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  1. 1. LUCIFER“ THE FALLEN ANGEL” (The origin, Fall and Eternal Judgement) JUNIOR OMNI
  2. 2. LUCIFER “ THE FALLEN ANGEL”(The origin, Fall and Eternal Judgement) JUNIOR OMNI 2004
  3. 3. ... One day in the heavens kingdom, God created anangel and gave himthe name "Lucifer" which means: "full of light" … _________________
  4. 4. *** This angel was a saint, because he was obedient to its creator.Over time he waspromoted and received the noble title of "cherub", whose function was to guard thegate of the shrine where the throne of God. Lucifer was an angel loved by all in heaven. He obeyed God. He bowed down inreverence and submission to their Lord, who created this whole vast universe weknow. With thousands and thousands of planets and galaxies away from us. All this wascreated by a single powerful God! Besides being a beloved angel, Lucifer also had the confidence of all the celestialkingdom. One day he stood out among his brothers and was consecrated by God as"heavenly praise the Minister." He then govern thereafter, the largest coral existing angels in heaven! Fortogether, to worship the one God, worthy of all praise and all adoration. His famespread throughout the Celestial Kingdom. Thus, the name Lucifer was increasinglymagnified, by the way they obey and serve God - your Creator. In his letter as "Cherub of the guard," always showed extreme caution with theThrone Room of God, and not let anyone enter it.without permission.Even his brothers, the other angels, they were forced to identify themselves first andthen receive permission to enter that special room. Gabriel, his brother, always stood by the throne of God.However, alwaysidentified himself to the door. Thus, the Throne of God was kept very safely. In theHeavenly Kingdom, all complied with the orders of Almighty God. There was atremendous spirit of the fear of God in the heart of Lucifer. Although he was a major in the sky, did everything for the glory and the honorof your Maker. Because God had set apart not only to be a simple "guard", but to be a"great leader". Lucifer was an unusual candor, he was perfect. He sang praises to their Creator. And not sing anyway, singing from the heart. He sangwith soul, singing with his whole being.He sang with tears of holiness, in perfectmusical harmony, as diverse sounds emanating from them. Lucifer was a born conductor, praised God, and ordered all the angels of theHeavenly Kingdom to sing with equal fervor in their hearts. All to please thecreator. He, as a good conductor, always dedicated in his service, he ventured withmuch fervor. A conductor demanding, perfectionist to the extreme, did not allow mistakes,failures or lapses. It was extraordinary as a conductor of a huge choir. He even tuned hismusical instruments and, following his example, the other angels did so too. TheCreator had prepared for him all sorts of musical instruments, for he said in his heart: "Iwill create for me a great conductor." Lucifer assembled his musicians according to the angelic order and class, tomaintain a perfect harmony sound. So were the "seraphim", "Cherubim", "Angels","archangel", "beasts", the "principalities" and "powers".
  5. 5. Thus, all classes were brought together in an angelic choir only to praise andworship to the Eternal Creator. Of course, this great orchestra was conducted by hisgreat conductor – Lucifer. God was happy, and received the praise and honor with great satisfaction,because the angels created to exalt his holy name, from generation to generation. Forthis reason, God was overjoyed and extremely happy! Across the Universe was possibleto see the joy of the supreme creator! But unfortunately the story has taken a different course. After so manyglories lived, Lucifer had left a feeling of pride to invade it penetrate your heart, once sopure and perfect, so sublime before God. Oh, how sad! Lucifer began to wish to be worshiped as God himself was among the angelsof heaven. Soon, he looked into the room, which was the Throne of God, it felt likehaving a throne too, like that gorgeous throne who was under his protection. Lucifer wanted to be adored and revered by all the angels who were hisbrothers heavenly. He felt important, holding the positions of "covering cherub" and"leader in the Celestial Kingdom." Such positions have made him to be exalted to the point of wanting to beequal with God. And when he least expected it, his heart had become corrupted. As theenvy stained his character and his angelic personality. At that moment, Lucifer - an angel of the cherubim of the class, created tobe a good conductor, and having under his command all the angelic host, who weresubmissive to him at the time of worship and praise to God - had become: Satan - theenemy of God. As a metamorphosis, Lucifer became another person. This transformation has brought to the Heavenly Kingdom: sadness, shameand pain! That cherub - anointed and set apart to be "leader of music," which had thejob of organizing all the heavenly hosts in perfect harmony at the time of worship andpraise to God - in a split second, had become an angelic! Lucifer began to plan how would rise above the clouds. For this was theintent of your heart that had become jealous and mean.A brilliant light before them,went off completely. His constant desire after his sudden transformation was only: to beequal with God - The Creator.Match up to the creator.. NO, NO and... NO! Begun a major conflict in the Heavenly Kingdom. On one side - Lucifer - acherub, which is now prepared to rebel against his Creator. What exactly inspires him isnothing more nor less than: ENVY. God, whose works are wonderful, perfect, and only He has the same time:"Omniscience", "ubiquitous", "omnipotence" - felt deeply betrayed by that which Hehad created, with love and affection …
