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Avftb love pres df

Avftb love pres df






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Avftb love pres df Avftb love pres df Presentation Transcript

  • A View from the Bridge Theme: LOVE dominic.fung
  • Deals with the theme of love in different ways. •Father-daughter love •Brotherly love •Unnatural (incestuous) love •Romantic love •Married love •Love of a place •Love of family
  • Father-daughter love ✓ Eddie and Catherine, although uncle and niece, have become more like a father and daughter. Eddie made a lot of sacrifices to provide Catherine with the best education he could. ✓ 'Eddie: I supported you this long I support you a little more...I want you to be in a nice office.' ✓ Catherine loves and treats him as her father, and when Beatrice tells her to change her attitudes towards him, she is shocked and desperate, and is ʻat the verge of tears, as though a familiar world had shattered.ʼ [Stage Direction] ✓ ʻBeatrice: you gotta be your own self more. You still think youʼre a little girl, honey...You gotta give him to understand that he canʼt give you orders no more...you canʼt act the way you act. You still walk around in front of him in your slip - ʼ avuncular: of or relating to an uncle; of or relating to the relationship between men and their siblingsʼ children
  • Brotherly love ✓ Marco and Rodolpho have a strong bond - great enough for Marco to challenge Eddie for threatening Rodolpho. Up to the end of Act I, Marco has been very grateful of Eddie for providing him accomodation. However, he stands up for his brotherʼs cause. ✓ '[Stage Direction:] slowly raises the chair higher and higher...Marco raises the chair over his head. Marco is face to face with Eddie, a strained tension gripping his eyes and jaw...the chair raised like a weapon over Eddie's head...' ✓ After Eddie betrays the brothers to the Immigration Office, Marco is extremely infuriated at him, because ʻ[h]e killed my children! That one stole the food from my children!ʼ Marco vows to have revenge on Eddie and is shocked when he finds out the law prohibits him from killing Eddie. ✓ ʻMarco: rises, turns to Alfieri) The law? All the law is not in a book.ʼ ( ✓ However, despite promising Alfieri of not attacking Eddie, he seeks out Eddie and results in killing him with his own knife. He stands up to his codes of honour, namely the code of omertà.
  • Married love ✓ Eddie and Beatrice's marriage is obviously not as strong as it used to be: Beatrice asks, 'When am I gonna be a wife again, Eddie?' ✓ They have not slept together for months. Beatrice sees sex with Eddie as part of her key role as a wife. She is frustrated by Eddie's apparent attraction towards Catherine and questions him about it. Their sexual life was interrupted by Eddieʼs unnatural love for Catherine. ✓ Despite all the tragedy, Beatrice remains loyal to Eddie, and Eddie turns back to Beatrice at the end when he is dying, and realizes all that he has done wrong. ✓ ʻEddie: Then why - Oh, B.! ✓ Beatrice: Yes, yes! ✓ Eddie: My B.!ʼ
  • Love of family ✓ Beatrice, Eddie and Catherine are first seen as a loving family. Beatrice acts as the ʻlynchpinʼ of the family, vital to keeping it together. ✓ Marco loves his family deeply. He has come to America to help them. He misses them a lot. ✓ 'Marco: My wife - she feeds them from her own mouth.' ✓ Beatrice loves her family in Sicily enough to support her cousins. Family ties are very important. However, she remains loyal towards Eddie throughout the whole play, despite knowing of his affection for their niece.
  • Romantic love ✓ Catherine falls in love with Rodolpho and their love is genuine and sincere. ✓ However, their love continues in spite of the tragedy happening around them. This shows that the love is true and natural, and is difficult to affect. Love of a place ✓ Rodolpho and Marco love their homeland, Sicily. ✓ Rodolpho also loves America. Catherine says, 'he's crazy for New York.'
  • Unnatural (incestuous) love ✓ Eddie's love for Catherine has become sexual, even though he refuses to admit it. This is the cause of the friction in his own marriage and the dispute with Rodolpho and Marco. ✓ Eddie seems to be in love with Catherine but refuses to face this fact at any stage in the play. ✓ 'Eddie: Katie you are walkin' wavy! I don't like the looks they're givin' you...The heads are turnin' like windmills.' ✓ Audience wonders if Eddie's unresolved sexual attraction to Catherine makes it harder for him to deal with the fact that other men are starting to find her attractive. He is being very possessive and is afraid of all the attention the men are giving her, and he is jealous. ✓ ʻ[Stage Direction:] [Catherine] strikes a match and holds it to [Eddieʼs] cigar.ʼ ✓ This mentioning of the cigar can be seen as a phallic imagery, representing sexual desire of Eddie towards Catherine.
  • ✓ 'Alfieri: I saw it was only a passion that had moved into his body, like a stranger.' ✓ 'Alfieri: there is too much love for the niece.' ✓ Alfieri is trying to help Eddie here, but Eddie sinks back into denial. ✓ 'Alfieri: She can't marry you can she?' ✓ 'Beatrice: You want somethin' else, Eddie, and you can never have her!' ✓ Alfieri brings out Eddieʼs true feelings and Beatrice clearly articulates Eddie's feelings, revealing the secret he had been concealing all along. They have both pointed out Eddie's taboo feelings in very direct ways. ✓ '[Stage Direction:] [Eddie] reaches out suddenly, draws [Catherine] to him, and as [Catherine] strives to free herself [Eddie] kisses her on the mouth.' ✓ This makes it very clear of Eddie's feelings for Catherine, and it is his attempt to show Rodolpho how a 'true man' kisses.
  • Love is responsible for all the conflict between the characters. It is a deep passion that creates jealousy and causes pain both to the person who loves, is loved and those around them. For Eddie, love causes conflict within himself when he cannot admit to and come to terms with his illicit, incestuous love for Catherine. This love gives rise to tragedy, where Eddie dies at the hands of Marco. This is an inevitable fate in which the ʻbloody courseʼ cannot be stopped.
  • Summary •Father-daughter love Eddie and Catherine •Brotherly love Rodolpho and Marco •Unnatural (incestuous) love Eddie and Catherine •Romantic love Catherine and Rodolpho •Married love Eddie and Beatrice •Love of a place Marco, Rodolpho and Sicily and America •Love of family Eddie, Beatrice and Catherine Marco and family Beatrice and Sicilian family
  • end.