Marco and rodolpho


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  • Marco and rodolpho

    1. 1. Marco and Rodolpho View From the Bridge by Ivan Siu, Tiffany Chung and Kalvin Tsui
    2. 2. Rodolpho Catalyst character who brings out the tragic flaw in Eddie Blond, cooks, sings and sews - not traditionally masculine Italian but is not happy with Italy given the difficult situations Wants to become and American Citizen Love for Catherine is questionable as Eddie points out Dreams to have a motorcycle Worked in a hotel Marcoʼs brother
    3. 3. Important Quotes about Rodolpho “Me? Yes, for ever! Me, I want to be an American. And then I want to go back to Italy when I am rich, and I will buy a motorcycle” “Oh I sing Napoleon, jazz, bel canto - I sing Paper Doll, you like Paper Doll?” “heʼs only bowinʼ to his passport” “If you came in the house and you didnʼt know who was singinʼ you wouldnʼt be lookinʼ for him you be lookinʼ for her” “No; I will not marry you to live in Italy. I want you to be my wife, and I want to be a citizen”
    4. 4. The intentions of Rodolphoʼs romantic relationship with Catherine remains to be ambiguous as audience is presented with various views Eddie suggest that he is doing so to earn his American Citizenship, therefore accusing him of “using” Catherine Rodolpho insists that such is not the case but admits that he is unwilling to return to Italy
    5. 5. Marco Strong-willed but polite Selfless Ambitious in terms of wanting the best for his family. Married and has 3 children Wishes to return to Italy Sense of helplessness through out Act One until he begins to show his strength near the end In America to earn money Protective and is an honorable character Submissive Rodolphoʼs brother
    6. 6. Important Quotes about Marco “I want to tell you now, Eddie - when you say we go, we go." “Because I could send them a little more if I stay here” “The chair raised like a weapon over Eddieʼs head” “What will I tell him? He knows such a promise is dishonorable” “Marco spits in Eddieʼs face” - “That one! He killed my children! That one stole the food from my children!”
    7. 7. The character of Marco explores the theme of honour and justice. His actions are reflective of the “Sicilian Code” as it is evident that he puts particular emphasis on these issues. Marco plays a significant role in the play as audience is presented with the scenario of “old bull vs young bull” between Eddie and Marco. Their interactions prove to be significant to the climax of the play, which result in Eddieʼs death.