENTATIE Uw huisstijl IS uw visitekaartje
  13. 13. Folder Flyer A6Poster A3SINGLE PROMOTION Poster A2KlankangstExperimentele sounds PRODUCT-LINE Entreeticket TU Delft Sport & Cultuur PROMOTION-LINE Capoeira Liberdade Poster A1 Delft PROMOTIES EVENEMENTEN Hedendaagse stijl
  14. 14. T-shirts FrisbeesFlyerBUSINESS-TO-BUSINESSGORIS Delft VlagComputers, discomaterialen & Electronica DIVERS PROMOTIEMATERIAAL Booklet HARK “Nederlandstalige Pretpop met een Bite” PRESENTATIE & INFORMATIE TU Delft, Architectoniek Faculteit Bouwkunde PROMOTIES DIVERS DRUKWERK Variatie Promotie-Artikelen
  15. 15. Screenshot websiteSAMENWERKINGSVERBANDProgrammeerderJUNCTION - Gis adviesTer ondersteuning van programmering en technischadvies werkt JADESIGN nauw samen met freelanceprogrammeerders. Voor meer informatie en (CV-)gegevensvan een van onze contactpersonen verwijzen wij u door naar:http://www.junctiongis.nlScreenshot websiteSelf-management WebsiteMULTI-PAGESBiercafe Doerak Self-management Website“Bruin Cafe”Binnenkort online CUSTOM-MADE HARK “Nederlandstalige Pretpop met een Bite” www.harkdeband.nl WEBDESIGN & PROGRAMMERING Ontwerp in samenwerking met programmeur
  16. 16. Jeroen Havinga +31(0)6-28764444 Jeroen.Havinga@gmail.comDESIGN GRAFISCH ONTWERP txt B U R E A U vectors