  6. 6. God had revealed many things to Lucifer. Depositing thus complete confidenceit. The pain of disappointment was so great as the love with which God loved him. Thatwas then, in eternity: the first enemy of God. The angels cried of sadness, not understanding the reason foreverything. Their faces were pale, expressionless happy at that moment. For thetransformation of Lucifer scared. And we are perplexed, they had no strength to singand praise God, all were distressed. In that scenario morbid, Lucifers face had begun to lose that beautiful glowwith admiration that charmed and caused the other angels of the Heavenly Kingdom.There were many comments about their shiny wings. Some angels said: "It looks like Lucifer shines! its really pretty, I wouldbe. Look at their wings are beautiful! How beautiful is your flight, its too beautiful! "And so, Lucifer received many compliments from admirers. With all this fame andpopularity around him, he felt a "god." It was so surrounded by glories and honors fromall sides, has said, "I will ascend above the highest clouds and establish my throne aboveGods throne and be like the Most High God …" A hostile feeling had entered his heart, leaving him totally uncontrolled andunrecognized. Lucifer became of a sudden, a big traitor. All this because he did not feelanyone, just being a simple covering cherub. Occupying the post of conductor ofcelestial music. For in his heart, Lucifer coveted something bigger. According to his view,evil and selfish. He wanted to be bigger than God himself - the Creator. And thismadness was something impossible to ever happen, because God, the One CreatorSupreme and would never give His Divine glory to others.Neither his throne, whichalways holds Lucifer with total loyalty and dedication! Disgusted, feeling increasingly less, then Lucifer angels had begun toconvince many that he and he alone, among the other angels, it could be a supremeking. And so, having your own kingdom. But persuading thousands of angels, he toldthem that it would have to wage a great war in heaven. Filled with hatred inside, feeling hitherto unknown to the angels - Luciferstarted the first war of heavenly eternity. After long hours of conversation, and severalmeetings that they thought they were "secret" - hidden from the eyes of God - Lucifermanaged to assemble a large army and numerous. The same participants that harmonious and huge angelic choir, formed thethird of the angels who, deceived by false words of Lucifer, they decided of their ownfree will, despise the Creator and join forces to fight against the other angelic hosts ofthe Supreme Creator !
  7. 7. And so, the third of the angels sided cherub that once so meek and humble,now, violent, jealous and angry. Wanting at all costs, dominate over God, the heavenlyregions and above all the extent of the spiritual kingdom. Such madness risen to theheart of Lucifer. Pride and envy fed him constantly. Thats how all those angels were seduced by the persuasive words of thatconductor who was full of light and love. But, unfortunately, has become itself the"leader of hatred." Determined to impose its laws and rule over all the angelic host, Luciferbegan a great war. Insults and profanity are beginning to emerge from that cherub lipsthat had been anointed solely for: blessing and worship the Creator. The mouth that once declaimed pretty words and songs, began to utterblasphemy, profanity and a host of evils against the Eternal Creator. Attacks andcounterattacks were desferidos of both parties. Some angels were weaker, without anypreparation for wars and battles. For there were wont to live in perfect peace andharmony. For them, there never was even a violent incident like that in history. God was watching all this time because his vision omnipotent andomniscient wisdom, recorded every step of the war between: the good angels and theangels of Lucifer. Because this had become an army chief, whose title was given byhimself to want to battle against his Supreme Creator. Lucifer raged more and more. Formany angels they despised, and denied him the favor. Everywhere could be heard shouting, flapping into each other, voices ofdespair, cursing, swearing horrible part of Lucifer who increasingly took hatred of Godsangels. And they fear the Supreme Creator and not joined him. And so the angels anddenied him the covenant that had been proposed during his speeches, full ofselfishness, hatred, arrogance and envy. Miguel, a general war, takes the battlefront and, following the orders ofthe Eternal Creator, he goes into battle with his great army. So, that war had come tohis angelic crucial moment. The Angelic summoned all its partners, to destroy all the forces ofgood. Miguel cautious, but brave with his sword, he fought as a good soldier, full ofvigor and force. For him, to defend the Celestial Kingdom was an irrevocableorder. After all, it depended on all the angelic beings involved in that great battle. Lucifer continued to curse him who lives and reigns forever, in whosehands is has all the power. And so, strikes with sword blows to many angels, their ownbrothers. There cherub that much hatred, anger and too crazy. Only after a long timeeven after many atrocities, the confrontation between light and darkness was over.
  8. 8. The battle between the angels of good and evil angels - who were saints, butonce deceived by Lucifer, became demons - was closed! At that moment there wassilence in heaven. And you could see the ravages that war cruel and treacherous. Many angels were hurt, injured, with deep cuts on their bodies.Everyonenoticed that there: the war was over! But the marks and injuries would be forever intheir minds. The peace and harmony again quel place. The Eternal Creator consoled theholy angels. And everything is back to normal. Too much sadness in the heart of the Creator, watching a war betweenbrothers, members of one family! Oh God have mercy! Lucifer faced the great army ofGod, but did not prevail, and there was no room for him anywhere in the CelestialKingdom, or its angels. So, once and for all, the name of Lucifer and his followers wasscratched forever in the heavens kingdom. Lucifer and one third of the angels were thrown down in the earthlysphere. And never again occupy a place in heaven because they rebelled against theirCreator. From that moment, the kingdom of heaven rejoiced because Lucifer and hisangels were cast out of there forever and ever. The Kingdom of Heaven was at a party,after that fierce battle in Heaven! Fallen Angels
  9. 9. The covering cherub, became "Satan" - the enemy of God. And for thisreason his plan is to destroy all mankind. He plans to kill, steal and destroy all thingscreated by God. In the garden of Eden he used the snake to talk to Eve and thus deceiveher, that this is the forbidden fruit to Adam, her husband.With this, the first mancreated the image and likeness of God, were deceived and misled by him also - Lucifer,the fallen cherub! From this episode, recounted in the book of Genesis, humanity becomescursed. Over the years and centuries, men have become idolatrous, violent, murderers,perverts, homosexuals.Many diseases that infiltrate the mankind, deceived by Lucifer,and terrible suffering major damage. ...Satan hates all humanity...
  11. 11. The centuries pass, several nations appear and disappear in the history ofmankind. Until just a Jewish virgin in Israel, called "Mary" will be born, and will bechosen in light of the Savior of mankind: Jesus Christ. Jesus will be born to fulfill the role that Adam failed to accomplish in the garden ofEden. For this reason the sufferings of Christ will be very painful. Well, Lucifer, whobecame "Satan" think to prove it in every way imaginable, to make him give up the planof salvation. But Jesus Christ fulfilled their role perfectly and thus crush the serpentshead. Jesus Christ WILL die and rise the third day, and will ascend into heaven,as all the utterances of the prophets over the centuries.And so, his chosen, which Hepurchased with His blood, shall wait for His return in glory with His holy angels. God became human to save all humanity God is Jesus Christ. Jehova is the same Jesus. Theres no other God. The Verb made flesh 1 John 1:1-14
  12. 12. Jesus Christ defeated satan... The blood of Jesus has power!
  13. 13. Jesus Christ – The only God...Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble... James 2:19
  14. 14. Revelation And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against thedragon and his angels, And prevailed not, neither was their place found in heaven. And the great dragon was thrown down, that ancient serpent called thedevil and Satan, who deceives the whole world, he was hurled to the earth and his angels were cast out with him. and heard a voice from heaven saying,Now is come salvation, and strength, and the Kingdom of our God and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which before our God accuses them day and night. They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and the word of theirtestimony, and they loved not their lives unto the death.Therefore rejoice ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them.Woe unto them that dwell on land and sea because the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, knowing that his time is short. BOOK OF REVELATION - 12: 7 _________________________________________________
  15. 15. *** God gave me this illustration, on 15/12/2004, when Iworked as an inspector of students in college "EEPSG PRF ° LUIZ DAUREA". Nova São Vicente - São Vicente – São Paulo The Lord Jesus is given all honor and glory forever! Amen
  16. 16. THE AUTHOR JUNIOR OMNI Born in 1979, on top of Moóca in greater Sao Paulo.He lived most of his childhood in Sao Vicente, Sao Paulo coast.In 1986, his parentsmoved to the city of Suzano, in São Paulo, where they currently reside. It has always been passionate about the arts, music and literature. In 2001 he received the call of Jesus Christ, to preach the gospel. In 2006 he made theology at the National Seminar ITEJ-Brasilia-DF. As a simple Christian poet using the pseudonym "OMNI JUNIOR" - his poems and poetry - as well as his controversial testimony: "ROCK N ROLL - THE MUSIC OF HELL" - are around the Internet. JESUS CHRIST - ALL HONOR AND ALL THE GLORY!